New York New York.

New York New York.

Hello there!
Thanks for popping by. Am having a lovely lovely time with Grace
Who is just a bundle of fun and energy. 
I have to say, I almost bought tickets for Inky Boots! Ooh I thought! I wonder what that’s about! 
Until I realised the K. Seen it. Great film anyhow!
Times Square. Even crazy at 10 in the morning.
But don’t look up – it’ll make you dizzy….
And then you turn off the main drag, and boom! You’re in Flower lane. Florist City. 
And tucked away in little courtyards you find the most fantastical art…
Had to sit down. Had walked the length of Manhattan looking for flip flops to buy.  Out of season….
So let me tell you a story. Robert, centre-stage, is Grace’s oldest, bestest friend from California. They have been buddies since they were nippers, knee high to a grasshopper. Robert is a magical dancer. Always was. 
When they were little, Grace and Robert always sang, did acrobatics and danced. They played at musicals, made up performances, and the world was a stage. Grace went on to become an actor, and is here in New York, making it happen. Robert went to NYU for Dance, and stars here in a brilliant Dance show called Illuminate. Which is wonderful. It is coming to Europe on tour in April. And just goes to show that you move towards what you picture in your mind. Matthew on the left here is another brilliant young performer, and also making it happen. And how cool that they now all live here in New York! They look out for each other here, and I am happy about that.
Here we are at Stardust, a New York Diner on Broadway. It’s a real special place, where all the waiters and waitresses are performing artists aspiring to get into a Broadway musical. And they sing while they work! Yep, they belt out all your favourite musical numbers whilst whizzing round serving! And what voices!! This was our server, standing on the seat ledge singing Happy! My favourite song! Last year apparently, 18 young people got picked up here by producers and talent scouts, and are now in mainstream shows on Broadway. Brilliant concept. And these guys are performing here on Broadway in their own way too! 
So yeah. A glimpse at New York from another angle. 
Travelling back tonight…..
See you on the flipside!
Lots of love,
Barb xx

45 thoughts on “New York New York.

  1. I am so glad you had a fab time with Grace and know how hard it must be to have to head home again BUT you have right to be so so proud as she clearly has your drive and determination and brains so you can leave each time knowing she is a strong independent woman who can look after her self BUT has fab friends to support her to !
    Have a good flight and look forward to hearing what Grace is doing next too !

  2. Hi Barbara. It's great to see some pics of you and Grace. Wow, love the butterfly piece. So many people only visit the big tourist attractions and miss amazing sights. How nice that you know Grace has good friends that look out for her. Mum's never stop worrying do we, no matter how old our babies are : ) Enjoy the rest of your visit. Take care.

  3. Hello Barbara,

    Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing and good luck to the 'three amigos'. Is Kinky Boots the film about the shoe factory which made boots and shoes for transvestites? If so, it is based on a true story and was filmed here in Northampton.

    Love, Roz.x

  4. That week went qjuick sounds had a good one, love be pictures and share with us. Safe flight and time goes quickly and your not to sad at leaving Grace big hugs xxx

  5. Hello Barb, what great pictures, looks like you are having a smashing time. That diner does sound amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a safe journey back. Bx

  6. It must be very reassuring to see Grace so well, happy, bouncy but also looked out for and supported. New York looks amazing. I've never been to America but your trips and photos are moving it up my wish list.
    Time spent with our children once they've flown the nest, never seems long enough but it makes each visit even more special and treasured. Remember to have a big pack of tissues with you at the airport. Safe journey home and hugs to Grace xx

  7. You're in a New York stat of mind! Love to Gracie and friends, I hope its not too long before you guys can be together again (there is real magic in the air when you are in the same place… I know, I've felt it!). Come home safe to us Barb xxx

  8. Hi Barbara thank you for sharing your week with us. I hope Grace hugged you as much as the crisps and chocolate! I loved the flower street and the butterfly tree (I can see a stamp and stencil!) and the diner sounds amazing. As a mum isn't it great to know that your child has friends who are there for her and watch her back. You gather friends like that in your life and just hope they find them too. You are right to be so proud of your beautiful daughter and I hope she and her friends succeed in their chosen careers. Safe journey home and you won't be needing flip flops here – more like welly boots !!! Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  9. So pleased to hear you're having a wonderful time the bond between a mother and daughter is very special. I must go to Stardust when I'm next in new York it sounds fabulous. Have a safe and hassle free trip home.

  10. Hi Barbara,

    I can see you had a lot of fun… The trip was a little bit to short I guess…
    But what can I say: Years ago I won a trip to N.Y. in a competition from MTV in London – the long forgotten days when they still played music videos and Ray Cokes was the host. This was a trip only for a weekend… but we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria… beautiful memories…

    Have a safe flight back.

    Best wishes

    Rolf xxx

  11. I can literally feel your joy bouncing off the page. As Amanda mentions when you and Gracie are in the same place there is magic. Have a safe return and thanks for sharing.

  12. New York looks great Barbara, and I guess if you live there you get used to it's manic lifestyle. I would love to visit sometime. You must feel sad to be leaving her behind but happy in the knowledge that she is doing well and has good friends who look out for her. Have a safe journey home. x

  13. Thanks for sharing photos of your very special time with your daughter. Grace seems like a very driven, ambitious, talented but grounded woman … wonder where she gets that from? Wishing her and her friends every success, and wishing you a safe journey back, Susan xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    So glad your having a great time with your daughter, these times are so precious.New York looks fantastic I wish I enjoyed travelling but I get so stressed I never enjoy the time away.

  15. Oh your few days has gone by so quickly but so many lovely memories to bring home. Have not been to New York and I don't think I am likely to go so thankyou for the tour. Grace has such a beautiful smile you must be so proud of her. All of my family piling in tonight to help me celebrate Birthday, will be mad but fun. Safe journey home. xx

  16. Thank you for sharing it's lovely to see you both having a great time, love the photos .. Hope you had something yummy at the diner too .

    How lovely that Grace is with friends too, that must be lovely for you too Barbara, to see them all grown up and doing well

    Much love

    Kim xx

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