Introducing Bill the Moose…

Introducing Bill the Moose…

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new,
so here’s a brand new kit which was showcased on TV recently.
The question is :
Is it a he or a she? Well, girls don’t have antlers for a start!
So unless she’s wearing falsies, it’s a boy!
Is it a Moose, or is it a Stag?
mmmm… the jury’s out on that one!
Let’s have some fun either way!
Let’s only use a part of the Oak wreath stamp, and make a garland.
Simply use 2 pieces of masking tape to block off the part you don’t want to ink up, like so:

Remove the masking tape and hey presto!
An oak garland!

A moose or a stag, I hear you ask…
who cares, so long as you can buy a mask!
Cut the mask section to fit and attach.

Now add the head.
Add his mask too.

Decorate the antlers with the little oak leaves,
and the garland with the acorns.
make a fabulous colour combination.
The example below shows second generation ink –
ink, blot, plot.

This example shows first generation ink.
Much bolder! You decide…

Colour in the head and leaves with 
Spectrum Noir Pencils. 
Special Offer on all 5 tins on our website : CLICK HERE
Build up the depth of colour to work with the depth of ink you used in the background.

Back on with the masks.

Using a make-up sponge and Slate Adirondack
drag shadows out from the masks.

 Use a grey pencil to give depth to the acorns, too.

Use the grey pencil to generally 
add more strength and shade to the head.

Mat and layer the piece, to frame it with complimentary colours,
add a word chain word which fits the bill.
Who called him Bill??

What would you call him?
Do let me know below!
much love,

28 thoughts on “Introducing Bill the Moose…

  1. I think he looks quite regal so needs a good long name, maybe Ferdinand! Also I have decided he is a stag, his antlers don't look broad enough to be a moose. Anyway what ever his breeding he is a fine looking boy! 🙂

  2. This is beautiful – love the colours. I reckon if you mask the antlers off you'd also have a very handsome goat….. The antlers do make him a boy don't they – but he might be a bit offended as he's now wearing a necklace and what he'd think of leafy decorations I don't know but it seems to me he'd look handsome however you dressed him!

    I think I'd call him Sidney Stag! Can't wait for him to arrive at my house!

  3. This is beautiful Barbara and I think he is definitely a stag. As the set is called oak deer and the latin for the most common English Oak is Quercus Robur, the quercus means 'oak' and 'robur' means strength so perhaps he should be called Rob because he certainly looks strong. I have read that apparently oak trees only produce acorns when really mature which is over a hundred years old, but well worth waiting for as they are so beautiful and a true wonder of nature. x

  4. Hello Barb, this is simply amazing, love the stamp and the masks, but especially the very unusual colours you have used on the artwork. I think as he is a Stag, he should be called Stanley (or Stan) the Stag. Take care all. Bx

  5. Hi Barbara what a fine specimen he is, quite regal and snooty so how about Sebastian Stag. Great art work too, loving the colours.
    Can I share an awful joke I heard on the radio the other day? What do reindeers have for lunch?
    An hour just like everyone else! Sorry, it made me chuckle because it was soooo bad. Take care love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    This is so gorgeous. Loved it when you did the demo on Sunday, so thank you for doing the step by step today. Love the names already suggested but as he is so magnificent how about Magnus! Love to all, Alison xx

  7. Lovely artwork to cheer me up on a really miserable day! A name for a stag who looks very aristocratic, and can wear antler bling and a necklace? Something very unusual and old fashioned I think – maybe Wilberforce rather than just Bill? x

  8. Hi Barbara. Love this stag (moose have wider faces and antlers), and the oak leaves and acorns. I think he should be called King, as he is the king of the hills! Take care.

  9. Stanley for me, no idea why but it's the name that popped in my head! He's definately a moose though but the idea of it being a female wearing falsies made me smile x

    Very regal looking isn't he!

    As ever my love to you

    Kim x

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