Hello there!
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Something different today.
So often I hear people say they would love to leave a comment, but don’t know how. It can be very frustrating.
Some people struggle with their phones and their Ipads etc. 
But it’s all a lot easier than we think. 
Don’t look at me like that!!!
If the wind turns….
So I thought let’s find some answers…
Believe me when I tell you I only figured it out by pressing buttons until it worked! Which is a pretty weak tutorial on how to leave comments! 
So here are your options:
Just press buttons until it works.
Google the answer. 
Ask a friend.
My buddy Paul Church was kind enough to write this for me, to share with you. It may well clarify some things.
Blog! Blog!
If you are new to Blogs –
either writing them or following them – it can all be a bit confusing, I know it
was for me when I first started.
So what is a Blog?
My interpretation of a blog is
an easy way to create a free space for yourself on the World Wide Web! Blogs
are used for so many different reasons – some people use it as a form of
therapy/relaxation other use it to show off their work or services. My Blog is
a combination of both, sometimes it is good to get things off your chest, but
mainly I use it to show samples I have made or give instructions on how to create things.
How to comment on a Blog
Okay, so you have found a Blog
and a post that has taken your fancy and you want to make a comment or the
person running the Blog is running a competition and in order to enter, you
need to leave a comment – so the question is how?
You may see something like

You type your comment in the
box where it says “Enter your comment” – that seems straightforward, but then
it gets confusing!  Below the box
you will see “Comment as:” and then there is a drop down box that has the
following options:
Google Account
Personally the easiest way is
to create a free Google Account – this is just another email account you can
create and access via a web browser – info on this can be found HERE
If you don’t want to create
another email account, you can choose Name/URL – Type your comment, choose this
option from the drop down menu and click “Publish” – the only downside of this
is that if the person who owns the Blog wants to contact you – they can’t. So
if it is for a competition and you win, then you would need to keep checking
the Blog and then you have to prove to the Blog owner that you are who you are!
How to follow a Blog
Things have changed over the
past few months in relation to Blogs and following them – Blogspot which is a
common way of creating a Blog seems to have teamed up with Google so it seems
that this is the best way to follow/subscribe to a favourite Blogger. However,
if you click the Follow or Join, you may get an option like this:
So if you have one of the
above accounts already, choose that option.

There. Did that help at all? The proof is in the pudding. Use this blog as your tester. Try and leave a comment. Make that your homework. 
Somebody once told me, when I was about to put my fist through the screen of a PC because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to, “there is nothing here that time and a little patience won’t solve. ” So I punched him instead!!!! Hahaha. Just kidding. 

much love,

118 thoughts on “HERE’S HOW TO COMMENT ON A BLOG

  1. Brilliant. I knew what to do but to be honest it hadn't crossed my mind that others may be having issues trying to comment, so go you for realising this. take care both of you xxx

  2. It took me a while to get to grips with commenting but it does get easier the more you do I and if you follow a number of blogs it is easier once you get used to it, great idea to post about this as I am sure many people have had similiar difficulties, although all the youngsters I know have no trouble cos they grew up with the technology whilst I grew up with a phone box at the end of the street lol

  3. Good clear instructions for those struggling………..I'm OK – like Barbara just kept hitting a button or two or many more!!……but hear of others finding it a bit daunting ….thanks to you Both

    1. And if it all looks like it's gone a bit pear shaped – switch off and have a cup of tea and then switch back on and try a different combination of button pressing – it will work in the end 🙂

  4. wish I had read this – I did the button pushing until I finally saw my comment had published – took me ages then of course you cant always remember how you did it jx

  5. Thanks Barbara and Paul. I had a google account from an old phone so i've always used google to publish my comments but i hadn't realised that the blogger might use the email to contact me….oops, I've never checked it. I've also wondered how you know if someone replies to your comment?
    Sometimes my comments don't publish but that's usually due to my impatience waiting for it to load and my finger twitches and I've pressed the "back" button too soon -the joys of slow, rural broadband.
    Thanks for a helpful blog
    Jeanette xx

  6. Like you I just clicked buttons until I just found the right ones. As long as you remember that what ever you say is seen by everyone who reads the blog then you will get on just fine.

  7. I'm a push the button until it works (or breaks….oops) sort of girl. I really look forward to your daily blog, and yours is the only one I have ever commented on, probably cos it is so friendly, but mainly because I just love the way you make your art so accessible and you are so willing to share, even your oops moments. Xx

  8. I have got over my fear of the dreaded machine now and just press a button till I get what I want. I was lucky have several members of the family who are very computer literate to help me initially. That is a brilliant tutorial and will help a lot of people. Hope we see some new names appearing on your blog.xx

  9. Mine usually disappears to , I've always followed link to blog from Facebook . Today I went to the blog directly and Hey Ho success . However I have to write my post in Notes on my phone and then copy it to post . Because if I make a mistake in the comments box it just freezes . Hope this helps someone else to xxx

    1. If it freezes I've found if you click "done" and then click back into the box it lets you carry on typing – Works for me Then click "done" again and then "publish"

  10. Google used to have a Reader service where you could add all the blogs followed. Unfortunately they dropped it. Its a one stop place to see all your blogs. I now use just add in every blog you like, you can categorise them. It will even send you an email when there's been a posting. So no more back/forth checking for a new post, notification comes to you.

  11. I was always a tad nervous using the Blog, but when the realisation hit me that I just needed to write what I feel at the time in response to the artwork and or other comments, I'm fine. The main problem now is my fingers sometimes have a mind of their own and deliberately put in extra letters and make spelling mistakes!!! Nothing to do with me of course.

  12. Well, I've tried once this morning without success so having another go. Fingers crossed. Thank you Paul and Barbara. Hope you and grace are having a ball.


  13. Hi. I used to get frustrated with commenting as I kept having to sign into google first. Somehow it keeps me signed on now so it's much easier. Thanks as always for great blog. Lx

  14. My comments always disappear so I have to type twice, its just happened again so Im not doing something right, I will re-read your instructions. Hope your enjoying being with your lovely daughter. Joan x

  15. Hi Barbara,
    that was the problem I had long time ago. Do you remember I mailed you that I can´t leave a comment because I don´t have a profile to select (I thought)?
    The reason of pressing the button and it worked finally was a stunning breathtaking card you made and I HAD TO LEAVE A COMMENT!

    Hi Paul,
    thank you very much. I think that helps a lot people reading the blog. But Name/URL isn´t shown as a possibility at "Comment as:" Maybe it´s because we are in Germany? Don´t know…

    I was often asked if I have an own blog but I´m sorry. Maybe it´s easy with WordPress or Blogger but I´m afraid of regulations by law. What is allowed to write and what isn´t? To avoid trouble I decided to resign.

    Hi Barbara,
    have again a lot of fun with Grace.

    Rolf xxx

  16. Well here goes, I'm a blog virgin and don't know if this will work. If it does I would like to thank you for dragging me into the 21st Century. Love all you do xxx 🙂

  17. Well it worked. Thanks a lot Barbara. Changed my email to Gmail on Virgin Medias advice & Wallah. Thank you for all your brilliant blogs you give so much inspiration to us all.xx

  18. Good idea, Barbara and Paul. We often forget that there are new people coming online all the time who struggle to find answers to the things the rest of us take in our stride. I am lucky in having someone in the family who is deeply into all things computer and technical and is my go-to person if Google cannot answer. Hope your weather in the Big Apple is better than the foul stuff we have at the moment with thunder and tornados etc. Great fun – NOT! Sorry for shouting but it is so dark I cannot even see to color in and I also have two skittish dogs following me everywhere. xxx

  19. Hi Barbara the post was a great help to a lot of people by the looks of it so well done. You do forget not everyone has a teenager (muuuummmm what are you doing now!!!) or a technical hubby who is so busy fixing everyone else's computer problems yours are overlooked! Enjoy your day with Grace. Love Diane xxx
    Ps thanks Paul too xx

  20. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the info. I had already tried your method and pressed buttons to see what happened but I know a lot of people are a bit wary of doing that. Think that is why children get on with computers so well, they don't worry about breaking it but try things to see what happens (a bit like card making?) According to my other half if the computer does not do what I want it to it's my fault but if it doesn't do what he wants it to there's something wrong with the computer!
    Hope you are having a great time with Grace.
    love Gayle x

  21. Hi Barbara it's good to have instructions to help your blog is my every day read part of my daily routine enjoy your time with grace clarity hugs sheila xxx

  22. Great that you have added instructions – it took me ages to leave my first blog message on a site, but once you've dipped your toe in the water it's a bit addictive! Thanks for the daily blog Barbara – so inspirational, Susan x

  23. wow Barbara from the response you've had today this is obviously the reason the comment count is never quite as high as I would have expected for your fab blog.
    Jane x

  24. Hi Barb
    When I started reading the blog today there were 66 responses on it, so it's obvious that your instructions have worked.
    I started using my laptop last Christmas and my son-in-law has always encouraged me just to press buttons and see what happens! The very nice man at Currys explained a few things when I had to take it in the other week. It was away 2 weeks whilst they repaired it!!!
    I press fewer buttons now, and a little more carefully!!
    Enjoy your time with Grace xx

  25. Eureka, at last I can comment on your fantastic blog, Barbara. Thanks for all the great inspiration, can't wait to watch you at the NEC next month. Enjoy your time with Grace in the US of A.

  26. What a great idea to give some easy to understand steps because before I started my blog I wanted to comment but just wasn't sure how to. I am more confident now but am still a bit wary of changing things on the blog for fear of losing what I already have as it did take me about a month to set the blog up in the first place. Thanks for this great blog Barbara, and thank you to you and Paul for making some sense of it all. x

  27. My biggest problem with commenting is that blogger doesn't work very well lately 🙁 I always like to leave a comment as you take the time to blog every day so when it doesn't work I also get the 'fist through screen' moment! XX

  28. I always select and copy my message prior to pressing publish then if it doesn't t work first time I can just paste it in to the comment box again and that usually works. I find the iPad a bit temperamental. Hope that helps someone else . Great idea and it's obviously working! Enjoy NY x

  29. Hi Barbara, thanks for this wise guide. My first attempt still failed! Hope something arrives this time. Great blogs! Thank you for the voucher I won at AP, I have just had fun ordering some of the goodies from your latest TV show.

  30. Well as you know Barbara, I love leaving a comment on your daily blog, I think I have made it my own personal challenge that I must read and leave a comment daily as your blog is a big part of my day and you have gone to the trouble to show us something, You Tube, share your life, so in turn I like to say thank you – so for all the newbies to the blog….welcome!!!
    Just got this months stencil and stamp and wonderful news letter – a true delight to read on the coat saga!!! I empathise totally on losing something and then turning everything upside down to find it and telling yourself off at the same time when as you say there are starving children out there etc! but hey when something means something to you it becomes a mission!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful break with Grace
    Much love as ever

  31. Hi Barb, Its to go back to basics, we forget people don't always know what we do. I don't have too much problem with IT stuff but I do struggle to understand the difference between the different types of ink pad and when I should use them. I know I cant use alcohol inks with my Pro markers but the rest …. even though I have looked it up. Perhaps you may be able to do a back to basics blog on ink pads one day.
    I would also like to say I love the Emu picture – I bet there are lots of captions you could link to him lol. Thanks for the blog, I love reading it, please keep it going.
    Hope your having a wonderful time with Grace :0)

  32. Ha! Trying that bit about time and patience to my husband. Our computer or ipad are often threatened with being thrown through the (closed) window and he stamps around like a 2 year old in a tantrum when things go wrong!!
    Thank you for keeping going though! Safe journey home, Jan

  33. Those of us who comment regularly forget that some people are new to it and may find it all a bit intimidating. I'm sure your tutorial will help those who are struggling. Pat x

  34. Glad you're having a good time with Grace, I would like to go to NY one day. The Chrysler Building is glorious, a lovely art deco masterpiece, I would like to see it with my own eyes x

  35. Oh my goodness loads of new people commenting – Go Barbara !
    Next can you work on emailing – I shall drag my parents forward with technology lol!
    They both have mastered texting so we're getting there !

  36. Hi Barb, what a great idea to help people with a "how to" blog, well done to Paul too. Not everybody is tech savvy. Hope everyone has a go, see many new names commenting. Bx

  37. Hi Barbara. Well done on helping those that aren't sure of what to do. Seeing all of the new names proves that it was a much needed post : ) Thanks to Paul for helping you, it is very handy to have someone that you can ask isn't it. Take care.

  38. Hi Barb, I don't have a problem commenting but I can't seem to subscribe to your blog??? Everytime I hit the "subscribe to" button at the bottom of the page I get a load of gobbledegook & if I click the "follow" button I get invited to join a "circle" which I don't particularly want to do – I just want to subscribe to your blog so it comes to me…….can anybody help?

    Cheers, Liz M x

  39. Thank you so much for this. I was terrified to comment before because I didn't know what "Google Accour" was! I thought that it was something new fangled that you had to sign up for! My tablet had shortened the n to a r and dropped the t. You have given the Clarity family a voice. L x

  40. Why did I miss this day? Just scrolling through as I felt I hadn't kept completely up and I'd missed this one. I don't have a problem leaving a comment and I've also set up my own page – that's where I have the problem. Need to have a go and use it!! If I go back there now I'll have completely forgotten what to do ha! ha! Not that I've a lot to blog about. Hoping to get it sorted one day!

    'Somebody once told me, when I was about to put my fist through the screen of a PC because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to, “there is nothing her'e that time and a little patience won’t solve. ” So I punched him instead!!!! Hahaha. Just kidding. ' LOL LOL !!!!

  41. As poor JackieCou above I stumbled upon this enlightening blog entry today, missing my chance to become an active blog commenter much early. however as it was my birthday on Saturday I am taking this find as a very welcoming birthday pressure. fingers crossed this comment will be live in a mere moves seconds after I click 'Publish' – here goes ……..

    1. Oh dear …. Comment is live however now spotted a nasty predictive text /human spelling error!!!! Birthday PRESENT not birthday pressure as comment states!! Oh well got comment posted so main objective achieved – feeling quite pleased with myself and not under any pressure , birthday or otherwise. Xx

  42. Second attempt, first one didn't make it. Thank you to both of you for encouraging me to try. I don't manage to read you blog daily Barbara but I have spells like today when I catch up on your news and being inspired. Thank you for making the effort blog daily

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