Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem!

Hi there!
Another sunny day in Córdoba! 
Today, we decided to not eat so much bread, because we feel so bloated afterwards.
This resolution lasted until Desayuno, which means breakfast.
Then we decided not to drink so much coffee, because it makes me wired and nervous. This resolution lasted until we got to the Plaza de las Correderas. How can you sit here and not drink coffee?! 
I mixed it up with agua con gas, just to enhance the bloatado feeling. 
So by lunchtime, we were both feeling bloated and jittery! 
On a more somber note, this particular plaza was where, back in the day,  they tortured and killed those poor unfortunates who got caught up in the Inquisition. You see, bloated and jittery is all relative!
But what will we find behind this door, do you think?
Ahhh. An indoor market, with hung ham, sausages, cheeses,
Fresh fish, HUGE fish! Fruits and exotic vegatables I didn’t recognise, being from Blighty and the land of Brussel sprouts, cabbage and carrots!
Vino….plenty of vino and sherry. But at 11 in the morning?
And plenty of blue skies outside.
On we wandered, when we literally stumbled upon a very dedicated and talented young path layer.
I had been admiring all the fancy stonework underfoot, but to see the attention to detail and how it’s actually executed, is pretty impressive…
Look closely. Rows of different coloured thin pebbles, all placed on their sides in a mix of sand and cement.
Check this out! wow! Now that’s what I call craftsmanship!
Astounding is when you see how far he has already come. He was almost finished with this little alley when we chanced upon him. See him down at the bottom? I know he was renovating, so he didn’t do it all, but nonetheless, even being able to patch up and repair something so well you can’t see the difference between the old and new! Brilliant.
Yet another aspect of craft, eh. We humans are capable of creating so much beauty when we want to. Sure, a concrete mixer would have done the job in a fraction of the time, but how wonderful to create a work of art to walk upon.
Then we chanced upon something else very unique; these guys were preparing a huge cake in the next plaza, for a fiesta later in the afternoon. 
Free cake and coffee for everybody! Just look at the size of the base of this cake!!
Just to get this in perspective, let’s pan out…..
Craft? Papercraft?  Sugarcraft? See if you can guess what this car is carved out of….
Art. It’s everywhere! How grateful am I to have the time and the opportunity to enjoy it.
And tonight, we are really getting out the big guns…
An Andalucian Horse Show in the Royal Stables, followed by a Flamenco Show in a tiny private club. It has got to be done. Who knows how long it will be before we pass this way again? Carpe Diem!
More will be revealed…..
Muchos besos,
Barbara xxxx

36 thoughts on “Carpe Diem!

  1. Well, you're certainly seeing the sights Barbara. I love being abroad and seeing how other countries do things and what their people are like, it's always a great experience. Pat x

  2. How wonderful, it looks beautiful.
    I am certainly 'seizing the day', just purchased tickets to see Bette Midler in Manchester whilst enjoying a coffee in my hotel room in Hong Kong! (Not long since returned from New York)
    You only pass this way once!
    Enjoy your break, you deserve a rest.
    Ann xxx

  3. Hi Barbara and Dave. You are having lovely weather aren't you and what another fantastic place. This is certainly the much needed holiday you both wanted. What great photographs, could almost smell the delicious smells of the indoor market. It's funny how art attracts art isn't it, you do find some great people on your travels, probably because you have time to appreciate their hard work and you are naturally a genuine person. Blimey I thought the 12 inch wedding cake I'm making was big but this one is enormous!!! Try not to have too much bread, coffee and cake today but perhaps a sip or two of vino!!!! Take care love Diane xxxx

  4. Ah cake and bread, not something I have much of these days, dieting. You got to enjoy the local treats, that is what a holiday is all about. What beautiful sights you are seeing and you are the right person to appreciate all the wonderful art and craft. Blue skies, very grey here. xx

  5. So lovely can here the relaxedness of your voice you look so happy and relaxed this really what you needed shame cannot bottle it and have a doss daily really enjoying imagining relaxing there with you from your pictures xx

  6. Wow, Barbara. I had heard this part of Spain was amazing, have to visit next May when we are out here. Amazing photos, great advert for others to visit. Hope you continue to enjoy your well earned break and hope that you are gaining inspiration for some new stamps!! xx

  7. Hello Barbara. If you ever get tired of crafting you have to start up your own tourism business! Really want to follow in your footsteps as you make it all so interesting. Thank you for giving us some lovely pics. xx Margaret Col.

  8. Loved this part of Spain when we went. A lot of stunning place to eat and drink……Oh, sorry!!!! You said no more bread and coffee….Lol!!!! Enjoy the time you have and have a great evening tonight. Can't wait to see the pictures.
    Laurence x

  9. More interesting photos Barbara, and the craftmanship is all around you, the buildings themselves, the plasterwork and tiling on the buildings, and now under your feet too. So attractive! Enjoy your evening. x

  10. I'm really enjoying reading about your lovely experiences in Spain……it makes me want to go there! Your thoughts and photos are just brilliant. Keep enjoying your well deserved break.

  11. Hi Barbara. Fantastic post, thank you, I feel like I want to jump on a plane and come and see it all for myself : ) You could always work for the travel industry in your spare time!!!! Only joking. Take care.

  12. Hello Barb and Dave. I am loving sharing your holiday with you. What amazing things you are experiencing. Any time you want to go back and need a companion. I will make sure I am available 🙂 take care. Bx

  13. Hi Barb, Thank you so much for including us on your holiday jaunt, amazing place and that tiler was very impressive, they'd never do that here, would not have the patience lol! I have been to Barcelona and Art is everywhere there with Gaudi, so beautiful. Enjoy as you are doing, seems such a beautiful place.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Gorgeous pics Barbara. What beautiful blue sky too. Fantastic walkway – what talent and patience. I can feel a new stencil coming on!! So the car – is it in sand? Awesome cake too – did you get a piece? Lovely to see you so relaxed – me thinks the sun agrees with you. Xxx

  15. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich lese immer wieder ganz gespannt deine Urlaubsberichte. Ich finde es total liebe von dir das du uns an deinen Erlebnissen teilhaben lässt. Ihr habt schon sehr viel gesehen und erlebt. Ich habe immer das Gefühl dabei zu sein. Vielen Dank für deine genialen Berichte. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin eine wunderschöne Zeit. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  16. Well Barbara I have no idea what the car is carved out of but whatever it is its blooming fantastic! Such wonderful photos, it looks absolutely wonderful there!

    Am thinking it may need to be on my bucket list too!

    Much love
    kim xx

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