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  1. Hello Barbara, I hope your feel brighter this morning. I love the foam background. I've had some interesting messy results but also had masses of fun. Dinner has been late few times.
    Just today to go them sun, sea and something long and cool. Have a wonderful holiday.x

  2. A very poignant piece for today and very pretty too.
    Hope you got a good night's rest and are feeling better today Barbara – sounds like your Spanish trip will be a welcome break . To give 101% all the time takes it's toll & I admire you for the amount you fit into every day.
    Belated "Happy Birthday" wishes to Dave and hope you have a lovely relaxing time in Spain. Take care and have a safe trip, Carole xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Very poignant piece of artwork for this very poignant day. Got back last night from seeing the Poppies at the Tower and that certainly hit a chord with me. Awesome in every sense of the word. Hope you have a good day at the NEC and then have an extremely well earned rest and break in Spain. You certainly deserve it. Belated birthday wishes to Dave as well. Love Alison xx

  4. Beautiful and inspiring. To all those people that gave their lives in all wars, for all of our tomorrows you gave your today. With grateful thanks. X

    Hope you feel better today. Regards Joan x

  5. Simple but stunning, appropriate for this day of remembrance. We will remember them!

    Only just read yesterday's post and feel for you. To cram in all that you do is remarkable, travelling alone is energy sapping without setting up and demoing all day. Just remember B.G. is Clarity! In this day and age of enhanced technology and with the assistance of your invaluable team, there must be ways around you having to attend every show on every day. Your presence was indeed missed at the SECC but Jo and Heather were admirable Clarity ambassadors, not forgetting 'the man on the till.'

    Meantime chin up, enjoy your Spain break, chill with a couple of glasses of vino and return refreshed!



  6. Hi Barb,
    Just looked at yesterday's post and now this today. So evocative and thoughtful – simple but stunning.
    I hope you feel brighter and happier today, and that the hall is not so hot.
    Enjoy your holiday, relax, rest, eat, sleep and forget about everything (if you can) and just enjoy yourself with Dave. (That last bit sounds a bit risque, and I didn't mean it like that – but hey whatever!!!) xx

  7. Hi Barbara just perfect for today, thank you for sharing . I hope today is a better day for you, can you wear your comfy slippers instead of shoes???? Enjoy your week do sun slow walks and sangria and don't feel you have to blog, your loyal followers understand. Take care love Diane xxx

  8. Only just managed to read yesterdays blog post. I visited NEC today and would never have known that you were struggling. Maybe the it is time to give the demo's a miss at the shows, I did notice on other stands there were not so many. We love to see you but you just can't do it all. Your team were wonderful as usual today, Heather took over with my shopping list and found everything for me, a lovely friendly lady. Maria was very informative and patient. I spent a lot but will enjoy playing. Enjoy your holiday. xx

  9. Hi Barbara. Hope you have felt somewhat better today both physically and mentally. I'm a little older then you – yes, there are some out here who are! – struggling with feet and looking to retire earlier than I should. Things were really put into focus for me this week when I attended the funeral of a young girl – aged 17 – who had everything to live for but wasn't given the opportunity to do so. Maybe we continue with what we love to do but on our own terms? Take care, talk things over with Dave and have a great holiday x

  10. Hi Barbara,arrived home this afternoon in Anglesey from the NEC , we had a great time. I think I saw that demo, all your demos are great. Saturday pm was very hot, stuffy and crowded, far worse than Friday. I managed to find a quiet corner on Saturday afternoon, go to where the young person's activity area is, just along from the main doors. Keep going a few yards more, tucked into the wall are a whole line of empty chairs and right in the corner was a young new mum feeding her new baby. I sat by her, it was so soothing, perfect peace, just the odd slurp. Magic. I knew that the constant pressure to demo and demo all day was causing the neck problem and I have to admit that I am always greedy wanting more of your time, but you must do what you feel is best for yourself especially as the business keeps on growing. I also noticed that, even though Saturday pm was nightmarish, that there didn't seem to be as many people actually purchasing goods except on those few really cheap stalls, you know the £1 ones. maybe the ease of internet shopping, increases in travel cost are finally having an effect on the 'footfall'. Who knows, I'm just a retired teacher from the backwoods of Anglesey. Have a really good holiday. Take care X

  11. Very poignant Barbara. It was amazing this morning when the NEC fell silent for two minutes. Lovely to meet you today. I hope you both have a lovely rest on your holiday, you deserve it, Ela x

  12. Beautiful card for today. I see poppies and a figure standing in homage. Such days put things into perspective. I hope you can get a good rest now and enjoy your holiday. We'll still be here………….

  13. Hi Barbara, so very very good to see you today xx
    One of the things I will take away from today at the NEC was the total silence and respect shown at 11am, it was very moving … So this card sums it all up …. So many of have no idea of what war time must have been like or for so many in the mre recent conflicts… It puts life in to perspective and if we spare the time to think say a silent prayer to those who gave there lives for us.

    Wonderful card for today

    Much Love
    kim xx

  14. Beautiful card. We came to see you on sunday at the NEC. After months of deliberation I finally joined your stamp and stencil club! Your team were so helpful especially Dave who spent lots of time talking to me. I was able to buy mums xmas pressie and I treated myself to some stamps I had wanted forever. Mum and I always come and see you at Ally Pally and NEC and love your demos and inspiration. We would be said to see you stop but also understand. Hope you have a fabulous holiday and manage to recharge the batteries xxx

  15. Perfect card for Remembrance Sunday! Such an impressive moment at the NEC when that total silence fell. Not a cough nor a screaming child, just complete respectful silence. We will remember them. xx Maggie

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