Cor! Córdoba!

Cor! Córdoba!

Hello there!
Greetings from Córdoba!
Well here we are, blazing a trail through the south of Spain, gathering arty inspiration at every turn. The architecture and the landscape are immense here. I can’t wait to translate what I am seeing and experiencing into not only stamps and stencils, but also artwork! 
But craft is not just about paper and stamping! As Jane so succinctly put it the other day, ‘it’s whenever you use your hands to make something which gives either you or someone else pleasure.’
Today I wanted to talk about food, another form of craft. Some would say art form. For me, it just needs to be tasty! We didn’t really have much luck in Granada until the last day. Firstly, because we didn’t know where we were going, but mostly because we didn’t know where we were going. I was trying to be adventurous and order what the locals were ordering, by looking at their plates and pointing -, but mine never seemed to look like theirs!  So in the end, I went for plain old chicken and chips – and it was delicious! I have decided that, if Claritystamp doesn’t work out, I am going to start selling salad dressing in Spain. I reckon it would go down a bomb. All that olive oil and all that vinegar, and not even a cruet to mix it up in!
We took the scenic route over the olive mountains from Granada to Córdoba. Impressive. As far as the eye could see, olive groves.
Found the most delightful hotel in the Jewish quarter, which Jane recommended. But more of the hotel tomorrow. Here’s a glimpse ….
Then off we went, to find a good restaurant. Well, I think we struck gold. It’s called Casa Pepe.
We had an exquisite meal. A cheese platter to begin with, and then Oxtail Stew with potatoes. It was delicious! Reasonably priced and service with a friendly smile. Couldn’t have cooked it better myself!
Then we went for a wander through the building…
Rooftop dining when it’s warmer….
We would have been happy to sit up here. You know what they say about Brits and the midday sun!
What a great place to pull out a sketch book!
But let me show you downstairs, inside the Casa. It was absolutely beautiful!
As you walk through the building, upstairs and downstairs, the artefacts, mirrors and chandeliers are fabulous. Seriously classy. But not opulent at all. Just classy.
Through the bar. This guy was our waiter. He’s actually a silversmith. Really nice man.
As you wander through the corridors, you discover fantastic dining rooms, some large,
Some small and intimate. This pink one was pretty!
Here’s a blue and ivory room,
All stylishly decorated,
Each one very individual and special. The colourways were perfect, too. 
Overlooking the lane,
Or looking in on the atrium.
We lunched late, which is why the rooms had emptied out.
I’m telling you all of this for one simple reason. If you ever ever should come to Córdoba, you now know at least one wonderful restaurant: the Casa Pepe. 10 out of 10.
Tomorrow we explore Córdoba more! 
Love from one contented, well fed Hector! Xxx

47 thoughts on “Cor! Córdoba!

  1. Hi Barbara and Dave Wow what a find! This place looks amazing, you must have been drawn to it for a reason and what a reason. Sounds perfect, sometimes places look good but the food is only ok , other times the food is fantastic but not the location so this ticks both boxes. Well done Jane for the hotel too. Enjoy another fantastic day. Love Diane xxxx
    Ps if Clarity stamps don't work out! I ask you!!!! Xxx

  2. What a fantastic place, love it. Your pictures are brilliant, especially the arty one of Dave in the mirror. I'm so envious of you on this holiday, it's just the type of thing I would adore. Please keep sharing, I'm loving it xx

  3. So look forward to reading your blog and you dont disappoint. What a fabulous restaurant, huge too with all those choices of delightful rooms to pick. Jane's Hotel looks good too. Glad you're having a good time and getting lots of inspiration.xx

  4. It looks and sounds as though you are having a wonderful time in the south of Spain. My only trip to Spain was to the mountains in the north, where the food was out of this world. Salads so crisp and fresh, seafood to die for, lamb and goat meat beautifully prepared. I could have lived happily on the tapas with nothing else. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thank you for taking us along with you. xxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barb,
    I've just looked at my dining room and it is depressinglyEnglish. Next year I'm going to be more adventurous and use one of your snaps for inspiration (i've got the printer switched on as I speak to remind me of styles)
    Can't wait for the hotel tomorrow…..xxxx.

  6. Buenos Dias me amigos,[ that's pretty much my Spanish], Cordoba looks so beautiful, I am sure the surroundings are making your creative juices flow, I feel some lovely Spanish inspired stamps coming soon! I hope you are feeling relaxed. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday. Viva con Dios. Joan x

  7. Hello Barbara and Dave,
    really nice photos… I don´t know Cordoba but it seems that it´s worth to visit. Casa Pepe is nice too but I think there are a lot of restaurants like this with a great atmosphere…
    hasta luego
    Rolf xxx

  8. That's the think with Spain, you can wander around and never know what you're going to find in a back street with a menu del dia! What lovely rooms to choose from! At least we have a brighter day here today. Continue to explore and enjoy. xxx

  9. I love your appreciation of everything, so positive and it does all look great. As for Clarity not working out, it already has surely, a thousand times over, especially judging from your stories of the early days. x

  10. This looks lovely Barbara,and that rustic elegance which is so gorgeously Spanish, especially in Southern Spain where there is that Moorish influence to the architecture too. Hope you continue to have a great time with lots more sunshine! x

  11. Hi Barb and Dave, the more you share stunning pics with us, the more I wish I could have come along as your baggage handler! Hopefully if I ever get there one day, the restaurant is still there and I can experience it. Enjoy yourselves. Bx

  12. We hope to visit this area next May and will definitely visit this restaurant. It looks a stunning place. Great you are having fun, I guess we will see some Arabic design stamps next year!!

  13. Lovely restaurant, the best finds always seem to turn up when you least expect them. You're looking so much more relaxed already, Barb, keep on taking the cure.

  14. Hi Barbara. Thanks for my blue sky fix : ) Glad to hear, and see, that you have found a great place to eat. It looks wonderful. Enjoy. Take care.

  15. Hi Hector!!!

    You have sold the place over and over – never mind the salad dressing – you make a great tour guide!!!

    So glad you are a happy hector xxx

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  16. Well you look like you are having a fine old time! And it suits you!
    What a fabulous place! Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow! xx
    Love and hugs xx

  17. Love all your photos Barbara, so atmospheric sounds and looks wonderful. I can only imagine how many arty ideas are buzzing around in your head…enjoy both…X X

  18. Hi glad your having a great holiday and a rest. I like Spain have usually found good restaurants. Look forward to more pictures has you visit other places
    Take care and enjoy. Xxx

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