Time to make a scene.

Time to make a scene.

Hello there!
Sorry I’m so late with this ‘ere blog!
One minute I was at Waitrose at 10am, getting some groceries, 
the next minute it gone 6, the boys are all fed, and it’s dark outside!
Nonetheless, I have spent a pleasant hour or so here 
in my little art heaven, just letting it take me away.
I nearly spoiled my evening firing up a resentment about all the super professional, not very bloggy blogs 
which are piling in nowadays. 
But then I thought, sod it. What do I know?
Not my circus, not my monkeys.
I shall just stay in my lane and do my best. 
In fact I thought to myself I thought, I bet a lot of bloggers felt exactly the same when TV Fanny Gray came swooping in at No. 3 last year. Comical really. 
So let’s have a look.
The first things I did was have a rummage through my scrap backgrounds box.
Honestly! You’d think I pulled these out of the bin, wouldn’t you!!
Not so, my little chickpea. I throw NOTHING away!
Eeny meeny miny moe…..

One of you has got to go…..

So here we have a delightful blotted piece of mess,  where I have evidently mopped up ink from a Gelli Plate after spritzing it. 

Let’s make a scene…
Our Church and Village set  are perfect for this.

Mask off the base of the church with torn paper 
and put your church where you want it.

Take the top half of the torn paper and line it up with the bottom half.  Now remove the bottom half, 

and using a make-up sponge, add some land underneath the church, so it’s not floating. I used Forest Moss
a beautiful new Distress Pad Green.

Soften the dark green with Tumbled Glass. 
Everybody should have a Tumbled Glass Distress pad.
In fact, in my humble opinion, if you wanted to get 3 Distress pads, I’d pick Squeezed Lemonade and the two above.  

Add a couple more hills in the same way.

Lamp Post set back behind a hill.
I am using Black Archival for all the stamping.
Have to add the geese – it’s the law.
They are sooooo delightful!
Ok. So now we have a basic scene, we need to define it 
and bring it to life.
Let’s start by colouring in the church.
I went with the Nature Set of Spectrum Noirs

Liked the tatty edge the Gelli Plate had yielded, 
so decided to just trim right back

and add a beautiful sentiment by Maya Angelou.

Mat and layer on bright yellow and then the blue pearl paper we use in the stencils. Due to popular demand, you can buy it now!

Needs a bit more depth. Out with the black micron pen.
If you have time, keep looking back as we go forward, and you can easily see the picture gaining depth.
Define some hills and fields. 
Let the existing colours and lines be your guide. 

Out with the colouring pencils again. Light and shade.
If you go back to yesterday’s blog, we focussed on light and shade then too. 
And Thursday’s Blog, with the hares!

There we are. 
So from a scrap of card…
we ended up with a neat little scene. The scrap actually helps because it gives you a starting place. 
Time to light a log fire and snuggle up for the evening. 
I have been looking forward to that all day long. 
Tomorrow is the First Day of December. 
Thus, tomorrow begins the Christmas Advent.
And so will this blog. 
Fun and games, gifts and candy.
Do stop by!
Let’s get in the festive spirit, shall we?
love and laughter –

63 thoughts on “Time to make a scene.

  1. Well good evening Barbara, so glad you have had a good day!!! That is what Sundays are for…I seem to remember a few months ago a certain expert blogger called Barbara Gray saying that she was not sure she would be able to relax on a Sunday as she was so used to working – and there you go telling us all about shopping and feeding all those burly lads!!!
    So yes – firmly put the monkeys where they belong – as I love your blog!!!!
    I absolutely love this picture you have created….as it was developing I found a hymn in my head …It came upon a midnight clear…..no idea why but this scene just did it for me with the festive season about to kick fully into gear!
    As ever – much love
    Kim xx

  2. Stay in your lane, look ahead and steer in a straight line. Love what you do, Barbara – keep it up…please!! As always, great piece of art today. You have recommended a selection of ink pads; which acrylic paints would you recommend for a beginner?

  3. Hi Barb,
    I really don't know how you do it and make it seem so easy as well. I think the finished result is gorgeous and really love the blue pearl paper too – so much so that I just had to have a pack as soon as I saw it on the website! Hope you have a lovely evening snuggled up in front of your log fire – how romantic! Love Alison xxx

  4. Evening Barbara, I'm so amazed by the way you use your 'scraps'!! This is an amazing scene. Now all I need to do is get me some back grounds. 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely evening by the log fire with your boys. xx

  5. Do you know what? I read your blog, drink in every detail of what you have done and……………… then produce nothing like what you've done!!! Lol. This is gorgeous Barbara – and who would expect anything else. You have more talent in your little finger than most people will ever possess. And the blogs you speak of?? Don't worry about them. They are the rest and you are the best Fanny Gray!! Hahaha. Please keep doing what you do – you arw amazing. Ooh great card by the way. 😊

  6. What a pretty piece this turned out to be. Having the foresight to see something hidden in the scrap and being able to bring out it's full potential is a great gift 🙂
    Peter tells me I've got a good eye….but he's not sure which one it is! lol
    Enjoy snuggling up in front of a roaring fire and have a cosy evening xxx

  7. Utter genius! And she can cook!!! Just love this little scene and the way you defined the hills at the end just makes the picture. Thanks for sharing, and just do it your way Barbara – you get my vote for best blog, Susan x

  8. Well you sound like you had a good day!! I bet you enjoyed doing that mumsy thing…… Shopping then cooking a lovely meal for the boys!!!
    And then spending time in your art room being creative.
    I've been into Manchester with Amy and now I'm relaxing on the sofa!!! She walked my legs off!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in advent!
    Keep on being you!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  9. Christmas countdown begins, I love Christmas. Neighbours have been putting up outdoor lights today but I could not encourage hubby to join in. Beautiful piece of artwork, so clever, I am sure I would never have seen the possibilities of that piece of card. As for your blog it is wonderful just keep going like you are. x

  10. Well worth the wait – exquisite creativity. Your blog is the best, don't think otherwise.
    I am gradually mastering hills and mountains using your technique. I would love to send you a card but cannot muster up the courage after seeing yours.
    Looking forward to next week and the TV on Sunday and must re-new my design club membership
    Best wishes

  11. I always look forward to seeing your artwork but blimey you've outdone yourself today, what a stunning piece of scrap LOL! Really inspirational piece of art

  12. Love what you have done with a scrap of card into a peace of art must practice at this glad you had a lovely day at home looking after your boys very jealous of you sat with a lovely coal fire have wonderful night love Joy x

  13. I love your Blog. Very informative, very entertaining, very friendly and very inspiring too. You are so generous with your time and talent, always willing to share. I love what you have done with this bit of scrap. Wish I had heating that works never mind a log fire lol. Hugs xx

  14. Brilliant card, wish I had half of your artistic talent and inspiration. How you see things in different backgrounds is AMAZING. Carry on on your own course Barbara you're doing everything right, we love you as you are. Glad you had a good day, enjoy your evening by the log fire. I've been stamping 4 lots of your "Twas the night" stamps in preparation for making star books for my grandchildren. Wish me luck!!xx

  15. Hello. Now how on earth did you see that scene from a piece of scrap card. So clever. Meant to spend the day doing Christmas cards but instead played with my granddaughter and took my youngest to the cinema. Maybe I'll do one or two now instead of the washing up! xx Margaret Col.

    1. Snap, Maggie. My plan was to make Christmas cards too, but the granddaughters arrived and when I heard from upsatirs "Granny, where are you? I want to see you" and the following hugs and kisses and chatter there was no way I was going to shut myself away, was there! Cards tomorrow, family today. I hope you chose tomake cards instead of washng up too ; )x

  16. Pppffft professional, i go for personal any day of the week! I love what you do, in fact after having great fun with the shaving foam i am now the proud owner of 10 backgrounds. I prefer some more than others but am definately not throwing any away just yet. I was so busy yesterday that I opened a new facebook account – i know it's breaking their rules but hey i just decided to make up my own rules! The reason for the new account is to be able to upload some pictures of my own cards. As I mentioned i'm not so good at following the rules so I never manage to submit a card to the clarity challenge. I have good intentions to do so every month but have only managed it once! As you, your DTs and all of the lovely people who follow this blog have shared their creations, ideas and expertise it's only fair that I show you all where some of it has gone. I may even start a blog one day. Anyway if you recieve a FB request from kroda craft, then rest assured it's not a stalker, hacker or any other naughty person, it's just me. I will be sending out requests as and when and uploading some pictures soon too. If you are wondering, then kroda is the Khmer (Cambodian) word for paper.

  17. This is lovely as your work always is and the way you pick one of those backgrounds and turn it into a work of art is awe inspiring. Your blog is just fine as it is, and your style is just right as you put your personality into it and are totally yourself which is a wonderful and not everybody is capable of doing that. I would love to be able to have the easy style of writing that you have, but I probably come across as stuffy and boring which I don't think I am in real life but it is not easy to write it how you think it. Suffice it to say you should keep it just as it is Barbara. x

  18. You just carry on doing what you're do best and what we all love……and that is to make gorgeous cards every day step by step and we all hang on your every word. We all love you and would nt have you any other way x x

  19. Better late than never and once again it was well worth the wait. Just keep doing, what you do best and never worry about what others might do – being unique is what counts and there is nobody quite like our Barb.

  20. Another amazing piece of artwork. Your talent astounds me when you can create such a beautiful image from what could be a piece of scrap. Keep doing what you do because what you do is perfect in every way.

  21. I love this blog, so interesting and I'm learning new crafty ways every day. Who wants to read somebody else's gossip- not me. Love this piece of artwork and especially the Micron wiggles.

  22. Its good to stick to your own advice because you always give good advice!! Well ??? , yeh OK, Always!!! Lovely card Barbara. If I do this with all my Gelli Prints I will have all my Xmas and Birthday cards done and dusted for the next two years – well there you go then. xx

  23. Hi Barbara. Thank you for an extra special lovely blog today, you sound like a happy lady tonight. I have a soppy grin on my face after reading it : ) "Normal" when related to shopping and cooking for, and spending time with your family is the best, isn't it.
    Your "scrap" picture is beautiful, just right to get us into the Christmas mood. Take care x

  24. Hi, love your use of scrap. It's like looking for shapes in the clouds. Sorry it's brief today as just back from a 7hr round trip to visit a long time friend so tired and off to sleep now . xx

  25. I've been checking on and off for your blog all day. I'm so glad the delay was in the best cause – family time and normal life. And it was well worth the wait. Beautiful card and such wit too.
    Looking forward to whatever's coming.

  26. Hi Barbara,
    I love your daily ramblings and of course the artwork too. Where and how do you see an image to work towards in a gelli plate scrap?
    Stunning artwork today.
    Take care,
    Jackie x

  27. I love this, will look at my stash to see if I can find some inspiration. Love reading your blog, your ups and downs make me realise that we all have them but we just have to keep going. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing whats on offer this month and watching you on C &C. Enjoy the season. Thanks jx

  28. Hi. I won't say I don't look at other blogs, cos I do from time to time. However, I don't read other blogs everyday, and look forward to doing so. Just keep on doing what you do Barbara,as long as you enjoy doing your blog, we shall continue to enjoy reading it, and gaining insights into your world. Not to mention the ship load of inspiration. Rock on. X

  29. Fear not Fanny Gray, I love your blog and look forward to reading it. It doesn't matter about 'the others' you are so professional and extremely talented. I love the way you write, it's like having you round for a coffee and a chat!
    Today's offering is amazing, just goes to show….. Nothing is useless, we all have a purpose in life! Xxx

  30. Hi Barbara computer and I definitely falling out today as this is the 3rd time I've posted a comment! Will keep it short! Fab card brilliant blog that makes me laugh , wonderful lady who sounds like she has had a perfect day. Love Diane xxx

  31. Hi Barbara, please just continue as you are doing. Your blog is full of humour, warmth, inspiration and you personality shines through. Love the way you take your Gelli papers and turn them into stunning works of art with such clever finishing touches to complete the projects. Anne x

  32. Great artwork again Barbara, love to see the end result from one of your scrap pieces. Me too love your blog, just keep it as it is, full of fun, talent, thoughts and stories, it should be No1 in my book.

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