Dove Heart, Deer Heart and more giveaways.

Dove Heart, Deer Heart and more giveaways.

Hi! Back again,
but this time with a easy step by step stencil trick.
In the lead up to Christmas, most will be too busy to think about making anything apart from sausage rolls!
But there will be some who still really enjoy 
this brief creative intermezzo here,
so I shall carry on undeterred!
Here’s a lovely stencil
There’s another one, which has the same feel, 
but comes with deer instead.
Not necessarily Christmas either….
Load a couple of stencil brushes with 2 colours.
I have used Stream and Sail Boat Blue here.
Load the colour onto the Gelli Card.
Takes about 5 minutes to do it well….
Put this to one side.

Attach the stencil to a piece of our black coated Claritycard,
and drag some Grunge Paste through the stencil with a spreader.
Wash the stencil, ready for the next step.

When the paste has set dry, replace the stencil over it, and add a little of the Sail Boat Blue to the Grunge Paste around the edges with a make -up sponge. Even less Stream.

Trim the black card to a square, 
and mount it on the blue base-card you created earlier.
This will give the illusion that the doves are cut out.

Mount on white to complete.

Really lovely up close too.

Stare at the doves long enough, 
and other images will start to jump out at you.
What can YOU see?
This is where WE see who’s been on the sherry early!
Mrs B won yesterday’s £20 Gift Voucher.
(please email us with your mailing address Mrs B, so we can send it out to you)
The 22nd already. My word! 
Well, the only way to tackle this is one day at a time. 
Starting with today.
I think we can afford another little £20 Gift Voucher! 
It is Christmas after all!
Leave an uplifting message below,
and tomorrow we’ll pick another random lucky winner.
Got to be in it to win it, as they say!
lots of love

104 thoughts on “Dove Heart, Deer Heart and more giveaways.

  1. Hi Barbara, I am totally confused with your post today. I think I am not seeing the pictures correctly.
    Is the grunge paste black? Sorry but I just cannot work out what you have done. Lovely results though, I love it. xx

  2. Definitely the Grinch!! Lovely colours for this one, haven't used my yet but will try to get a head start for next Christmas over this holiday! Thanks for reminding me about the sausage rolls…. I reckon the doves are going to come in useful for other things this year …… xxxx

  3. Another lovely project Barbara. So elegant. And yet another generous gesture from you. I am just chilling out before beginning to wrap the presents. Oh joy! Have a good Christmas.

  4. Hi Barbara! This looks great and it's a good trick!
    And I've not been near the sherry but I can see upturned hands and two grumpy men chatting to each other! Haha! As always much love! Xxx

  5. I am not sure. It is hard to choose between a fox or badger, there is definitely someone there. I don't know what a grinch looks like :0)
    I have yet to play with my grunge paste, the pot is looking at me reproachfully. It is nearly 3pm, the sun must be over the yard arm somewhere. Bottoms up.

  6. Fantastiche! I have just had a go – not quite like yours but well, we keep practising with your great tuition. As said many times, I have had a wonderful year with you and learned so much. I am looking forward to 2015. I hope the dates come up soon for Crowborogh as I have to book time off work.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope some rest
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading and the Lavender grower!!)

  7. Lovely as usual Barbara I have both stencils did the deer as Christmas card was quite pleased with it for 1st attempt but doves with blue on black really stands out will have to have a go after hols.Have a good rest over festive period Best wishes Shel

  8. I can see a cow's head in the middle of the Doves! I don't even drink!

    Here's a nice quote for you: "A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour"

  9. Great blog today, the doves have to be my favourite as they can be used for so many occasions.i am a newbee to grunge paste so all tips and lessons are much appreciated. Right off to have a go with the grunge, don't have the doves but hey Santa might bring them if I wish hard enough x

  10. Hi Barb,
    I can see a mardi graa (not too sure about the spelling here) face. Anyway love the card and seeing how the shortest day is upon us I'm looking forward to lighter evenings, warm sunny days and the Crowborough retreat (but not necessarily in that order). I hope you have truly wonderful Christmas with the family especially the lovely little new edition. xxxxxx

  11. Hi Barb, fabulous blog post, love the stencils, I think I see the doves perched on antlers! Or have I had too much sherry? There is so much rushing through my mind right now, and I do want to get some play time in whilst I am away from the day job. Have a fabulous Monday afternoon. Take care everyone. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara. Wow, I am delighted to have won, thank you so much for a lovely extra Christmas gift. It is going to be so hard deciding which stamps to get though : )
    A lovely card today, the doves are beautiful. I see a fox and then after another look I can see the old, plump, men and the hands that Jane can see too. Have a good day. Take care.

  13. The carols are on… the mince pies are in the oven… the mulled wine a-simmer. Hey – it must be Christmas! Hic. Thanks for another beautiful card, Barbara. One for us all to try methinks… And of course, we can ALWAYS make time to craft! Love Gill xxx

  14. Picked up the turkey today so now it's feeling like Christmas. Perhaps I should send some Christmas cards. Why am I always so late with the cards? Already decided that I will make more cards next years and make them ahead of time. Perhaps I should start the Chrissie cards in Jan?

  15. Like most of us I am rushing around like a dog with two tails so it is with great pleasure that I sit down and read your blog, a few minutes to rest and there is something about the way you write that always makes me smile. Have a wonderful Christmas Barbara and we won't be expecting a blog on Christmas day so don't even think of it!

  16. That's a very pretty blue card. I've just today realised that I've made Christmas cards for everyone except my husband so I will be crafting before Christmas 🙂

  17. Hi Barbara,
    the Illusion worked very well.
    I was confused too by watching the step-by-step instruction.
    (The sail boat blue is a very beautiful colour…)
    Rolf xxx

  18. I especially love the deer heart ~ I've been a little bit deer crazy this year. I am cock~a~hoop today {can you hear me squeaking with deeeeelight?} as I've been told Santa is putting membership to both your clubs in my stocking in a couple of days time! I'm not allowed to order it until then though, so must contain myself! I'm so excited!

  19. I don't know how you find the time in your busy life to do a step by step at this stage. I can see the single deer in the centre, with the two twigs being the antlers. I was coping with the two doves until you said about what else could I see. That did it! I shall try it for myself to see if that helps. I am off to get my emergency chicken tomorrow (emergency as I am supposed to be having my dinner cooked for me so it then depends on the health of grandchildren and the weather) and that is my very final shopping until after New Year. Loads of milk in the freezer, and I can make bread. It is time you started settling down to your own family Christmas. If you want to blog on the day itself, just make it a quick Happy Christmas and then relax and have fun with your family. xxx Maggie

    1. PS, I was so touched by your decision yesterday to donate to the local food bank. Perhaps, as the extended Clarity family, we should all do something to say thank you for the joy we get from being able to craft in relative comfort. xx Maggie

  20. Hallo Babara,
    ich kann ihre Kunstwerke immer nur wieder bewundern und loben.Ich hoffe ,das ich irgentwann auch eimal so gut bin.Aber wie sagt man so schön bei uns in Deutschland: Übung macht den Meister.
    Ich wünsche ihnen und ihrer Familie Frohe und Gesegnete Weihnachten.
    Liebe Grüße von Nicole Heim

  21. Barbara, what a stunning design! I think I shall have to invest in both the stencil AND some grunge paste! Valentine's Day isn't too far away… 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your blog, and all the fun and inspiration you have brought to us all. I would like to wish you, your family, and all the Clarity team a very happy Christmas. Jo xx

  22. Hi Barbara, I'm one who is looking forward to and enjoying you still doing all these demos and inspiration :-), thank you.

    I'm rubbish at these what can you see puzzles, the best I can come up with is a Dachshund face in the dove stencil!!!!

    Congratulations Mrs B hope you get lots of pleasure from the stamps you choose.

    My wee extra bit of giving this Christmas, I had a good chair futon in really good condition that was no longer any use to me so I asked if there was another service user who could use it, that they could have it for free. It was taken away at lunchtime for someone who is currently sitting on a really old worn sofa with the springs coming through. Hopefully it will help make his Christmas time a little better having a nice comfy chair to relax on. I know it's just a small thing, but it's making me smile thinking someone will be a little happier and comfier this Christmas because of me passing on my chair.

    The scary bit now, Nicola is about to arrive to introduce another new worker to me! Nicola has a feeling she could be the right person to be my worker and has wanted to try her before but until recently she only worked one day a week. I'm shaking, but hopefully it's going to be very scary for a good outcome.

    Love Brenda xx

  23. Good morning from sunny Texas, this card is stunning. Today we will give some Americans a lesson on the gelli plate a la Barbaray Gray! So you are with us here in spirit, sending hugs.

  24. Hello Barbara,

    I am loving it. We had our family Christmas yesterday as usual. All the rush and fuss is over and all my children, their partners and children can please themselves what they do on the 25th! Stay at home or visit the in-laws.


  25. Well….I did it! I ordered the stencil and grunge paste! Plus that lovely cloud stencil that has been on my wish list for such a long time! Thanks, Barb! Jo xx

  26. This is a lovely simple idea Barbara not that I will have chance to craft over the coming days. Still I'm as organised now as I can be as I did the shopping this morning, what we haven't got now we will do without lol just hope it's nothing major.
    Thank you for all your amazing art and inspiration you have shared with us over the last year I'm looking forward to seeing where the next year takes you and what delights you have in store for us
    Jackie x

  27. Happy Christmas! Love these stencils and they work so well on black.

    Just back from 3 uplifting days with 3 grand children, 4yrs; 2 yrs and 4 months
    (hence no comments)! They are a delight and again remind us of whats important in life.
    Adam aged 2 looked at me when I d been there about 30 minutes, spread his hands out and said 'so whats your name then'! we all fell about.
    finished with carols at the Albert hall last night with my 2 youngest daughters, I could ask no more than family at Christmas. Hope all of you have a very peaceful and happy time.

  28. These stencils are really great. I can see the grumpy old men facing each other or could be doves flying off in different directions, also either a fox or owl in the centre between the doves. Amazing what you can see when you really look. The blues on black card really stand out. Another super card, thanks for sharing it.xx

  29. Beautiful piece of artwork I don't know how you keep all the plates up in the air at the same time and produce such loveliness for us. I can see two faces with flowing hair back to back both looking down .

  30. Another beautiful card Barbara 🙂 I can't visit your blog every day, so I've just been catching up on the last few days and reading all the comments, what a wonderful blog you write, thank goodness for all of us that you started it xxx

  31. Thank you Barbara for your year of inspiration…both personal and crafty. I wish you and all your family a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

  32. Hi Barbara. Wow this was wonderful and then you put it onto the blue background and 'pop' it becomes stunning. I must have a go with the grunge paste next year, it looks fun. My stamp order arrived yesterday , when I showed my daughter the lacy swallows she chuckled so I had to say"I know it sounds like a porn star"!!!! We had a good laugh (sorry) but she agrees the stamps are beautiful. Well I've been ironing for 2 hours to catch up and have only had tea to drink but I can see a tigers face snarling! Try and have a relaxing evening Barbara. Love Diane xxx

  33. Hi Barb,
    Another lovely offering from you. Your creative juices are certainly flowing.
    Can I also make one point about giving. Give some of your time to someone who is lonely or poorly. Even if you babysit an adult with dementia to give their carer an hour or two for themselves – it means so much – more than money.

  34. This is such a clever trick – love it! I saw a rainbow today driving the back country roads in Northumberland, and guess what was at the end of it? No, not a pot of gold, but a field of sprouts!!! Made us laugh so much in the car! Today we've had the wind in our hair walking along a lovely sandy beach in the sunshine – yes it was cold, and there were dark clouds, but it was so wonderful seeing Banburgh Castle up above the sand-dunes, and hearing the crashing waves. Maybe my next home will be by the sea somewhere – it was so uplifting! Susan x

    1. Susan, I too saw that rainbow in Northumberland. I am sure it ended at my home in Felton. Had to because I know how very lucky I am to live in this beautiful county with my loving family. If you get the chance pop in to felton and try our artisan bakery, you may have to book though.
      Barbara, thank you for another super post, I look forward to your daily offering. Something uplifting ….. Remember to be thankful every day, there is often someone with a bigger problem than yours x

  35. Ooh, not too sure what I can see, but if someone looks my way, they will see a silly old sausage with cross eyes and a squint. Not a good look, sherry or no sherry! Love your work today,as usual. X

  36. I love this Barb. It is definitely on my list to do. Forget the Sherry ……… Amarula Cream….hick .

    I would like to say a prayer for all those involved with the incident in Glasgow. x

  37. I adore these stencils Barbara, think they may have to be my present to myself for Christmas. Fabulous piece of art, love it. Hoping you are feeling more organised, we will get there, we always do xx

  38. Hi Barb,
    Really love this. Tha sail boat blue is fabulous and the whole thing really stands out on the black card. The two stencils are really beautiful as well. Congratulations to the winners of the gift vouchers. Sorry, didn't comment for the last couple of days but migraine struck unfortunately but back in land of the living today thankfully, but now 2 days behind!! Thank you for everything, love Alison xxx

  39. Hello Barb, I bought my grunge paste from you at the NEC and LOVE it!!! I've made lots of Christmas cards using it this year for family and friends. You weren't wrong when you suggested buying two pots instead of just one! I can see I'll be putting a bulk order in come the New Year! Merry Christmas everyone xx

  40. Wow Barbara the colours you have used for this piece are fabulous. I think I will have to add 'sail boat' to my collection. The dove stencils is very pretty too. I always try and learn a new skill each year and I think next year should be the year of the gelli plate.
    Congratulations to Mrs B, what a lovely early Christmas present for Lorraine.
    Take care
    PS. Hope your meeting went ok.

  41. Hi Barbara,
    You've almost persuaded me to get some grunge paste after all with you're lovely artwork. Almost! Still thinking. We can see a fox staring straight out at us, along with a couple of swans at the bottom (if you squint!)

    I had to miss a carol service tonight as I'd spent all my energy earlier. Hubby found me some fab Carols on YouTube that have wonderful Thomas Kincade pictures as an accompaniment. Proper Carols, gorgeous pictures. Fab. Search for 'Christmas Carols' and it is 77 mins long, posted by Pulsewidth25. Hope you enjoy it a much as I have!
    Alison xxxx

  42. Lovely stencils and the grunge paste is very effective. If you turn it up thee other way I can see the face of a dog with a heart shaped nose! What does this say about me I wonder……………

  43. Was never any good at seeing stuff like that same with the ink blot test, love the actual image though, really effective. Think when the holiday rush is over its time to get messy with the grunge paste…

  44. Beautiful effect, I love the colours…….My thought for today is for Mia who after 2 years of chemo and losing her hair! and has shown amazing courage. Yesterday she took her last medication and in two weeks fingers crossed gets the all clear. She is 12 years old, I bow down to her and all the other cancer sufferers x

  45. As always fabulous inspiration, love both stencils, they're on my list too. Going to have a play with my grunge paste over the christmas break, can't wait. Thank you xx

  46. I so love stencils and you keep coming up with such good ideas to use them. Remember when they were just for making pretty designs on walls? Now we can use them in much more creative ways ( with your help! ) Thank you x

  47. Beautiful artwork as is the norm for you Barbara, love these stencils and the effect that you have given with the grunge paste is brilliant ! I can see what looks to be a paganistic style animal head in the photo or is that just me being a little over tired and weird ?? lol xx

  48. Lovely project. The grunge paste looks great on the black card. I have only used my grunge paste once but not tried it on black card yet. I must do this! Tags made and presents all wrapped. I even braved the supermarket this evening. Just need to make a card for my husband now and then I am done. Think I will sit and relax with a sherry now and look back through your blogs to help me find the inspiration I need for hubby's card. xx

  49. Apart from being a lovely and inspiring piece of artwork it is also fascinating. To the left of the artwork I immediately saw a girl's face in profile with her chin obscured by her shoulder. Going back to find what others have seen. Thank you.

  50. absolutely gorgeous stencils – I adore both of them – so beautiful and an absolute must for me – that christmas money is going to have to spread well this year! Merry christmas and thanks for all the inspiration and gorgeous goodies xx

  51. Wow! I can see all sorts of things and I don't think it's the mulled wine. The blue and black is very effective at fooling the eye. I can see old men chatting and a Grinch.
    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational and beautiful card. Xx

  52. I can see some sort of animal head, have not been on the sherry either. Just celebrating granddaughter's 11th Birthday. Gosh where have the years gone, she is now a beautiful young lady. Beautiful card as always. You give us so many wonderful ideas, thankyou for all the inspiration. xx

  53. Thank you for sharing your talent Barbara, you inspire so many of us and we are truly grateful.
    I have made some wonderful friends thanks to our love for your products, we meet once a month and get creative together but we also support each other through FB every day and we love being part of the Clarity family. XXXX

  54. I saw a fox….eventually! Obviously need more sherry. Had great fun using the new for tree stencil to make a snowy forest scene out of an old jumper and some green and white felt. Christmas jumper courtesy of Clarity. Merry Christmas to all!

  55. I love this! It's so striking and classy! I can see faces – I always can, whatever I look at! Doesn't matter what it is – I always see faces! Even without alcohol! Is there any hope for me? I do hope not! Tee hee! xxx

  56. What a very pretty design. I love the contrast of blue on black. If you look at the bottom of the heart and squint a bit, I can see identical brothers having a chin wag. Could of course be the Prosecco talking! Ela xx

  57. This is beautiful Barbara, and Grunge Paste is definitely on my list of 'must haves'. I seem to see a boxer dog /Grinch in between the doves and at the bottom a couple of men with beards, heads and torsos, facing one another. I love your blog and have learnt a lot from your demonstrations and am looking forward to more of the same in 2015. x

  58. Wow, this is really cool! Love it! I checked in earlier on my phone and could see an Ice Queen looking down at me reproachfully! And a fox. Now looking at it on the big screen it looks like looking through a window over a moonlit lake. There is also something that reminds me of an alien, LOL perhaps one too many cocktails.

  59. Hi barbara, I love this combo of the pale colour and the shiny black. It looks gorgeous. I hope you have time for a nice rest over the Christmas period.
    I really must tell you about what my son has done. He is 17 and is studying for A levels in sixth form. He has just got a part time job at the golf course and has been spending very penny as soon as he makes it! I have just found out though that he has ordered me the 'stamper hamper' for Christmas! How fab is that. He'd ordered it, but forgot to change the email address, so I got a lovely surprise when I saw an email from Clarity. How lucky am I, I just hope it arrives before Christmas, I can't wait. Xx

  60. I'm sat reading your lovely blog at Heathrow airport having evacuated a plane that was full of fumes, it was supposed to be going to New York! Goodness knows what's going to happen next, but I'm certainly going to be meeting my sister flying in from Vancouver a lot later than planned! Glad your blog post has cheered me up a little bit!

  61. Have missed commenting for a day or two. We have our family Christmas Dinner on Sunday before Christmas. It's always a mammoth undertaking and I always vow to make things easier the next year, but this never happens. It's a lovely time to have the children, grandchildren and close friends together to celebrate. Our friends who do not have grand children so enjoy watching the little ones opening their presents and seeing Christmas through their eyes. Will I be doing it again next year? God willing, yes. Anne x

  62. Clever technique, those doves certainly look as if they have been cut out. Well, today we pick up the turkey and do last minute food shopping. Then we're off to deliver presents, and then a nice relaxing evening with a loooooong drink! Pat x

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