Flowers from friends, and a BLOG SALE from me!

Flowers from friends, and a BLOG SALE from me!

Hello Monday!
I hope this blog finds you in a good mood?
My spirits were certainly lifted when I received this wonderful bouquet of freesias and roses from the ‘Scottish Team’.
Thank you so very much, ladies!
You shouldn’t have, as they say, but I am so grateful you did!

Since Monday’s blog is TREES & FLOWERS, 
I got to thinking…
The colours are so beautiful here, 

The pinks, reds, light greens, yellows
and whites,

 I decided to borrow the colour combination,
and make a thank you card.
First things first.
Rummage around and find a suitable background.
Shaving foam drag –
 and then again, but through the Olive Branch Wreath stencil. 
I know. You look at this and think, mmm. 
That didn’t go so well, did it, Barbie…
I agree. But the colours are ok!!!

Next, rummage around for a flower stamp. 
The only set I have got in this mess at home is the Funky Leaf Set.
So there you go. Keep calm and carry on…
Stamp in Olive Archival.
You need a permanent ink pad to stamp on top of shaving foam.
Missed the middle. Rats.
But we know the golden rule:
Don’t go over it – Get over it! 
I will use a pencil or something to touch it up later…

Let’s add a couple of stray flowers at a funky angle,

to distract from the weak stamping effort!

See? You wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t pointed it out!
Notice I used a sheet of copy paper to keep the stems level.

Colour in the flowers. 
I used my Spectrum Noir Floral Tin and Essential Tin
Study the models in the vase, 
test the colours and go for it.
Use a green pencil to correct the weak stamping effort.
These pencils work beautifully on shaving foam.

Let’s add a baseline,

Get radical with the trimmer,

and then run round the edge with the chisel end of 
a green Promarker (Pear Green)

Mount on a white piece of the same card, the square Gelli Card, 
which I seem to use for most things nowadays!
Good enough.

The iffy background is ideal,

See how I stopped at the flower I trimmed at the edge, 
and then started after it again on my way round the card?

So here’s a very big Thank you to Margaret and Christine 
for the flowers and the inspiration.

A tone in tone card,

Hope you like it!
What a fabulous array!
Cheers up this empty space rather beautifully. 

I’ve just had a thought.
How about a Blog Sale here, one day at a time?
I am working from home for the next week or two,
sort of half working, half not.
So I can do this easily from here. 
Let’s have a special offer every day.
And some daily blog candy too. 
Cards, gift vouchers and freebies for the next fortnight.
Today, if you click here to buy the stamps, 
you will pay just £20, (£18 if you’re in our club)
plus we’ll also send you 
the 7″ x 7″ Olive Branch Wreath stencil as a gift.
(save over £7)
And if you have already got the stencil, then give it to a friend for Christmas!

Today, leave an uplifting and positive comment today, 
and go in the draw for a £10 Gift Voucher.
You have until midnight today to go in this draw…
Yes, let’s have some fun!
Much love,

96 thoughts on “Flowers from friends, and a BLOG SALE from me!

  1. Oh Barbara this is lovely – keep promising myself I will try this shaving foam thing!! Your flowers are gorgeous too – what a lovely thought. Just shows how much peeps love you. Have a fabulous day. Xx

  2. What a brilliant blog, Mrs Gray!! Talk about inspirational! I am all fired up now and want to give this a try. It's cold here in Scotland (yup, Scotland) so I might try using warm yellows and golds and see if I can bring back Summer!
    Thank you for your dedication to blogging for us lesser mortals!

  3. What a thoughtful thing to do. I love receiving unexpected things (as long as they are nice and make you smile!) The card is lovely and just the right colours. Off to order my stamps and stencil. Thank you XX

  4. Love this really did pick up colours from flowers what a wonderful surprise to recieve a lovely punch of flowers enjoy your day we are of to Alfredo shopping outlet for a wonder xxx

  5. Beautiful flowers and a gorgeous card, simple but lovely. I haven't tried the shaving foam technique yet, I only saw it for the first time when you did it on the telly last week. Amazing day, well done!! I took a day off so I wouldn't miss anything and recorded the shows so I could re run the demos. Shame I couldn't buy all that I wanted to but you have given me so much inspiration.
    Thankyou so much. xx

  6. Beautiful card to go with a beautiful card for a beautiful lady. It just shows how much we all value what you do for us all. What a lovely surprise for you. When you say you are working from home, is this another way to say you are trying to sort out your fantastic huge craft room? Do make time for a bit of crafting as you sort, just to keep you sane. I would gladly swap my war on dog hair today with a vac that is not working properly for what you are doing, but I have promised myself some crafting time this afternoon as a reward. Have a great week, Barbara, and take time to smell the flowers, outside as well as inside. xx Maggie

  7. Beautiful flowers and cards. I needed to see something pretty. Just been down to my allotment and faced 2 large rats – they just stared at me and did not go away. Needless to say the blueberries did not get picked!! I'm off to my craft room away from vermin!!
    Looking forward to this week's blogs.
    Best wishes

  8. I love these stamps! It was love at first sight. Mine were delivered last week, so I've missed out on the free stencil, but never mind, I've had longer to play with them! :o) I also received my 'homework' from the show, the beautiful gelli plate print with reindeer in the centre. Thank you so much, Barbara. It arrived, open, (thank you post office!) in the biggest padded envelope I have ever seen!!! I need to treat myself to the 'stream' ink pad so that I can complete it – I already have the denim. Something else to add to my shopping list for Catterick! Can't wait for the Saturday, and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Love Joan xx

  9. your flowers are stunning Barbara – kindness definitely is contagious! Lovely! Your card is fab and I have to say – I wasn't convinced until the end – you're so clever! Hugs Rachel xx

  10. Such a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the card and the colours are lovely. I have these stamps and the stencil, the card is so calming to look at as we have had some sad news. xx

  11. What a wonderful bouquet of freesias and roses from the ‘Scottish Team’ – so pretty!

    I also love this Card, you really did catch the colours. Have a nice day !. xxx

  12. Such beautiful flowers Barbara!

    Your card is gorgeous and the stamps and stencil are lovely. I love the colours you've used, they are so pretty together.

    Enjoy your semi-time off.

    Happy Crafting!!! 🙂 X X

  13. What beautiful flowers & what a lovely surprise. I really enjoyed your blog too as your saying about "getting over it" is so reasurring although I don't think I can recover my artwork with as much style as you can. Your finished card looks so pretty nestled among the flowers and matches perfectly. I'll have to pass on your special offer as was too naughty at Crowborough however I really hope I'm lucky in the prize draw. Thank you for your generosity. Hope you are planning to spend lots of time in your new artroom while working from home.
    Crafty hugs Jeanette xx

  14. Hello Barbara,

    Your flowers are beautiful and so is the card. It is so nice when things don't go quite according to plan for the teacher, lol. It makes us less critical of our own attempts and teaches us how to recover an image which we might otherwise have thrown away.

    Love, Roz.x

  15. Wow Barbara – such beautiful cards and flowers to match! The petals of the roses look like they've been airbrushed with pink just like the look you would achieve with your clever stencil brushes! I love these funky leaves stamps and I'm quickly going to take advantage of your offer of buying these stamps and stencil. I haven't yet tried the shaving foam technique but I'm going to have a go so I'm heading to the bathroom to "steal" hubby's shaving foam and I'm going to have a go this afternoon. Of course once I steal it he may never get it back but hey – I quite like a man with a beard !!!

    Thanks for all your inspiration Barbara and enjoy your time working from home!



  16. Always lovely to receive flowers and then a great twist to use them as inspiration! I'm just thinking of what to do with some shaving foam backgrounds, I'm going to use one for Holly's birthday card in Sept, her favourite one she did. But not quite sure how yet! I think I might die cut it…… Lovely sale but I've got all that already lol!! Have a lovely week! xxx

  17. The flowers are beautiful, I love Freesias and you can't beat them for scent. I have these stamps but have yet to use them, but unfortunately seem to be busy all of the time right now. They will come out soon though for sure and as I have loads of shaving foam papers to use they will make quick but lovely cards too ! Thanks for the inspiration Barbara xx

  18. Beautiful cards made so quickly too. I'd love to get the stamps but can't afford another £3 postage after my previous order. Can we order them in one go to save postage? Thanks! Love watching you when I am on kidney dialysis, you brighten up my days! Karen x

  19. I love Freesia – a flower my dad always bought me so they remind me of him – The stamps are great – I missed the shaving foam demo on TV but would love to try it – is it on you tube ? jx

  20. What a beautiful surprise gift and simply perfect inspiration for your card. I truly believe you could make some gorgeous out of anything.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  21. I love reading your blog each day – it's the only one I visit regularly. I find your work so inspiring. The way you have used the colours from the flowers to make a lovely piece of artwork is fabulous. xx

  22. What a lovely card, and lovely flowers, very pretty colours. I really must go and buy some shaving foam! Would you be kind enough to maybe do you tube of how to do the foam when you are back up and running. I've never actually seen it done. Your recent cards have been so great using this technique for the backgrounds. Thank you so much for you daily blog, I look forward to reading it with my cuppa every morning. Sets me up for the day.
    Kind regards

  23. How delightful to get some unexpected flowers; bet your art-attic smells gorgeous now. And we've all benefited from the inspiration they gave you.
    Hope you get a chance to recharge your batteries a bit over the next week or so – you've had such a hectic time recently.

  24. Dear Barbara,
    yesterday here I had with myself at home with three nice ladies our first comfortable stamp Sunday and we have tried out our new Claritystamps. We took all a lot of pleasure and good ideas and Sunday came to an end too fast. The TODAY'S BLOG CANDY I find first-class and would be glad if I won him for our group.
    I have one more question to the TODAY'S SPECIAL OFFER. If I can collect there also the whole week, so that I save postage, because I live in Germany.
    The thank-you flowers of the Scottish team are a force, I am also glad always about a small thank-you when I organise such a stamp event like yesterday.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Jutta, all the things on sale this week will be on sale the whole week. So you can place your order at the end of the week. I want to continue until Sunday at the earliest…..

    2. Hi Barbara,
      This is a good idea, then my order goes about your web side or about your blog and can also order I other articles in addition?
      So, now I have asked enough.
      Many thanks that you finds time to answer my questions.
      Dear greetings

  25. What a lovely surprise to receive such beautiful flowers, and how fabulous that you are working from home, so will get to enjoy them every day! Great thank you card too – I'm sure the Scottish ladies will love it, and that those lovely warm colours will bring them some cheer as it's really cold up here at the moment – heating is on already up in Inverness!!! Susan x

  26. Hi Barb,
    What beautiful flowers the "Scottish Team" sent you and what a lovely card you have made for us. I really do like these funky stamps and every time time I see them , I realise that I do need them! I've just ordered the stencil, but hey ho that's life! I will have to wait until after the 21st to order though as I've spent a load on craft stuff this month already. Great offer though and will be ordering!!! Tried the shaving foam out yesterday and texture pasted through the "all you need is love" stencil and then inked over that – I was really pleased with the finished result, made an unusual anniversary card for my friend. Thanks again, love Alison xxx

  27. My wedding bouquet was freesias (these were my mums favourite flowers) and pink roses so to see this today is lovely. Its my 26th wedding anniversary soon (3rd Sept) so your project has brought back lovely memories. xx

  28. Hello Barbara. I just love freesias! I tried to grow them once, but not very successfully! I never fail to read your blog and enjoy all your ideas (have just tried shaving foam technique for the first time). I need more colours though – I have too many blues. All in good time, but of course a gift vouchure would help! Enjoy your new space and your time at home. I look forward to the rest of this week's blogs.

  29. Freesias are my favourite flowers how wonderful to receive such a fabulous bouquet you deserve them I love the essential set of colouring pencils they colour beautiful lovley to have blog offers ,happy crafting xxx

  30. How lovely are freesias , I had forgotten just how very delicate they are and the colours are simply beautiful.
    Your own flora are beautiful too!
    Hope you have a good two weeks working from home- enjoy Barbara.
    Thanks for the chance of blog candy and the special offers, xxRuth

  31. My favourite flowers freesias and roses, the perfume from freesias is beautiful. No one to buy me flowers so grow them in the garden. Love your card and I am glad to see it's not just me that misses bits when stamping!

  32. What pretty flowers and art work! Lovely! I would be tempted with the offer had a not spent so much on C+C on Thursday, I bet I can't resist all week though! I just love everything!Wx

  33. what a lovely start to the week for you. they were my mothers favourite flowers and i had them in my wedding bouquet so always evoke memories for me. tried the shaving foam technique last week after seeing it on TV i think i will become addicted. Sandyx

  34. what beautiful flowers and a lovely way to start your week. Loving your inspired piece of art Barbara, enjoy your week half working, half not xx

  35. What a beautiful piece of artwork and what fantastic flowers inspired them! I have the stamps and the stencil already so will leave others to benefit today and see what tomorrow brings! xx Margaret Col.

  36. Dearest Barbara, what an absolutely beautiful bunch of flowers and how lovely do they look in you r new work space – the delicacy of the blooms and their colours simply lovely so not surprised it made you blog the way you did!!! 2 weeks of working from home – now that sounds lovely – I believe you will get as much done there as you would in the office – and you will so love being in that space you won't want to go back!!!! But hey hey you are the boss so that is your right – I think you will enjoy that time – take inspiration from your new space – maybe Romeo at your side for company and some relaxing music in the background to sooth the soul!! So enjoy!!! Recharge a bit where possible because you are then back with three or four very hectic weeks of shows!!!
    Now don't forget some before, during and after photos of the loft taking shape!!!
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  37. That is a lovely start of your week, and mine on the same time as you share it all with us, show us a wonderful card, and making us unmissable offers and promisses for the rest of the week. Thanks for all this. Enjoy your "half/half" work time.
    Laurence xx

  38. Your flowers and card are lovely! I'm so excited I had my very first play with shaving foam and ink,and oh my it was fun fun fun . Kitchen table is covered with my efforts drying! BUT how the heck do I get the ink off my hands??? Might have to invest in some of those disposable gloves I think? Going to try stamping on tomorrow and making a card . Thanks for showing me something new x

  39. Wow, sales!! Thank you! Aren't we lucky?! Wonder what's coming up!!
    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous and they're even better when they're a surprise, aren't they? The card they inspired is gorgeous too.
    Enjoy your 'half holiday'; if anyone's earned a holiday, it's you!! Thank you, Jan

  40. Beautiful card based on beautiful flowers. I would never have thought to use pencils to correct a somewhat dodgy stamping bodge. I have put shaving foam on my grocery list for this week…. got to give it a go. Enjoy your new work space

  41. Lovely card today to say THANK YOU. Can't wait until tomorrow to see what delights you have instore. As the other Jan says have a good rest and enjoy your holiday (if you can).
    God bless Jan xx

  42. Hi, what lovely flowers, such a good idea for the thank you card. I enjoy your blog each day and always look there first for inspiration, many thanks for the ideas.

  43. Hi Barbara,
    I've come to your blog late today, having been out. It is cold out, and very wet here, so your blog was lovely to come home to! Flowers that are gorgeous (shame there isn't smellI-vision!) A stunningly beautiful card, and to top it all news of blog candy! I am intrigued by your working at home and not working …. good luck with that! Just go steady in your new art room, as creating a crafting space will be exciting but energy sapping too! Can't wait to see the pics 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely welcome home!
    Xxxx hugs xxxx

  44. Well, what a great way to start a Monday. Lucky you! I can't wait to have a go at the shaving foam backgrounds, they look so pretty. I just need some permanent ink pads now as you are giving me so much inspiration . Thank you. Xx

  45. same here just got back from seeing my beautiful grand daughter, missing her already!
    Your flowers are beautiful and such lovely colours as is the card. just waiting for my funky foliage to arrive!
    Your art room looks amazing, when I showed my husband the first picture you posted of it and said 'where do you think that is'? he replied instantly its your mum's art room, it looks so like it….also built above a new garage. It is always a sunny beautiful space and inspired her to create many lovely pieces of art. Enjoy it. Hilary x x x x

  46. Hi Barb,
    Greetings from the Cotswolds, where I'm having a break this week! I'm so happy because I've managed to get on my laptop here, and because it's after the 17th of the month I can place an order. I'm going to wait until the end of the week and then order everything that I want.
    From a not very promising start, and then a bit of a dodgy stamping technique, you've produced a stunner. I'd have started with a stunner and then produced a dodgy finished project!!! ha ha.
    Enjoy your "down time" and spoil yourself xx.

  47. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich habe dieses Set sofort in mein Herz geschlossen, als ich es bei der Präsentation gesehen habe. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert von deinen Werken und der Kreativität. Die zarten Rasierschaum-Hintergründe gefallen mir sehr gut. Ich würde sehr gern die Blumen bestellen. Im Augenblick verstehe ich nur noch nicht genau wie es geht mit der Bestellung. Ich würde auch sehr gern sammeln und am Ende der Woche alles zusammen bestellen.
    Die Idee finde ich sehr gut mit einem Blogverkauf oder Candy.

    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  48. Bit late today as daughter and granddaughter been to visit. My daughter was helping me to sort out my blog which I have just set up. Think I have got the hang of things now. I love freesias such lovely perfume a well deserved bouquet of flowers. I am sure the ladies will appreciate the beautiful card. I also think it would be very rude not to accept your wonderful offer, I have not got either of the items. Thankyou xx

  49. What gorgeous flowers Barbara, such a thoughtful gift. Love the card, turned out fine in the end, as they say- whoever they are!!!!! Bit late commenting today as I've been in London. Went to the Making Colour exhibition at the National Gallery – wonderful. So inspirational – just like your blog. Recently I would have binned, or at least turned the card over, if I'd missed the middle of the stamp, now I hear your mantra and keep going. Thank you for the offer with the stamp and stencil – I already have both of them, and will put them to use very soon. I hope you've had a lovely day. xx

  50. Once again you pull out a fabulous work of art – I am trying to learn from you and not just throw in the bin the ones I don't think look right. It's a long journey – thanks for signposting the way!!

  51. Hi Barbara!
    Haven't you been quite the busy bunny recently! I'm very envious of your craft room! Oh my word, I tried the shaving foam technique yesterday! You were right when you said it went on forever! Six drops made over 30 tags! Had a play today as well, and now have about 60 tags which I will use when I want to speed craft or white scares me! Thanks again for all you do for us,
    Alana x

  52. Beautiful flowers, fab stamps and gorgeous card! Thank you for the inspiration as always. I thought I had ordered these stamps from the c&c show but they must have 'fallen' out of my basket somehow. I was gutted when my delivery arrived without them. Off to order now (I hope)… Your new craft room looks lovely, I'm very jealous. Enjoy your semi-rest. You certainly deserve it x

  53. Hi Barbara. Firstly I want to say a big Thank you for the lovely "Night before Christmas" piece that I won last week. It arrived today and it is beautiful (The book is very special in our house. It only gets read once a year, on Christmas Eve before the youngest members go to bed, by me, with all of the family sitting on the sofa together. We are now up to 9 of us so it is very cosy but thank goodness we do have a large sofa : ) It is the start of Christmas proper for all of us. (Even when our 3 were in their teens they insisted that we still had to do it) It always brings a tear or two to my eye, such a special book and special times : )

    What a gorgeous bouquet, I can almost smell them. I'm not surprised you were inspired to do a flower card in the same colours, and didn't it come out beautifully. Even the missing bit vanished, thanks for that tip, I have to use it alot! Thanks for the tip on using copy paper to get the stalks level, I am learning to always have a piece of copy paper by me thanks to you : ) I hope you have a good time at home over the next two weeks. Thank you for the great offers and candy. Good luck to everyone : ) Take care. x

  54. Almost missed this….what a beautiful bouquet of flowers…I bet they smell heavenly in your artroom!
    And how fabulous that you should use them as your inspiration so that we can look and read and aspire to be as good as you!
    Thank you Barbara for so much more than you will ever know! Xxx

  55. Fab blog Barbara, and what a beautiful bunch of flowers to take inspiration from. The shaving foam really does give such a lovely background. Thank you so much for all your techniques xxx Claire

  56. What a beautiful bunch of flowers and a delightful, thoughtful gift.
    I love how you take inspiration from different things and it's this I have learnt to try and do more .
    It sure has helped me with picking colour combos and even more with my learning to shade.
    It's been a long day so now I have read this I have some inspiration for my wind-down time ( I craft in the wee small hours ) I am going to borrow the colours in your bouquet to start my mums Birthday card – it's not till October but like you said the other day 'fail to prepare – Prepare to fail'
    Mum loves pinks so I am of to raid the craft cupboard .

  57. Hi Barbara I can't believe I forgot to look yesterday! I was so busy catching the last of your shows I forgot the real life blog! Card is fab though and what pretty flowers. Thank you for the blog sale will write a note to myself to look every day!!! Enjoy your time at home love Diane xxx

  58. Beautiful card Barbara, and gorgeous flowers. How kind, just ordered my stamp, thanks for the offer and enjoy yourself working from home. Looking forward to seeing g your craft room when you have your stuff in xx

  59. Barbara, I love it that you can turn a piece of card with not too great colours into a brilliant card – I think you are a magician. The flowers are beautiful, no wonder they inspired you. Got my personalised Christmas stamps yesterday, made a bit of a mess of filling out the form, so I hope your staff can make out what I wanted in the end. I was cross with myself, as I did loads of variations to fit in with the 21 letters, then as I was finally writing it in the form, I messed up – how stupid.

  60. Beautiful flowers, what a treat, I love the gorgeous artwork today, I love the funky foilage set, I shall be taking advantage of this offer, thank you xx

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