Did you know I own a horse?

Did you know I own a horse?

Hi there!
Friday’s blog a private peek right?
Today we leave New Mexico and return to Blighty.
Happy to be returning home.
Sorry to be leaving this home.
So what do you do when you are feeling glum? How do you cheer yourself up?
Let me let you into a little secret. When I get a touch of the lows, I let Lucille Ball perk me up. Remember her? I have the complete I Love Lucy Set! She cracks me up every time! 
Her TV husband, Ricky, aka Dezi Arnaz Jr. was her real life husband too, you know. Unfortunately he was a bit of a drinker and liked the ladies, so Lucille cut him loose. But they always loved each other, right to the end. 
What you may not know about Dezi Arnaz was that he was also quite a talented artist. 
How does she know these things?! Well let me tell you a little story.
Many years ago, I was strolling through Santa Fé, and a fabulous painted horse in a gallery window caught my eye. No price visible, but I was hooked, so in I went, to take a closer look. 
“How much is that horse in the window?” I asked.
“Oh! You mean the Dezi Arnaz Horse. Let me go check”.
Yep, there’s how she knows these things. An inquiring mind….
Back the lady came, shaking her head.
“Unfortunately, the horse has a broken leg, so its value has dropped considerably. It was out for $3,000”
“How much now?” 
Silence ensued. I studied the horse, the woman studied me. 
“If you like him and you don’t mind the broken leg, you can have him for $600.”
“The stand is broken, too.”
15 minutes later, I was carting a hand-painted horse with a broken leg, a Dezi Arnaz Horse, to the car.
He is my pride and joy.
What a beauty!
He swivels on the crows pedestal, too.
The painted detail is wonderful. The colours insane.
See the little chip at the top of the removable stand? Let’s call it a war wound…
So he can stand without the pedestal, you see? He spans well over 2 feet. Heavy too!
Lucky crows, lucky symbols all over him.
For me, his broken leg makes him all the more precious,
Because to me, he has made a complete, miraculous recovery.
He stands guard here at the house, on top of the cupboard, and waits for me faithfully. 
Never moves, never flinches.
I take him down and dust him carefully, turn him on his crows feet, admire him every day.
One of life’s great delights for me.
What a magnificent specimen he is, don’t you agree?
Until tomorrow. If you have time, and you fancy a real belly laugh, check out the Lucille Ball Youtube Chocolate Conveyor Belt. Comedy Gold.
Much love, 

50 thoughts on “Did you know I own a horse?

  1. He is beautiful I remember watching her shows very funny, my grandchildren always cheer me up and my lovely clarity friends when I'm low. Safe trip home very frosty morning today sun is trying to come through lots love Joy xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Your Dezi horse is beautiful, how lovely that he guards your house whilst you're away. I'd forgotten that Dezi was a singer until I watched the video – which was a hoot by the way. Her shows were great and the neighbours helped to make it so funny.
    You and Dave have a safe trip back to the UK xxx

  3. Love the horse, but OMG, watched the Lucille Ball clip, and nearly fell over laughing. Set me up for the day and ooh look, the sun has come out. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. What a stunning horse Barb, it makes our traditional rocking horses look pretty pedestrian! I use to love Lucille Ball, often laughed till I cried so later on I'm going to watch the Youtube video and have a laugh- I'll be thinking of you as I watch it. Pat x

  5. This is a gorgeous horse – very Art Deco . I Love Lucile Ball it used to be a family TV Highlight, we used to sit waiting for it to start, I think at that time it must have been repeats though? Although we did have the old Black and White TV !!!! Have a safe journey. Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara. Well what a good thing I'm say here on my own because I was laughing so much over the clip- could do with some of that Vita-meta-vegimer hic! Your horse is beautiful and what a bargain! Mind you I think you would appreciate it what beaver the cost. Have a safe journey home. Take care love Diane xxxxx ps thank you for the laugh! Xxx

  7. I love that clip of film Barbara, and remember this series as we used to watch it too and also remember the neibours they were friendly with, I think he was called Fred but have forgotten her name, but so funny! I love that horse which is beautifully painted and definitely has that Mexican look. Have a safe journey home. x

  8. Love your Demi horse and what a bargain. I used to watch 'I love Lucy' might have been a different series, but it was so funny too. Thanks for sharing you story, have a safe journey.x

  9. Hello Barb, firstly,hope you and Dave have a safe flight home. Secondly, thank you so much, that is day 2 filled with beautiful art and humour. Loved the clip, and remember watching them when they came on telly (although in SA) we did not get telly until 1975, so it was repeats and fillers. As for your horse, he is beautiful, loving the colours, so striking. Thank you for sharing this with us. Take care. Bx

  10. Love the horse, colours and design. I Love Lucy brings back memories, used to watch it and Nan & Gramps on a Sunday if I remember correctly, together with Lamb Chop – remember the puppet with Shari Lewis…..now who would have thought I'd be thinking of that on the bus on a cold Friday morning. This was where I read the blog first but have given up replying on the phone as it does silly things! Anyway I digress, fancy having a piece of artwork from Dezi – would never have thought it something he would have done so that's something I've learnt today. You're full of surprises Barbara! and, as for the new ink pads, well, don't get me started on them! Something to look forward too except I'll be retired by then so will have to be a bit more careful on the spending front ……… lol!

  11. How lovely! Is it only me reading this story and chuckling at your bargaining skills & thinking 'only Barbara could have done that!' ? Somehow I never have the nerve!

    These days I find myself being much more accepting of wonkiness, be it mine or of some object or thing impacts looking at. Perfection is overrated!!! A bit of life lived has got to be worth something!

    Thanks Barbara for helping me to see some of the joys to be found in the not quite perfect. And for the gorgeous card which arrived this morning. Much appreciated.
    Safe journey home from home. Allison xxxx

  12. I can understand why you fell in love with him. Barbara – he's unique. Amazing design and colours. Really beautiful creature. Well done for spotting such a beauty and for getting such a bargain! Safe journey home. Kay x

  13. Ha ha, I loved the "Here Comes Lucy" shows. She was so funny and a great actress but methinks you should have a bottle of that Vitameatavegimin to take just before your C&C shows. I can just imagine it with you and Dean….. Such fun xxx

  14. Beautiful horse, how can you bear to leave him behind. I watched 'I Love Lucy' as well, it was really mad and addictive, but I didn't know about the horse – magical.

  15. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely broken horse story. Of course you had to have him. I only hope he's not too lonely when you're away. Lucille Ball is still funny, but completely mad. xxMargaret.Col

  16. Hi Barb,
    What a beautiful horse, no wonder you fell in love with him – and what a bargain. Didn't know Dezi was an artist. I used to love I love Lucy – she was so funny. I laughed so much at the clip that it hurt!Didnt do my cracked rib any good! Have a safe trip home. Love Alison xxx

  17. What a wonderful story. Here is my horse story. My husband and myself were on holiday in Corsica. We paused to look into the window of a beautiful glass store. There was this exquisite green, glass horse. We enquired about the price and were told it was not for sale as it had a broken leg. We offered some money. Outcome was the shopkeeper gave us the horse. He was duly mended and has pride of place in our lounge. He has a few chips and has been mended several times but we still love to look at him – front legs raised in defiance!
    Thought you might like my witterings. The blog this week has been as ever so, so good.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  18. What a beautiful horse! Sometimes you see something and its an instant connection and you just have to have it! Mine was a lamp. Wisteria 'Tiffany' style glass, all in blue and green shades. Beautiful soft glow when its on. How lovely that your horse is there waiting for your return! Xx

  19. Wonderful patterns on your horse, certainly unique. I have a Worcester porcelain vase that I treasure. It was my nan's and it means a lot to me. Many years ago we had some scaffolding crash through our roof ,while we were out fortunately and when the firemen took my husband in the house I made him bring my vase out. I think he felt real silly carrying a blue vase out with the firemen.. I used to watch Here comes Lucy. Brilliant. Safe trip home xx

  20. He's absolutely beautiful Barbara – lucky you….I know he'll never win The National, but he won your heart & was taken in as an orphan who would otherwise have had a sad lonely life fading away in that shop window! He's lucky to have such a loving owner 🙂 xxx

  21. What a wonderful story and a beautiful horse. I loved 'I Love Lucy'. I also used to watch it with my nan. They don't make comedy like that anymore! Safe journey home.

  22. Hi Barbara. Wow, isn't he gorgeous, what a talented guy Dezi Arnaz was. The broken leg is not in the least bit important(well it was at the time of purchase of course). I love the horses movement, the colours and designs and also what a fantastic stand with those great crows! We didn't get a TV until 1976 so I have only ever seen little clips of I love Lucy. but I will now go and have a look at it on Youtube.
    I hope you and Dave have a safe and trouble free trip home. Take care.

  23. I loved Lucille Ball what a comic talent! Loved the shows!! The story of the Horse is fab…when you acquire something that catches your eye, whether damaged or not ..it means you really really have a connection with it!
    You are a great story teller , Barbara!!

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