A peak at what’s coming up on the Sunday TV Show

A peak at what’s coming up on the Sunday TV Show

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by!
Thursday’s blog is always blue, 
and it’s looking a little overcast over Will’s Mum’s house, 
so let’s look at some cool clouds, and take a little look at a rather superb new stamp, which is being launched on Create & Craft on Sunday morning, when I shall be joining my friend Nigel May,
 for 2 hours of live arty crafting.
You have to agree, this new Claritystamp is rather special.
Stamp it onto a piece of A5 Theuvacard, using the 
I like it as a change to black. It’s a really lovely grey.

Trim the card an inch at one end, and then start laying in the clouds with our ingenious Clarity Cloud Mask.
De-tack it if you are using the mask for the first time, by laying it on your apron or jeans before laying it on the card. Mine has virtually no tack left – which is just the way I like it!

Here’s how:
Load two Clarity Stencil brushes with ink, 
one with Antique Linen
one with Weathered Wood
Get rid of plenty of the ink off the brushes first. Maybe if you are feeling frugal, even start another background piece with the ink, so as not to waste it. The point it, you don’t want much ink.

Lay the cloud mask down near the top of the page, and gently sweep or brush along the cloudlines with one of the brushes. 
Use a make-up sponge to drag the ink which is on the plastic mask into the clouds here and there, to add depth.
I went from top to bottom with the Antique Linen first, then went back through the gaps and filled in the blue-grey clouds. 
Stop before you get to the bottom, leaving room for the land.

Tear across a sheet of copy paper for the land area and place it. 

Add a layer of Antique Linen with your brush.
Try and avoid brushing through the tree. 
If you do, and the landline is visible through the trunk, 
then touch it up with a grey Promarker or lead pencil. 
How does she know these things?!

Add another layer with the Weather Wood Brush 
further to the bottom.

Now for a flash of blue.
Use the blue brush with a third  colour: 
In long sweeping movements, brush from left to right across the card. You can see I added more blue behind the tree. 
All I did was brush from right to left only for a while; 
the depth builds up by itself.

Next comes Will. Or was it Don?
Our weally very clever Men & Boys Wheelie Stencil.
Dial in Will, and attach him where you want him.

I used a make-up sponge and the colours in front of me 
to push ink through the stencil aperture.
The Watering Can ink is ideal for adding shade to his back. 

Run a black Micron pen on the righthand side of the images, 
the tree, the birds and Will, to accentuate the depth.

Mmm… Hope fits. We all need hope.
Now add some foliage along the top.
This lovely branch stamp is on the Sunday TV show too. 

Drag the chisel end of a grey Promarker or Spectrum Noir pen around all 4 sides, to frame it.

Mount on white square card. 

Hope you like it. 
Hope we don’t need an umbrella today either!
much love,

52 thoughts on “A peak at what’s coming up on the Sunday TV Show

  1. Ooh Barbara, this is a fabulous stamp and a common sight in our village. I can think of a few ways to use it already. Looking forward to the show on Sunday to see what other fab new things you are bringing us …and Nigel May too…bonus xx

  2. Very evocative. I can feel the wind in the card – absolutely stunning. Roll on Sunday to watch you and maybe I will be lucky this time.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Barb,
    Love it, love it. I can't believe you're on this Sunday, where did August go? I never forget when you are on and now I'm seriously worried that the brain deficiency is in overdrive. Great news for you in your newsletter, I'm really pleased that you will be demonstrating your considerable artistry over the water. And, you may get to see Grace more – an added bonus.
    Now Catterick is bad for me. My birthday on the 12th, family get-together on the 13th and my nieces big party shindig on the 14th. Unfortunately all planned before I knew about your plans and unable to re-arrange mine due to shift patterns of other family members. I am so sorry.

  4. Barbara the new stamps are beautiful stunning art work too I just think I've got enough of everything and out you fetch something that I love .i would love to come to your open days as my birthday is the 15 September but I'm to ill to travel very far so will have to treat myself to the new stamps instead and the lovley film stencil from the blog the other day happy crafting xxx will they be on sale Monday on your website ?

  5. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert von deiner Karte. Die Wolkenmaske und auch das Rad mit den verschiedenen Figuren ist wirklich absolut genial

    Gestern die wundervolle Fimstreifenszene und heute schon wieder ein grandioses Werk mit neuen Materialien. So schnell kann ich gar nicht das Geld bekommen wie du neue Sachen zeigst. Am liebsten würde ich alles kaufen, das geht aber leider nicht. Ich bewundere deine Kreativität und du bist für mich ein großes Vorbild. Vielen lieben Dank für die vielen Anregungen und Videos. Ich lerne immer wieder etwas dazu und dafür bin ich sehr dankbar.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  6. Hi Barbara Like the finish card, hope my bank manager wont mind if I get it and also the wheelie stencil too. Looking for ward to Sundays show as always
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  7. Wow. That's what I said when I saw this stamp. Love it. Congratulations on your educating role state side, I hope we will be able to catch up with it when it's on. Not so black over Bills mothers for you. Exciting times ahead. You deserve nothing less. X

  8. Look good can't wait for Sundays shows which I hae to make do with as I am away when you bring the open days to Yorkshire and you aren't at Harrogate for karaoke crafting this year lol

  9. Hi Barbara this is beautiful what a fantastic stamp – I'm looking forward to Sunday . Hope you are not feeling so blue today especially as the sun has finally come out. Haven't received my club newsletter and stamp yet but sounds like there is some interesting news!!! Take care love Diane xxx

  10. Barbara this is beautiful. It made me think of my dad . He was 90 in August , has prostate and secondary bone cancer and the only treatment left to him now is a pill which being very expensive the NHS are not keen to give. However his consultant is trying very hard to get it for him so at the moment we wait and hope. In saying all that he is quite well and is hoping to go to Poland (his birth country) for a short time before the results of scans etc come back . X

  11. I am already in love with that new stamp….. And such a great card. Can't wait till Sunday to Watch you and Nigel. Will you be able to show us the "shaving foam" technic?
    Laurence xx

  12. Oooh love the new stamp, It has to be up there with the boy with the birds stamp. will definitely going on my NEED list. I have the cloud stencil but think a bit more practice is needed before my clouds look like yours. Love the finished card too. x

  13. Oh so excited to see the new stuff on telly this Sunday! I love this new stamp…well actually that's a lie….. I loved all of them and the stencils!!
    I am going to have such a great weekend….Maria's open day on Saturday then Barbara on telly on Sunday and then with Catterick the Sunday after to look forward to and make my week at work look brighter!
    I love the card you have made here Barbara and can't wait to see how you use the other stuff too!
    Love and Hugs xx

  14. I do like this stamp and I love what you have done with it. The Wheelie with the men on was bought specially for making one card for a Charlie Chaplin fan. The one leaning on his umbrella is perfect for that. xxx Maggie

  15. Hello Barb. Don't have my newsletter yet but it all sounds very exciting whatever your news is. Very sad that I can't get to Catterick but hope you will be at the BSS show on the 21st. This is a lovely stamp and I hope you get to demo it on Sunday. xx Margaret Col.

  16. Barbara…quite simply I love it!!! and I also like that you have coupled it with a wheelie stencil too – you continue to show us the versatility of mix and match – brilliant!!!!
    Am gutted I can't watch you live on Sunday – sadly have to work – will record and catch up later though!!!! Cannot miss my fix of BG on C&C!!!
    Much love as ever Barbara
    Kim xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    This is so cool! I love it! The stamp is fantastic and I really do like what you have done in the card. I have the cloud mask and also a cloud stencil, so I'm a bit spoilt for choice. I also do like the watering can ink pad, a bit softer than the black. Really looking forward to Sunday with Nigel as well. Hope you're feeling a bit more cheerful today. Love Alison xxx

  18. Wonderful, like the look of the branch stamp. Oh dear there goes the bank balance. So glad you with Nigel on Sunday, you make a good team. Looking forward to seeing all new items. xx

  19. Lovely card and stamps Can't wait to see you demo it Will have to record though coz my family & friends are taking part in Harefield Hospital Fun Run in memory of my son Go Team Gary!

  20. Love these new stamps Barbara and tbe card you have made shows them off magnificently. Wish I could see the show but unfortunately am not around at the moment but will try to see it on catchup. x

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