A Film strip stencil. Very cool.

A Film strip stencil. Very cool.

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new, 
so I thought I would tackle a relatively new stencil:
This stencil lends itself beautifully to scrapbooking. 
How easy to just cut out the photo areas and slot a real pic in!
But I am going down the arty route, so do join me…
Lay the stencil on a piece of 

Secure it in place with low-tack masking tape.

Go round the outline with a black micron pen.
Mask off the whole stencil bar the photo apertures.
Dust Juniper right across all three areas with a stencil brush.

Place a moon mask and dust in Stonewashed.

Tear a hill out of copy paper and add a little Butterscotch.

Are you keeping up? Cool.

 Mask off the 2nd box and stamp the Meadow Dance Children into place using a Black Archival

Move the masking tape and stamp along.

And once more in the third opening.

Cut the Film strip with a knife and craftknife.
Colour in the film with a black Promarker, 
or Sharpie Pen or Spectrum Noir.

Starting to look like a real film strip.

Spray mount the strip onto another piece of A5 Theuva card.

Time to add a couple of words. 
I want the word Friends, 
so I’m going to have work a bit of magic.
I will use the Word chain Set No. 8 – they are superb.

Not hard. Just ink up the friends and lose the hip!

I love it when it works!

Forever downstairs.

I wish I’d added a couple of trees now….

Never fear! Treesa’s here!

Much better…

Time to add some shadow.
Drag a Promarker, a blue or grey one,
 along the bottom Film strip length and in between the little boxes, like here:

Add shadow to the words, too. Done and dusted. 
Mount on black card.

Hope you like it.
Leave a positive, uplifting comment today if you can.
It sure would be appreciated.
Been one of those days, when I wish I’d stayed in bed.
much love,

82 thoughts on “A Film strip stencil. Very cool.

  1. Love the film strip, love what you did with it. The possibilities are endless with this stencil. Must get it. Are you trying to bankrupt me? Well….can't take it with you! Have a good rest of day. X I'm glad you got out of bed any way. X

  2. Hi Barbara
    Love this and one of my favourite stamps too. I can see how versatile this stencil could be one to add to my list! Just sitting up in bed having a cuppa but should really be moving myself and getting ready for work. Great start to the day, thank you x

  3. OOO Barbara that's wonderful and such a lovely finished result! You could do a matching card but using the deer scape stamp too! or combine the two….oh the inspiration you give us is endless!
    You do realise that all day I will have ideas running about in my head while I'm at work!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Love this stencil and think it will be a great addition to my ever growing crafty stash. May also have to succumb and get this word chain set as well. I like what you did with this card and am already thinking of ways to use it!

  5. Good Morning Barbara!
    I have this stencil and have not thought about the jaunty angle….doh!!!! How silly am I!!!! I agree with Jane about the deer scape….. I had tried using it with the Jazz Man but couldn't quite get it to my liking!!!
    Daily grind….oh dear….I think many of us could identify with that …even those friends among us who have had the summer off because they work in the teaching profession…there is just something about life these days isn't there…but dig deep dear Barbara….it will be worth it in the end…you are a tough woman with a heart of gold…whatever is troubling you …if it can wait put it down the to do list…if not ….meet it face on get it out of the way and then get on with the rest of your day…Keep Calm and all that!!! Or if possible just share with someone even if they cannot take it away or do it for you – just off loading and getting it off your chest can make it seem not so bad xxx

    Much Love my friend
    Kim xxx

  6. Hope you're feeling better. What a lovely uplifting card to start the day. Had a tough day yesterday and didn't want to get out of bed, but your lovely cheery card and sentiment have given me the kick up the bum I needed. Looking forward to seeing your lovely new art room progress xx

  7. Blooming marvelous! I fall in love every day with each new creation! I say to myself every day this is my favourite but it only lasts till next day then I have a new favourite! Beautiful work x

  8. Dear Barb, another amazing and inspiring creation. Love the film strip stencil, there are quite a number of stamps it would work with, already added the stencil to a very long wish list. Take care and look after yourself. I feel like you and others today, wishing I had stayed in bed, but hey ho, got to get up, get going and face whatever the day brings. Hugs to you and all that need them. Bx

  9. Good Morning Barbara, another beautiful piece of artwork, you never fail to inspire us. Another stencil to add to my shopping list for Catterick, hee hee. I really enjoy your blog everyday, you have made it quiet unique with the flare you have on putting your spin on it, either being your art, sense of humour, antidotes, family life, peoples thoughts, etc. It is amazing just like you. Michelle XXX

  10. Hello Barbara,

    Another inspiring card. Thank you.

    Please take care of yourself. If necessary take some time off COMPLETELY. Your Team are well-trained so things will flow. As much as we would miss the daily blog your health and wellbeing is much more important.

    Take care and look after yourself.

    Love, Roz.x

  11. Bought this stencil when it first came out but haven't got round to using it yet. Think I'll be giving it a go at the weekend now!

    "When the going gets tough…….the tough go shopping!"

  12. WOW! Totally in love with this piece of art. Just started following your blog, have it in my sidebar and I echo the comment earlier about bankrupting me lol! Ordered from you earlier this week but really, what a versatile, fabulous stencil, need to put in another order!

    Feel for you about not wanting to get up and at it, weren't you poorly at the weekend? Takes longer than you think to get over grot like that. Sleepless night for me after looking at a house to buy, house sold as ex needs his share out but nowhere to buy that looks right for me and my sons. Sigh. But I know you got through it and came out the other side, so onwards and upwards.
    Keep smiling and walk tall

  13. Sorry your day has started bad pray it changes and it a wonderful day lots of positive thing happen. One just think the film strip is fantastic another want have the dancing children love them so another on my want list. Well my day was not good yesterday started with my cousins funeral that went well as they go then an elderly relative they thought may have been having a stroke but ends up was the heat and not eating. We arrived home Katie came home from day centre then started pain in chest was crying say hurt so ambulance A/E as they said Down's syndrome people often have heart problems we were panicking as was yer ago Sandie was rushed in but heart fine not what was home 1am shattered. By your blogs always cheer me up so big hugs to you and no how much you are loved have blessed day xxx

  14. This is gorgeous I don't have the stencil or the stamp but will put on my wish list. You are such a positive person I'm sure your day will improve and the sun is going to be shining today. Any chance of a workshop Berkshire Buckinghamshire Oxford way? If only we could split you into a million yous.

  15. What a wonderful card, this I really, really like very effective. I second Rosalind's comments look after yourself. I not too good today have trapped my Sciatic nerve so on the hobble today, not going to do much apart from putting this stencil on wish list. Not long till Sunday, hope you are well enough.

  16. This stencil is a must ! Such versatility… my mind is running overtime with this one. Beautiful piece you created today. I realise that it's not the healthiest of solutions but a really good coffee & a sticky cake do wonders for days when you're a bit below par just don't tell your GP I recommended it !!

  17. Barbara – you really do turn a sunny day into an even sunnier day. Fab interpretation of a simple stencil into yet another perfect design. I can only watch, learn and hopefully your fab inspiration will help me to create a good piece of art one day. Keep doing what you do and thank you so much. x

  18. Barbara I love your card! I hadn't seen that stencil but it works so well with the children. I hope you have a good day but when you are feeling a little low, think of us all eagerly waiting for the next blog post, stamp or stencil and inspiration from you so we all feel better about ourselves because we can achieve something good too 🙂 xxx

  19. stunning stencil Barb – I love the idea of the film strip – glad you added the tree too! A fabulous make! Hugs rachel. P.s hope you feel better about today xx

  20. Sorry that your day got off to such a bad start. I hope your day is improving and you're finding the strength to face the challenges of the day.
    Your art is delightful today. Such a cheery scene and the stencil is a perfect frame for it.
    Love and hugs Jeanette x

  21. Hi Barbara loving your artwork today, you can almost hear the children laughing as they play , I even liked how you lost the hip! Hope something goes well for you today to make you glad you got our of bed, the artwork is a good step and the sun is shining, perhaps something funny to make you laugh or a great bargain in the shops or the best slice of chocolate cake ever!!! Take care of yourself. Love Diane xxxx

  22. I've been looking for your blog for ages after seeing you on c&c always tape your shows I learn so much watching you. The film strip is amazing, such a clever idea, I always struggle with masking, but practice makes perfect as they say, looking forward to your next post

  23. Dear Barbara,
    what a great card you made again.

    This stencil is definitely on my list. I have two film strips as stamps and in different sizes so this stencil is a perfect addition to them. I only have to wait to find some more products because of the shipping costs to Germany (but I know yours are fair).

    And be fair to yourself too. If you don´t blog every day no one would be disappointed because your health is more important…

    All the best
    Rolf x

  24. Hi Barb,
    Yet another masterpiece from you. Teresa's a good friend of mine too, can't get too many!!!
    Sorry you're having a lousy day. I hope it improves, but I have to say you can't tell from your artwork that it started badly. xx

  25. Barbara it's stunning wow what a lovley stencil I've just received my clarity club stencil and stamp fabulous ,I subscribe to the cardmakingandpapercraft magazine and it's wonderful to see a feature project from you each month clarity addict I am thank you for all your inspiration xxx

  26. Good morning. Well, it might not be that good a morning for you but it is for us as you've worked your magic again and created something truly marvellous. Now go back to bed. Sleep for a couple of hours, have a relaxing bath, go for a long walk, listen to some soothing music or catch up with friends. Just have some 'me' time. You deserve it! xx Margaret Col.

  27. Sorry you are feeling off today. I know that you have a busy few weekends ahead of you in the run up to that C world – so don't feel too guilty about taking time out for yourself to get through it. I see that you are on with Nigel on Sunday so that should be fun to watch – I can just see you biting your tongue whilst you are on air and then laughing about it when you have finished. My little craft group is having a play with our gelli-plates on Saturday, so digging out your articles from the recent editions of Cardmaking and Papercraft.

  28. Lovely demo – You can almost hear the children's laughter! I'd much rather be out like them playing than be stuck at work too, but….needs must……!
    Hope you're feeling a bit better as the day wears on, take care, Carole x

  29. Oh I really like what you have done with this stencil and stamp Barbara – my other half is a photographer, so I think this will be a really useful addition to my stash! Sorry you're having a bad day – heard on the radio's pause for thought this morning that 3 Sept is historically known as a Dismal day, and the lady was encouraging people to think of themselves in a Scarlet O'Hara dress saying "Tomorrow is another day!" And if that fails, fashion yourself a little voodoo doll and stick pins in it! :o), Susan x

  30. Barbara, hope your day is improving and if all else fails the sun has gone over the yard arm so I give you permission to have a little glass of something stronger than a cuppa!!

    A beautiful card, I love this stamp and its well used by me, but I'll have to add the stencil to the sable 🙂

    Take care of yourself, xx

  31. Love this stamp and how you've used it. Keeping up with the blog while on holiday in Spain. Only problem is, no crafting things with me so will have to wait 3weeks before I can try it!😎

  32. Good morning from Santa Fe, all yesterday Gill said, oh Barbara could make a cool stamp out of this ?? We loved the artsy district with all the fab art galleries. Love New Mexico. We are odd to CO this morning.

    I loved the film strip stencil when it first came out, it makes such a cool frame and once again you have shown how to make it even better, you are so clever. Love the card… Xxx

  33. Sorry you had a rotten start to the day Barbara; hope things have improved by now. Love the artwork, and I think this stencil will be great for those tricky male cards too…
    Looking forward to your C&C show on Sunday. I see that Nigel is listed as the presenter – brilliant!
    Ruth x

  34. Simply fabulous as always. Hope you soon feel better – you'll need all your energy for Sunday. so pleased you're on with Nigel, he's one of the better ones in my opinion. Pat x

  35. This is really great. I have looked at this stencil and now I wish I had added it to one of my (many) recent orders! Do you dream of cards and arty things? Such a talented lady. Hope you are feeling better, the sun came out to cheer you up. XX

  36. What is an uplifting comment? Had an awful day at work, and wished several time during my working time I stayed in bed. But than I heard the birds singing and even saw a deer walking up the drive of the chateau, and that make my day. After that I went to see my daughter and that also put a smile on my face, and to make my day even better, I read your post and see your stunning card. Hope that helps you and that you feel better very soon.
    Laurence xx

  37. OMG how do you do it, another stunning piece of work, I love it how you always get it looking so realistic! I did go back to bed but wish I hadn't had too, three days back at work and knocked for 6 by flipping migraine. I really wish I could just mess about in my craft room all day….oh dear that's not very uplifting is it. Sorry, yay, only 6 weeks to go and Barbara's back on the telly on Sunday, I shall get through the rest of the week looking forward to watching the show!Wx

  38. Oh dear you got some busy time coming up hope you will soon be back to normal. I know the feeling about staying in bed, seems like a good option to me at moment, my knee and leg so painful. Card is very clever, like the new stencil. Take care of yourself xx

  39. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you had a bad start to the day and can only hope that it got better for you. Please do take things steady and delegate! Really love this " filmstrip". How clever, think I need this stencil and the stamp too! I wish I'd stayed in bed as I've been lugging furniture all over trying to get the bedroom ready to decorate tomorrow. I HATE decorating and we are doing the whole house – I just want to cry at the moment! Take care and thank you for everything. Love Alison xx

  40. Stunning design and the sentiment says it all.
    Hope you're feeling better soon Barbara, although staying in bed seems a good idea it would be a terrible waste of such a beautiful sunny day, taking time out in your pretty little summer house would surely be better and allow you some down time whilst also letting mother nature lift your spirits. Take care.x

  41. What a beautiful creation. The dancing children was my very first clarity stamp I ever bought so it is nice to see it being given an airing in this way.
    As all the previous posts echo the same sentiments about you and your health please take heed!!
    That said I hope you are well enough for your show on Sunday.
    Take care love Bev xxx

  42. oh Barb when will you listen to your body! you can't keep pushing yourself like this. something will give…. not uplifting……
    well love this stencil. i have used it to create a filmstrip. it is really cool and is great for masculine cards. i love what you have done with it. however i'm wondering why you cut it out rather than colour it straight onto the card and continue on same one.
    please take care, hugs xx

  43. Love this idea so that stencil will be added to my wish list. If you feel like that in future, go back to bed for an hour or so and then start your day all over again. Take more time to soak up the rays of the sun. xxx Maggie

  44. I love this filmstrip, stencil and what you have done with it Barbara Andthat shading rereally brings it to lifehttp://debby4000.blogspot.co.uk

    I love this filmstrip stencil and what you have done with it Barbara, and that shading really brings it to life too. Sorry to hear you have had a frustrating day. x

  45. Hurray have eventually learned how to post comments! I love what you do with your stamps so much that I have already made some Christmas cards using some of your methods

  46. Hi Barbara
    I wonder if you still have your Film strip stencil? I see this post was in 2014 so was wondering. And if you do how much and how can i place an order? Thank you

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