Saturday. Time to ponder…

Saturday. Time to ponder…

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
What a sunny Saturday here in Kent!
I’m sitting at the window, and the sun is just pouring in. 
Very warm and calming.
Yesterday was a busy day in London – and I shall certainly tell you all about it when I get the photos together next week.
But the problem with busy, packed days is that you can’t stop to think or reflect.
And the good thing about busy, packed days is that you can’t stop to think or reflect.
So this morning has been a time to just go inside, be alone, 
do a little soul searching and do some artwork.
Wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but the process was more important that the outcome for me on this occasion. 
One evening last week, I unmounted a lot of my stamps and filed them in a folder to save space. It really makes a lot of sense when you have as many as I do!! Maybe you too??
Anyway, filing, folding, ironing (latter less so) all have a greater purpose in my life than their practical function; usually when things are becoming unmanageable, I find just folding a load of T-shirts or sorting my ink pads into colour ways gives me a sense of more control! Ridiculous to think that a neat stack of shirts or paired socks might be all it takes to straighten out the chaos that is my life, but hey! It works for me!

And this week, I sorted my stamps out!
Felt great.

This morning, the first stamps I came to in my folder
were this set of wonderful Filigraphy Foliage.
Stamp the leaves randomly down a piece of A5 Theuva Card
with a Black Archival Ink Pad

Fill the border using whatever fits where.

Out with the Word Chains Collection 1
Less is more. 

We need some masks, so stamp the leaves onto the sticky end of the PostIts and cut out. 

Found it quite relaxing today. 
I cut through 3 layers of Post-Its because I knew I was going to need more than 1 of each leaf.

The Great Cover -Up!
Load a Clarity Brush with Tumbled Glass and another with Latte Adirondack and dust colour into the background, always sweeping into the white area.

Remove the masks and store them on copy paper in a file 
for next time!

Edge with a ruler and a Black Sharpie Pen.
We sell an excellent inch ruler with a steel inlay. 

Add a couple of Filigraphy Butterflies from the superb 
Butterfly Tree Set, which I used in a blog a couple of Mondays ago. 

Colour them in with pencils or Distress markers.

Just one more thing: shadow.
I used Spectrum Noir Pencils 
to start adding depth and shadow to the leaves.

Yes. That’s better. The leaves look like they’re floating now.

Hope you like this one. It did me the power of good.
Art is a powerful thing isn’t it. 
I mean, it’s invisible in a way. 
Then it takes on the shapes we give it. 

Food for thought.
I don’t know where that thought came from!
Time to go see Mum and Dad.
Much love,

54 thoughts on “Saturday. Time to ponder…

  1. Now you have sorted your stamps, could you like to come and sort mine for me, please, pretty please? A very different way of using those leaves and showing that sets do not have to stay as sets but mix and match well. Love your choice of words too, very apt. xxx Maggie

  2. Hi Barbara, you know that's exactly how I feel, and it's so funny how unsettled I can get when everything is disorganised. And how calming it is just to sit and organise the washing, tidy things away, tidy the craft space. Really love the piece above xxx Claire

  3. I have to have things tidy and organised, cannot function if I feel like things are in disarray. Love this art work, choose your own words, your own colours, hey presto! Calm and serene xx

  4. Oo Barbara that is beautiful!
    Tidying up after I've had a mad crafting session is something that gives me a sense of achievement!
    And despite all my friends who think I'm mad I love ironing! Especially to an old film when I don't notice how much I have to do!
    Hope you have a good visit to see mum and dad!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. Such words of wisdom. I was doing just that – sorting, tidying craft "thing", awaiting your blog. It is so peaceful and inspiring. Sorting stopped – crafting taking over1
    Much love – you make my day so happy.

  6. Simply stunning. I love these word chains, they are so useful.

    I am also someone who loves to sort and tidy things, unfortunately it doesn't last long. I am the only one here who can make more mess than pieces of beauty? After blitzing my flat, hanging the laundry and playing with the cat i decided that today would be the day i finally experiement with the 'shaving foam' technique! I wasn't too pleased with the first batch, they turned out a little muddy so i changed colour and used less ink for the second batch. They are currently drying and as yet there are certainly no masterpieces but it was such fun! Smelt lovely and now my hands are lovely and soft. Alas the down side is my craft space is no longer a space! Better get back to sorting and tidying. Have a craftastastic day everyone.

  7. Beautiful ,colours are so relaxing sorted my craft draws out yesterday it is good therapy I have my clarity stamps in your clarity folders have, two now need a third happy crafting xxx

  8. I will have to take my stamps off mounts as I have very limited storage space and you keep bringing out even more delightful ones. Beautiful card and I have the stamps as well. Enjoy your visit to your mum and dad. Certainly not sunny here today. xx

  9. Hi Barbara. I love this. Fantastic how a little bit of organisation can help bring a little bit of light to the tunnel! Although with all you do it must be a very long tunnel! I store my unmounted stamps in folders and my mounted ones in clear drawers….I really need another bookcase for the folders, just trying to work out where to put it. Have a great day. xx

  10. Making the space around you tidy and rational will give you some sense of control when you can't control life itself. I love a good tidy and sort out when my head's a jumble and I have too much to do. Really like this piece of art – and the message is so poignant too. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  11. Love this, so effective with the shadow. I have your folders and store all my Clarity stamps that way. Such a great space saving way of doing it.

    So sorry to hear the sad news about Jane, sending love to all who knew her. XX

  12. Hi Barbara This artwork is beautiful today and full of emotion. I know you must be thinking of Jane and the floating leaves and words are just perfect. I know what you mean about sorting being therapeutic , hate cleaning but love sitting quietly pairing socks and folding pants! Simple things ! Enjoy the sunshine . Love Diane xxx

  13. The ironing settles me as well, but the best is a line of washing blowing and making different shapes in the wind, almost as though the clothes are alive. I can watch for ages -a job done, then move on. Nuts I know, but calming.

  14. Your leaves look great I love the blue with the latte very calming and relaxing. I've just had a Janice few days so I'm looking forward to having chance to just relax and unwind this evening and tomorrow. At least next week promises to be less busy for me and I hope for you too
    Jackie x

  15. Hi Barbara, love how you've used these stamps and the colours – simply beautiful. So glad you were able to find some time to sit and reflect today, it sounds like you needed to. Hope you had a lovely time with your Mum and Dad. Hugs xx

  16. Loving this card. Just now I am chilling in my hotel room at the Stirling Highland hotel getting ready for my works night out. I just wish that I had brought my stamping stuff to get creative now I have seen this. My fingers are wanting to create something! Will need to settle for painting my nails and doing my make up instead! Enjoy your time with your family and always make time to reflect every day. x

  17. Love the artwork & colourways. I stamped all my stamps onto copy paper. Put them onto acetate & put both into see through pockets last year, as I ran out of room for them all. Felt so good about it, then you bought your folders out. Should have waited shouldn't I. I feel like you when it's all organised, pity the craft space doesn't stay as tidy. Must admit when I do tidy it up I,m ready to start a new.

  18. I love tidying and ordering my craft room. I'm planning on un-mounting my Clarity stamps when I'm recovering from my back surgery which is due on 29th December. Think I'll need to get quite a few files and acetate ready. Lovely card. Those leaves are just right for floating away on. Xx

  19. I had few days last week u mounting stamps placing in folders some order but blisters on fingers made me stop all healed so needs other day finishing of feels good when had a good tidy. Today for me has been U muddling my head been a down week but today was our monthly pick tonic clarity East Midlands a wonderful day of craft fun laughter with our craft family just what doctor ordered hugs to you have a good evening hope your dad mum are both okay lots lovexx

  20. hi barbara,
    das mit den blättern gefällt mir sehr. ich werde sie mir auch garantiert kaufen, aber wohl erst im nächsten jahr! ohjeh das hört sich an, was?! NÄCHSTES JAHR ;
    Ich vermisse etwas liebe Barbara!!! Leider hast du den ganzen Monat November uns "DEUTSCHE" vergessen!!!! Jeden Freitag kann ich es kaum erwarten zuschauen , was du uns schönes wieder zeigst. Wirst du den deutschen Blogg wieder aktivieren???? BITTE BITTE
    Einen wunderschönen ersten Advent dir und deiner Familie wünscht dir

  21. Just had a busy day with a nice Xmas market round where I live. Even manage to sell a few cards (using Clarity Stamps) from last year stach and people loved the new ones I made using shaving foam as a backround. Love your card, and will probably use the "model" as an inspiration.
    Laurence xx

  22. Beautiful card, Barbara, making art is so therapeutic. I too have just taken all my stamps off their handles and put into your lovely clarity folders. It does feel very good! I now have a lot of handles! Need to think of something creative to do with them.

  23. Good evening. Lovely piece of artwork, thank you. I too find sorting out very therapeutic, but please don't ask me to do the ironing. Anything but! Would love some sunshine tomorrow too. xx Margaret Col.

  24. this piece of artwork is stunning and striking. love the almost monochrome look of it.the leaves really look like they're floating. love it, and yes tidying bits of things around me helps me clear some of the chaos in my head too. hugs xx

  25. Beautiful effect with the leaves, especially the shadows. Serene, restful colours too.
    Managed some much needed gardening time today AND made 3 Clarity Xmas cards with the lovely holly wreath stencil.

  26. This is lovely Barbara and love the two colours you have used, and what a difference the added shadows with the pencils make. Sometimes we all need time for reflection. A little peace and quiet and crafting do wonders! x

  27. Hi Barbara,
    A stunning card, love the sentiment and the colours.
    I had a great crafty day with the group from Clarity East Midlands, its my way of sorting and folding to calm the mind.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  28. We used that butterfly one today at Janet's workshop ,have such a lovely messy time then out tonight for Xmas dinner ,and if u any idea were my new folder I got for all my stencils have gone ,let me know!!!! It's taken my stencils with it !!! Xx

  29. Love the card Barbara wish I had you here to chat to my dog has had me up all night barking and upset I can't fathom what is wrong vets for me when the world wakes I'm afraid take care June xxxxxx

    1. Hope the dog's ok. I remember when our dogs were still here, they barked incessantly one afternoon and nearly drove us to distraction. At one point I yelled at them to pipe down. Then I went to pick Mark up from school, went to the garage to get the car, only to discover it had been stolen. Boom.x

  30. Hi Barb, what beautiful art work, love the colours, and the design with the leaves. Strangely enough when I want to clear my mind at this time of year, I go rake up the fallen leaves in the garden. Have a great Sunday. B

  31. Stunning card, you are just so talented, to be able to pull something like this out of the bag when your feeling reflective. I just end up sitting staring into space, then get cross cos I haven't achieved anything. Still, we get there don't we. Love these two colours together.Wxx

  32. Hi Barbara, that is beautiful, yes organised is on the cards, a little housework and the dreaded tidying of the attic room, named the disaster zone, crafting piles everywhere. Maybe it was good that you were busy this week. I know that Jane's passing has taken it's tool on you. Take care. xxxx

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