La Alhambra

La Alhambra

Hi there!
Day 2 in Spain. 
Happy to park the car for a couple of days, having tried to open the door every time I changed gear! Found a super little boutique Hotel in the old part of town too. 

Only screamed at each other once whilst driving up the Taxi only, Bus only avenue for about 2 miles. Errr, Dave was in the driving seat for that one….
The Alhambra, Granada blew us away. What a fantastic place. Every time you turned another corner, it took your breathe away. 
I had great fun with the new panoramic function on my Ipad camera too. Don’t know if they can convert to blog though. We shall soon find out!
I think I want to refresh my Spanish. To think I studied it at university for 4 years! I understand pretty much everything, but rusty, or what?! 
Anyway, if you ever have the opportunidad de visitar Granada, do it. What a city. 
Everywhere I look, I get inspiration for artwork, stencils and stamps. From the patterns in the mosaics to the flowers in the water gardens. 
Time to find some food….. Hasta luego!
Love Barb 

45 thoughts on “La Alhambra

  1. It looks wonderful there Barbara. Thank you for sharing it with us. My hubby found he was trying to open the door when he was driving in Spain last month. Old habits die hard, he says it's not natural driving on the right. Glad to see you & Dave are enjoying yourselves.xx

  2. Looks wonderful despite the bus lane!!! Ha ha try not to kill each other xxx. Photos are wonderful, Spain is a country I have not been to so keep the photos coming!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  3. Hallo liebe Barbara,
    vielen Dank für die tollen Bilder. Ich wünsche dir noch viele wunderbare Urlaubstage mit wunderbaren Eindrücken von Spanien. Die Alhambra ist wirklich sehr beeindruckend. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  4. Hi Barbara Wow what great photos of an amazing place. It looks lovely and yes we can see how you get inspired. Enjoy your holiday and I hope the weather stays sunny for you, it's pants here!!! Try to say out of bus lanes Dave! Love Diane xxx

  5. Morning Barbara and Dave,
    I loved the Alhambra when I was there many years ago. You are right it´s breathtaking.
    The panoramic view photos are fantastic. And in fact the weather…. I´m jealous for that.
    I think next years I will book my holidays in november. I know a few people who are close to depression because of the weather in nov…
    Have beautiful days in Spain
    Rolf xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    It certainly sounds ( and looks) as though you are both having a fantastic time. Enjoy the rest of your break and come back well and truly inspired and rested. Love Alison xx

  7. Looks like an amazing place and your panorama photos came out just fine – stunning in fact! Neil keeps trying to get me to Spain so I think I've just found my destination. Glad you're having a lovely time with only one argument. When I drove a hire car in Fuertoventura, I parked on the roadside to go climb this massive sand dune with glorious views. When I got back all hot and tired, I found I'd left the handbrake off because I'd opened the door handle instead. Luckily it hadn't rolled away.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay. Glad you're getting inspired and looking forward to seeing the results xxx

  8. I was just thinking that the close up plaster work would make an amazing stencil but you beat me to it! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and I hope you see lots more wonderful sights. xx

  9. Very jealous of you both, it looks lovely liked the square stone pic, that would make a nice stamp. hasta manyana, not sure if spelling right but you'll know its meaning, enjoy yourselves

  10. lovely pictures. Laughed out loud at 'bus lane incident'. We once went round a roundabout the wrong way in Portugal. Fortunately there was no traffic around at the time! Hope you have enjoyed your break. x

  11. My third attempt to comment! Glad you are enjoying your holiday. I love all things Spanish and Moroccan. Learnt both languages long ago but you forget how languages change, just as English does. "Cheers" for thank you, "wicked" for great etc. so I need to revise. Off to Marrakesh next month, loads of art inspiration there. Adios amiga!!

  12. Hi Barb,
    Glad you're both having a great time, and only one argument, it would be a miracle if we only had one argument because I'm always right, but he won't admit it!!!!!
    Looking forward to the new designs which are sure to come soon. xx

  13. Hi Barb and Dave, fab blog post, good laugh. Great to see you are having a good time, hope you are relaxing. Looking forward to what art develops from this trip. Love the Pics. Bx

  14. Hola Barbara and Dave, so glad you've found a place to lay your head whilst in Spain. La Alhambra is on my places to visit list – thanks for the photos. Hope you found some where nice to eat. xx

  15. Thanks for sharing your holiday pics with us – I too loved Granada and will be going back in Jan hopefully. The ipad panoramas are fantastic too!! Shame about the bus lane incident – my brother's advice was to get to Granada by bus and then hire a car when you're leaving – the streets are all so narrow too! Enjoy yourselves, Susan x

  16. Hola! What an amazing place! And I can see what you mean about inspiration! Looks like we'll be getting a lot of Spanish flavours when you return!
    Watch how you go when you venture back into the car!! But the main thing is relax and enjoy every single minute!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  17. Fabulous, my daughter has been and her pics were great such an amazing place. Glad to see you both unwinding enjoy the rest of your stay and looking forward to the new stuff then ! Xx

  18. Glad you are having a great time Barbara, and I have to say Granada looks fantastic and love the water gardens and that ornamental plasterwork is so beautiful. x

  19. Lovely photos, what a great place to stay, I see a stencil coming from the stone tile. The first time I drove in Spain it was an 'experience', spent most of the drive winding the window up and down!!. Didn't like driving in Barcelona though, frightened me to death.

  20. Hello Barbara. I'm not jealous of that sunshine, or the wonderful architecture and designs and artwork, or even just being on holiday, as I've had my first day free of duties today and had time to play in my craft room. Heaven. If only I'd had something good to look out on instead the continuous rain. xx Margaret Col.

  21. Hi Barbara,
    So glad to see your having fun, lots of sun and culture, beautiful pictures. I see a stamp/stencil in the tile. The bus lane incident reminds me of a similar incident in Phoenix, Arizona a few years ago, trying to turn onto a duel carriage way…..not driven abroad since!! Safe travels, Jackie

  22. Second try at leaving this message. Glad to see you are having fun out there in sunny Spain even if the traffic is scary. Years ago, we had our own moment in Italy, in the centre of Turin just as Fiat were turning out. We were right in the centre of a huge junction when all the lights turned green and red at the same time – PANIC!!!!!!!!! I can see loads of new stencils and stamps on their way when you get back. Have fun for the rest of the week, both of you. xxx Maggie

  23. Lovely photographs Barbara, so pleased you are having some relaxation. That tile is awesome, surely a contender for a new stamp or stencil design. Anne x

  24. Hi Barbara. Lovely photos, that sky looks wonderful. You did well to only shout at each other once didn't you! We are going to be seeing lots of new stamps and stencils aren't we : ) Enjoy yourselves. Take care.

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