Gorgeous Geisha meets Grunge Ginkgo !

Gorgeous Geisha meets Grunge Ginkgo !

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by this Sunday. 
Tipped down in the night here, so the air is fresh, mild and lovely this morning.
I have had an idea for a stamp and want to get my drawing pad out, so forgive me if I write fast here! Try and keep up!
Ok. Here goes:
Use up one of the little pieces of white card which came in the Gelli Card Packs and drag Grunge Paste through the Ginkgo Stencil.

Did you notice I said CAME? Came with the Gelli Card Packs?
Yep. You spoke, we listened. The little added packs of card in the 7″x7″ cardpacks were irritating people apparently, so we have eliminated them. Easy one. Easier for us too!
Now you can buy the 7″x 7″ card without the add-on.
I will check how much of the little card we have left and bag it up, too. Some of you will want it for sure.

Place the Grunge piece underneath the stencil where it fits, 
load your Stencil Brush with Butterscotch and
brush yellow around, especially round the edges. 

With the stencil still in place, 
stamp the script stamp from our super duper Journaling set 
in Old Paper Distress ink

 All over. Set to one side.

Cut a piece of the 7×7 White Gelli Card down, as show here, 

and dust round the edges with Butterscotch Adirondack. 
If you want to get an ink pad which instantly softens white 
and ages the artwork, Butterscotch is your answer.

Now place the little card on the large card and set the stencil. Secure the stencil and then dust round the outer edges of the large card with the yellow again. See? 

You can add a little of the Old Paper to the outer edges 
of the mini piece while the stencil is in place too.

So when you lift the little art, the big art has an aperture. 
Tadaaaa! Which was the purpose of the little card all along…

Now here’s a lovely Geisha which I drew a while ago now. I decided to draw a pretty one, because a lot of Geisha designs you see look more like Sumo Wrestlers in drag.
Stamp her in black Archival to the left.

Now take the Grunge paste square and cut 4 chopstick strips.
No, we aren’t getting a takeaway, 
and no, she doesn’t look under nourished!
The Fiskars Trimmer is worth having, though!
They come in black and orange. Same thing basically.
Refills for the blades also available.

Now let’s get cutting with the scissors. 
We are going to make a Gingko Garden for her.
Cut out the Grunge blooms and piece them around her, like so:
I wouldn’t stick it all down  yet though. So make sure nobody opens the door and the wind catches your ginkgo parts. Nothing worse than getting your gingko parts caught by the wind!
You can see where we’re headed though, right?

Now she needs a dress. I found this scrap from another project. 
I know. When I say I don’t throw much away, I mean 
Stamp her into the colour area.

Off with her head! We only need the dress.
Adhesive on the back,
Place her dress, then the Ginkgo pieces.

I see a path and a little oriental bridge…

Nearly there.

Just needs a matching backing paper.
Here at Clarity, we like to make our own when we can, 
don’t we, girls?
Little bit of Terra Cotta
 Touch of Butterscotch

Stamp up the script,

Black Sharpie Pen round the edge.

Lovely job.

Lots of tricks and ideas in that one. Hope you like it.

By the way, many many thanks for all the lovely 
Blog Birthday wishes yesterday!
Like I say, when people appreciate you, it fires you on, 
don’t you find? If somebody says they love your artwork, don’t you feel encouraged to keep going? I think it’s basic human nature. 
If I got a lot of criticism, I think I would give up. Simple as that.
I think a lot of people do, because of that. And it starts quite young, that criticism and sense of not being good enough. 
So when I say please leave an uplifting comment, 
it’s because we all thrive from positivity.
Learn it, love it, live it. 
Lots of love,
We’ll pick a winner for the Nursery Rhyme Plaque tomorrow. I am looking forward to making it already! It is such a pleasant pastime, making things for others.

55 thoughts on “Gorgeous Geisha meets Grunge Ginkgo !

  1. Another amazing project Barbara – where do all those ideas keep coming from? I so agree with you about being positive – as my dear departed nan used to tell us, "If you haven't got something good to say, don't say anything at all!" – wise words, Susan x

  2. Beautiful artwork, lots of ideas and techniques there which I will definitely be trying. I really enjoy making lovely cards for family and friends, my mum loves it and saves them all. Even my father-in-law said he looks forward to receiving my cards, does make you feel good xx

  3. This is so beautiful and I love all the layers and little touches. I must try stamping through a stencil onto grunge paste. I think all your artwork is inspirational, and we are so lucky that you share your talent with as many people as possible. XX

  4. Very inspirational once more.I want to fly home now (3 days left of the holiday) and give it a go…didnt have room to pack the craft stuff and dont think Hubby would have approved paying excess baggage!!! Thanks Barbara for your lovely work

  5. Inspiring once again. Beautiful card and another giggle moment. ..wind up your ginkos indeed!!!
    Guess we all have a symbiotic relationship – mutually beneficial to all. Thanks again. Jeanette xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    This is stupendous. I love it and the ideas you give us are amazing. I too never throw anything away, which is why we camp in the garden and the house is full of crafting "bits, which might just be useful", only kidding but it's nearly at that stage!!
    Thanks again, hope all the family are well and growing (thinking of Evie) xx

  7. I love this, she's so beautiful, and the artwork is superb, really want to recreate this for myself. I agree totally, nothing better than making something for someone else, so much pleasure to be had xx

  8. A big hug to you, Barbara, from a sunny summerday here in Germany.
    Your card… did I say card? I mean your art work is absolutely fantastic!
    And here is a secret:
    I keep the most interesting ones for me in a list. So I don´t have to look up a whole year back needing a lot of time finding what I´m looking for. This one is definitely on my list!!! I give them my own titles mostly about the techniques you used to find them easier…
    Hope everyone has a sunny sunday like me…
    Rolf xxx

  9. Oh Barbara…this is beautiful! and so inspiring on a day when I feel I need a bit of brightness you always seem to do something to help!

    It is right what you say about positivity and I now do feel more positive than before a read your blog which is a good thing as I am going to start my samples for the next show!
    Love and hugs to you xxx

  10. Well hello there Barbara from the depths of Blackwood Forest where I am enjoying a break from reality in a cabin in the woods – it is magical.
    I love todays art – if you did that in a hurry then wow what do you do when you are taking your time!!! Plus you have tempted us by saying you have thought up another stamp and needed to draw it……now you have us dangling to know what it is!!
    Have a lovely Sunday …rest where you can….
    Much Love

  11. Oh Barbara. I love this and it's another one I will have to try. I've got most of the materials but will have to look out a stencil which will hopefully go with this design. Thank you so much. Lx

  12. Barbara, I just had to leave you a message today. I follow your blog daily, but very rarely comment, but today I just had to. I'm not a regular customer of Clarity Stamp (although I love your stencils) – it not that I don't like your stamps, it just that they're not always my style – it would be a very boring world if we all like the same thing! Nevertheless, I always look forward to visiting you in blogland, I love your enthusiasm, the little insights into your life and most of all, your sense of humour. What I especially love is the ideas that you generate – most of your techniques can be translated into any style (and I often do!) – you are very inspiring to me and to many others out here in planet interweb. Today's blog is a perfect example – it would work with any stamp, any stencil and any colour – perfect inspiration! I look forward to reading your blog for many years to come – if at any point you don't see the point in continuing, or fall out of love with blogging, just remember all of us who get our daily fix of fun and inspiration from you. Thank you. Jean.x

  13. Hello Barb, well you have just gone and done it again! Another one to add to my never ending list of ones to try. Love the colours and the idea of cutting up the grunge paste card, and I don't have the geisha, but I am sure it will not be the last to go on my wish list. Thank you again and again for all the ideas an inspiration. Bx

  14. Another lovely card and you are so right that positive feedback keeps us going. I was always told as a child I was no hood at art and it's taken me many many years to realise that my cards are ok and that art has many variants not just how we were taught at school.
    Keep up the good work I love getting my daily Barbara fix
    Jackie x

  15. Morning. I quite liked the small pieces of geli paper,I'm puzzled how they could annoy anyone???? Maybe it co I'm too lazy to measure and cut them myself. I also found them the right size to stamp onto, well, there's no pleasing some folk! Love the art work today, enjoy the rest of it, and hope your inspiration was fruitful x

  16. I don't think anyone could leave you a bad comment your art work is wonderful always lovely writting to go with it high light if day for many love this I need a week shut away crafting and nothing else and a money tree so could buy everything just been website so much I want enjoy what's left of weekend look forward to seeing the ne stamp xx

  17. Beautiful, so serene, love the colours ,I will miss the little packs in my 7×7 geli plate pack I use them to stencil brush across with the colours I choose also to match up a verse also to put on my geli plate to use as a white patch in the middle of my stencil then it's a stencil piece in its own it has so many uses .happy crafting to all xxx

  18. Like you say lots of inspiration in that one. Lovely. I have found the little Gelli cards quite useful, but suppose I certainly use more of the larger. We should be positive and make nice comments, I am sure everyone likes praise. Especially children, it encourages them to keep trying. xx

  19. Lovely art piece. Lots of ideas and inspiration. I love the way you've matched up the background to the dress-very effective.
    Wonderful display and demos at Doncaster Dome today, by the way. Thank you, Jan

  20. Fabulous project Barbara. I like the small pieces of card but of course we can cut our own if we need to from all those bits we never throw away. I can't wait to find out what the new stamp will be. Something lovely and really useful of course.
    X Chris

  21. Lovely, lovely project – must have a go. I missed yesterday's as the computer was unwell! However hope I am in with a chance to win your goodie. How right you are about uplifting messages and making gifts for other – gives me a lot of pleasure.
    Do you remember your comment – do not let today drag into tomorrow etc. Well it certainly has worked for me. Also your encouragement when I felt I was useless. You are an inspiration to us all and a really lovely person. I feel I have a friend at the end of the blog urging me to keep going on the journey.
    Have a great week.
    Best wishes
    Anne (hope your lavender bag still smells of summer!) Crowborough is still with me, I had a fantastic time.

  22. Barbara another fantastic project, just back from Donny had a great day your team did you proud as ever and of course several goodies like bubbles and eggs went into the basket that Sam gave me lolxx

  23. Lovely work, I love the concept and think I will start using the stencils and grunge paste a bit more, after all it is why I joined the Stamp and Stencil club. Note to self, they are not just for cooing over!

  24. Hi Barb,
    You have used one of my favourite stencils. I really love it and also the single one too. The geisha is really lovely – I know what you mean about some of the others! I really do like the finished piece if artwork and this is something that I will have a go at. You are one of the most inspiring people I know, so thank you for that. I am one of the people who rarely used the small pieces of card, but use loads of the large pieces! Was going to have a real crafty day today, but have no electricity for the day, so very frustrated! Love Alison xx

  25. Now this card is something to get one's crafting teeth into – great idea for a card. I was at Doncaster today – so a shout out for the Clarity Roadshow team, they have a busy few days ahead of them and I wish them well.

  26. Great demo, Barbara, with some lovely techniques and tips, and a super result. I haven't christened my Gelli plate yet; I always feel I must clear the decks, take a deep breath and allow loads of time, hence it's remained in its packing. I therefore haven't used the small 'postcards.' but I could see myself using them for gift tags. And maybe even with my Gelli plate!
    I do agree about trying to see the positive. On a recent train journey ( French TGV) we were delayed by 4 hours due to a fault discovered en route. It was a nuisance for us and distressing for some passengers, but I dread to think what might have happened if the train had continued with a fault. Lucky escape I call it!
    Always look on the bright side of life ( whistle……..)

  27. Hi Barbara,
    Another lovely technique to try, I've had the GP for ages and it's not been opened, I guess this will be the project to try it on!!
    The small cards in the gelli pack have been very useful for tags, but I guess I can always cut my own in the future.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the new stamp idea, how long do we have to wait?
    Happy Sunday,
    Jackie, x

  28. Where do you get your ideas from. This is fabulous and I do already have this stencil but not the geisha girl…. Looks like another stamp I "need". Don't ever get despondent over critics and cynics. You will never be able to please everyone because of human idiosyncracies. Different strokes for different folks. What you CAN do is continue with your blog and great quality products and make a hell of a lot of people happy every day. Remember Barb that is no mean feat. You care and therefore so do we…. Vx

  29. Hi Barbara I can't believe I forgot to look back yesterday! Sorry for missing you especially as this piece of artwork is stunning, and another Classic Barbara comment – oer mrs nothing worse than a gust of wind up your Ginkgo! Looking forward to seeing what you were inspired with yesterday. Love Diane xxx

  30. Hi Barbara. Your Geisha girl looks beautiful in her "garden". Great way of using the Ginkgo stencil.
    It always make you feel good when you do something for others doesn't it. Enjoy making the stamp, how chuffed is the winner going to be? I hope you got your idea down on your drawing pad. Take care.

  31. Lovely design…. as always!
    Just catching up on your weekend blog today as I've had a real craft-fest in the kitchen this weekend and have hardly left the table!
    Shame about the small cards in the gelli pack (can't understand why anyone would get annoyed with them!), I liked them. Handy size and great for making toppers without any cutting involved but as they will "no longer be", we'll have to use a bit of muscle power cutting the larger card up – but hey-ho.
    Fantastic inspirational blog over the last 365 days. I often look back at past blogs when I dig out some of the older stamps I have – it's just over a year for me too since I discovered you & the Clarity products and I must say I've enjoyed my crafting much more since! Belated Happy blog-birthday wishes to you. Have a great day, Carole 🙂 x

  32. Sorry to hear the smaller cards are no longer in with the 7 x 7 gelli card, I just ordered some card yesterday (22/10) along with other bits and thought I would have those too….
    Love the blog, and the daily ideas, so happy Karen H is joining your design team, she is fab!!

  33. Love that card…..wondered about trying the grunge paste. Definitely going to order some
    Disappointed that the smaller pieces of card won't be in the pack anymore….personally really liked it….found the size great for some stamps etc and also creating mini pieces of art to sell along with cards when fundraising for charity. Is it possible to buy any you have left?
    Love your products and demos Barbara
    Laura x

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