So that's where it is! The Mezquita.

So that's where it is! The Mezquita.

Hi there! 
Thanks for stopping by. Still soaking up the Spanish flavours here. What a spectacular jewel we found hidden behind a wall here in the Jewish quarter, right next to the hotel! The Mezquita. 
Had no idea what was ahead when we paid our 8 Euros to get in beyond the gardens. 
Apparently, there are nearly a thousand of these pillars within the construction, which is a mosque. 
You have to stand in it to feel the vastness of it. 
And then, as if that wasn’t overwhelmingly beautiful enough, the Christians came along and decided to build a Cathedral right in the middle of it! 
So you have this mix of Christian and Muslim all under one roof….Christ and Allah were worshipped under the same roof. Imagine that.
Children were having choir practice bang in the centre. Their young voices echoed all through the halls, bouncing off the pillars and statues.
We got to listen to Ave Maria. It was extremely moving, and many people got very emotional and tearful. 
Culture overload!
Next we climbed to the top of the Alcazar next door, and looked out over the Turkish baths, carp pools, the gardens and orange groves. What a place!
It’s a different world, a million miles from England, and TV and stamps and stencils. 
Stained glass windows everywhere! 
Makes you realise how much is out there, beyond that which we do on a daily basis. This is certainly not the Costa del Sol Spain, with Watneys Red Barrel and Guiness pubs on every corner! Oh no! This is authentic. It feels real. The locals are very friendly, mostly speak English, the tourist Hop On and Off Bus Tours are well worth doing, so you get your bearings,  
but Córdoba is definitively Español. A magical place.
What a city. If you were thinking of exploring Granada and Córdoba, you won’t be disappointed. 
Much love Barb xxx

35 thoughts on “So that's where it is! The Mezquita.

  1. Sounds breathtakingly wonderful. I do agree that to really experience a 'place', the traditional Brit destination should be left behind. Keep on lapping it up.

  2. Good morning you 2,
    overwhelming… breathtaking… The architecture of the Mezquita is absolutely fantastic…
    Barbara, can you do a stencil with this arcades and pillars? I will buy it!!!
    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    What a wonderful place to be. You photo's bring it to life and I love the effect of the sunlight shining through the stained glass onto you. Magical.
    I also love the image of the cross, it would be a fabulous stamp!! xx

  4. Just amazing. I think it is great to see the real Spain, or any country for that matter. Hope it is all re-charging your batteries. Lovely that you are sharing you trip with us. xx

  5. Why anyone would want to go to Spain or any other country and just do the same as they do at home is a total mystery to me. I would far rather see the genuine country and people as you are doing. I know what you mean about listening to that choir of children. We went into St David's Cathedral a few years ago and there was a rehearsal for the Festival going on with a superb choir and the organ and the hairs on the back of our necks were just standing up. I am really enjoying all your fabulous photos and travel diary. Glad you are both having a wonderful time over there. xxx Maggie

  6. This is really good sharing your experience with us all. The pics are great and your inspiration must be topping over…… We know you'll be sharing it with us !!! I travelled to Almeria in southern Spain when children were young. We went through the mountains, over hill and dale to Granada and the sight seeing was wonderful. Alhambra included is was a memory never forgotten. You are certainly going further a field and so much to see, I envy you – we didn't get that chance, but great to see the pics for us all. Have a wonderful time exploring, but make sure you come home to us !!! x

  7. Hi Barbara wow what an amazing place and to have Christian and Muslim worship together, how lovely. You have certainly found a beautiful part of the world there, well worth going too and away from costa la Britain ! Thank you (and Dave too) for sharing your holiday with us. It does sound like it is the break you both need and deserve and your batteries are being recharged. Looking forward to the ideas you will share with us on your return, lots of stamps and stencils me thinks!!! Enjoy the rest of your day . Love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barbara wow stunning i cannot travel now so thank you for showing a lovley part of Spain the choir singing Ava Maria must have been beautiful what a fantastic experience ,the stain glass window has brought back a memory for me xxx

  9. I read a book, can't remember the title now, and it was set in Granada and Seville, and was very descriptive. It made me want to go so much, and now, seeing your pictures, I'm longing to go and experience it for myself. Maybe next year?

  10. You will have done wonders for promoting southern Spanish cities Barbara, and I have said to my husband that we really must go there! I have always fancied Granada, but Cordoba looks fantastic too, that architecture is to die for! Thanks for sharing your journey with us and the photos are lovely. x

  11. OK, OK! You had me at "hello". You've convinced me! I'll go to Granada and Córdoba for my next holiday. It looks beautiful and those columns, wow! Impressive! Your experience reminds me of visiting the Sacred Couer in Paris where I was lucky enough to visit during a full choral service with priests and nuns. Their voices echoed like angels around the cathedral – breathtaking and ethereal. By the way, I love the colours in the photo of you standing in the reflection of the stained glass window.
    Really pleased that you've managed to escape the rat race for a while and relax in such a beautiful place.
    Love Jeanette x

  12. You are so lucky to be experiencing the 'real' Spain Barbara. What a fabulous time you seem to be having. Enjoy the rest of your well deserved break.

  13. Wonderful travelogue you're providing. Cordoba looks terrific. The cathedral in Sicily also celebrates the one time co-worshipping of Jews, Christians and Moslems. It makes for a splendid richness in décor and artefacts as well as a spiritual triumph. So glad you're having such a refreshing experience. x

  14. Hi Barbara. Wow, thank goodness you paid up and went in otherwise you would have missed something so fantastic! Wonderful to see the age old proof that Christian and Muslim can happily worship in the same building, I wish more people, who seem to think they know best, could see that it is possible! I am so glad to hear that the holiday spirit has got you, you are soaking up all that you are seeing, hearing and feeling and simply relaxing. Just what the doc ordered (ok, maybe not the doc but you know what I mean) Thank you for sharing with us : ) Take care.

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