A Gilding Flake technique revisited on You Tube Tuesday

A Gilding Flake technique revisited on You Tube Tuesday

Hi there.
You Tube Tuesday!
Here’s another cool clip from another one of our DVDs.
The Double DVD No. 5.
Over 6 hours!
Now to many of you, this technique may well be Oh so yesterday!
But I am very aware that there are always newcomers 
to the Clarity Crafting field, and so for those good people,  
we are revisiting a few old favourites.

I never watch my old DVDs ; why would I?
So it’s quite interesting to see how much I’ve changed, aged,  
and chilled since this recording!
And one thing made me cringe: Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok….
It’s a nervous habit; do I still say OK so much??

OK, so here are a few special offers to accompany the project.

Remountable Allium Set £17.99

See you tomorrow, OK?

Much love,

39 thoughts on “A Gilding Flake technique revisited on You Tube Tuesday

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I work a lot with gilding flakes and the shimmer or shine is fantastic. I use different glitter pastes with stencils but the gilding flakes are my favourite…
    I often use these stamps for fireworks in the background.
    Rolf xxx

  2. Hello Barbara

    I love this technique. Looking back at the earliest DVDs it is obvious how much you have grown in confidence and presenting technique. You come across now as a very professional demonstrator and presenter without losing your enthusiasm and becoming blase. The outtakes on the early DVD are hilarious.


  3. Hello Barbara

    I love this technique. Looking back at the earliest DVDs it is obvious how much you have grown in confidence and presenting technique. You come across now as a very professional demonstrator and presenter without losing your enthusiasm and becoming blase. The outtakes on the early DVD are hilarious.


  4. Hi Barbara I don't mind you refreshing our memories, it reminds us of all the hidden stash we had forgotten about! I do love these Allium stamps, presume they grow wild in New Mexico which gave you the inspiration? I know what you mean about watching yourself on video, haven't got much footage of me but you see all the things that you didn't know you did! I think you look much more relaxed now and who cares if you say ok too much- I think it's ok!!! Lol. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Your first DVD that I got was in video form way back in 2002 or 2003, and to paraphrase a saying that I heard, read or even got a stamp of "I loved you then, love you still, always have, always will!!!! OK xxx

  6. Oh Barbara you really spoil us. I had my order all ready to ring up …. now I'll have to work out what else might just have to be added. Have always coveted the Alliums & gilding flakes. Choices, choices! Thanks so much.
    As one of the newer converts to Clarity I always appreciate the reminders. So much to learn I could never remember it all!
    Hope your day is not too hectic. Hugs, Alison

  7. Changed – a bit. Chilled – definitely. Aged – far from it, you look younger now in my opinion. Thanks for the reminder on the gilding flakes, especially as I am going in this week. All the stuff on the floor in my craft room is coming out onto the landing. I will have a tidy craft room and a very messy landing for a few days. I reckon it is time I dug out my gilding flakes again for a play with those. I wonder how they might work with Brushos??? Have a great day, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  8. Hello Barb, you don't look a day over 25 then or now 🙂 Love these videos, have them all and get them out every now and again to have a watch. Love the link back to New Mexico! The card is superb, especially the idea and the layout of the finished item, mmmm must be gilding flakes playtime. Have a great day. Bx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I certainly think you have changed in so much as you are far more confident in yourself which comes across in front of the camera. I have all your DVDs and often look at them to refresh my memory. I love the alium stamps and will have to get them some day. As for gilding flakes! Well last time I used them, I gilded the poor cat as I dropped the flaming pot! She has never forgiven me and runs a mile if she sees anything that resembles the pots or glitter for that matter – she is definitely a sparkly puss! Have a good day everyone. Love Alison xxx

    1. Meant to also say, that when I was doing my teacher training many years ago, I was always told off for saying "right", so in the end I used to say "right" in my head and then continue the sentence out loud! It might work for you with "ok" . Love Alison xx

  10. A lovely technique from one of your earlier DVD's and you looked good then but you look just as good now, or perhaps even better, and over that time you have gained experience and confidence with your presentation which is great. The Allium stamps are beautiful and the gold leaf technique works so well with it. Love it! Hope your day is a good one! x

  11. Love gilding flakes and they work really well with these stamps and what you did with them at the end. Really must watch the dvd, I'm keeping them for a rainy day….. Did your time away remind you of the alium stamp! x

  12. Don't know if you say ok too much, but I seem to be saying ' this is where we are heading' when I am giving a lesson….I wonder where I get that from? Have all your DVD's they are great to watch and one can always have a sneaky peek just to get a reminder of how things are done! I bought the allium set for a friend a while back, wished I'd kept it. Needing more double sided sheets so I may just slip in the stamp too. Have a great day Barbara. X

  13. Welcome home, hope that you both had a really great holiday. I've got this dvd , forgotten that the 'flakes' were there – silly me. Loved the flakes with the black card – magic.

  14. okie dokie! Don't mind watching your demos again, so please feel free to repeat them as often as you wish. I just love watching you use guilding flakes, and the beautiful effects they give. Athough I haven't used them yet I know I will do so in the very near future. ~~~Deb

  15. Great demo, may have to get these stamps as I really like alliums, and I also remember one of your DT using the allium head for fireworks which I thought was fab. Glad you are home, hope the jet lag isn't too bad. XX

  16. It is nice to go back to "old" techniques. I received a card recently with a lot of mats that were mirri-card and it made me realise how long it has been since I have done that (or even used holographic or glittered card) – as the current trend – to go with stamping especially – is for plain colour card. Anyway, keep up the good work of mixing old and new, even experienced crafters can benefit from the "old" as they might have missed it first time round. Looking forward to the next Clarity Sunday and what you might be bringing to our screens.

  17. So pleased to revisit old teniques you tube Tuesday is brilliant the adhesive sheets are fantastic so easy to use looking forward to clarity on Sunday happy crafting xxx

  18. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    es ist schön auch wieder die älteren Techniken zu sehen. Nicht jeder kennt die Videos von früher und ich bin dankbar das ich heute etwas neues kennengelernt habe um meine Flocken anwenden zu können. Die Idee mit dem stempeln auf Klebefolie kannte ich bisnher nämlich noch nicht. Vielen Dank für das tolle Angebot. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  19. Hi Barbara. I'm playing catch up so must say how I loved Mondays beautiful post. The view is gorgeous.
    Your video shows a gorgeous technique, and the Alliums are beautiful.
    You are certainly more relaxed in front of the camera now but back then you already had the great way of demoing, so clear and easy to follow.
    I had not realised that you say "OK" a lot. I am a "um" person, I can hear myself saying it sometimes and it drives me mad so I dread to think what others think about it! I will have to try Alimeccas trick to stop myself.
    Um, have a good um day and um, hope the jet lag isn't um causing any problems. Sorry couldn't resist, I'm not quite that bad, it's only when I am nervous, I think? Take care.

  20. These are some of my favourite stamps – so simple and can be used with any sentiment for a classic card for any occasion. I don't think you look older, but maybe much more relaxed and confident in front of the camera now. Thanks for reminding me to look at some of my DVDs – they are about the only thing in my craft room in order, and in the place where they should be!!!

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