A Dear Deer Heart on a Gelli Plate….

A Dear Deer Heart on a Gelli Plate….

Hello there.
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Here’s a lovely new stencil which was aired for the first time on TV last week.
I want to show you how to create a layered doily look…
Spread Latte Adirondack over the Gelli Plate with the brayer.

Lift the Gelli Plate on its Mega Mount 
and plant the ink on a sheet of large Gelli Card.
Peel the card off for your first creamy layer.
Make two of these.
Spread Wild Honey over the Gelli Plate,
Scrunch up a sheet of copy paper and pad it over the inky 
Gelli Plate, to lift and distress the Wild Honey ink.

Again, flip the Mega Mount (the Gelli Plate clings to it easily),
and lay the Gelli Plate down on the Latte card, in the same position as the Latte print. You will see a fabulous mottles effect. I did this with a lovely pink and the blue tits on YouTube too.
Here’s the link, if you want to watch:

Do the two.

Now comes the stencil. 
Lay the clean stencil on the clean Gelli Plate.

Brayer Black Soot Distress ink over it. 
If the stencil is oily, from baby wipe cleaning etc, take a paper towel and just wipe it clean while it is sitting on the Gelli.

Peel the inky stencil off the Gelli Plate and place it inky side down on one of the yellow mottled prints you have already made.
I cut the print to 7 x 7 to fit the stencil first.
Then I ran this through my E-Bosser.
I did it a couple of times, so that the black was darker.

What I like is that the Black goes more of an Egyptian Gold than black, because it is layered up on the yellow.
Cut out the heart, following the scalloped edge with the scissors. This gives you a doily effect.

When you lay the heart down on the second mottled print, 
you get the illusion that the yellow background runs straight through behind the deer etc.
Trim the back-print, and edge with a matching promarker.

Mount on white.

Easy and effective, isn’t it.
There’s another delightful Stencil to make up the pair:
Also works a treat in the same way. 
This one is fab for wedding ands anniversaries, too.
Have fun!

much love,

36 thoughts on “A Dear Deer Heart on a Gelli Plate….

  1. Enchanting. Loving watching your videos. Chilly today, playing catch up on all your demos etc.
    Really enlightening and as I said before, you have inspired me and encouraged me to improve and keep trying.
    Thank you so much
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Barb, great card, love the illusion of the background running through, but having the dimension of the cut out. Lovely stencils, they are on my wish list. Bx

  3. How do you come up with these techniques and ways to optimise every single piece of kit? I wonder if you lie awake at night thinking them all up.
    Beautiful card and another design I thought was not for me…. until I saw this!

  4. I saw the telly programme with these stencils, but they look so much better on the Blog. Really beautiful. My shopping list for the NEC is getting very long, I'm going to be broke again!
    Thank you for a fab Blog.

  5. I really want these two stencils as I like the lacy look of them. I think the way the black has been used is so effective as I often think I want the actual stencil bit to be dark and layered onto my background. Now I can give it a go. XX

  6. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin wieder einmal total begeistert von der wundervollen Stempeltechnik. Die Gelli Plate ist wirklich ein unentbehrliches Utensil für wundervolle Stempelarbeiten. Die Zweige und auch die Vögelchen gefallen mir so sehr. Die Vielseitigkeit ist einfach genial. Ich danke dir für deine unermüdliche Arbeit und die super lehrreichen Videos. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  7. Hi Barbara
    Love this effect it doesn't seem to hard to do, so even I should be able to make a background paper doing this technique.Very clever and the stencils are perfect for Christmas.

  8. Evening Barbara, I have to confess about not being sure about this stencil, but you have just won me over to it after this blog!
    I constantly am amazed at the products you have brought to us so far this year!
    much love

  9. Hi Barbara oooooh I like this. What a great technique. I wasn't sure about this stencil but I like what you have done with it especially the way the background follows through. I can feel a geli plate mount winging its way to me soon! Have a great evening. Love Diane xxx

  10. I visit most days but don't always comment (my iPod doesn't always wanna play ball and hubby nicks my laptop) but I just had to say how much I love this stencil And wen hubby saw this on C&C his first reaction was "I can see an angry rabbit on a motorbike!" Look at the background parts!

  11. 10 out of 10 for another nifty idea – it gives a lacy die cut effect with next to none of the cost – this has to be an idea that can only grow as I think of ways to use my stencils I have already .
    Love it !

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