2 bag ladies in Baden Baden….

2 bag ladies in Baden Baden….

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Mum and I have had another great day in Baden Baden, and it isn’t over yet!
Today was grocery shopping day. You see, the main reason we make this annual expedition to the Fatherland, is so that Mum (and I!) can buy all the German Wurst and Speck and fabulous food that you can’t get in England. Don’t get me wrong! We scoured most of the Lidls in the Southeast corner before we came, because they do sell a lot of the German things we like, but Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), Rotkohl (red cabbage) and Dominosteine (a gingerbread speciality) just haven’t made it across the water yet…Sounds pretty rank doesn’t it, all that cabbage, but it’s beautiful. And SOGOODFORYOU!
So this morning we set off and quickly found Wagener, the perfect super market just 10 minutes walk from the hotel. It was a bit weird, only because it was on the second floor of a department store, but who cares?! 
Just look at the bakery! Trouble is, I always end up getting carried away, and today was no exception.
So we’ve got enough red cabbage to feed an army and enough Sauerkraut to put the enemy out of action for at least a fortnight!
I can never go to a German supermarket without getting whipped up into some sort of chocolate, coffee, Lebkuchen, Wurst frenzy…
As we went through the checkout, it suddenly occurred to me that I had to carry this lot back to the hotel. And Glass Jars of cabbage weigh heavy…
We each had a shopping trolly, so decided to at least get the the ground floor of the store. 
Elevator down then.
So we trundled through to the front door, through the posh clothes area with our food carts, and Mum suddenly said, “let’s keep going. We can’t carry this lot!”
“We can’t do that!” I said. 
“We’re doing it!” she laughed and shot through the exit. So there we were in the Baden Baden pedestrian precinct, trundling over the cobbles with not one but two trolleys, headed for the hotel! Over the Zebra crossing, through the lights. Past a very oooh la la gallery. Oh boy, did we get some looks!! 
If people were only half as concerned about flashers in saunas as they were about us two with our trollies, but it obviously wasn’t the done thing! People were staring at us as if we’d nicked the crown jewels, but we kept on trundling along, smiling.
By the time we got to the revolving doors of the hotel, we were having so much fun, and nobody had tapped us on the shoulder and dragged us back either, so we flung caution to the wind and trundled straight into the foyer and to the lifts. 
Here we are taking our stash to our room on the fourth floor. Seemed only logical by this stage!
“Quick,” I said “get in the room, and shut the door, before anyone spots us!” 
We laughed till we cried, with our two shopping carts in the room at the Radisson.
Plan B. Repack the stash and get it down to the underground carpark…..
Spot the French basket – that’s my stab at trying to lead a normal life!
Right. Check to see if the coast is clear, and then quickly pile back into the lift, down to the cellar.
Mission accomplished. And we wheeled the lot all the way. Didn’t have to lift a damned thing! 
And look! More good news! The boot is still half empty! Yay!!! Be worried Dave, very worried…..

Spot the Brits abroad….

And there’s Mum off to get her Euro back for her trolley, with me as rear gunner!
Back through town with the empty carts. Saw plenty of people struggling along with their Wagener bags, and we just skipped along all cocky like….
There you go. Trollies both back safe and sound.
And we even had 2 Euros left for a coffee!
So now we are off to the Christmas Market again. It is beautiful! 
I shall take my IPad and share with you tomorrow. 
I was thinking about another session in the sauna. Do you think they would wonder if I wore my sunglasses?
Lots of love
Barb xxx

54 thoughts on “2 bag ladies in Baden Baden….

  1. ha ha ha ha Oh you do make me laugh I tried to comment last night on your blog yesterday but blogger doesn't always like —-that was hilarious too I don't know why strange men in hotels think we are easy game lol. Anyway you look like you are having a whale of a time long may it continue xx

  2. Hello Barbara,

    What a hoot you and your mum are having, and all of us tagging along on your coat tails! I am glad to see there is not a stencil brush, gelli plate, stamp or ink pad in sight.

    Hope you are having a good rest. Well, they say a change is as good as a rest.


  3. Hi Barbara, this is even funnier than yesterday, love it. Your mum seems so much fun and you both appear to be having a ball. I'm so glad you are both having such a good time together. Yes, there is definitely plenty of room in that boot for loads more shopping!!!! Maybe a protective coverall to go with the sunglasses, if yesterday's encounter is anything to go by!!!!

    can't wait for tomorrow's episode
    Love Brenda xx

  4. Wonderful!! Had my laugh of the day. When you and your Mum are together you egg each other on, that was so funny taking the trolleys back to the hotel and down to the underground car park. It's lovely that you make the time to do nice things with your Mum when you are so busy with your business. Keep in enjoying it.xx

  5. Glad you and 'Mutter' are having a blast, Just stay away from ' Magic Carpet Salesman '! who appear in the sauna, If I had known that you wanted a Spa Session , we could have nipped into Tunbridge Wells…… p.s. Not that keen on Cabbage ….xx

  6. Fab-u-lous! You two have such great fun together, and obviously share the same sense if humour. I think I'd stick to the swimming pool Barbara, although like the sauna we know that's fraught with danger too – or rather with carpet salesmen!!!! Enjoy the market tonight/tomorrow. xx

  7. What a hoot Barbara, your Mum and you as Trolley Dollies…It sounds a wonderful time….what antics….I am really looking forward to hearing about tomorrow's markets…and what you get up too….hugs…xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    You and your mother are not safe to be let out, are you. I can see the headlines on Sky News, "Mother and Daughter being questioned about unruly behaviour with supermarket trolleys".

    Last time we had a "girls" weekend in London, my sister-in-law and her daughter carried furniture like chairs and coffee tables (honestly) in the lift and piled them up outside our (my daughter and mine) bedroom door. When we opened the door we couldn't get out!!! We had to wait to be rescued by them!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's saga – enjoy yourselves, although you are obviously doing that anyway. Wear a snorkel mask in the sauna – no one will recognise you ha ha xx

  9. Cor pushing a trolley over cobbles must have been tough work! I have trouble keeping in a straight line at the best of times. Have fun tonight in the spa…………… Remember eyes forward! xX

  10. I love this story – can't believe it was inspired by overwhelming desire for cabbage and sausage in enormous quantities! Enjoy the Christmas market – wish we had one here, as we've got the snowy weather at the moment to make it authentic!!! x

  11. Oh Barbara,
    I laughed tears… ItΒ΄s so funny because Baden-Baden is known as a very wealthy city with a lot of rich russian tourists and inhabitants…
    And to see you with your mother and the trolleys in the streets like homeless people…
    Or maybe they were looking for the Candid Camera?
    I laughed more about your blog than about our saturday TV-Show now…
    Have a beautiful sunday in Baden-Baden with your mother
    Rolf xxx

  12. Oh Barbara you are so funny , what you did with the trollies is great, you should have both been dressed in onesies just to cap it off! Sounds like you had good belly laughs which are good for the soul

    Love to you both

    Kim xx

  13. Hilarity again. Such a cool story. Now if it had been me involved in the tale, with all the laughing, I would have had to keep stopping and crossing my legs to keep from wetting my pants. I'm sure many of you know EXACTLY what I mean. Looking forward to more antics tomorrow. xx

  14. Hehehe, your escapade with the trolley made me giggle but well done on not having to carry anything. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the market and reading all about it tomorrow
    Jackie x

  15. oh i so wish to be there to buy all those things. they are so yummy. need a trip to germany asap methinks.
    we went to birmingham german market today. it's my connection to Nurnberg every time we go, but it is not the same. viel Spass xx

  16. Hello. Oh my what a lark! I love having those sort of adventures – no-one gets hurt, nothing gets damaged and it's a right laugh. The shopping sounds wonderful. Have a lovely day tomorrow, but perhaps remember you really ought to carry what you buy. xx Margaret Col.

  17. I have to say that although it looked very funny it certainly made sense to use the trolleys Barbara, and your Mum sounds game for anything! I hope you have a great time at the market and fill your boots, or should I say boot lol. x

  18. Sounds like your mum is a little minx, and a bad influence, haha. How fantastic, and what fun! I'd have bottled it actually taking them into the hotel, wouldn't have dared, so good for you. Can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow, TFS xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    What a tale you tell! It sounds like you and your mum are having great fun, I see now where you get your sense of humour from. Pleased to see you are relaxing and taking time for yourself – although at this rate you could be arrested! Love Alison xx

  20. What a great time you're having and certainly packing it all in – literally in some cases ! I'm talking about the car not the sauna lol! Glad you got your monkey back on the trolley you'll need it for the markets! Enjoy! Xx

  21. So funny! Hotels are great for breaking a few rules in! Bet those staff just politely smiled as you passed them with all your shopping. I often wonder if there is anything they haven't seen! Can't wait for the next installment. Ever thought of writing a book?!

  22. Hi Barbara,
    LOL, trolley dollies what fun.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip and the market.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x
    PS, had happy post from Clarity yesterday…the design club stamp and stencil, they're yummy and todays post brought the whole set of Christmas carols stamps….so happy πŸ™‚

  23. Ha ha! Such an entertaining blog. Loving your antics but also the photos. Such fun, I betyou split your sides laughing when you sat in a hotel room with 2 Supermarket trollies. πŸ˜‚ xx

  24. How funny you two. This reminds me of my first adventure into a German market and we shopped and didn't know how to ask to buy a bag, so we tried to carry our stuff out… Enjoy

  25. There's just something about german shops at Christmas they look all warm and inviting, you did make me laugh, why do we always buy too much to carry!
    We lived in Germany and have used spas! Mmm I think maybe blinkers would be better barbara,
    Have a great Christmas.

  26. Hi Barbara. What a fantastic day you both had. How many times over the years are you both going to remember the fun you had? Just doing the weekly shop is going to make you smile now as soon as you get the trolley! Brilliant : )) Have a great day today. Take care.

  27. Hello Barb, well you and your Mum are certainly keeping us all entertained with these amusing stories. Great to see you are having a fab time. I think you have worried Dave now though. I got my NDC envelope and I love it and the examples. Enjoy your tea today. Bx

  28. Hi Barbara, I am so enjoying reading about your antics! You and your mother obviously have a very strong bond and share a really wicked sense of humour. Eagerly awaiting the next installment. Anne x

  29. Can I come next year and I will push your trolleys!! What fun – much better than my weekend, ploughing through my PMR for a session with my line manager tomorrow. What a waste of a weekend. You made me laugh so much that it has cheered the day. Enjoy yourselves
    Best wishes

  30. Great sounds like having great fun would love to see you both, makes sense though can just see you both laughing like to naughty little girls looking forward to tomorrow's blog and pictures love Joy

  31. Hi Barbara Oh what a laugh, you and your mum with your shopping trolleys! I think I would have bottled out at the hotel and taken them straight down to the car!!! Good on you girls, mind you it sounds like your mum is leading you astray! Perhaps your mum should come and chaperone you in the spa area! Thank you for taking us on your weekend away, it's been a hoot. Enjoy your cabbage Dave! Have fun. Love Diane xxx

  32. What are you two like !!!! I did think when you got to the room (apart from it being a bit weird having a trolley in your room) that you should have taken it to the car – one step ahead of me again!!! I think the Sun Glasses in the Sauna is a good idea and maybe a Crash Helmet just in case too??? x

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