YouTube Tuesday NOEL

YouTube Tuesday NOEL

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Well, we’re off to have our Clarity Christmas lunch now,
but before we shoot off for food and fun, here’s a Christmas video.
An old favourite, with lots of tips and tricks.
Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed making it!
And if I look 10 years older, I’m not! It’s the lighting!!!

Items Used:
So let’s see…who is the winner of the £20 Gift Voucher today…….
Alison Newby
Happy Christmas Alison!

One more £20 Gift Voucher waiting here….
Leave an uplifting comment below and tomorrow I will pick another lucky winner! 

See you tomorrow,
lots of love,

85 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday NOEL

  1. Thank you, lovely card. I do love this technique and used the Joy stamp for half of this year's cards. I wasn't too impressed with my cards until I used a petrol blue promarker and risked creating a border. I was so surprised on the difference it that it made. I was so excited with the results that i forgot to photograph them before sending them!

    I do enjoy brayering and feel that I get a good workout at the same time.

    Happy Christmas to you and all the Clarity team. Enjoy your lunch. xox

  2. Oh my! Thank you so much Barbara! I was struggling this morning. You've made my day! 🙂 Happy Christmas to all of you lovely folk at Clarity. You really are a great lot! I am certain that much merriment will be in evidence this lunchtime. Enjoy! You certainly all deserve it.
    I shall now take some deep breaths and face the afternoon with a renewed spring in my step.
    Hugs, Alison.

  3. Congrats, Alison, I do hope you enjoy spending that. Barbara, sorry, no time to watch the video, I'll come back for that. I've just got home with all the veggies, fruit and turkey, so I'm done now. Just some food prep and a bit of a tidy. Enjoy your lunch, Happy Christmas!

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a video today Barbara. The card is beautiful and I love watching you, you have such a calming voice. I wasn't having a good day today, I couldn't seem to stop the tears, it's so hard when you've just lost someone, and my dad was a big part of my life. So I sat down with a cup of tea and watched you make a lovely card, and I feel a bit better now. Time to get up and stop maudlin'.
    Wishing you and yours a lovely christmas. Xx

  5. Another beautiful card Barbara – very stylish. Well now I had better get on with the chores changing bed and cleaning bedroom but watching your tutorial has given me the incentive to get on with it and be thankful that I'm able to do so. Hope all of you at Clarity have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Looking forward to 2015 and what new things that might bring.

  6. How wonderful to still do a you tube Tuesday even at such a busy Christmas time I love the word stamps and how you make little scenes in the middle.ive got the joy and hope ones .going to watch the video later as got to get ready for a drs appointment happy crafting christmas to all xxx

  7. That is just stunning and only one ink pad used. Definitely one using the KISS principle and so effective. I just might keep my Christmas stamp book out a little longer and do some of these ready for next year. Hope you have a great lunch with all the wonderful Clarity team You all deserve it. xxx Maggie

  8. So pretty Barb. This is the first time I have watched your YouTube Tuesday. Hubby always has the download limit with music.

    I would like to wish you Dave and everyone at Clarity Towers a very merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2015. I am a huge fan of yours and love what you do. Please keep doing it!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love and respect Elaine x

  9. I love these framers, can't understand why I haven't got any. Will have to rectify that in the new year. I used inky snowy scenes on my Christmas cards this year, so effective with that touch of white snow in the dark sky. Can't wait to see where Clarity takes me in 2015!! XX

  10. Hello Barbara,
    a really beautiful Christmas card!!!
    I hope you and everybody has a great Christmas lunch today.
    I wish you, your family, the Claritystamp-team and all the blog readers a wonderful stressless very merry Christmas
    Rolf xxx

  11. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, I am lucky enough to spend it with family. My daughter and I are great followers of your work and writings. Thank you for reaching out to us all we must have learnt so much.

  12. Beautiful artwork. I have several of your framer stamps and Love them. Hope you and your team enjoy your well earned Christmas lunch and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy,Healthy New Year

  13. I used this stamp for some of my Christmas cards this year and had several really nice comments about them. Now I've seen your video I have another way to use it next time!

  14. Thats lovely Barbara ,i have some those frame stamps ,have a lovely Xmas i have my son and partner coming Xmas day and granddaughter and her family boxing day and my grandson is coming with his girlfriend don't know were we will seat them all we have such a little house , i have just put my tree up ,but i had a father Xmas hanging Mobil and a robin that i made years ago at guides that i used to help with and they have vanished …..Have a very happy Xmas and new year ,lots love xxx

  15. Hello Barbara
    What an inspiration you are to us. I love what you did today and will buy the Noel stamp after Christmas and have a go .
    Your video lifted my spirits today as our daughter phoned this morning to say she was very poorly and would not make it home for Christmas. As she has an incurable cancer we have to make the most of the Christmases we have left.
    I think this will make a lovely card for Christmas 2015.
    Happy Christmas to you, Dave, Mark, Grace and the rest of your family. Have wonderful time.


    1. Hi, I'm so sorry for your sad news today. I'm hoping you can go to see your daughter soon if she can't come to you and you can have a special time together then. Thinking of you, love Brenda xx

    2. Hi Ruth,
      I was really sorry to hear that your daughter won't be with you on Christmas Day. My thoughts will be with you both and the rest of your family. Thinking of you, love Alison xx

  16. Hi Barbara,
    Love this type of card especially as it looks matted and layered but it's not so saves a fortune on the old postage. You tube Tuesday is such fun and so informative and I love reading your daily exploits. Hope you, Dave, Mark and the rest of the family have a really lovely Christmas.
    B xxx

  17. I was shocked when I read the title & it was You Tube Tuesday…. didn't realise what day of the week it was. It's all becoming a bit of a blur, but now I've been grounded back to reality…. crikey best pop off to the supermarket for a pud or 2 for the big day (if there's any left !) Great post today, alway find the hints & tips invaluable – thank you.

  18. Hi Barb,
    I really love the framers and do have quite a few, but I keep forgetting to use them as new things come along. I love the artwork today, looks very wintery. I would like a little snow at Christmas but I don't think it's going to happen though. I would like to thank you and all at Clarity for all your hard work and efficiency and enthusiasm. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. love Alison xx
    Ps congrats to Alison too.xx

  19. Hi Barbara I'm looking forward to seeing the video but it will have to wait until later as I haven't time just now. I've just stopped for a quick cuppa amid the baking. I'm on track though so that's great.
    I'm sure the video will be full of wonderful tips and tricks as you are so brilliant at sharing your skills.
    Thank you
    Jackie x

  20. A HUGE THANK YOU to you; for your endless enthusiasm and giving friendliness at all the shows you attend, for the awe inspiring ideas you share on the blog and the telly and for the hours of enjoyment these have given. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your family and colleagues. x

  21. Hi Barb, just wanted to say a big Thank You for all the help, tips and demonstrations you give us crafters. I've only been crafting for 10 months but it is my life now and what a happy life it is!! Without the help from experienced artists and crafters such as yourself I'm sure I wouldn't have achieved as much as I have in such a short space of time. So many many thanks and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. xx

  22. Wow, das ist Kunst! Die Framerstempel sind einfach toll, da man sie so vielseitig einsetzen kann. Ich finde deinen Blog super und hoffe, noch ganz viele Videos und Tutorials zu sehen.
    Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

  23. Hallo Babara,
    ich kann ihre Kunstwerke immer nur wieder bewundern und loben.Ich hoffe ,das ich irgentwann auch eimal so gut bin.Aber wie sagt man so schön bei uns in Deutschland: Übung macht den Meister.
    Ich wünsche ihnen und ihrer Familie Frohe und Gesegnete Weihnachten.
    Liebe Grüße von Nicole Heim

  24. Hi Barb,
    Wise decision, I think, to do the video BEFORE the Christmas lunch, and not after!!! Have a nice lie down now and take things easy.
    I love this technique, it's so atmospheric, and only one ink pad and two stamps used, bish bosh job done!! xx

  25. Beautiful card, such a great effect. Never miss a blog and utube Tuesday grounds the week for me. Best wishes to you all for 2015, 5 months left to retirement! Then I can really feed my habit.
    Look forward to all your inspiration in 2015. Happy Christmas to you all at Clarity, what a team.
    X x x x xx

  26. Froze Weinachten! I expect you will be celebrating with your Mum tomorrow night. Many thanks for sharing all your talents with us and inspiring me to try things for myself. Best wishes to you and your great team and may 2015 be less stress and more fun.

  27. I hope you had a gorgeous lunch with wonderful friends. Thank you for the inspirational designs Clarity brings all year round but an extra BIG thank you for the fantastic lessons you give so freely. Best wishes to you, your family and the Clarity Team at Christmas

  28. Finished all my pre Christmas shopping/prep and taking some time out for me just watching your video and a nice cup of tea.
    A nice treat to think of me and what better way to spend some relaxation than being in your company Barbara.Merry Christmas to you and your family and health and happiness for 2015

  29. Just spent a relaxing 10 minutes watching your lastest youtube video of. Have only recently started following your blog, but it is now the first thing I do when I turn on my laptop each day.
    Seasons Greetings to all the Clarity team.

    Margaret xxx

  30. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for still doing YouTube Tuesday this week and giving us an extra long one too, very much appreciated. I've not watched it yet, going to save it for watching at Christmas, I've saved yours and Sheena's last TV shows for watching too, there's never usually that much worth watching on Christmas telly but I'm all sorted now!

    I imagine your Clarity Christmas lunch is just the best with everyone having a lovely and fun time. Hope it was, and that you all wore loose clothes to accommodate for very full tummies!!!!

    Congratulations to Alison, hope your voucher helped make you feel a little better this afternoon, enjoy spending it and playing with the goodies you choose. I'm looking forward to checking out the member's sale and seeing what stamps and stencils I'm going to treat myself to 🙂

    Hope everyone's preparations are going as planned.
    Love Brenda xx

  31. Hi Barbara, I love this technique although I didn't use it this year. Thanks for showing it agin.

    I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas lunch. I would like to say thank you to all of your team, who are marvellous. They got my order to me before Christmas, and I hadn't expected that! I'm going to write an email to everyone, though as I may be a little late could you say thank you and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you, Dave, Mark, Grace and the rest of your family, the first with little Evie. Hugs xx

  32. Absolutely gorgeous Barbara, love the dimensional illusion – very clever. I have the Noel stamp and have used it many times to make little scenes with the Christmas miniatures stamps. Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all of your followers. Pat x

  33. Hi Barb, thanks for beautiful card, will try this for next year as this looks as though it is very achieveable for someone like me who has problems with colouring in.
    Hope you all had a great lunch with thanks to your fantastic team and the family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to the inspirational videos in 2015.
    God bless to all xx

  34. Lovely, relaxing demo – nearly went to sleep during the music! I still have a phobia with clarity gloss card – I will overcome it one day, also that darned gold pen!
    As to the "lighting" well – what are you using because you look younger each time I see you? That should be as uplifting a comment as cream or a face-lift!!!
    Think my humour is pretty usual of a christmas cracker.
    Merry Christmas
    Anne (Reading)

  35. Fantastic. My storage for stencils and stamps arrived today so I am set for getting organised in the new year and then maybe I can play and try out some of these wonderful techniques. Best wishes to all at Clarity and everyone who follows Barbara's wonderful blog, Have a Crafty Christmas xxx

  36. I received my brushes today and I am so pleased with them. I have fingers that don’t always work as I would like, and with sponge I’m not sure how much pressure I’m applying. This makes getting an even coverage difficult. The design and size of the brushes means that I can hold the brush between my thumb and first finger and build up the amount of colour that I want. Now if I can find a way to apply gilding wax just where I want it there will be no stopping me. Thanks so much Barbara.
    Happy Christmas to everyone at Clarity.

  37. Hi Barbara!
    Your friend from the USA here! I have really been enjoying watching your videos. (Now that we know we can watch them on our computers!) I look forward to every Tuesday, seeing your smiling face and listening to your lovely accent. I hope you have the Merriest Christmas ever!
    Love from across the pond,
    Raine Phoenix

  38. I love this pretty scene with the 'O' and the way you have extended it to the background. Also love the gold line round the edge and then the white gel pen snow as finishing touches. I look forward to much more inspiration in the new year Barbara. x

  39. I have used the 'Joy to the world' framer stamp for my cards this year. Creating lots of different cards by using allsorts of my stamps in the 'O'. I've had so many comments, people have loved them. Thank you Barbara for sharing all your ideas with us, you really inspire me. Happy Christmas

  40. Beautiful card and so many great techniques and tips in the video. I did use my recently purchased Noel stamp the other evening and used embossing powder. Forgot about the talc and heated for the top, so two things to remember for next time. I also didn't realise the lid was on the embossing powder pot when I poured the powder back 'into' the pot and it went everywhere!! Hope you all enjoyed your lunch. x

  41. Hi Barbara thank you for the reminder about these beautiful frame stamps, I haven't played with one foe ages so it is great to have a reminder. Thank you for sharing your lovely tips and treats . Just finished wrapping so very late to bed and I need to be up early to collect turkey! Hope your meal was wonderful and you had a great time. Wishing everyone at Clarity a ver happy Christmas and a very happy new Year. Take care love Diane xxx
    Ps loving the gold embossing powder xxxxxxxx

  42. Great video Barbara, alway a joy to watch. Wish you, Dave and all the family best wishes for a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, must also include all at Clarity Towers for all their hard work backstage. Anne x

  43. Hi Barbara. A lovely card and geat video to finish 2014. I hope that we get to enjoy many more in 2015! I bet you all had a fantastic lunch! Take care.

  44. Hello Barb, great image and one i will never tire of watching a demo of. Great video. Hope you and all the clarity family had a great Christmas lunch. Hope we get to see some pics. Heres wishing you, Dave and the whole team a wonderful Christmas and may 2015 continue to be successful with loads of inspiration for your blog family. Take care all, and enjoy the festive season. Bx

  45. Happy Christmas to you all! Love this snowy scene – it's just so clever how you make a card look like it is layered up. Might need some of those pens in my birthday basket after new year! I'm off to see my niece, great-niece and great-nephew this afternoon, and taking my parents with me, so that will be lovely – the joy of great-grandparents is so wonderful to see, and as they both saw the big man yesterday I'm fairly sure they will be in a state of great excitement!

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