Grace at her punting best. A private peek…

Grace at her punting best. A private peek…

Hello there!
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Friday’s blog a private peek. 
Well, I spent a super week in New York last week, 
visiting our Grace. 

The weather was fab, the city is fabber and Grace is fabbest!

As promised yesterday, here she is on the lake in Central Park, 
showing them how it’s done….

Very very funny young lady. 
Made all the funnier by the woman with the long face in the other boat, trying to have a romantic moment with her husband 
(or somebody’s husband!). 
Did you see her? Go back and check her out!
Anyway, we had a wonderful time, 
found the Boathouse restaurant,
and had – no, not swordfish or shark fillet –
we had fish ‘n chips.
Because you can take the girls out of England, 
but you can’t take England out of the girls.

Tune in tomorrow, for a birthday celebration…..
much love and laughter,

41 thoughts on “Grace at her punting best. A private peek…

  1. Brilliant….Sorry!…Not Sorry…Duckies!…Its not me its the way the water flows!!!!….Grace your so on my wave length!!!
    Love it Barbara!!!
    Thank you for both sharing a great moment!
    Loads of Love
    Kim xx

  2. Well girls thank you for sharing what was obviously great fun for you both. Are we sorry? Yep No, I have had real chuckle this morning. Very glad you got your lunch too and stayed dry! I was waiting for someone falling in with all the turning round! See you Sunday at Doncaster Barb, safe journey down.X

  3. Just as well Sir Steve Redgrave has retired or he might be worried!? Loved the video. So glad you had fun with Grace. Have just had a couple of days in York with my daughter, had a great time with lots of laughs.
    love Gayle x

  4. Ha ha ha…soo funny! Bet they love her ability to do a souf east london accent out there. Grace you should have put a plum in your mouth and said you'd rowed for Cambridge or Oxford. Maybe the bore of a lady may have been more impressed! Glad you both had such a laugh together and hoping that one day soon Grace gets her star role because she sure ought to be on a stage …very entertaining. Love to you both xxx

  5. Well done Grace…you are made for the stage and Barbara your filming…great stuff. thank you for making me laugh/tears rolling down face lol
    Thanks for sharing Ladies.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Great start to the morning! Grace is definitely her mother's daughter! She has so many of your mannerisms and you both have the same sense of humour. Bet you had such a good time together. Thanks for sharing, love Alison xx

  7. Hi Barbara,
    guess Grace had a "Muskelkater" the other day… So please explain your readers what that is ;-))
    The woman´s face is so funny but most hilarious: Mother let her daughter do the hard work and is filming and laughing in the background…
    Remembers me when I was a child and felt into a ditch with a lot of stinging nettles behind our garden, crying and my mother was standing there, looking at me and was laughing out loud without helping me first…
    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  8. How lovely to capture moments like that (hurray for technology) – very funny. Some of your YouTube Tuesday clips make me laugh Barbara, when you are waiting for pictures to dry and you make the same expressions as Grace was doing. Comedy obviously runs in the family. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Hi Barb,
    My word, your Grace is fit. I'd have collapsed trying to do all that rowing and "rowing" geddit?? with the long faced lady and her swine, oops sorry swain!! ha ha. Mother and daughter time cannot be beaten ( I don't have a son so can't compare). Rolf, I'm going to look up muskelkater on google.

    1. Hi Maureen,
      thank you very much. I don´t know where this funny word in german comes from??? Usually "Muskel" is muscle and "Kater" is a male cat…

  10. Hello Barb (and Grace), oh this was just the giggle I needed today. Looks like you had a great time together, so what if that other woman was not impressed, maybe it was not with you and Grace bumping into them, but that she did not even want to be in that boat. Thanks for sharing. Bx

  11. Hi Barbara thank you so much for sharing part of your precious week with us, it was so funny. Grace is so like you in things she says and does which is lovely when she is so far away from you. She should join a rowing club and train for the Olympics! Brilliant. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  12. Hi Barbara and Grace,

    Just brilliant!
    Taking a line from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, " I nearly peed my pants" laughing at your funny faces and the sour faced woman in the other boat!!

    Mum and daughter time is so precious, you clearly had such a great time together.
    Thanks for sharing your little film.

    Jackie, x

  13. Hello Barbara,

    The apple didn't fall far from the tree did it, Barbara! Lovely video. How did you manage to keep your iPad from wobbling and shaking all over the place. A really good giggle.

    Love, Roz.x

  14. This is so funny and great of you to share it with us Barbara. I can see that you and Grace have a lot of fun when you get together and share that dry sense of humour. She is obviously a born actress and with the drive to succeed she will do well I am sure, especially as she is so pretty too. You must miss her a lot and time together is precious. x

  15. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your feisty Grace.

    I too have a feisty daughter, who is quite good at sculling and can row most men off the water. Five years of Friday evenings at Sea Rangers did the trick and though only 5'2'' and 7+ stones most folks are amazed when she comes powering through on the boating lake.

    Happy Days

  16. Go Grace – with such ninja turning skills I am impresed ( my secret skill is the pedilo lol!)
    Glad you had a fab time – I would never get my mum on a boating lake let alone on a plane to go to America lol!

  17. Brilliant video Barbara. Grace is soooo like you, no wonder you have such fun together. Her range of expressions is great and her sense of humour is terrific. Priceless moments to be treasured always. Thanks for sharing this special time with us. xx

  18. Really like Mother, like daughter (or may be you say it the other way round, could never remember….) Wonder how you manage not to fall in the water…..I was laughing so much nearly dropped my computer. Stunning Young girl.
    Laurence xx

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