The mini round ink blenders have landed!

The mini round ink blenders have landed!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new,
so aren’t we happy that the new mini round ink blenders 
from Ranger arrived yesterday!
together with their refills:
I had a play straightaway, to see if they are as good as everybody says they are..
Verdict? Excellent. Much easier to use than the larger square version for going round the edges.
So here’s a little project I rustled up, using the little sponge disks to great effect in another way, too. I hope you like it.
First, let’s make that stencil brush dance!
I loaded the brush with Chipped Sapphire and then instead of sweeping back and forth, I stabbed the top of the brush at the Gelli Card. Literally splayed the bristles and repeatedly pounded one spot on the card. The idea was to get a round patch of blue in the middle of the card. 
It worked.
Now here’s a trick clever Jo Rice put me on to. It’s called faux bleaching. Take the round sponge blending tool, set the sponge part in a saucer of water, lightly lay the wet round disc on the inky area and let the water soak in. 

Let the water loosen the ink, and then blot it with a paper towel.

Brilliant moon!
let’s do a second one.

How atmospheric is this! Thanks Jo xx

Next, I blended round the edges with Latte Adirondack
It is a super colour.

Chipped Sapphire and Latte are a magic colour combination.
But where’s she going with two moons? I hear you ask. 
Blurred vision? Time to go to SpecSavers?

Come on! You should know me by now. I’ve got a cunning plan….
Add the lamp posts – the two larger ones.

Colour in the lamp posts with a distress marker.
Add the words. Oh boy how often could I use this stamp!
Together we can handle anything.
Tear a piece of paper, and add a path with a brush.

Work it into the edges.

Believe you me – this little round blender is very easy to use.

Cover up the two lights with the sponges,

flick water at your work. 
I know. I always wonder why I’m doing this!
But it does look very arty!

Blot with a paper towel.

Framer the edges with a black Sharpie.

Doesn’t that look nice.
Very calm. I like it.
Let’s add a little snow with a white pen.
So let’s make you a little offer on these new blending tools.
Even if you’ve already got one, there’s no harm in having a back up, as the actress said to the Bishop…
 much love, 

44 thoughts on “The mini round ink blenders have landed!

  1. Fabulous idea from Jo and thanks for sharing it with us both of you. Love this card it is very atmospheric. I hope you're getting through the days with some sense of sanity, by the look of the blogs you are. Remember to rest, sleep oh and drink tea! With a cuppa you can handle a lot as you stamps says together… anything. With a cuppa does that make it anything and more? Have fun!

  2. Excellent, I agree very calm and serene. The foams look just the business. Thank you for your reply yesterday – as ever you are right – a few tears and then label yesterday.
    Off to have a play with my Clarity goodies.
    Have a good day
    Best wishes

  3. So glad you got the refills as haven't seen any anywhere so willbe ordering don't they make a brilliant moon. So we could use the oblong one to make a cheques board effect too, have a good day xxx

  4. Morning Barb, what a fabulous and atmospheric pieces of art work, gives me an idea for A Christmas card design….thanks for that…these little tools are wonderful and a real Need. What a great offer you have I feel another order coming on…..hugs…xxxx

  5. Love the card! When I got down as far as the two moons, I'm thinking very sci-fi, but then you added the lamp posts and everything made sense, (especially as I have those stamps! Just got an order from you yesterday, I think I might be tempted all over again.)

  6. Thanks for the lovely offer. And what a calm art work. Reminds me of "Mary Poppins", you can image a "old" policeman walking along. Your post this morning really make my day, so now off to work.
    Laurence xx

  7. Fabulous card Barbara and I like the look of these new blending tools. Just got back from holiday so now I'm going to look at what you have posted over the last two weeks! Pat x

  8. Good morning Barbara,
    I work with these for half a year now and I must say I haven´t used the old larger square ones since that time.
    Your trick is very clever but I would cut out two moons and do the masking technique so I will have no risk with the water. Then I would brush a lighter blue over it. But you made me curious to try this water technique.
    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  9. I ought some mini distress inks to add to my normal ones but the mini distress tool had sold out! Good to see Claritystamps stocking them and just in time for my Christmas craft weekend cardmaking. That card technique will go down a treat too, thanks Barbara

  10. Hi Barbara oooh these are interesting and what a great effect. They make great backgrounds for the lamp posts. I like the together stamp too – the list gets longer by the day! Have a great day. Love Diane xxxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I love the card you've done. I haven't seen these mini blenders before but they certainly look much easier than the oblong ones.
    Great excitement as I've just become a great, great aunt at 8.30 this morning, and my brother is so excited at becoming a great grandfather, the old softy that he is. Love Maureen xx

    1. How exciting – congratulations to all the family! Guess I will have a while to wait until my great niece is ready to make me a great great – she's only just started school!!! :o) Susan

  12. Beautiful art work some great techniques to try out ive already bought these blending tools and refills so thank you Barbara for showing a new way to use them what a brilliant offer with the mat free too xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Love this! I have had the mini tool for about a year and have to agree that it is much easier than the original one. I have the refill pads too but think I will order another tool and pads as they will never come in wrong! I really like how you have built up the " atmosphere" with the brushes and then the circles with the water – I would never have thought of doing that! Would make a lovely Christmas card with the carol singers as well. Thanks again. Love Alison xx

  14. I have the mini round blender tool already and love it BUT never had the old oblong one as when I tried it it just did not work for me . I love the faux bleaching idea (thanks Jo) I think I now might have a plan for what's missing inmychristmas card design , so off to play (love it when I get a day off and not tied up doing other stuff )
    Thanks for the inspiration x

  15. Afternoon Barbara!
    I have these tools and love them, find them so much easier to use!
    Love the faux bleach effect… clever!

    Will you consider getting in the mini ink distress pads to match?

    Much love

    Kim xx

    1. This one is worth it – I was a brush only till I tried this little beauty and now I can see what others saw in the oblong one and raved about in this . It is just fab so be tempted ……. I was given mine a while ago as a present but if not and I knew how fab it was I would have been tempted to spend my monthly stash cash !

  16. Love the artwork and how inspirational is Jo, love having her in our neck of the woods, have learnt so much from her using your products.

    Will definitely have to try this technique x

  17. Hello Barb, what a lovely card, and great idea from Jo, thanks for sharing it with us. Love the little blenders, just need to save a few more pennies. Bx

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