We love it when it works!

We love it when it works!

Greetings from LA at the Create and Craft cocktail party, to celebrate what has been a fantastic launch.


To say it has been exciting is putting it mildly.
The channel have achieved something quite unique,
And yesterday we made history, simulcasting from here to England ! You can still watch the first live Clarity show AND the 2nd show on the US website. Createandcraft.com
One more show to record on Tuesday for America, and then our work here is done.
So today we have a few meetings and business to attend to, but Dave and I would like to thank you all for cheering us on and supporting us thus far!
What a journey!!
I have been saving this outfit for a very special occasion, and tonight was the night! 
We NEVER go to gigs like this! It was all I could do to stop trailing after the waiters with the delicious canapés!!
Have a great day guys!!
Love Barb xxx

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  1. Hello Barb, great job to you, Dave and the team (not forgetting Dean), it was fabulous. Well Done! Glad you had a great party to celebrate the C&C and Clarity launch in the US. Lovely picture of you and Dave. Take care. Bx

  2. So pleased it's going so well for you-you and Dave (and the team) work so hard, your success is well deserved. Off to try the dot com site you mentioned. Take care, Jan

  3. Fantastic Barbara! Haven't watched your second programme yet but will do so. I'm glad it has been such a great success which you richly deserve after all the hard work you and the Clarity team put in! A great photo of you and Dave and LOVE the outfit. x

  4. Great job guys and you both scrub up wonderfully. I am so please it went well, but why wouldn't it with your skills and determination. You deserved it and now can relax and enjoy the praise, and maybe a glass of champagne or 2. You have supported each other through an exciting stressful event and have succeeded. I am proud to have met you both and use your products. Enjoy the party. Lots of love

  5. Hi Barbara, soak it all up, you deserve it, both of you, and far more:). You look so happy. And I'm glad you've finally had somewhere deserving of your special outfit.

    Ski Sunday [Graham Bell 😉 – how sad am I!!!!!!] about to finish so I'll see if my internet will let me watch your pre recorded show today

    love Brenda xx
    p.s. hope your products are selling as well in the USA as they do here:)

    1. It seems it's not an internet problem that keeps breaking up the picture and sound watching create and craft, it's their websites, I'm watching BBC iplayer with no problems at all. Does anyone know if there is any other way of watching create and craft shows on the laptop? Thank you, xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I am so pleased all went well. The shows were brilliant. How lovely to now have time to enjoy a day off. Canapés- yum! And I hope you enjoyed a cocktail or two. Be happy for you and your fab team.
    Crafty hugs
    Chris x

  7. So glad to hear that it has gone well. Recorded yesterdays' show and enjoyed watching it later. Loved the Napa Valley stamps etc (having been there).

    Try to have some time that is your own. (But pinch some ideas from others if appropriate).

    Going to put in an order tomorrow.

    Some sunshine here today – what a difference that makes.


  8. Hi Barb,
    watched the second show as well today. You packed a lot into one hour but it worked well.
    I think you could show everything you wanted.
    Rolf xxx

  9. You both look so happy, and that outfit looks stunning and really suits you and the occasion. We were all thinking of you at Maria's class and working out what stage you were at and sending all our happy wishes to you. We knew it would be a success, you take so much trouble to prepare it all. Congratulations to you and Clarity. xxx Maggie

  10. Such a lovely, happy photo of you both. I am thrilled that everything is going so well, your shows were brilliant and your demos first class…even Dean was well behaved…Enjoy the rest of your time Both….much love….xx

  11. You both look great and I really love your outfit, watched the show , it was great, really enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your time in the US . MJ xx

  12. You both look so Happy. Bet you're relieved the hardest parts over. Glad for you that there was a cocktail party where you could unwind after all your hard work. You look fab in your new outfit Barbara. My parcel from Clarity came yesterday, so excited. Can't wait for my stencil & stamp from the design club. Enjoy the moments both of you, so glad all went well, you really deserve the success.x

  13. Hi Barbara you both look fabulous, happy and relaxed. Well done to you both. What a fabulous start to 2015. Congratulations to create and craft to and the lovely Dean. Enjoy a couple of days having fun and hopefully catching up with Grace. It would have been rude not to eat the canapés wouldn't it! Haha. Take care love Diane xxx

  14. Well done to you all – love the outfit Barb. Glad you and Dave are having such a good time, you certainly look more relaxed than you did just before you left the UK. Pat x

  15. Ditto the first comment from Claire, I too am thrilled it all went well for you, you do deserve it. Your hard work has come to frition. Hope you enjoyed the 'Do' and the day off tomorrow. Are you going to visit the most famous mouse while there? if so please say hello from me 😊. Hope all goes well tuesday x

  16. Hi. You know what they say, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Congratulations to all of you at clarity towers. You all deserve your success. And by the way, both of you looked tickity boo and well dapper. Xx

  17. I'm glad it's all going so well for you Barbara. You and Dave work so hard so it's lovely to see you both enjoying yourselves. Love your outfit! x

  18. Loved the show only saw one very fast moving liked the stamps and stencils you did a grand job as usual
    Enjoy the rest of your visit glad you were able to dress up with that lovely outfit and enjoy the canapes.x

  19. Great show, Barbara, and lovely stencils and stamps, as usual. You and Dave both look great, and your outfit is fab. I'm delighted you're enjoying it all. So you should – you've worked hard enough for it!

  20. Lovely happy photo of you and Dave and that everything is going so well. Enjoy the rest of your stay and remember to take some time for yourselves you both deserve it.

  21. You deserve your success, as you, Dave and all the Clarity team work so hard to please all us crafters and as you know, we can be a picky bunch!!! Well done to you all. Hope you and Dave get some time to yourselves (when Dave is not running between the studio and the hotel!)
    Love Gayle x

  22. It is the most amazing feeling and the buzz stays with you for days and days and then you slowly come back down to earth and want to do it all over again {I know this feeling and it is my Happy Place} Enjoy it, for all you can, for you have earned it and you deserve it ~~~ and I love the special outfit! xoxo

  23. So close but so far away, I have been following your for quite awhile now and so love everything you create . There are so many projects I want to do but the shipping cost were too much for me. So it was with great interest I watched the start up of Create and Craft and the world premiere of Clarity stamps. I started to order some Clarity stamp products and to my major disappointment I found I was unable to. They would not accept my Canadian credit card. Foiled again.! So, I will watch your rise to "crafty perfection " from afar and pray that one day you will honour we Canadians with you talents. P.S. Congratulations on your successful Premiere and I truly wish you all success.

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