Result of the Craft Survey

Result of the Craft Survey

Hi there!
Thank you for stopping by.
I know. You are looking for You Tube Tuesday, but we agreed to take a break for the month of November, so that I can catch my breath!
You may remember a few weeks ago, we ran a little survey, which I am glad to report, many of you and other Clarity followers were good enough to participate in.
We have learned so much about our customers! 
Some things we knew, but other things were quite surprising!
If you want to see the results, 
Thank you to everyone who took part; I think in a little while we will run a more in-depth one, to really find out what you want from your paper-crafting.
Above all else, and most importantly for me personally, the survey highlighted how creative crafting is such a great antidote to the stress and strain of everyday life for so many of us. 
It’s funny really. 
Running this craft company is so stressful at times !

But guess what I do to calm my mind !
Much love,

38 thoughts on “Result of the Craft Survey

  1. Time to take a break! The results of your survey were really interesting although I'm not surprised about the link with stress relief. When I was a ward sister (in brain injury and stroke rehab) we always had an art therapist who worked with people, and I know that many occupational therapists use card making and craft skills with people being treated for mental health issues too. Enjoy your escape to the sun, Susan x

  2. Judging by that photo you definitely need that break in Spain Barbara. Crafting helped me through the awful time I had after I lost my Mum, it helped me switch off for a while. Pat x

  3. Hi Barbara
    Interesting results but glad more youngsters are turning to something more constructive to de stress.Now I'm sure you yourself need to take time and relax(de-stress)take a break with the wonderful Dave.

  4. Hi Barbara, very funny, me thinks you really do need this holiday!!!! Hope you and Dave have a great time and it helps to recharge your batteries. Love Brenda xx

  5. Interesting results Barbara. Love your photo too, made me giggle! You certainly need your holiday. Read Jane's blog this morning and I know she's looking forward to seeing you and Dave. Hope you have a great time. xx

  6. Funny! Great photo. The thing that stresses me about crafting is not having enough hours in the day to start all the new things I want to try! I will have to add a few extra hours a day to my Christmas list for Santa this year. XX

  7. Finally am glad I didn't manage to join you to the NEC…….It has done a few damage on you this year……You surely need a nice Holiday. But I mean a real one…..Like the few days you had with Grace. Take care of yourself we still need you.
    Laurence xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Love the photo, never seen you look better!!! The results of the survey were interesting but we didn't have a place to show that our grandchildren (and in my case children at the school in which I volunteer) love to craft – card making mainly, but also scrap booking. Take it easy, and get that brush out of your ears!!! xx

  9. Hi Barbara thank you for the feedback from the survey, it's nice to know the results and yes it's very interesting . Love the photo too, you do make me laugh. Enjoy your much needed holiday and your time with Jane. Love Diane xxx

  10. Like Fiona, I am now smiling. You are a tonic to us all, Barbara. Some interesting results from that survey – will it change anything You do, I wonder. Time will tell. I hope you are taking time to relax a little this week before your holiday and visit to Jane. xxx Maggie

  11. The results were interesting, but I wasn't surprised. My craft friends all seem to craft to relax and we all seem to switch off and spend ages 'colouring in', even spend ages practising' colouring in'. I 'll know when I loose the plot totally the minute I buy a 'Dot to Dot' book and start colouring the dotted figures!! Still trying to figure out how the brush 'trick' was completed without the bent bit round the back. Did you take the metal section out of the wood bit? Love the photo though.

  12. The survey results were interesting, and the de-stressing angle is part of it, but it is very fulfilling and satisfying too when you finish something and say to yourself 'I did that'. Love that kooky picture – I should say it is definitely time for a break x

  13. LOL definately daft as a brush! Interesting results from survey and all of the above comments about destressing. I follow quite a few crafters and rummage through tons of youtube videos but Clarity is the one i try never to miss. There is an ethos that is not easy to put my finger on but it's there and within the design team too. Non of the others seem to have this even though they have some great techniques.

  14. Hi Barbara. Great pic, started my day with a giggle : ) The survey results were interesting to read. Glad to hear that you learnt from it. Hope you are starting to relax. Take care.

  15. Hi Barb, now that is a LOL picture, and I really did. Great survey results, especially good to see that the younger generation is switching technology for hands on craft. Thank you and your team for all you do. Bx

  16. Thank goodness for our Barbara fix each day. Mind you remember what they used to say about pulling faces in the wind!!!! Hope your passport pic does not end up like this. Have a really good break, best wishes to Jane, and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

  17. We all need an escape route and crafting does this for all of us. I am lucky enough to have turned a smallest bedroom into my craft room. It is good to see the younger generation taking it up, we all need computers but not to the extent that it excludes other past times. Clarity is without a doubt the best company and the boss, you Barbara, is the top demonstrator and inventor. No others can match you. The results of the survey was interesting but I guess not surprising. Have a lovely break in the sun,

  18. Love the picy. Interesting results from your survey, not surprising tho, crafting is very theraputic for me personally. Have a lovely time in Spain with your friend , enjoy the relax xx

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