Back to basics….

Back to basics….

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Glad to be back home, after a very busy few days at the NEC.
Here’s an easy one I made yesterday afternoon,
using the round shape stencil and Clarity Brushes.
You can get the blank shapes in a pack…
or you can get the shapes individually, with pattern inners.
Either way, they[re brilliant to have in your stash, because they provide a super art-starting place.
Let’s take a look…
Attach the round aperture stencil to the same size 

I like to make a hinge with the masking tape at one end, 
so that I can monitor my progress, and peep!

Place a sheet of copy paper underneath, and away we go!

Everybody needs a big Clarity Stencil Brush
loaded with Butterscotch. I’m telling you!
Just start sweeping around the perimeter of the circle with the brush, leaving it white in the centre.

Load up a mini round blending tool with Denim and drag blue in over the yellow from one side, like so:
Don’t forget, we still have a super deal on these little blending tools and refills from Ranger.
Buy them, and we will send you the Blending mat FREE.

Tear a sheet of copy paper into a hill and brsuh in some Lettuce colour with another brush

Add some Denim with the Mini sponge tool again. 
Then lift the torn paper a little higher 
and add another hill in the background.
Make-up sponge and Slate Adirondack for the moon shadow.
Put down the moon mask, then drag a little Slate out from the centre of the Post-It circle. Just lightly. 

Remove the mask and then pull the slate make-up sponge across the base, to make the shadow.

Time to remove the Stencil.

Out with my favourite stamp of the year.

Add a word from one of our wonderful wordchains,
Available individually or as a set of 4.
Finally dust round the edges with what’s left on your yellow brush.

Monday’s blog is Trees and flowers.
You see no trees?
The hills are thousands of trees!

Round the edge with a micron pen
And here is the lovely group of ladies 
who patiently watched me prep this blog!
Thanks for keeping me company!

much love,

43 thoughts on “Back to basics….

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I hope you will have a little rest now.
    The card is full of atmosphere. I have these stencils with the inner patterns and never knew what to do. So I will give this a go.
    All the best

  2. Good to talk to you yesterday at the NEC (not forgetting Dave, Maria and the other helpful ladies too). I am now home again and can't wait to start using the lovely things I bought yesterday. Love the card today – have the stencils, brushes, word chains and inks but not the boy stamp. I am sure I can use some of your other stamps instead until I can get the boy.

    Thank you for your inspiration. Try to slow down a bit and have some me time or me and Dave time. I am sure it was full on at Birmingham.


  3. What can I say but inspiring as usual! Hope you get to have a rest after the NEC and manage some r&r in Spain and I read Jane's blog where she is looking forward to seeing you both. Someone else who inspires….

  4. This is fabulous Barbara with that pretty scene behind and then the wonderful boy in flight, and one of the wordchains which works beautifully as this is totally inspiring. Glad you are home safely and able to de-stress a bit I hope, and look forward to your break. x

  5. Hi Barbara

    Love this

    Last night when Sally-Ann and I were driving back to hers for me to collect my car for the onward journey the moon was very low in the sky and the most gorgeous colour, we both decided it was a Barbara Gray moment and the colour of the moon would have been peach Bellini ! With the leafless trees and the moon behind them it was perfect! So this bit of art took me back to our road journey last night x

    Hope you are not too weary

    Much love as ever

    Kim x

  6. Pure Barbara Gray magic and truly inspirational. Your audience look very happy to be part of your blog.
    Now it's time to pack and head of for Spain,
    for some sun and wine and to finally meet Jane,
    Hope you manage to relax, recuperate and recharge too
    And just remember that we all care and support you

    Love Jeanette xx

  7. It was so lovely to see you again yesterday and watch you work your magic with the mini blender and the poppy stamps. The boy with the birds is one of the stamps I purchased yesterday and I can't wait to have a play. Take it easy and get some rest after four very busy days. You are always so kind to everyone that you must remember to also be kind to yourself. Jocelyn xx

  8. Hello Barb. I'm back!! I know you haven't had time to miss me – afterall I'm just one of your many devoted followers – but it's great to get back to my craftroom and catch up with all you lucky people who were are the NEC. I admit being in Australia was a pretty good second, seeing my daughter was amazing, visiting the Great barrier reef wasn't bad, a day shopping in Dubai has it's merits, but compared to seeing you all the NEC. Well – no competition. It sounds like you might be off for a few days so if you are, enjoy. Now to catch up with Christmas cards and all the other things I haven't done. Love Margaret Col. x

  9. Lovely art work as continue to inspire every day and I got my mojo back on Friday when I received the wonderful Christmas car stamp.thank you Barbara enjoy your well earned holiday and stop overdoing it!

  10. I think I am going to take this one to painting club on Thursday and see if they think I am less of an alien being. I shocked their fine arts brains almost into silence last time when I turned up with my brayer, gelli plate and acrylics – how they would have reacted to Sam Crowe, I dread to think. I did not get to see any of your demos this time as there wee so many others desperate to watch, who might have been new customers. This one is right up my street, clean and fresh, and just very appealing. Have a great holiday, both of you, and come back refreshed. xxx Maggie

  11. Hi Barb,
    This is great, love the way you have used the stencil. Certainly one that I can attempt as I have all of the " ingredients". Hope you can now have a complete break for a few days to fully recharge your batteries and finally meet Jane. Can I also say thank you for the NDC stencils and stamp they are brilliant. I think the stencil will be particularly useful. Love Alison xxx

  12. Managed to see one of your demos first thing yesterday, wonderful as usual. Watched Mandy demo these stencils in the afternoon she did a brilliant job as your stand- in. Hope you get a good break in Spain. xx

  13. Love this technique and the hazy cloudy sky. Tried very hard this pm to make my new 'freebie' blending mat make really nice night skies, no couldn't get it right so it's back to the torn paper using the blending mat hill edge as a guide on the paper. Looked ok when I'd finished it and of course my fingers were covered in Denim blue as usual. Hope that have a really relaxing holiday.

  14. Lovely card. It's good to keep things simple sometimes. I've just reached lesson 14 In The Classroom, Alas the landscapes atill evade me. More practice I think/ Have a very relaxing break.

  15. More great inspiration, and I too love that stamp! Hope you have a really good rest on your holiday. How lovely that you will be able to visit Jane during your trip – she is another lady who is an inspiration to many through her blog. Take care, Susan x

  16. This one is really lovely Barbara, love the moon with the shadow. Haven't got that stencil as yet nor the blending tool, have to be on Christmas list. Spent so much recently on Clarity. The boy with the birds is my favourite too for the year. Love the car stamp for Design Club, thank you. Have fun on your hols & enjoy some time with your friend. xx

  17. Oh wow Barb – this is fantastic, as always. Yet another technique to try out……. Have a good break/rest together in Spain and return refreshed and ready to inspire us some more. (((Hugs)))xx

  18. Beautiful! Love the scenes you create. Received my club letter today and wanted to say how sad I felt knowing you are being criticized for trying to take a step back sometimes. I think people should live with the pressure of business, family, TV etc before saying you are wrong for wanting to give the shows a rest. I for one will continue to be a proud Clarity customer and will continue to take inspiration from you and the DT in whatever form the future takes! Have a good rest you deserve it XX

  19. Hi Barbara oh this is lovely, yes I must get this stamp , very nearly ordered it today but went for Christmas instead ! The scene is beautiful and I like the mysterious moon. Have a wonderful relaxing time in Spain . Take care love Diane xxx

  20. Hi Barbara, your wonderful ability to explain these great effects so simply is tremendous, result in such stunning art work -Thank You. Have a relaxing and very enjoyable time away recharge those batteries – body and soul, heart and mind. Happy holiday!

  21. Hi Barbara. Lovely, such a beautiful peaceful scene on this special day. Have a great relaxing holiday, and enjoy your time with Jane and Stephen on Friday.
    We will remember them.
    Take care.

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