Maybe we have to stay….

Maybe we have to stay….

What a difference a day makes!
One minute we’re squinting in the hot midday sun.
The next we are huddled around the fire, wondering whether the little hire car will get us out of here!
Nothing else for it. Start clearing a path!

Here we see a man on a mission: to clear a path to the car!
Got a way to go yet!
Go on Dave! The kettle’s on…
-6 and actually very very beautiful. The silence is almost loud.
But pack we must, back to England and the busy life we lead.
Batteries fully recharged, calm and content. Another world here.
Almost like passing through a Stargate….
We’ll be back though. We have a plan! Or is it a vision? Same thing, aren’t they?
Much love,

54 thoughts on “Maybe we have to stay….

  1. Hi Barbara oh this is beautiful to look at but what a pain when you have to travel! I hope you managed to dig yourself out and you have a safe journey home. Glad to hear your batteries are fully charged and you are rested (Dave may need another holiday though after all that digging!!!). Take care love Diane xxx

  2. Stargaze, we all need one now and again. Glad you have had a lovely recharge. Safe return to reality, we wait selfishly with bated breath for your next bit of inspired creativity. Take care,

  3. What a wonderful place you have there Barbara! Keeps Dave busy and gives you plenty of inspiration!
    Hope you have a safe and uneventful journey home!!! I wonder how soon it'll be til the kettles on?
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Thanks for sharing tales from your bolt hole, a place to regroup before rejoining the crazy merry go round we call life. Will be lovely to have you back, complete with all the surprises you have in store for us xx

  5. Do you think the weather is telling you something, that you need to stay for another week? Hope Dave is OK after moving all that snow and packing the car. Thank you fro showing all that beauty over there. Mind you, Paul Church might be glad to see you back. He needs a bit of warming up and some nice hot food (sausage rolls, maybe) as he is shivering over here. Safe journey and we will see you on the other side of the Stargate. xxx Maggie

  6. Your place over there is so beautiful I've loved all the images you have shared with us. I hope Dave is alright after all that snow shovelling and that you make it safely to the airport. Have a safe journey home
    Jackie x

  7. Fab photos. I love the silence of freshly fallen snow and the way it makes everything look clean & white – from the comfort of a roaring log fire with a hot cup of something you understand. I'm so glad the break has had the desired effect, you both deserved it. Have a safe journey home we'll be waiting on this side of the stargate to welcome you back. Xxxxxx

  8. Poor man first cleaning the chimney now sweeping the snow away. Hope he is refreshed also. It's a beautiful sunny day down by the coast but have just been looking at some photos of snow near Guadix here in Spain

  9. Just had to tell you. Took the dog out on one of our regular routes this morning. Bright sunshine, crisp frost. Spent just an extra moment looking over the lake and d'you know what? Stargate moment. Thank you Barbara for waking my senses today x

  10. Hi Barb,
    I hope Dave has recovered after all that snow shifting! I love snow when it is freshly fallen, all white and clean with no footprints. However, once it goes all slushy and dirty, I just want it to be gone! Mind you, I hate having to drive anywhere in the snow! Have a safe journey back home. Love Alison xxx

  11. Oh dear! Snow wherever you look. Pretty to look at but only if you don't have to be anywhere! (shhh …. Don't tell Dave but you may just have to do the same at home!)
    Good luck! Xxx

  12. Hello Barb and Dave, hope you managed to clear the path. Have a safe trip back. Love the pictures, so beautiful. Hopefully you dont come back to the same weather here. Bx

  13. It's beautiful, lovely soft, thick, blobby snow and the repetitive scrape of Dave's shovel. Where would we be without Dave – he's certainly thoughtful and special. Have a safe journey home.

  14. Hi Barbara, isn't nature so magical and wondrous, what a great place to relax and recharge you have. But even if surrounded by man made monstrosities there is still a piece of magical wondrous nature to find if people just take a moment and let themselves see it :). Thank you for sharing your photos with us, I've enjoyed my trip. It must be sad to leave such a magical place. Safe trip home. Love Brenda xx

  15. Contrasts are always so fascinating and it looks as though New Mexico is a land of contrasts. I'm glad you've had a refreshing time and have lovely memories to enjoy back here. Have a good journey. x

  16. Beautiful photos. Glad you have had a safe trip home and feel rested ready to jump on the merry go round again. Not much warmer here really. Looking forward to seeing all the new things you have in store for us. xx

  17. Hi Barbara. It must have been very hard to leave such a beautiful place. Never mind, at least you can go back any time you like, well, whenever you can get the time! So glad that you have had a proper break. Can't wait to see what you have lined up for us all : ) Take care

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