Leftovers Sunday!

Leftovers Sunday!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this sunny Sunday.
Woke up this morning and was pondering today’s blog.
The first thing which came to mind was 
(probably because we’re going to be eating leftovers 
for at least a week!)
So I came up to my little room, and unearthed a bunch of LEFTOVERS from Gelli Plate demos I did at various exhibitions this year, using the Leafy Swirl Stencil
Oh boy! Have I done a lot of demos at shows!!
They are all 6″ x 6″ prints on copy paper.
I actually made them all when cleaning the Gelli Plate each time 
in between demos !
So I picked a good one and got out some new 
6″ x 6″ canvas boards too, which we now sell.
I shall be showcasing these on TV next Sunday, 4th January.
They are excellent quality, double-primed already,
so good to go.
I decided to use the copy paper print as a background 
for my canvas art.
So using a Clarity Brush, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to both the copy paper and the canvas board.
Then I laid the paper down on the board.
How to get the right position? 
Fingers top left and bottom right.
Flatten it with a brayer to get rid of any air bubbles.

The copy paper is easy to tear because it is wet with the glue. 
So I use a finger nail and a craft knife where I needed it to separate the art on the board.

To close the paper round the edges, I lifted the art off the canvas a little, added a little more Mod Podge to the board, and then brushed the copy paper into place around the board edge with the glue brush.
When I was happy with the edges rolled over the whole piece with the brayer and then brushed a thin layer of Mod Podge over the surface.
THIS IS KEY. It seals the paper, almost varnishes it. 
This stuff doesn’t take long to dry at all.
It’s great! We’ll have it in stock next week.

Lay the clean stencil over the board in the correct place,

deposit a little Grunge Paste here and there,

spread it out in patches, like so:

Remove the stencil and wash it in warm soapy water 
sooner than later.
Redefine the lines of the inner frame on the background piece,
and let the paste set hard. You can gently help the drying process with a heat gun if you are impatient…

Vital ingredient here: 

Load the brush and lightly start sweeping the colour in 
from the sides.
It will catch the paste.

Take a second brush and add a tiny amount of Quinacridone Magenta over the Gold in the same way.

Now you can see how it is staining the Grunge Paste.

The third colour, Phthalo Blue is what blows me away.
Load a third brush (don’t worry! This paint washes out easily) 
with a small amount of Phthalo Blue
and brush in from the edges again.

When the blue hits the gold, you get the most fantastic blends of green and turquoise. Brilliant!

And because we sealed the background with Mod Podge, 
which is a water-based sealer glue finish, 
you can wipe the paint off it if you like!

So a baby wipe will get rid of paint anywhere you want 
to remove it…
Take too much away? Add some more paint again.

The paint gets trapped in the grooves, and stains the Grunge paste. But you can take the paste right back to white if you want to with a baby wipe.

A fine sand paper will smooth out any rough burrs or edges you don’t want.

 It’s no good. I’m rubbish at keeping good things a secret!
I have to show you a preview of a new line of little stamps we are launching next Sunday on TV.
They are called Wee Folk, because that’s what they are. 
They come as a people chain like the Word Chains.
Absolutely fabulous for landscapes.

The couple on a bench will work brilliantly here …
Black Archival ink.

Add a little shade underfoot and under bench 
with a make-up sponge!
Blot them well, so that they blend in.
That’ll do.
Time to frame.
Add a sheet of double-sided adhesive on the back.
Pack of 10 perfect for this job.

Attach to the canvas board one size larger, the 8″ x 8″,

 Display on one of our magic little acrylic stands.
Box of 10. Come flat-packed. 
Perfect for displaying art

Yep. Happy with that.

 Don’t forget to sign your work!
Art Requires Signature Everytime

Time for a walk with Dave over the Ashdown Forest..
There’s a bench just like this where we sit at the top of the hill.

But it’s the leftover scrap in the background which sets the scene, you see…
much love,

61 thoughts on “Leftovers Sunday!

  1. Hi Barb,
    This is so gorgeous, I'm in heaven, getting down and dirty with a gelli plate (haven't got any old papers left) and then onto the other techniques. Fabulous, as they say on Strictly.
    I'm so pleased you actually tell us what day of the week it is in the heading of your posts, I'm so knackered that I've lost track of time.
    I haven't looked at your posts for the last few days, so I'm off now to have a look and see what wonders you've given us. Thank you xx

  2. Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! What an absolutely stunning technique ! love it, the Wee people stamp is fab and this has really whetted my appetite for next weekends show …. so tell me Barbara, do your talents really just keep getting more and more adventurous or is this just me ??

  3. I love it. The new stamps look as if they will be useful, so looking forward to next Sunday's show. Going to tidy my craft space today so I can get started on some new projects, think this will be one of them. xx

  4. P.s. I've just looked at your other posts and, as usual, they are so funny and informative. I especially like the bubbles, but I'd be tempted to stamp one of your ladies with an umbrella because it reminds me of rather large raindrops – in fact gigantic, deluge raindrops!!! xx

  5. Wow. More stunning artwork Barbara. My gosh I cannot keep up with you. Just when I think I have found something I love and nearly mastered up you pop with something else new!! Am I complaining? Not on your nelly. I love this and will definitely be giving it a go. Hope you enjoyed your walk – bit on the cold side for me I'm afraid, I am a warm person -can't stand the cold. Looking forward to next week's show even more now. xxxx

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Wow, I love your leftovers! Another technique to try and master, but I'm up for the challenge 🙂
    Looking forward to next weeks show.
    Take care and enjoy your walk,
    Jackie, x

  7. Love it love it love it, more stuff on the wish as soon as I saw your pic I was hoping the couple would be a new stamp. A must have …seat on the prom looking out to sea. Fleetwood is probably us lol..would make grumpy a great birthday card xx

  8. Totally amazing. You make it look so easy. Such talent! I am hoping this posts from my phone. Been meaning to learn to use this phone for ages now I have to use it as I seem to have buggered up my laptop. Was hoping for a crafty day but instead been unsuccessfully trying to reinstal aoftware. Grrrrrrrrrr. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Still quite frosty here.

  9. Hi Barbara oh lovely, I plan to try grunge paste in the new year. The swirling leaf stencil was the first one I bought with my geli plate and I use it the most, it is so lovely. Well I hope you enjoyed your walk and the sit down on the bench – I thought of your mum and dad when I first saw the new stamp. I can see it being useful, especially for elderly aunts and uncles who celebrate over 50 years of marriage, one or two of those coming up soon. Take care and enjoy your leftovers! Love Diane Xxxxx

  10. I so want to get into canvases this looks Amazing so must have a play hope fully things will be a bit quieter and can get time to play we had house full again buffet food today lots love Joy xx

  11. Oh what a wonderful blog filled with lots of delights…beautiful artwork and new products. Your little people will have to go on my wish list along with some mod podge. The couple on the bench are so sweet and romantic. What an inspirational blog. Hope you had fun getting messy!! Best wishes Jeanette xx

  12. This is wonderful, like the sound of that new stamp set too! Tried my shaving foam stencil thingy today………… As Craig on Strictly would say "it was a craft disaster darling!" I don't think shaving foam and me were made to go together! Maybe its because I am trying with alcohol inks but I feel reluctant to buy the others if my results are pants! Will try and do something with the one stencil print I managed 🙁 Oh well maybe try again on another day. Xx

  13. Hi Barb,

    Love this, if you don't mind me saying, i think it look's a bit BANKSY , love it and to Donna, could i suggest you try with food colouring, it's cheap and i get quite good results, just a thought.

    Best Wishes

    Julie Bee

  14. I absolutely love this, the colours, the swirls, the texture. Can't wait to do this one. I have wanted to buy Mod Podge for ages, but wasn't sure what to do with it, lol. Looking forward to next Sunday's show, these wee stamps are looking like a must have. Thanks Barbara, and I hope your walk was invigorating xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous ,I love everything about this. Pleased to see you using Mod Podge as I have some but wasn't really sure what to do with it. Looking forward to the show at the weekend and really like the new stamps. I think they will be really useful. Going to have a bit of a play with something like this maybe tomorrow. Love Alison

  16. Absolutely wonderful artwork Barbara. What will I spend my Christmas money on? You have definitely sold the canvas boards and open acrylics to me. So much on my wish list, and so much to choose from. Love those wee people. Xxx

  17. Love this. I love the size and simplicity of the stamp juxtaposed against the larger patterning. Says it all.
    I hope you don't mind, but I put some links up to Clarity in my latest blog entry. I got around to joining your Gold Club today too! Can't wait to get my details through so I can join in, and I can't wait for Mod Podge either!

  18. Wonderful artwork yet again. Put in an order last night along with Gold Club & stupidly forgot all about the canvas boards. Have to wait a little while now or Hubby will have a fit, need Mod Podge too. Can you use the System 3 paints for this or not, really need to use these paints or I'll be in the doghouse.xx

  19. Another piece thats gorgeous. Other people do arty stuff similar to this but I often find it too much but you Barbara, everytime you get it just right, well for my taste anyway.
    Dont suppose you will remember me, fluffy pooh, I bought your last 6×6 geliplate kit at Ally Pally as my Christmas present from my husband. Well, we saved it until Christmas and now I'm plucking up the courage to use it, but am scared of making a mess, never used one before nor a brayer or acrylic paint! Might be a day of firsts tomorrow as I was also given a bread maker for christmas too. If all goes well I too will have left overs tomorrow 🙂

  20. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    was für ein wunderschönes Werk. Ich bin wieder einmal total überwältigt von der genialen Gestaltung. Diese Schablone ist wirklich genial. Wenn ich meine teure Zahnbehandlung hinter mir habe, dann kann ich auch wieder daran denken mir Material zu kaufen. Ich freue mich immer auf deine wundervollen Inspirationen und danke dir für deine große Mühe. Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in das neue Jahr. Ganz liebe Grüße herzlichst Silvi

  21. Hello Barb, stunning and beautiful art work. Love the little stamp, looking forward to seeing the others next week. I have most of the ingredients except for this brand of paint, so will have a go with my system 3 paints and some old canvas boards I have as a practice before ordering more. Have a great week. Bx

  22. Last year I got a Gelli Plate for Christmas and as of yet not had a go procrastinate is my middle name you see. I have had the name removed by Dee pole and 2015 I'm just me minus the middle name. Going to give this a go and arse the bottom of it

  23. This is gorgeous Barbara and the background reminds me of French toile. I love the pretty colour you have achieved by layering the colours. So clever! I definitely need more stencils so will be upgrading my membership to include the stencil club too. x

  24. Hi Barbara, Wow !! I love this, the combination of colours culminates into this fabulous aqua colourway on top of the paste, it is stunning, the 'leftover' is the perfect 'backdrop' for this beautiful Work of Art. I'm really loving the stencil you have used. I definitely need to get my gelli plate out, the prints are fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. Absolutely blown away by this! EXACTLY the sort of artwork I'd love to be able to do … but too scared to even try (I don't take failure very well!!!!!) I love, love, love this work Barbara! xXx

  26. Beautiful artwork as ever, and I love those mini stamps – I'll check out the website when I'm back from my holidays and hopefully will have some birthday money to spend!!! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

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