Treescape Seasons

Treescape Seasons

Hi there!
Nice to see ya – to see ya nice!
Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, 
so how about a lovely Treescape stamp
which we can adapt to depict any season?
Well, spring is in the air, so let’s try a spring scene.
Clarity Blending Mat is ideal for blending different colours 
I have mixed up a couple of blues for the sky.

Cover up the outside card with Post-Its, 
add a moon,
tear a horizon out of copy paper,
secure it with low tack masking tape, 
 and then brayer the sky into place. 
Remove the moon.

Addsome green to the mat.
I added Evergreen Bough…
Cover up the sky and roll the land into place.

I added some real green, Meadow
on the left hand side.

Very easy, very effective.
Remove all the masks and buff the Clarity Card 
with a tissue or kitchen roll.
This is the magical quality of our coated Clarity Card:
it polishes up like glass.

Let add the season.
Here’s a cool little set of all 4 seasons.
Fresh Spring. Sunny but a little nip in the air.

In fact, let’s fast forward and enjoy a warm Summer,

Mmm. A warm Indian Summer.
My favourite time of year.
The evening sun throws those long shadows over the fields 
and filters dancing through the trees…
and before we know it,
snow is settling on a moonlit night… 

Which is your favourite time of year?
I think all the seasons bring their own magic really.
Be it frozen cobwebs and icicles, 
log fires on gusty nights,
little lambs hopping around
or sultry summer evenings. 
Carpets of colourful leaves;
even the rain has its place – 
the rain is what makes our island so green I guess.
And the wetter the spring, the better the summer.
Well, that’s the theory, eh!
Anyway, time for tea.
much love,

34 thoughts on “Treescape Seasons

  1. As much as I love summer I also enjoy the change of colours into autumn. Winter I could live without but then again it leads to spring and all the buds! Suppose we need them all and it's quite nice to have the change. I wouldn't want to be too hot either! Lovely set of cards with just a change of co,our you can do so much! Xx

  2. Lovely, I love this stamp it's very versatile. Looking forward to spring at the moment it feels like a long winter this year even though it has been relatively mild. Great to see all the spring bulbs coming through. Thanks for the inspiration x x

  3. Lovely stamp and very clever how the colour changes reflect the seasons. I can't choose between spring and autumn as my favourite seasons – love spring, because there are so many different shades of green to enjoy as the leaves come through, and autumn because the light is so beautiful and just changes the landscape every minute of every day! Susan x

  4. i love this stamp and i have used it on kraft card and it looks great there too. from a season perspective i like spring an summer…long days, bright light, warmth. however i love autumn's hues. i think they are the best, hugs xx

  5. Lovely stamp sets. Spring is the season for me with Autumn a close second, though as you say each season brings its own beauty and makes our country what it is. Hope you've had a good day. xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Just a lovely use of this fab stamp. I love trees almost as much as I love birds. All the seasons are gorgeous so thank you for another great tutorial.
    Hugs from Chris x

  7. Hi Barbara
    I love this stamp and the cards you have made are beautiful. Amazing how a colour change produces such a different image (hmmm that doesn't make much sense but you know what I mean!). I do love spring with new signs of life and lambs and ducklings, but autumn is good too with fantastic light and amazing colours, but a drop of warmth on the old bones works wonders in the summer, and you can't beat a crisp morning to make you feel alive. Oh I just love this country. Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx

  8. I love how you have changed the seasons so simply but effectively. Think I love summer and Autumn best; Summer for the warmth (!!) and longer days and Autumn for those rich colours. Mind you the little lambs are out in the fields now and the daffodils are just bursting into colour with the promise of what is yet to come. The beauty of icicles and fresh white snow are also good but do come much lower on my list. Best wishes Jeanette xx

  9. Lovely stamps these. My favourite is Spring with all the new growth and second is autumn for the wonderful shades in the trees in our local woods and country side. Xxx

  10. Beautiful stamp; beautiful artwork. My season is summer. I love the hot weather and dislike the cold.
    I've just returned from a few days away and have enjoyed catching up with your blog. I also arrived home to my first stencil since joining the Club. What a stunner! So arty and versatile and with great projects. Thank you. I'm so pleased I upgraded. x

  11. I love the way you've depicted each season by just changing the colours, and they each work so well Barbara. I think all our seasons have their place but I think I like the Spring the best followed by Autumn as these two seasons are sort of transitional. After the Winter we all look forward to the arrival of warmer weather and the beginnings of new life and everything is so green and lush, and the Autumn is a fruitful time and also the beautiful bronze, gold and red foliage and carpets of colour before the Winter chill sets in. Mind you I do love the look of a Winter day when there is a bright blue sky and everything has a frosty white coat but I prefer to be warm indoors looking our on it! x

  12. Hi Barbara, beautiful artwork, very effective, thank you. My favourite season is spring, full of all things new and promising, full of hope of better to come. I feel the cold badly, and I'm scared of stormy weather, so despite loving snow and crisp clear winter days, I'll have to say winter is my least favourite, but it will soon be over for this year, if you blow your spring weather up our way please 😉 Love Brenda xx

  13. Hi Barb, fabulous artwork, love the colours you have used. I think Autumn is my favourite because of all the vibrant colours of the leaves turning, although it means it will start getting cold, which I don't like, but then we have Spring to look forward to with all the new growth. Let's hope we have a good Summer this year, it will be nice to spend time in the garden. Take care. Bx

  14. i love how one stamp can be a whole year! Brilliant! As for my favorite season , well that changes depending on the time of year! :o)) Thanks for sharing! Love xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! I love this stamp and the way you can depict all the seasons just by changing the ink. I bought it years ago when I was watching you on TV. I think my favourite season is Autumn mainly because of the beautiful colours, but I do like the freshness of Spring and love to watch the trees bud up and then burst into leaf. I think all of the seasons have something to offer us though I think at the moment we don't really get seasons as we used to – they sort of muddy each other! You can nearly get all the seasons in a day! Love Alison xx

  16. I love the winter one. I wonder if it is not too late for you to tell me the purple like color you used in the sky? I rarely see winter here in the states and would love to make the card.

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