A Mountain Scene with Shaving Foam.

A Mountain Scene with Shaving Foam.

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Just a very quick project today, 
using what I can find in this mess!
Here’s that really cool shaving foam piece I did on TV :

Fab. And here are all the other pieces rustled up from the same colour mix of Distress re-inkers:
Tea Dye
Faded Jeans
Tumbled Glass
Weathered Wood.

Or just save a packet, and get the set!

But which one to use….
Tescos own – 26p

No! Which creation?!

and then which way round??

I see a mother looking down at the sea here…

Mountains and rivers here…
oh! there’s a smiling dragon!

and just look at the young girl with her mother!

Decision made. Or mad?
This is really easy;
 the shaving foam has done all the work for you!

Tear a piece of copy paper for the hill mask.

Let’s work with Cornflower Blue Archival ink. 
It’s perfect for this colour combination.
I have use the 7″ x 7″ Gelli Card.

Use the copy paper mask and a fabulous Clarity Tree stamp 
to build a mountain landscape.
Let’s check out the tree…can you spot it amongst all these wonderful carols and Claritystamps?
This was the bumper Collection on TV last week. 

but if you only want the tree…(haha)
they come as a remountable set of 3

Can you see the stream at the front?
And the footpath?
Sorry, has to be done. Out with the Sprucescape

Let’s add a few more faded mini Spruce trees too, with the tiny one from the Christmas Miniatures Set:

Or you can use the tip of one of the other trees…

The scrap copy paper mask speaks volumes. 
See how much I have blotted and omitted from the artwork here?

Let’s add a gold leaf edge with an 18ct Gold Leafing Krylon pen.
This is pretty special.

Here’s how I do it. 
Lay the artwork against a piece of cardboard or mount board (something rigid), and allow the edge you are working on to peep out over the hard backboard.

Nuzzle the edge of the card into the nib of the Krylon leafing pen, and then slowly drag along the length of the card.

Quick, neat and looks very professional and beautiful.

When you stand back, it really does look lovely.

We can add a star.
We can add a message.
(haven’t decided yet) 

and we can add a little glitter…
I have lightly added some zig glue in lines. See?
On the trees and hills?

Sprinkle with Glamour Dust.

Tap off excess and voila!

Very classy and festive.

I may add a little tag with the Christmas greeting in the sky.
Or I may just leave it alone.

Either way, it’s a lovely Christmas card.
Quick, easy and very original. 

much love,

ps. Please forgive me for not announcing the winner of the elegant catwalk competition. 
I haven’t been in a place to gather up all the entries. 
Leave it with me. I’m on it. xx

49 thoughts on “A Mountain Scene with Shaving Foam.

  1. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely stunning! I've bought my shaving foam, have some reinkers ( not many) and have sprucescape and the miniature stamp, so nearly ready to go. I'm sure I must have another tree as well somewhere in my stash of Clarity stamps so I'll be trying something similar this afternoon. I love it! Thanks again for all your inspiration. Love Alison xx

  2. This is gorgeous and so original love the colours and the glamour dust gives it that magical sparkle. Thank you Barbara and enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  3. That card is so stunning!!!!! Can't wait for a You Tube tutorial how to use Shaving Foam. The person who receive your card, will be thrilled. Have a great Sunday.
    Laurence xx

  4. Today's piece is out of this world….. please don't add a greeting, just let us gaze into the tree lined hillside & float off into our own imaginations. This has to be one of my all time favourite Gray's

  5. It's magical, like Narnia or somewhere. Just wonderful. You could do an amazing aurora borealis scene using this method and the right colours, hhhmmmm, must go and get some shaving foam xx

  6. Why oh why haven't I had the courage to try the shaving foam technique? I'm usually so game but this time I'm worried it won't look good and I'll lose heart. I think today must be the day. Wish me luck. xx Margaret Col.

    1. Hi Maggie. I hope you had a go. It is so much fun, you won't stop once you take the plunge. And if you don't like a particular print, just do another one, it's only a bit of card and ink after all
      : ) Take care x

  7. Barbara – its not mess…..its organised chaos!!!!

    I see Northern lights in this art piece – love it!!!! – and for someone who stated on TV she doesn't do glitter there you are using it again!!! LOL – but it does add the finishing touch I must say!!!

    What a miserable day weather wise in this end of the country – but just the weather for sorting out that lovely loft space!!! at least then you don't feel like you're missing out on the sunshine!!!

    Hope you are taking – before, during and after photos!!

    Much love
    Kim xx

  8. Hoping to get into my craft room later to have a first go with some shaving foam, but have to brave the pouring rain to get some groceries first! Love what you have done here, but honestly, I could only see some lovely abstract patterns in your creations – guess that's why you're an artist, and I'm just a blog follower in awe of your talent! Susan x

  9. Hi Barb,
    Gorgeous as usual, and I am a lover of trees so this is just up my street. In fact the forestry commission raid my house when I get all your tree stamps out!! I am off to the Cotswolds tomorrow for a few day's break so I hope to be able to follow you on my laptop. Don't have a posh smart phone or tablet (only the ones I take with water), so keeping my fingers crossed. xx

  10. Amazing, kept seeing the dragon though once you had pointed it out. Need to get a few shaving foam backgrounds done. It is a great technique. Not surprised you not managed to sort out catwalk pictures you have hardly had a moment to spare I imagine. Take some time today for a rest if possible. xx

  11. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    die Karte ist ganz fantastisch geworden. Was für ein genialer Hintergrund mit dem Rasierschaum entstanden ist. Ich bin begeistert. Eine wundervolle Inspiration. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  12. Hello Barbara,

    What a beautiful card.

    I am with you, Maggie, I don't know why I am so scared of trying this technique. Have all the components but keep putting off doing the deed.

    Love, Roz.x

  13. yes very classy indeed. and the thing is they will a;; look different as you have to go with the prints. i have made my first shaving foam prints this week and incidentally i have only just watched your shaving foam demo with Dave this evening, hugs xx

  14. Hi Barbara this is fab and the gold edge is very classy. I've just got the last show to watch from Thursday didn't you have a good time. Going to have a play next week with the shaving foam I wonder if they have worked out yet why sails have soared??? Apparently glacé cherries sold out after back off last week but you can see the bosses all scratching their heads over increased shaving foam sales can't you!!! Take care. Love Diane xxx

  15. Really gorgeous but honestly Barbara 'A Quick Card?' Ever in my craft room. When you said we could use distress inks can you tell me how please? X

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