1st Blog-Birthday! Special Stamp Offer to celebrate.

1st Blog-Birthday! Special Stamp Offer to celebrate.

Hello there,
Thanks for stopping by.
Can you believe it?
This blog is a year old? 
Actually, the official birthday was on Thursday, 
but we were so busy, I spaced my own birthday!
What’s it coming to ???
Haven’t missed a day, and have really really learned loads.
You too? Yes, I have. 367 blogs on the spin.
I am quite chuffed with that, you know. So often in my life I have abandoned projects, given up halfway through. 
So to embrace the day-at-a-time challenge and do it 100% is good for my tick-box head!
But I have been planning something special for our Blog-birthday.
I went right back to when Claritystamps were born.
I tracked them right back to my old Rhyme Chart.
You may recall that years ago, when the kids were small,
Grace and Mark – clowning around.

and I was a lot younger,
Grace and Mark playing dress-ups with Mummy
 I illustrated a clever little Phonic Rhyme Chart.
An ABC which centred around Mother Goose and her Victorian Nursery Rhymes.
Here it is:
The Phonic Rhyme Chart – key to reading
It was also the starting point for our Claritystamps.
In fact, the letters were the very first stamps we made. 

To celebrate, we have reworked the line art, so that it is even crisper than before, and repackaged the collection, so that it not only takes up less space than a fully mounted large ABC collection, but is also more affordable.

Now it comes unmounted on an acetate storage sheet,

complete with poster. (Rhymes on the back)

As with any alphabet, you can spell ANYTHING!
And these letters are perfect for childrens’ name plaques. 
Christening presents,
Christmas presents,
Wedding presents –
the list goes on…

Here are some beautiful name plaques made by some members of our Design team:

Aren’t they super?

When I first started out, I used to take orders from customers for customised name plaques. Had a right little production line going. I bought a mount cutter so that I could pre-cut all different coloured mount boards to different lengths, depending on the names. I bought into a black framing system too, on the internet. So the sides were always the same length, say 8″ tall, but the lengths varied according to the names again. Same with the glass. I had it all cut to size. I would charge per letter, then hand-stamped and water-colour painted each one. I would sell them ready mounted and framed, and here’s the news: 
I couldn’t make them fast enough!
Kept me and the kids going for quite some time.

Anyway, enough of my old enterprising woffle.
On the first birthday of this Blog, I just thought it would be appropriate to re-launch the very first stamps we ever made.

At a very sensible price.


Please leave a nice uplifting message, 
giving me good reason,
and I will pick somebody to receive a hand-stamped, 
hand-coloured (by myself, of course)
name plaque, framed and signed.
And you can tell me the name you would like me to do. 
It need not be your own. Maybe a child ? A grandchild?

Thank you very much for reading every day. 
It’s what motivates me every day.
One day at a time.

lots of love,

157 thoughts on “1st Blog-Birthday! Special Stamp Offer to celebrate.

  1. I so love the alphabet stamps – they are scrummy. Can think of so many uses for them – another item on the wishlist! Your photos are wonderful – such happy pics. You haven't changed a bit x

  2. Hi Barb,
    Happy Birthday to the blog! I can't believe that you have been doing this for a year. I have loved every one of your posts and have learned so much from you. I was really upset when the Classroom came to an end and then Clarity You Tube Tuesday came along which is fabulous. Because of you, I now do much more stamping and am getting better ! The stencils are brilliant and the texture paste techniques fabulous. Even I can now create a little masterpiece ( well in my mind anyway!). So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to produce your little blog every day – I know at times you must feel like not doing it – I look forward to it every day . Love Alison xx

  3. I have the alphabet set I have made quiet a few name framed pictures as baby's are born in to our ever growing family's . They are loved by all they are a good investment thank you for sharing and happy birthday blog xx

  4. beautiful stamps Barbara ,I do so love watching you work and reading your blog. you make me laugh and laughter really is the best medicine . no grandchildren just the kids dogs to dog sit but my Dad is 80 today so I could give it to him lol keep up the amazing work x

  5. Happy Birthday, I do not know what I would do without the Blog each day, inspirational to us all, learning so much every day , the alphabet stamps are great and I often look at them, but Barbara, and a very big but, very feminine, and with a lot of males around for cards to make for me, I can not get around the pretty girls as much as I would like, perhaps you can show us away to get over this. Keep up your wonderful work, you are our star.

  6. Thank you so much for a year of blogging, I rarely miss a day and I marvel over what you come up with. Love your entrepreneurial spirit Barbara, all those years ago you were earning from your art. Love the letters, they are beautiful and the amount of detail in them is stunning. Pat x

  7. Happy Birthday to the blog and a huge congratulations for managing to blog every single day – very impressive. I love to catch up with you each day & although I don't often comment I do read & gain a massive amount of inspiration. I particularly like it when you post early so I can start my day off with Barbara Gray. Thank you & congratulations. X

  8. Belated happy blog birthday. I love these stamps and they are on my ever growing wish list! I love seeing and getting inspiration from the work you and the design team do. Thank you from Fi xx

  9. Well done on achieving your blog challenge to yourself. A whole year, and yes I have learnt loads not least how to leave a comment on here! Reading your blog every day is part of my morning routine now. I love it and am so grateful to be inspired each day by you. Great pictures and I .realise how much Grace is like you. I remember that talented lady with long hair at a show at Sheffield arena in 1997ish. I am still using the stamps I bought then. They really do last forever if you look after them! Love the alphabet stamps, they are so useful for so many projects. They may have to have mention in my letter to Santa! Now after a very busy night shift and another one to come tonight I really must make my way to bed. You work hard, give so much, never take anything for granted, appreciate people around you for who they are and what they do, and I hope you get the satisfaction of knowing how much your skills and talents, encouragement are very much appreciated by so many people. Have a great day.

  10. Penblwydd Hapus! I might not always comment, but I always read because you make me smile. Hard to believe it is a year since you started out with this blog and how it has become a daily habit, for it is like greeting a very good friend in the morning. Happy Birthday from one Birthday Girl to Another! ~~~waving~~~

  11. Morning Barbara,
    These stamps are just adorable and I would have loved to have had them when my children were younger (now 22 and 25). Maybe I should look to the future and think Grandchildren!!!
    Lorna D

  12. Congratulations! That is a lot of hard work, and very much appreciated. I wouldn't miss your blog for the world.I've tried and loved so many new techniques thanks to your daily dose of inspiration. Here's to another exciting year……hooray!

  13. Wow lovely stamps Congratulations on a year for blogging Would love your hand stamped one ,my Great Granddaughters name is Keely , love u-tube Tuesday better then on the classroom xxx

  14. Hello Barb, congratulations on the Blogs 1st birthday. I love your blog, and look forward to reading it every day, you are a constant source of inspiration. Love these stamps, but need to let the effect of my last big order (loving my distress re-inkers) die down a bit before embarking on another big splurge. Love the samples done by the design team, I have no doubt everyone including you have found it therapeutic colouring them in. It is great when something so special comes back again. If I did win, I would love a plaque with my grandsons name – George. Fingers crossed. Have a lovely day. Bx

  15. Good Morning Barbara & bloggers
    I don't often comment but I have read everyone of the blogs. My day is far better after I have read it! There is always variety, humour and talent in every blog, no two days are the same! I for one, hope you continue with this commitment and do thank you for cheering me up when I'm down, for sharing your talents and your personal life with us, long may it continue!

  16. Oh Claritystamp, oh Claritystamp
    Where would we be?
    A bird on the wing, a bird in a tree
    A card to make
    A card to send
    All made by hand with my love at the end
    The stencils are superb
    The stamps they are too
    Oh Claritystamp, oh Claritystamp where would we be without you!!!
    Happy Blogging Birthday with love from Heather and Len xx

  17. Good Morning Barbara,
    I remember so well being at the workshop in Little Baddow in 2013 when you were talking about the blog, I was one of those attendees back then that really wanted you to do – stayed back and chatted about it too. Then low and behold October 2013 it appeared – my birthday (16th) coincided so it was like getting an extra present!
    I have followed your blog religiously every day – and commented nearly every day – just the odd one I missed where I was not able to get an internet connection if away from home – for me sharing your private peeks, getting a deeper understanding of how your products work and being part of of this wonderful daily blog has been a truly enjoyable adventure.
    I love these stamps, and what a wonderful way of celebrating the first year with a tribute to your beginnings – did you ever think it would grow to what it has become today I wonder – did you have an inkling or did you just think it would be a cottage industry with regular orders as you have talked about in todays blog I wonder – how proud you must feel to take stock on how things have panned out and in this last year – well – wow! is all I can say.
    I am I think a true and devoted fan….
    I have two granddaughters – Amelia and Evie-May – the wonderful Amanda Branston made me their names earlier this year which I lovingly framed and gave to each of them for Easter – then, our sad loss of my grandson Dylan several weeks ago – Amanda again made me his name which my daughter was absolutely delighted with – it will either be framed or go in his memory box – as he was born an angel (Jane Telford taught me that).
    I have so much to be grateful for in joining the Clarity following …. I have made some absolutely wonderful friends…friends I hope to keep forever, I have mentioned two already, then there is Sally-Ann (Saz), Hazel Edwards, and all of my Clarity East Midland and Nottingham workshop friends – who have been fun, and truly supportive through what has been a truly hard year this year.Then there is you, a lady who I have grown to admire with some great personal depth..
    So a name …. I think it would have to be my own – for to have that made by you would for me be the icing on my cake with the cherry on the top!
    As ever Barbara
    Much much love
    Kim xxxxxx

  18. These are delightful stamps Barbara and the plaques are just beautiful.
    A year has gone by very quickly and you have shown us so many beautiful creations and some fantastic videos.
    A very happy blog birthday !
    Would love a plaque for Isla Rose , my darling 10month old grandaughter,

  19. Happy blog Birthday, how quick the year has gone! After watching Your Grace rowing the boat yesterday, I was amazed to see how much she looks like you in today's picture, making up the little clowns!! Love the alphabet stamps, real fun. I look forward to reading your blog everyday, and watching you on the telly every month. I wish I had even a fraction of your talent, keep up the great work. Vicky

  20. Hi Barbara congratulations on your blog birthday gosh where has that year gone??? I have learnt such a lot from your blog and have shared all the special moments with you (and won a voucher!). It has been inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and your private peeks, you are an amazing person. Have a great day love Diane xxx
    Ps doesn't Grace look like you!!! (Sorry Grace, I used to get that too!) xxx

  21. Loved the little 'vid' on Thursday. How quickly this year has passed, don't know where I would be without the 'Blog' and Tuesday's YouTube. It's magical. Especially when you are so busy,
    just to stop and reproduce such fantastic ideas, techniques and be such an inspiration to us all is wonderful. Thank you

  22. Happy Birthday to your blog Barbara, where has that year gone. So many wonderful cards and techniques. Congratulation to you for all the hard work, and in never missing a day. The video's were just wonderful icing on the cake.xxxx

  23. Morning Barbara, happy blogaversary
    I love following your blog and your day by day sharing of your wonderful talent and wit. I haven't followed from the beginning but since I found it I've tried to visit daily.
    Thank you for your wonderful ability to share your talent with us you are an inspiration

    Jackie x

  24. Morning Barbara, Congratulations on your 1st Blog Birthday, Gosh I thought it had been going longer than that!! Doesn't time fly? Its amazing that you can bring back your very first stamps, which are gorgeous by the way.

    Lovely images of you and your children, they look really happy kids. Bet you did not think back then you would be where you are today lol! Amazing business from an amazing woman.

    I would love to be drawn out for a name plate, although its hard to choose which of my children's names I would choose I guess I would go with my Daughter as its hard to get anything with her name on, her name is TOYAH.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Happy blog birthday! Ever since I found Clarity Stamps you have been an inspiration to me and I have learned so much. I look forward to seeing what you have put up every day and try most of them out although I would say some of my efforts work and others are total disasters! More of them work than not so I'm usually a very happy bunny. Keep up the good work Barbara and I will definitely be putting these gorgeous stamps on my wish list! Xxx

  26. Congratulations on a whole year of inspiration and smiles. Your blog is one I never fail to read. It is so positive and your joie de vivre never fails to shine through even when sharing the more trying side of life. As for the craft inspiration, it's just fabulous. Long may you continue. Keep smiling and keep crafting. x

  27. Oh Boy has that gone fast??? Happy Bloggy Birthday Barbara xxx You have done so well to Blog every day it is a big commitment but it's just another lovely place for us all to learn and meet up with you, keeps everyone together. These Stamps have been working their way up
    my list, I gave the posters out to all our family kids last year and they loved the personal story about you to go with them too it makes the stamps and posters so muchore special. Sam xxx

  28. What a wonderful year it has been too! Oodles of inspiration, fun and thoughtfulness too! You share so much of yourself with us which touches us all. Thank you so much. I would love to win a name plaque for my gorgeous first Granddaughter Freya – she will be one year old on 25th October and a name plaque made by you would be such an awesome present and keepsake! My fingers, toes, eyes and legs are crossed! xxx

  29. Happy Birthday, I read your blog every day and am filled with admiration for such a talented and resourceful lady. I bought 2 of your Nursery Rhyme decoupage posters way back, I think it was the 80's, for my future grandchildren. I think I bought them at the Kensington Business Centre. You had a tiny stand in those days. My eldest granddaughter is now 15 yrs old. How times fly. So happy that your are still doing such lovely art work and that success has been the reward for your hard work.

  30. Congratulations on your 1st blog Birthday. I have enjoyed reading your blog every day and have taken away some great advice from you. I do love these Alphabet stamps but really can't afford them at the moment. Will keep fingers crossed for a plaque made by you instead, I think I would be very selfish and choose one with my name. How could I pick just one member of my lovely large family. Hope you keep up the blogging, such inspiration. Thankyou xx

  31. Happy ' Blog-day' Barbara! It has been so enjoyable to read your blog every day and sharing your memories and adventures. It always inspires me to try to achieve something a little out of my comfort zone so thank you and I am sure we are all looking forward to the second year – no pressure, ha ha. If I am lucky enough to be picked for a name plaque it would be for my beautiful granddaughter Bella who fills my life with joy!
    Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent.

  32. What a wonderful set, and a plaque would be a thing to treasure. My niece is expecting her third child, another boy, soon, what a wonderful way to mark the occasion. I will have to save foetched set as I can see so many ways to create future family heirlooms. Congratulations on your anniversary, I look toward to reading every day

  33. Happy Blog Birthday Barbara! Your commitment, hard work and love shows through everything you do! Clarity is an amazing world, one none of us would like to live without. You teach, inspire and share so very much, all I can say is a simple Thank You! X

  34. Happy unbirthday today. A whole year of having something to look forward to. Inspiration of your artwork, and anecdotes of your travels and life. We peer in through the windows and you are generous to share. I have been lusting after the nursery stamps for a while. I'm still not sure if I should, despite the generous offer today. Help!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day. X

  35. Happy birthday clarity blog , wow what a brilliant set absolutely stunning and what a fantastic offer ,I've followed this blog from day one and what ive learnt in that time with clarity. it fabulous that you take the time each day to blog and it's much appreciated lets have many happy blog days Barbara
    Happy crafting hugs sheila xxx

  36. Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog. Instructional, inspirational and uplifting, with a lot of humour too. Would love to be the lucky recipient of a name plaque. If lucky I would like the name Evie Lily, the grand daughter of a friend.

  37. Happy Birthday Clarity Blog. Just yesterday I used these beautiful arty alphabet stamps and made a fantastic card. These are priceless and great fun. Thanks for,doing,this blog each and every day, it is such a treat and the highlight of many a day… You rock!

  38. Hi Barbara,
    Tempus fugit !! What more can you say?

    THANK YOU so much for ALL your time, inspiration, generosity, talent and daily blog's. I have learnt so much a dared to try things I would never have drempt possible.
    I work full time and this is my daily therapy, in fact it is cheaper than therapy until your C&C shows each month!!
    Long may it all continue. Lot's of love Bev xxx

  39. Happy Blog day here's to the next year and long may they continue. Your blogs are always filled with fun and totally inspiring. You are very giving Barbara and I for one am very grateful for that. Taking your time to teach us every day is amazing. Love the alphabet set. Joan x

  40. Thank you Barbara for your inspirational blog. I look forward to it each day. I love these stamps. There is nothing better than a personalised gift and they will fit the bill nicely. How lovely to hear how you started Clarity Stamps all those years ago
    Crafty Hugs
    Chris K x

  41. Happy blog birthday! Wow every day you write a truly fantastic blog and every day I read it without exception. I have learnt so much from you over the past year and can't wait to see what else I will learn in the future. Well done Barbara I think you need a crafty medal!! XX

  42. Happy Birthday to the Blog! I have so enjoyed reading and learning and experimenting along with everyone else, so thank you so much for all the time, energy, determination, talent, imagination and fun that you have given me and all your blog family over the last year. I can't tell you how much you and Clarity and your design team and blog challenges have helped me to become more creative and professional in my little crafty efforts over the years – you are all AMAZING! Thank you, Susan x

  43. Very happy birthday to your Blog! What an amazing achievement, never missed a day, even though you are such a busy lady. It has been a pleasure for me to read and has inspired me a lot. Have had a great laugh at your antics. I have been reminded of techniques and learned a few more new ones. I have also been very lucky to twice win gift vouchers from you too. I think you are one amazing and generous woman Barbara. X

    Best wishes

  44. A lady named Barbara Gray
    Comes into my life every day
    sharing Art, Rhymes and Quotes
    (even fun pics in boats!!)
    Clearly…..she's here to stay!!


  45. Hi Barbara, you are the one who is truly inspirational, I have loved every one of your blogs, especially when you've given an insight to your amazing life's journey, keep,it up! Love Carolyn x

  46. Hi Barb,
    Very Happy Blog Birthday. You make a lot of people very happy just by posting your blog. Your ramblings are a delight, and your artwork ideas and videos are inspirational.
    Thank you so much, you make long days shorter, dark days brighter and my husband a lot happier because it stops me moaning!!!! xx

  47. Congratulations on reaching this milestone – I didn't discover the blog at the very start but have been following along for several months now and also look back over old entries, when seeking inspiration. I think it's a fantastic achievement for you to have met your personal challenge of not missing a day – and there have been so many generous blog offers over the 12 months, too.

    What I like about your blog is that it isn't just about selling – yes, it's a great marketing tool, and I'm sure it will have prompted many a reader (myself included) to purchase a stamp or three, but it's so much more than that – you freely share your knowledge, teaching us so many techniques and tips, and you share so much of yourself, too: your philosophy & beliefs, your family life, your personal history … Thank you!

    Having not missed a day for 12 months, you could be forgiven if, now, you chose to slow down – but you have a huge following out here hoping that the daily blog will continue!

  48. What an achievement, start the day the Barbara Gray way! You give us all something to really look forward to each day and like many others I never miss. Your blog is such a great mixture of techniques, humour and you show us when it goes wrong too and what to do about it! I hear your voice constantly…don't go over it get over it! Makes me smile instead of getting frustrated.
    I have these stamps and I love them. I ve used them so much and every one loves them too. I am waiting for my grand daughter Alice's name to come back from the framer for Christmas.
    Thanks you so much for all that you do and I look forward to another year of blogging ( I ve even started my own now) x

  49. Congratulations on your Blogaversary. I don't know how you find the time to be so consistently committed and to such a high standard. I first encountered you a Craft Extravaganza in Surrey, showing us how to create landscapes and then paths with elastic bands. I bought everything you'd used straightaway. Last year I bought 9 of your posters and all small members of my family have one!
    I love to hear your memories of harder times too. I was a single parent and even crafted for some extra money, dressmaking mainly, but made my very enjoyable career eventually in another field. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law and three lovely nieces who are mothers and run small crafty businesses from home. My DIL has just bought a framing kit to extend her product, so I really did a double take on your mention of a mount cutter etc. I tell them all about you and your amazing achievements, as you really are inspirational.

  50. Happy birthday to your blog Barbara. I love reading it every day, it is so inspirational and means I am a much better crafter. As mentioned before I feel more of an artist using your products. The alphabet stamps are beautiful and wow to have a name plate coloured by you would be a dream…… I would have to have to be selfish and have for me so that I could put up in my craft room on a space I could look at every day to know who made it. Right off to play with my new Clarity goodies that arrived yesterday. Have a wonderful weekend XxX Tracie XxX

  51. Hi Barbara,
    Happy blog birthday! I don't know how you manage to do all that you do. You really are an inspiration to all us crafters. I have been struggling with depression recently and find that your blog cheers me up and inspires me to get my crafty stash out and have a play.
    Please don't stop doing what you are doing but also don't forget to take time out for you and yours.
    Love Gayle xx

  52. Happy Birthday! and congratulations on writing your blog every day for over a year – quite an achievement. I read it every day but don't often comment and for that i apologise. I have learnt so much from your teachings, even that nothing ever goes wrong, it can always be adapted. thank you again x

  53. Barbara, Happy Blog Anniversary, I remember all the trials of first starting this blog what with you not having done one before but you got the hang of it very very quickly and have not missed a beat ! the You tube Tuesdays are a great addition and such a great replacement of the classroom though I still miss those weekends 🙁 but all good things come to an end don't they ?? As for these stamps every time I look at them I notice something new in them they are great ! Now as for a name of choice my mum has had a rough time of things recently with her husband being ill and many other things to but one thing that put a smile on her face was the unexpected new arrival of a companion in the guise of a puppy who they have named Dodger so if that is ok with you could I have that please ? If not my other choice is for my Granddaughter Faye who I absolutely adore. Great blog, great demos too long may it last !! …. Love Doreen xx

  54. Happy blog birthday Barbara. You really do inspire so many people. I really enjoy the manner that you write, as it is like you are talking to me! I love your private moments and utube is great and always makes me laugh and smile. (Sorry l know its meant to be a serious method or project) Keep making us all more proficient in our crafting due to your time and friendly nature.
    With huge thanks for a fab blog year…….Barbara W x

  55. I was amazed to see that it was your blog's birthday already, how time has flown. Do you remember how it shot up the ratings? And now you are finishing the year with the best blog nomination to add testimony to all our comments here – yes, of course I've voted already! Congratulations Barbara, it has been a triumph on so many levels x

  56. A very Happy Blog Birthday!!!!!!! And MANY happy returns of the day….PLEASE!!! I can't believe the year has gone so quickly, the daily blogs have been great to read and are a very impressive achievement for you, especially with your busy life. Congratulations! x

  57. Hi Barbara,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the blog,
    light up our lives even in deepest fog.
    I must confess I read it every day,
    you present tricks in a funny way…

    So the blog is still a baby now, hope it grows with more and more readers every day. If I´m right Barbara, you and I we are exactly the same age… Sorry, I´m a little younger… my birthday is in the middle of November ;-))

    All the best

    Rolf xxx

  58. Hi, well here goes. This is my third attempt in the past several weeks to find the courage to post a comment on Barbara's blog, I keep chickening out at the last hurdle!!! I thought I will try again today since it's Barbara's first year blog anniversary and try to actually hit the button this time to show appreciation for all that Barbara's hard effort, commitment, kindness and generosity has given me each and every day over the past year.

    You see, I am housebound with chronic illness, live alone, rarely get out, don't see many people and I have Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism) that means I can have problems understanding communication and people can have problems understanding me and can also think I am rude or saying something not nice when I am not meaning to. All this has resulted in me being very scared of people! So for me to actually try to communicate with a community on the internet is a massive deal (and very, very scary!!). This blog, and the lovely people that comment on it and especially Barbara has made me feel I would like to actually say a huge thank you for keeping me going through the past year which has been an especially difficult one for me.

    I feel I am taking a huge risk too explaining my disabilities since my experience of people has not been very good throughout my life but I wanted to be upfront with all you lovely people and ask of you all to try to keep in mind that if I comment on here and I say something that does not sound very nice, then please try to understand that I am not meaning it. Thank you.

    Now, if I do hit the button this time, my next challenge will be to start using my craft stash and Barbara's inspiration to actually make some wall art, instead of just thinking about it!!!

    Thank you so much Barbara
    Brenda x
    p.s. sorry for the long comment, taking up everyone's time reading it

    1. Wishing you well Brenda, keep up with us as many of will support you,like all of us Barbara is a great inspiration and obviously helping you, we are all with you. Take care and looking forward to seeing more of your thoughts

    2. The second step is never as bad as the first and by sharing your worries you can halve them at a stroke as we can share your load a little! Barbara has so many followers now, think of how many people that is, just wishing you well and encouraging you to take the next steps, oh the power of a blog, Barbara, I bet you never thought when you set out on this about how it can bring people together, help them think about others less advantaged in health or wealth and generally be uplifted by a simple message or two. Not bad in a year eh? Happy Birthday Barbara and welcome Brenda to the wonderful world of all things art. Karen

    3. Well done Brenda on writing your first comment, and for sharing your anxieties with all of us. I hope you continue to find Barbara's blog as inspiring as many of us do. Susan

    4. Well done, Brenda! You pushed the button and we are very pleased that you did. Welcome to the wonderful family of Clarity. Many of us on here have found that our lives have changed for the better since finding Clarity; on a personal level as well as a crafting level. It can be a fantastically supportive network. I hope that you continue to comment on Barbara's blog and I look forward to reading your words and don't worry as we are a very understanding bunch and none of us is perfect anyway.
      Have fun playing with your crafty stash. Jeanette x

    5. Hi Brenda. CONGRATULATIONS on pressing that button. You should be feeling very proud of yourself for plucking up the courage to do it. I hope you can leave a comment everyday now. It will be good to hear from you and we are here to support you if we can : )
      And now CONGRATULATIONS again for winning the plaque. I am delighted for you. I hope you have your own name done so that you can keep it near you when you read Barbaras blog to remind you of the good thing that happened the first time you left a comment : )
      Take care.

  59. Wow where has the time gone.It doesn't seem that long.I have looked at every one and been impressed and inspired.you are such a talented lady Barbara. I am on holiday in Kos and still looking at your blog,.thank goodness for free wifi .loving the alphabet stamps by the way.Perhaps my greatgrand daughter will need a name plate for her 1st Christmas. Will have to have another look when I get home next week. Its fab here in Tigaki, the sea is warmer than the pool such lovely food and wine and every one so frièndly.We have timed it perfectly I dont missyou on create and craft either, what a good life.xxx

  60. Hi Barbara
    Happy Birthday for 1 year of blogging,don't know how you've kept to it being so busy.We as blog readers have been so lucky and I for one have learnt so much so thank you.The stamps are brilliant but will have to go on my wish list.

  61. Happy Blog Birthday. I cannot believe a whole year has passed since you started your amazing daily blog. Your blog is such a large part of my daily routine, that I think I would suffer withdrawal symptoms if you stopped…….please don't! I have loved reading each and every one. The ideas, the techniques, the private peaks…….each giving such inspiration. You are truly an inspiration to every one who knows you and follows your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

  62. Happy 1st blog birthday!! It has gone by in the blink of an eye. I generally don't get around to reading the blog till the evening, but as soon as I sit down to relax, I must look at the blog, and then I am truly relaxed and chilled. I want to thank you for all your hard work, and your determination to blog every day. Long may it continue xx

  63. Happy birthday to you and your blog. I have loved every post and even sometimes "go back in time" to read some again. I really like you're Alphabet stamps, thy are so uplifting to finsih or personalise a card. I could even see me framing names as they are just stunning. Thanks for the great offer and to let us have a chance to win a name coloured by you.
    Laurence xx

  64. Hi Barbara,
    Happy blog birthday, I cannot believe its a year of inspiration, you tube posts and your lovely ramblings, which make me laugh and smile each day.
    I've tried a lot of the techniques and cards you've blogged, some successful and others not so, but that's the joy of stamping…a bit of card has 2 sides!
    Happy blogging,

  65. Happy blog birthday! I would just like to say thank you for the time and commitment you put in to writing it every day. Whatever the time, whatever the weather, your blog is a little ray of sunshine. Long may you continue. Love xxx

  66. I absolutely love reading your blog every day. I haven't missed one, even on holiday!! I might read it late but I always read it. Love the tips and new ideas you bring us day after day. Thank you so much for your commitment and the friendship I feel you share with each and everyone of us daily. I feel privileged to know you even though it's through this inaminate screen!!! X

  67. Happy blog birthday to you! Happy blog birthday to you! Happy blog birthday dear Barbara! Happy blog birthday to you!
    Where oh where did that year go to? Time flies when you're having fun and that's what you bring us everyday Barbara. I really don't know which day is my favourite!
    The stamps are lovely and very tempting at that fabulous offer. The samples you have shown are so lovely! I would love to make a plaque for Amy and her bf Matthew! Then I'd have to make one each for my brothers 5 children!
    Thankyou for all the inspiration and for giving me the chance to be involved in such a fantastic family….the Clarity family stretches all over the world! Love and hugs! Xxx

  68. Happy blog birthday! I like many others read your blog every day. It seems that my day is not complete unless I have had my "Barbara moment". My moany teenagers laugh at me when they interrupt my reading of your blog! I am sure they do it on purpose so i will hold my hand up to them and say "its my Barbara moment. Unless the world has ended do not disturb!!"
    I hope that you will continue to inspire myself and the many others that are part of the Clarity world.

  69. It seems incredible that you have completed a whole year of blogging without a single break. That is an incredible achievement. You have given us all so much pleasure with the glimpses into how you arrived where you are, as well as the wonderful tutorials to inspire us all each day. My children know not to disturb me on Barbara Sunday each month and are learning that when they phone me in the morning, I might not give them my full attention until I have read your blog over a good cup of coffee.Long may it continue, as long as you are enjoying the experience with us. Hip hip hurray for Barbara and Clarity. xxxx Maggie

  70. Another Brilliant Clarity Design. Everyones Favourite Gray Handiwork. I Just Know Little Madams 'N' Older People Quite Rightly Say The Unique Variations Would 'Xcite Your Zeal.

    Happy Bloggin Birthday!

  71. Happy Birthday Barbar's BlogSpot! where has that year gone – have enjoyed everyone of the blogs and commented on most I think. Well done for continuity! xx

    Have had one of those days where it started off helping out a neighbour which led to even more time that it should have but ended up with a visit to two of the grandchildren and grand dog which was a great end to the day!

    Where would we have been without you and Clarity Barbara? It certainly adds some clarity to my crafting and even helps me through some days when I read your blog and You Tube has given me a lot of pleasure and tips! Long may you continue x x x

  72. Hi Barbara. Loved yesterdays video, you have got one beautiful, and mad, daughter . At least you two had a great laugh on the lake. Some people are so grumpy, that lady did not look happy did she! : )
    Congratulations on your first birthday. I have loved every single day, thank you so much for all the time and hard work you have put into your fabulous blog. Many tears have been shed while reading the posts, some of sadness but lots of laughter. How proud are you feeling? Congratulations again, here's to many more : )) Take care. x

  73. Happy Birthday, Barbara and the blog. Well done for keeping it up. I don't know how you manage it every day (I couldn't, which is why I keep backing away from starting a blog) but I'm very glad that you do. It's part of my daily routine to check the blog. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration. Jan x

  74. Congratulations &HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY looking forward to the next year and the next and the next and…….. Keep up the good work! Now how about a nice piece of cake and a cup of tea? Oh, and don't forget the candle! 😃 🌠 🎉🎨✒️🚵 🎂🎂🍻☕️🎶🎈

  75. Happy blog birthday!, you've done it writing and posting a blog every day, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I've done it too…..read it very day, well nearly. I've read every one not necessarily on the day you posted it.yours is the only one I've kept up reading though, dip into others now and then but never miss yours? You have brought this crafty community together and keep us going with your never ending supply of energy, wit, inspiration, creativity and genius! You are AWESOME,!Wxx

  76. Happy 1st Blog Birthday Barbara. Love the blog, love your TV demos and loved your workshops. All are done with humour and give so much inspiration. Anne x

  77. Happy 1st birthday to "One day at a time" and Congratulations to you, Barbara for such a marvellous achievement. ..not one day missed.
    Your daily blog has become an important part of my day this last year. Your generosity in sharing your expert knowledge, your attempts at new things (that always turn out fab), your amazing design ideas, and your private life is very much appreciated and loved. I also love your sense of humour and laughter to start each day is no bad thing. It's got me through some difficult times this year.
    You have truly inspired,, educated, empathised, uplifted and embraced us all as part of the most wonderful, welcoming of families, the family of Clarity. I have made so many wonderful, supportive and caring friends through Clarity, attending workshops with Maria and Jo, your retreat at Crowborough and the open day at Catterick …and new friends are still being made.
    So a very big THANK YOU to you, Barbara for your dedication and caring and congratulations once again. Lots of love, Jeanette xxxxx

  78. Happy Birthday Barbara – I have enjoyed your blog and insight into your life and talent. A few yrs ago a friend gave me the original alphabet set and poster – She had had to give up crafting – I put them somewhere so safe haven't used them since !!! -This has inspired me to search them out and have a go . keep blogging jx

  79. Congratulations on your 1st Birthday of blogging. Love your alphabet stamps, you should be so proud of your achievement all those years ago. Thank you for all your inspiration over the last year. You have certainly kept me going with all your humerous ramblings and letting me into your private peeks. There aren't many artists who would give so much of their time and all their tips to their prodigies, so thank you again for all you do. This is my third comment this morning so hope this one gets to you.xx

  80. Happy birthday Barbara and clarity stamp blog love the stamps Barbara if I was lucky enough to win it would be for my great grandson Bailey he has autism but is so brave thank you Barbara love June xxxxx

  81. Happy first blogaversary Barbara I discovered it about nine months ago and have followed it daily and you are an inspiration, not just from a crafting point of view but your openness and willingness to talk about family and attitudes to life are like a breath of fresh air. Thank you and here's to a future filled with more of the same. The stamps are gorgeous, but unfortunately I don't have any grandchildren to give it to to at the moment and I'm sure there are many more deserving of it than me. Once again thank you for your daily dose of sunshine. x

  82. Happy blog birthday Barbara, even though I'm a little late! I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Everyday you inspire us all to try something new. Your willingness to share your history is also wonderful. I can't believe that we have been reading and more importantly enjoying, your blog for a year now. Whatever did we do before Barbara's blog? I do hope you are able to continue sharing your tips and techniques with us.

    These alphabet stamps are gorgeous and the offer is fab. What a great way of celebrating your year in blog land. xx

  83. Belated birthday greetings Barbara (wouldn't let me post yesterday) can't believe it's been a year already. I've so enjoyed learning a new thing almost every day, meeting lots of new friends and really most of all enjoying your happy banter! You always look on the bright side and your positivity has gotten me through a few tough days, for which I thank you. INow look forward to sharing another year with you and everyone else and of course all the new tricks your going to show us. Wishing you continued success and most of all have fun x

  84. Hello Barbara. Happy Sunday, and a very Happy 1st Blog Birthday.

    Each of your posts is very eagerly awaited and enjoyed in the same delicious way that a naughty chocolate bar is enjoyed. Wonderfully and completely!

    The Alphabet stamps are incredible and I know that crafty buyers will treasure them for ever. They're the sort of stamp which will be used in so many way and for so many reasons. I can even envisage these being stamped directly onto a wall in a childs room, and then carefully coloured with paints or pens.

    I think that if I were the person picked to win the hand stamped name plaque made by you, I would love it to be made in the name of a little boy of not quite four years old, who was diagnosed, just over two years ago, with Cerebral Palsy. He's the most fabulous child, so happy and so amazingly gorgeous. His name is Harrison.

    Harrison is the couple's only child and they've both said that they won't be having any more as they feel that they need to put as much as they can into the raising of this wonderful gift from God.

    So, if I were to win, could the plaque be made out in his name.
    Many thanks, and again, Happy Birthday dearest Barbara. May your brilliant blog continue for as long as you do. ~ Cobs. xxx

  85. Happy blog birthday! The time has gone so fast and I have read all of them! You, your design team and all the other lovely people on here give your time, and ideas so freely, it really is inspirational.

    This time last year my lovely, kind and generous younger sister was entering into a period they call 'end of life', in the classroom had stopped and I was not my usual self! Then you started the blog and it's title was a reminder to me of how I had often advised people to try to get through things, 'One Day at a Time' and how hard I was on myself 'Pull yourself together'. I am now a little kinder to myself and choose this as my mantra. Although I don't always comment I try to read all the other lovely comments and kind thoughts.

    I introduced Maya Angelou to my sister when we were teenagers. She had a great impact on us, we flew the nest, lived our dreams and conquered the world. Over the past few years we spent almost everyday together, catching up, chattering and sharing our wisdom.

    Maya once wrote “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.” I now believe that a good stamp and some beautifully orchestrated colour can also add deeper meaning and that is what the clarity team has brought to my doorstep.

    We had a mixed three months but as a family we got through 'One day at a time'. Lynda passed away, peacefully in her sleep on the 13th January 2014. She will alway's be mum's little girl. Our memory box has been growing over the past year but we have now decided on the final dimensions. A name plaque would top it off perfectly.

  86. Belated Birthday Wishes Barbara, I Now look forward to sharing another year with you and everyone else and of course all the new tricks your going to show us. Wishing you continued success and most of all have Special Birthday Wishes…..

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