YouTube Shoesday : Put your new shoes on!

YouTube Shoesday : Put your new shoes on!

Hi there!
Welcome to YouTube Tuesday.
Advent Day 9. Christmas is getting closer…
Well, here’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, not a Christmas project, but I am very aware of the fact that there are so many new people joining us here in Clarity Craft World, that it is important to go back through the archives and highlight the key techniques from the past. If you want to make a Christmas shoe, just change the colour and use a holly stamp instead of a shell!
Stamping through a stamp was always a favourite of mine.
And ironically, today, she who very rarely wears heels, because they make her over 6ft tall, is off up to London to a very important meeting – wearing shoes just like these! Sometimes you just need to be over 6ft tall!

Items Used:
Masking Tape
Copy Paper
Makeup Sponges
Paint Brush
much love,

46 thoughts on “YouTube Shoesday : Put your new shoes on!

  1. Hi Barbara. I love this, it's a great technique. Good luck with your meeting, it must be important to be wearing the high heels! Have a safe journey. Take care.

  2. Wow, you just did a demo on your US challenge. Too funny, but I had figured out the technique. This is so cute, I think it will be fun to do so,etching like this with Dave's sweater. That will be my Youtube Tuesday challenge. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Hi Barbara Great demo today, it's good to have a reminder not only on technique but the lovely stamps too. Good luck with your important meeting today. Try not to slip on icy pavements though! Take care. Love Diane xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, it's good to revisit previous stamps and techniques and this is no exception. Another great tutorial. Have a good day in London. Anne x

  5. When I first saw the shoe, I thought, not for me. Now I have totally changed my mind, simple and elegant, and very effective. Thank you for changing my mind and this will go on my next order. Take care

  6. Hi Barb, love it, great you tube video, very effective with the side panel. Need to remember that one. Eggplant is one of my favourite colours, and as for the shoe sentiment stamps, they are just must have. Have a great day. Bx

  7. Hi Barb,
    A Master class from the Mistress herself. As you say the oldies are sometimes the best – and at my age I should know!!
    Knock 'em dead in London, I hope the meeting goes just as you wish xx.

  8. Clever! I need constant reminders of this technique and others! Have a good day in London, I caught a little of you on USA TV on the ipad last night – excellent! It is odd how a smart pair of heels makes a difference to how you feel, I wore a dress and heels the other day and my Mum kept saying how good I looked. Today I've got a flat pair of boots on with a dress and it's a completely different look, more smart casual whatever that is! Thanks for the you tube! xx

  9. This is one of my favourite Clarity stamps, and I use it all the time with this technique for so many different types of cards – fab for wedding cards too! Never thought of using it with the shell though, so thanks for yet another idea! Hope your meeting goes well, and good luck with those heels, Susan x

  10. Thank you Barbara for returning to an 'old' technique. As a newbie I am finding your ramblings very inspirational. On the subject of heels, I too am a longshanks so walk tall, give it some attitude, then put yer slippers on for the journey home, ahhhhhh x

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Yep, I love the oldies, always good to go back and try them again.
    I've got both stamps so will be giving this a go.
    Hope the meeting in London goes ok and that your shoes don't pinch.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  12. It may be an old technique but for those of us who have bloomin useless memories it is great to revive them. Love YouTubeTuesday's because I can watch them over and over again. "Keep doin whatcha doin cos it sure is workin". Love V xxx

  13. Another clever design idea Barbara, and that nautilus shell is a beauty and makes the shoe look a bit like mock croc. Hope the meeting goes well. x

  14. Hi Barb,
    Great to have a refresher. Love the idea of using a holly stamp too. Hope the meeting goes well in London and hope your poor feet don't ache too much – I too would have a flat pair of shoes with me! Love Alison xx

  15. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist wieder so ein wundervolles Video mit ganz tollen Tipps. Der Schuh ist absolut genial und ich wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen eine Muschel zu verwenden. Das sieht super aus. Ich danke dir herzlich das du deine Tipps immer mit uns teilst. Obwohl ich kein Englisch spreche, so verstehe ich deine Videos immer sehr gut. Du erklärst alles in Ruhe und man kann es sehr gut nachvollziehen. Vielen lieben Dank. Herzliche Grüße Silvi

  16. Hi Barbara, I so need this stamp! Loved the demo and I hope your feet don't ache too much after your trip to London – I don't wear heels as I am six foot tall in bare feet but I still love shoes!

  17. Hi Barbara, thank you for all your inspiration, teachings and amazing artwork. This sketchy shoe artwork is beautiful. It's always been a stamp I've stopped at and thought about but didn't actually buy, but now I see what was getting my attention about it and it'll be added to my want list. For me, I get far more inspiration and help from your YouTube videos than I seem to get from watching you demo on the telly, you'd think it would be the other way round with the telly screen being a lot bigger than the laptop, maybe it's because you don't have the same control over what you show us and for how long on the telly. Your YouTube videos feel like one to one learning.

    After reading your new venture into canvasses the other day it's made me think just how diverse your art has become since you brought the gelli plate to us. I love it all right from your first TV show where you demoed your clever corners through to all these new ventures. I hope to be following you along your art road and taking part myself, canvasses are a bit scary but I had been thinking of trying to venture that way myself, now I won't need to try it alone, I'll have everything you teach us and help from on here.

    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into your blog each day for us and I'm glad you can get a lot out of it for yourself too.
    Love Brenda xx

  18. I like a few others liked this shoe stamp but never ordered as thought I'd be limited in its use. You''ve proved me wrong, it's like a new stamp every day with loads of possibilities. I think it's a must have now. Thank you Barbara for your amazing inspiration, yet again. Hope your meeting went well & your shoes didn't hurt too much.xx

  19. Hello Barbara. That is not a high heel. As one who stands five feet in her socks I can assure you that I frequently suffer in a bid to be just a little taller. Great idea for a card though and love the technique. Hope the meeting went well and you towered above all the little people! xx Margaret Col.

  20. You make things look so effortless! One of my fave inkpads and I love this technique.A pair of high heels is a must whenever ya wanna feel ten feet tall! Hope all goes well with the meeting. Missed the USA launch and they don't have you on catup 🙁

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