New Brolly Stencil & Super Brush Offer.

New Brolly Stencil & Super Brush Offer.

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Time for some down time with a new idea. 
I decided to get out the new umbrella stencil and have a play…
Wasn’t sure where I was going, 
but as long as I was in out of the rain, who cares?!
First colour.
Attach the stencil to the 7×7 Gelli Card
Low tack masking tape on all 4 sides.

Ink Pad Alley!
6 lovely colours.
And a set of Clarity brushes.
I can feel a special offer coming on there…. read on…

Load the brushes with colour and start applying to the brollies.

Give a little thought to colour balance…

and don’t be afraid to go bright!
Need more brushes though! Can’t be washing in between colours!
Mmm. OK, let’s see.
The 6 ink pads I used for this Brolly project are £4.50 each. 
So £27 for all of them.
Terra Cotta,
Sailboat Blue, 
Wild Plum 
Buy the 6 ink pads, and we will send you a set of 4 Clarity Brushes worth £19.99 absolutely FREE.
Offer ends Sunday 16.11.2014

Looks so vibrant! Nothing like a rainy day!

I decided to run it through my E-Bosser, 
just so see what would happen. 
Brilliant. I got a superb paper out of it too.

I shall save this one for a rainy day!

Rightio. Stencil back in place.

Flick some water at the inky brollies and blot.

Once again, this project is like a train; 
you can get off at any one of the stations.
Here would be a good place to stop.
Or you can stay on till the end of the track!
Me? I’m the train driver!
So dab Versamark ink all over the water-marked brollies,
(with the stencil in place)and then 
remove the stencil.
Sprinkle Detail Clear Embossing Powder over the gloopy brollies, tap off excess powder, 

and heat emboss from underneath with a 
2-speed heat gun set to high.

It really looks great up close.
The train is slowing down. Want to climb off?

Nope? Ok. Hang on. It’s about to get a bit choppy.
Cut the sides off.

Nice. But now what?
Looks around the mess that is her art room, 
looking for inspiration.
 The big blue broken beak bird isn’t saying much…
Well, let’s just cut them into smaller squares, about 3″ x 3″.
If all else fails, we could make a set of notelets!
The Titanium trimmer cuts this like butter. Well worth investing in!

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw them! 
I had bought them last year at the NEC, but never used them….
Fab glass coaters!
And my faux ceramic brollies fit like a glove.
It was meant to be!!! 

What a great gift for somebody!

They look so Tunbridge Wells Hoopers expensive Gift Shop too!

And guess how many in the set. Yep, 4.

So there we are. That’s at least one Christmas Pressie sorted!
Or I could just give it away as a gift to a Facebook friend?
Call it Blog candy, call it bribery,
here’s the deal.
I have started a new Facebook Page. Had to, because the other one has reached 5,000 friends (?), maxed out. 
But now I have to get those 5,000 friends and anybody else who want to join in to LIKE the new page!
So. Click the link below, and go LIKE the page. 
Once I reach 5,000 friends again, I will randomly pick one of the friends to send these lovely Clarity Coasters to!
Could take a week, could take a year!
Help me out here! 
and don’t forget to 
for the Free Brushes Offer.
much love,

51 thoughts on “New Brolly Stencil & Super Brush Offer.

  1. What a beautiful, vibrant gift. Love it, love it, love it! Your offer with the inks and brushes is brilliant too, exspecially for someone starting out on their Clarity journey. Thank goodness you didn't finish tidying your art space or you would never have seen those coasters. I am feeling sad for the big blue broken beak bird though! He certainly looks in need of some loving.
    Hugs Jeanette xx

  2. Have been recently catching up with your blog posts I have missed. Great to see the new Facebook page. I liked it earlier. Great gift idea with the coasters. They look fab! Very tempting offer too. I am looking to get a second set of stencil brushes. x

  3. Hallo liebe Barbara,
    ein wundervolles Projekt und die fertigen Untersetzer einfach traumhaft schön. Ich bin begeistert und das Angebot, kann ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen lassen. Die Pinsel sind schon lange auf meiner Wunschliste und ich danke ganz herzlich für diese tolle Möglichkeit. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  4. What a great idea, they look very expensive, you could make loads, sell them to the posh shop and start a brand new business …….. in your spare time of course 🙂 xx

  5. Good afternoon Barbara! I love what you have done with these and what a great idea to have a blog candy giveaway!
    However you didn't need to bribe me to like your page….I liked it this morning!
    The offer of the brushes is an excellent one too! You need lots of brushes when you're working on colourful projects like this..saves time having to wash them… They also look pretty on the table with all the colours still on them!
    Love and hugs Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, love the coasters. Found your new page this morning before you posted this. I don't think you will be waiting too long for people to find you!

  7. I shall be ordering that stencil and I love how you've used it here. Vibrant, modish and practical! Very generous offer too. I liked your new page earlier.
    I recall a blog of yours in October when you felt as though you had in your head a seed, a war zone and a washing machine. So I thought the brush in yesterday's photo should be a doddle! Seriously you sound more yourself today and I hope the holiday completes the rehab. x

  8. Whoa, this is an offer not to be missed! I used my stencil brushes for the first time the other day and they really are lovely. Whoops, that brolly stencil has dropped in my basket too! Now does anyone have a tip for creating a little more storage space! LOL

  9. Love those coasters! Could you let us know where we could buy some? I know you're clearing space in your warehouse, but don't suppose you will be stocking them, will you? Have already liked your new facebook page, and now just need to wait for my OH to go out this evening, and I can order your fab special offer!! Now I was having a little tidy in my craft room today and discovered that I had ordered the same stencil twice in two different orders – how sad am I? Or maybe it just goes to proove that I really, really liked it! Susan x

  10. I love the coasters, now I just got to find some so I can make these. If you don't mind me copying, my son is hopefully moving into his own house very shortly (provided mortgage comes through ok). He is choosing some very unique items and these would be perfect. Already liked your Facebook page and ticked box for notifications. Fab offer, very generous but renewed my NDC membership today and spent loads at NEC so might have to resist this time. xx

  11. Love this make. Lovely bright colours to cheer up a rainy day.
    Have liked your FB page (don't really get on with FB, but I do like your page!), now going to check out the offer and the trimmer. Thank you. Take care, Jan

  12. Hello Barbara, I liked your page early this morning and have just revisited it again. I notice you are already up to 1,700 likes so your fans are certainly finding your new page. These coasters look great and the colours are so vibrant. Look after yourself and find some time to relax and let Dave spoil you!

  13. Love the blog – every step of it and the coasters are beautiful. Got to have that stencil.
    Went on face book, I think. Not something I have ever used so do not know if I qualify for the blog candy. Anyway, great end to a messy day losing stamps, making a hash of cards etc.
    Will get my stencils out and make an even better mess!
    Best wishes on this "brolly" weather day

  14. Good Evening Barbara – hows that tidying up going!!!
    When I first saw this stencil it reminded me so much of a photo of a street I have seen many times pop up on the internet……. which has always fascinated me, so I feel myself leaning towards a must have of this stencil!!!
    What you have done with it today is just blooming excellent as a Christmas Gift…so may just have to pinch that idea!!! if I can find the time to make them of course!!!
    Are you all packed yet for your trip? Or are you throw it in the suitcase on the day of travel type of gal???
    Have liked and shared the new page – where else would I be!!!
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    As usual you've done it again. Great technique and fab offer. I'll hang on until 16th to order and hopefully will not be in trouble with bank manager! I've been over to "like" your other facebook page but technology and me are not good bedfellows, so I hope I've done the right thing. You'd wonder how someone who used to be a P.A. and Personal Secretary to the Sales Director of a large company could be so thick, wouldn't you.
    Love xx

  16. Already liked and shared your new page. Love the art work and love that you then turned it into coasters. As usual brilliant! And another blog offer! Just as well it is me that keeps tag of the purse strings lol. xx

  17. What a great idea Barbara, the colours are gorgeous and the shiny embossed surface but with the water marks underneath like raindrops is so clever. These would make a wonderful Christmas present. I have 'liked' your new facebook page too. x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Love what you have done with the coasters – brilliant idea. I think I've liked your page but never having been of Facebook before, not sure I've done it right! Love Alison xx

  19. what a fab idea! and it looked o nice with the embossing powder on, like glass almost. there will be a lucky person at the end of this.
    and fab offer too. one can never have enough brushes. i have 10 now. dare i go for this offer? it is soooo tempting, hugs xx

  20. Already liked your new page 🙂

    Absolutely lurve your fabulous coasters, what a great gift idea, might have to pinch that if I can source these coaster frames. xx

  21. Wow, what an amazing the finished project.fab and very stylish coasters.Have liked your facebook book page and my lovely friend told me about this offer and I had to have it.kept hearing how brilliant these brushes were but not taken the plunge before now.Thanks again.hugs x

  22. Love the coasters, and the 'brolly' stencil. Now why didn't I buy that at the NEC – I know a serious case of stencil overload! Love the artwork though. Got out my Gelli plate tonight and played very nicely with the small snowflake stencils. Quite pleased with myself – remembered how to do it, that's a first for me. Thank you for all the encouragement.

  23. What a great gift for someone! I have liked the new site and clicked on Get Notifications as well. You have given me an idea to use with a stencil that is still covered in (now dry) acryllic that just might recover the beautiful colouring that ended up hidden, but now i might be able to bring it forward using the Ebosser. Thank you, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  24. Hi Barbara wow these are fab and what an amazing offer, I've just ordered some necessary stamps (well one was necessary!) and have got to renew my membership so will sit on my hands for this offer! Great to see other people buy things they like at the NEC and then put them away for a rainy day too! Take care love Diane xxx ps will get hubby to like FB page xxx

  25. Hi Barbara. I love the brolly stencil and the gorgeous colours you have used. The coasters are wonderful, whoever ends up with them is going to be a very happy bunny : ) I'm off to like your new page. Hope the sun is shining for you today. Take care.

  26. Good morning. Love this stencil and what you've done with it. I already have those colours and your brushes but it's so tempting to go for me as I just can't refuse a good offer! Already liked the new fb page so fingers crossed. Thought you'd go for a get well card with those brollies though as it would cheer up anyone. No rain yet in this neck of the woods but who knows. Have a great day. xx Margaret Col.

  27. Fabulous Barbara, I love it so much I've just been in and bought the offer so I can have a go. You shouldn't keep tempting us so much with these great offers! I can never resist. At this rate the kids will be getting ink pads and stencils for Christmas. I'm not sure teenage boys will appreciate that though. Oh well! Xx

  28. WOW!!! How gorgeous are these! The idea is fabulous and the colours you chose are absolutely perfect! So glad I was invited to pop over Barbara. As good as being here in the flesh at Harrogate show….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Hugs Mau xx

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