Baden Baden. Black Forest. Beautiful.

Baden Baden. Black Forest. Beautiful.

Thanks for popping in! Sorry I’m so late blogging today, but we just had to make the most of the sunshine.

We could see the black clouds over Will’s Mum’s house all day, but we were so lucky!
I was also very lucky with the Spa Hotel I picked.
Had no idea where it was located – didn’t even know it had a swimming pool let alone the full spa works –  just knew it was in Baden Baden! So you can imagine our delight when we found we had landed right near the centre and the famous casino and the Christmas Market. Result!

Lovely buildings like this everywhere….
Was walking past one of the many pharmacies in town, and thought I was seeing things! 
Two old dears, sitting patiently, staring out at the street.
Closer investigation called for. Madame Tussauds! Eat your heart out!
So we treated ourselves to some lovely German cake and coffee. Here’s Mum in her element! Cheesecake with poppyseeds.
Me? Cherries all the way!  We are saving the Schwarz (black) wälder (forest) kirsch (cherry) torte (cake) experience for Sunday. BIG TREAT. To actually eat Schwarzwälderkirschtorte in the Schwarzwald!
I even went and bought a bathing suit, so that I could take advantage of what was on offer at the hotel this evening. Mum declined, so I went off alone in my brand new Speedo cozzy….
Super pool. You know the ones that go outside too, so you are under the stars in the water.
So I was in a world of my own; inside, outside, lengths, back outside, hottub, the lot. Decided to find the sauna. Lovely. Nobody but me. Hot, very hot, but good for the mind apparently, so I stare at the timer on the wall and wait for the sand to fall through. Then the door opens and in comes a man. He obviously decided to bypass the Speedo shop. Then I remember! Germans often like to get their kit off in the sauna! Now don’t get me wrong. Live and let live and all that. But not when he almost slapped me on the shoulder with it!! I was out of that cubicle before he’d even singed his nuts on the bench!
Remind me to tell you what happened once in Aachen in a spa. That was on a trip with Mum too! I got slung out for being the only one dressed!!
Anyway, back to Baden Baden..ironically, baden in German means bathing…..
So I fled to the outdoor pool, and was just minding my own business out there, when this other bloke starts bobbing around me, chatting to me. Here we go again, I think….yep, he’s a businessman from Iran, and do I like Persian carpets, because he has an international carpet business. So I have a question: How do you say sod off in Persian? All I wanted to do was chillax! And no, I don’t like Persian carpets!
I gave up in the end and fled back to Mum! 
She did laugh when I told her about my relaxing spa session. And Dave, if you’re reading this, the Persian looked just like Toad of Toad Hall, and the one in the sauna? I have no idea – I didn’t look!!!
Lots of love from Baden Baden,
Barb xxxx

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  1. Instead of a giggle in the morning, you have now given us a giggle before bed. Glad you are having such a good time, even if a couple of the events were unwanted. Just finished making your German Potato Salad for the Nottingham workshop tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your trip/ xx Maggie

  2. Oh yes the old ' Persian carpet sales patter ' usually they just put their foot in the door !!! Take care Barb, I've heard about those ' goings on ' in saunas. Can't see anything one moment, and then , crikey, you don't know where to look. So look away I say !!!! And to think I was worried about the shopping … X

  3. Hi Barb,
    your photos are a dejá vu to me. Had you dinner in the "Laterne"-restaurant? I´ve seen the two funny ladies sitting in the pharmacie as well.
    And I have to say I don´t like taking a sauna but I know the British are always wearing a trunk or a bikini in a sauna and the Germans are always naked. I don´t know why but it seems to be traditional.
    Don´t miss Café König…
    Did you like the painted church windows on the christmas market?
    Have more fun with your mother in Baden-Baden. She looks like she enjoyed it a lot and I hope so do you.
    Rolf xxx

  4. Oh Barbara, I think I would draw the line at somebody getting that close to me in a sauna with everything on display too, but it did make me laugh. Baden Baden does look very attractive architecturally and apart from this blip I can see you and your Mum are having a great time. x

  5. Oh Barbara, so funny, and so needed tonight. I've had an extremely hard couple of days and been trying unsuccessfully to sort problems for myself, feeling very lost and alone and upset so I came on here and you've made me laugh, as did Dave's comments so thank you very much. So funny you running back to the safety of your mum too!!! Maybe that's why the pool and spa were empty!!! Those guys were waiting just round the corner for the next unsuspecting victim!!! Glad you didn't include photos of the spa part in your travelogue you would have got done for it!!! And maybe lost all your followers on here too!!!!! Now if he'd been someone like Johnny Depp or George Clooney…..

    Baden Baden looks lovely and the cakes sound so yummy, mouth watering, if I wasn't at the other end of the country to you I'd ask you to bring back a doggy bag!!!!

    Looking forward to episode two tomorrow. And glad you both seem to be having a good time, well most of the time anyway!!!

    Love Brenda xx

  6. Just got in from a drink with a friend and your blog had me in silent giggles (Neil is snoring so need to be quiet). What a shame that your chillax session was so rudely interrupted…very funny though. Xx

  7. Morning it's 2am here cannot laugh to load but you did make me laugh about the spar needed a good laugh. Sounds like having a great time with your mum looking forward to hearing more of your adventure better get back to bed love to you and your mum Joy xxx

  8. Oh Barbara you have made me laugh out loud ! Here I am reading your blog at 5:55 am and laughing out loud as I imagine you getting slapped in the face and then patiently listening to some random guy about rugs, both incidents very funny!

    Now can Saturday bring something as entertaining? I bet your Mum thought it was hilarious!
    Much love to you both xx
    kim x

  9. Hi Barb, oh what beautiful scenery. Glad you and Mum are having a fab time. The sauna and swimming story is just so funny. Makes you wonder about some people huh, i mean who wants to discuss persian carpets while swimming! You know Dave is going to tease you about it when you get home. Take care and enjoy. Bx

  10. Hello Barbara,

    What a laugh you have given me. A lovely way to start my day. Thank you. By the way, never apologise for the time when you blog. It is always worth waiting for and a delight whenever we get to read it.

    Love, Roz.x

  11. I need to thank you for nearly destroying my laptop ! I was reading your blog this morning whilst drinking my coffee & a mouthful ended up splattered all over the keyboard as I read about your encounter with Zorro in the sauna ! Hilarious

  12. Hi Barbara. You are the best at describing your travels, my list of places I want to visit goes up every time you go away. And talk about LOL, I am still giggling as I type. Sorry that your swim/sauna were cut short, umm, thats an idea, carry a pair of scissors(ok,bear with me!) in the sauna then the men might be a bit more careful : )) I am really looking forward to your next post. Have another wonderful day with your Mum. Take care.

  13. Fantastic Barbara, what a great way to start the day – I'm giggling away to myself as I write. Looking forward to the next episode of your Baden Baden trip. Hope you and your Mum have a great day in the market. xx

  14. Hello Barbara

    Thanks for giving us all a giggle today. Must say, experiences like this make the break worthwhile and very memorable!

    Looking forward to more adventures of your trip and of course photos. Enjoy all that you do………….and see!!

    Lol Barbara W

  15. Hi Barbara oh what a laugh, you do come across them don't you! Now I know you usually find inspiration on your travels for stamps but you might have to think carefully about that one!!!! A Persian rug set with interesting patterns me thinks!!!! Have fun with your mum. Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Well I never, remind me to give German Suana's, Spas, Swimming Pools a miss. This has certainly started my day on a happy note. Have a good day with mother, and do what she tells you!! xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    One word, hilarious.
    How do you know what almost hit you on the shoulder,thought you didn't look???
    You've cheered me up no end today,think I'll have a smile on my face most of the day thinking of you in the Spa. Have fun.

  18. Oh Barbara, you have given me the best laugh I've had for ages. Sorry it was because of your unwelcome experiences, but funny all the same, and even funnier with the above comment. The thing is, did they recognise you!

  19. Glad to are having a fun time! Cannot write here of my similar experience in a cave in Barbados!!
    One day you might like to hear.
    Lovely, happy pictures. I received my design club stamp today. A big thank you – already used it to make some present labels. The stag is so majestic.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay
    Best wishes

  20. How funny! Must say Baden Baden looks fabulous too, glad you've having a great time with your mum. I'm giggling to myself wondering how your trip and your experiences will translate into new stamp designs this time – the mind boggles!!! Susan x

  21. Barb: you are brilliant! Richard roared with laughter, and was surprised that you didn't know that 'getting your kit off' in saunas, and in swimming situations is SO Germanic! He found that in Vienna, and other parts of Austria …. sometimes embarrasingly so. (I said you'd spent long enough out of Germanic influence that you wouldn't necessariiy know …. So very funny!

    Sounds as though the Girls trip to Baden Baden is refreshing the parts very well indeed!

    (By the way: I have to thank you hugely for that immensely useful Sweater stamp, which is so good for personalising, and indeed I have used it to make a card for an author whose work I enjoy ….

  22. Just had to read the sauna incident out to my husband. Made us laugh, Trust it to happen to you Barbara. Like you I would have been out of there fast. So envy you those lovely cakes, they are off my list at moment trying to stick to my diet. Enjoy your time with your wonderful mum. xx

  23. Thank you for a great laugh! Finished off a lovely day, It's my mum's birthday today and we spent it with her and my dad at our daughter's house. We were also celebrating our daughter's Open University degree. To come home and read about your sauna experience rounded the day off nicely! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. xx

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