Shaving Foam on a Coffee Stirrer…..

Shaving Foam on a Coffee Stirrer…..

Hi there!
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Remember late yesterday, I blogged a Castle mask trick with shaving foam? You ought to go read that blog first if you haven’t really, for this one to make sense….
Let’s take another look.
Well here is the coffee stirrer,

and here’s the card I smeared with the coffee stirrer!
I can see all sorts here, can’t you???
Come on, humour me!
For a start, I can see waves crashing 
and swirling oceans and rock faces! 
Let’s add a couple of stamps….
in Cornflower Blue and Cobalt Archival.
Can you see it yet? The scenery?

Right. Compass in the corner.

Colour them in with the colours in the ocean swirls, 
or fields or city lights…
Spectrum Noir Pencils work great on Shaving foam.

Drag the chisel end of a light blue Promarker around the edge to frame it,

Mount on blue and white,

or whatever colours you want to make pop out of the artwork. 

So there we are.
A really unique, original piece of funky artwork, made with ink shaving foam on a coffee stirrer.
I love it!
Here’s a little special offer, just because I can!
Buy the Hot Air Balloon, 
and we will send you the compass as a gift.
Have a great Sunday,
much love,

42 thoughts on “Shaving Foam on a Coffee Stirrer…..

  1. Morning Barbara, be careful with that hopping we don't want you falling over!!!
    I see the scenery and love the balloon – its one of my personal favourites.
    Have a great show – it will be a blast
    Catch you catch up for me 🙁 work calls sadly
    Much love
    Kim x

  2. Love the shaving foam technique since being shown it by Jo Rice at a Cumbria workshop. Hope your TV shows go well – will catch up with them later. Would really enjoy being at Catterick next weekend, but it's difficult to get there on public transport!.

    1. Hi Rosie. I'm driving to Catterick on Sunday from near Appleby if you want a lift and I have a spare ticket in you're interested? Not sure where abouts in Cumbria you are. I'm one of Jo Rice's friends on her facebook page. Message me x

  3. I love it! Such a simple way of creating a background, and the two stamps really pull it together, for the viewer to interpret. Real art!! I'm watching the first half of the shows today, and recording the rest, as I have to take my son to a birthday party. How inconsiderate!! 😉
    Alana x

  4. Great work Barbara. We learned the shaving foam technique at Crowborough and both grandchildren used it for their mother's birthday card for yesterday with the stencils. They had such a lot of fun doing it. All ready to watch this morning and recording in case someone visits. Enjoy yourself – Helen and Mike xx

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Anothe fantastic card. I am quite pleased with myself as I saw the sea etc when I looked yesterday.

    Have a great time with Nigel this morning. Unfortunately I will be at work. My friend is recording it for me and we will watch together on Wednesday.


  6. The Hot Air Balloon looks fab, amazing stamp, I can see the waves crashing below. Looking forward to the show, I have told my hubby to have a lie in so I can watch it in peace lol and I'll have a cuddle with my dogs, Trevor and Jason (whippets) x

  7. Love it! And who would think it started life as a bit of shaving foam with ink in it on a wooden stick!!!! Brilliant!!
    Looking forward to the show today and to the open day at Catterick next weekend!!! I hope everyone who can go has got there ticket!
    Have a good time today with Nigel… He always is so enthusiastic about your shows together that you're bound to have a blast!
    Love and hugs as always! Xxx

  8. Ha! I saw the sea and waves crashing too yesterday. Like the addition of the balloon. Have a great show with Nigel today. Had a sneaky peak at new stamps on Clarity site just now and think that they will be in my basket at Catterick next Sunday- can't wait! See you there xx

  9. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert wie genial dein Schaumhintergrund geworden ist. Die Idee mit dem Ballon finde ich genial. Ein ganz tolles Werk ist wieder entstanden. Ich wünsche eine gute Show. Ich werde es mir selbstverständlich auch ansehen.Ich bin begeistert von deiner Gestaltung. Ganz liebe Sonntagsgrüße Silvi

  10. Hi Barb, great image, amazing how a swipe with a humble coffee stirrer can trigger a persons imagination, I saw a gorge or canyon with a lake or river. Love the balloon stamp. looking forward to the show in a few minutes. Have a great time with Nigel. Bx

  11. Hi Barbara. I saw a river and trees etc. so along the same lines. Isn't it great that something that is so much fun to do creates such fantastic backgrounds, but you have very little control over what I turns out like! I think it is a great technique for nervous beginners as they can't "do it wrong". Have fun with Nigel and have a safe journey. Take care.

  12. That one piece has me seeing so many things – yesterday was Bath's Royal crescent today is a moor land covered in snow at twilight – I wanted to add some sheep lol!
    I am off to good old Costa for coffee with a Freind later so I shall be having wooden coffee stirrers not spoons lol!
    Fab ideas . I am going to watch the show later which I am sure will be fab too xxx

  13. Well done Barb fantastic show. I have learnt so much and as always am inspired, but creativity will have to wait as I need to go and meet my new Great Niece. I am now in baby mode and she has a great "Welcome" card inspired by Clarity of course! She will be stamping by the age of 2 if I get my hands on her! See you next Saturday. Love V X

  14. Another stunning card. I was also seeing the ocean and was thinking of the dolphins on the card. Loved your show with Nigel. Have recorded it so can come back to it.
    Laurence x

  15. Hi Barbara
    Wow I love how you surprise us! I was seeing ocean and crashing waves and would never have thought to put a balloon over that! (And what an amazing balloon too 🙂 ). Fantastic. Really enjoyed watching your show today with the lovely Nigel and I loved the way his shirt matched your stamps! Safe journey home and enjoy the rest of your day. Love Diane xxxx ps the design team cards were amazing too xxx

  16. I see the ice cliffs of glaciers on the left and a ship powering through the ice with its reflection below. Not sure if hot air balloons can operate up close to the North Pole – maybe if it is summer? A beautiful piece of art, with loads to look at, different each time you look, and totally unique. Great show today, and those toucans are going to be a very well used set, although my personal favourites ever since they came out are the blue tits with the cherry blossom. Hope you get a chance to get out into the lovely sunshine later today. xx Maggie

  17. Great final image, but I have to say you all seem to have much more vivid imaginations than me! Hope to get the chance to watch your recorded shows later today, but I fear it may be tomorrow as I need to do some baking!! Susan x

  18. This is beautiful, I have the hot air balloon and have used it several times but love your colours. Quite chuffed because I actually could see waves in this piece yesterday. Maybe I am finally getting on the right wavelength ( good play on words maybe). Lovely show today. xx

  19. Hello Barb. Missed your show so am off to watch on catchup now. This is a stunning piece and like the others I was right there with you with waves and rocks. Love the colours you have used. Have a restful evening. xx Margaret Col.

  20. Hi Barb,
    Really do like this, I saw the waves and the sea with cliffs along the side. Love the colours and find it incredible that this was just the " waste" really. The balloon stamp is lovely as well. The shows were fabulous today , some lovely techniques and as always, the samples were stunning, so well done to the Design Team. The plaque that I think it was Dee has done for your new art room was so beautiful. How did she do the words like imagine as they looked so dimensional. What a very clever lady. The new stamps were great today, really liked the bird tree and the great outdoors. I was also amazed at how many of the other stamps, stencils I already have such as the fuchsia, blue tits and feeder, the boy with birds, the cherry blossom, the leaf stamps and stencils ( both sets), the garden heart and verse!!! Love you working with Nigel he is always so enthusiastic. Love Alison xxx

  21. Yes Barbara i saw the waves crashing before i read where you were going. fab shows today. and the DT did you proud. and doing the show with Nigel is cool. you get so much more done! hugs xx

  22. Morning Barbara – Yesterday went well – not quite to plan due to the sell outs – but hopefully that cheered you up. I wish I could come up to Catterrick, but unfortunately it clashes with an outdoor event I am already committed to – boy will I be mad if it rains at the weekend and my event gets cancelled. Will see you all at Doncastor.

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