BLOGSALE DAY 2. A bird in the hand….

BLOGSALE DAY 2. A bird in the hand….

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you are happy and enjoying your day?
Well, we’re having a YouTube Tuesday break, until September, but instead let’s get arty and glittery!
Oh and then have a sale!
Time for the lovely Christmas rounds and stencils.
They mix & match rather well, so here I have used the Fairy Light Stencil with the Doves Stamp.
The large 2-bird stamp, which looks a little like a ying and yang symbol, is beautiful for weddings, christenings and anniversaries 
– not just Christmas.
Drag Grunge Paste through the stencil 

and sprinkle with Glamour Dust before it dries.

Clean your stencil in warm soapy water as soon as poss, 
and then clean off the indexing from the stamp. 
I use the alcohol blending solution; it doesn’t mark the mounts.

Dust the piece with talc,

ink up the stamp with Versamark, and centre.

Shake up the new fab tinsel embossing powder pot
before you cover the wet image with it.

Tap and reload into pot.
Heat set with a heatgun.
What I love about this embossing powder is it goes a lovely creamy white – provided you shake it up well first.

The other really cool thing about this embossing powder is that it wipes clean, so if I dust ink over the lineart with our stencil brushes, I can wipe back to creamy white afterwards.
Here, I have gone with 

and added Old Paper Distress Ink pad for a lovely contrast. 
These colours work beautifully together.

Trim the card back,

add a shadow line with light blue promarkers,

wipe the birdies clean,

Add a little additional depth around the edge of the stamped image by masking the centre.
I used Tumbled Glass and a make-up sponge.

If you want to clean the fairy lights, too, just replace the stencil, and pat the lights with a baby wipe. 
They will sparkle white again, too.

Now let’s add a few white accents, 
on the birds and on the lamps with a white Pilot pen

 This piece looks delightful in the hand. 

Hope you like it.

So let’s take a look at today’s blogsale….


Buy the beautiful birdstamp rrp £11.95

and we will give you the fairy light stencil (rrp £4.99) as a gift.

click here for the deal

And how about the new embossing powders?

The white snowflake tinsel embossing powder 
rrp £3.99 (less 10% for our club members)
it’s counterpart, black sparkle embossing powder 
£3.99 (less 10% for our club members)
Buy both for £5.50, and save £2.50!
(save over £3 if you’re a Clarity Club member!)
click here for the deal. 

Offers valid until August 31st, or while stocks last – whichever comes first!

The lucky winner of yesterday’s Blogcandy 
£10 gift voucher is Lyndajlamb. 
(email me your address Lynda, and we will get it sent out to you today!)
I wrote a book years ago. 
It was very well received, but then Searchpress 
decided to discontinue the series it was included in, 
and dissect it! Ouch. 
(I still have a few copies stashed 
for the Grandchildren when they arrive….)

But today, I would like to give one away. 
Leave an uplifting and positive comment today, 
about why you need the book!
Even if you don’t want the book or already have the book, it might be worth winning. The last time I looked on Amazon, (just now)
it was on sale for – you won’t believe this – 
Insane, but true. Look:

Sell it on Ebay!!! I won’t be offended!
I’ll even sign it if you like! 

much love,

85 thoughts on “BLOGSALE DAY 2. A bird in the hand….

  1. Such a different and lovely card Barbara. Gonna have to get me some of that embossing powder. I have your book and in fact was only flicking through it the other day – spooky or what?? So what a bonus to win one and sell it on ebay for that sort of money – or maybe I would just put it up as a blog candy on my own blog. Xxx

  2. I am quite sure I have your book
    But I have to say
    To receive a signed copy
    Would really make my day……….xx
    (I promise I will give my copy away if I should win yours, and I do mean give……..)

  3. I think I need to invest in some of the grunge paste – I love all the different ways you use it. I really need that mask too…
    Thanks for your generosity in offering a copy of your book today.
    Ruth x

  4. I would love a copy of your book as I don't have one so it would be treasured. I love the card today so sparkly. I think I will add the embossing powders to my basket – white and black as it would be too hard to choose! I went and got my 26p shaving foam yesterday so I will be giving it a try this afternoon…………………wish me luck!! XX

  5. You never cease to amaze with your ideas but I can never recall all the relevant bits when I am trying to explain to my friends why they should try such and such technique, much easier if I could just pass on your lovely book. They would probably get the right instructions too!

  6. Beautiful card, I love this stencil and the sparkle looks lovely. I would love to win a copy of your book, I'm not sure I would be able to part with it though.
    Hope you have a nice day,
    Amanda xx

  7. Funnily enouhg, I had received an Amazon voucher last week and was looking at your book to purchase – only it was too expensive for me to purchase and I did not want a second hand one – I wanted a new one to drool over. I actually have been searching to web to try and get a new copy as I never get rid of my craft books and that would be a fantastic addition to my well read collection. I would definately want it signed but afraid it would never been seen on ebay!!
    Elaine xx

  8. Ooh Barbara! I'm liking this new tinsel embossing powder, so pretty & sparkly on your card.
    I would love to win a signed copy of your book …and it definitely wouldn't be going on ebay.
    I hope that your later blogs mean that you are finally getting a well deserved rest and setting up/playing in your new Art Studio
    Jeanette xx

  9. What a wonderful card! I really adore it! I would so love to win your lovely book. It would definitely not end up on Ebay, I would like it to keep! I need all the help and inspiration I can get! It's my birthday today so it would make my day really special if I won! I have my fingers crossed! If I did win, I would love it signed! Have a lovely day. xxx

  10. Dear Barbara,
    I do not even know your book, I would use it for our stamp group and it would be great if we could read your tips and tricks in it.
    I have seen you in German television and was outraged that the presenter at the 8 clock hours you did not have a chance to speak. Unfortunately, you were allowed to show anything to end and it was shown too much advertising for other products. Your shipments at Create and Craft are much more relaxed and detail. I like to see.
    Greetings from Germany

  11. I'd love to win your book I'd use it for myself and then maybe sell it on eBay just think how much new clarity stash I could buy with the proceeds lol
    Love your card too that sparkley embossing powder looks gorgeous
    Jackie x

  12. Lovely card Barbara, sparkly EP is gorgeous. My birthday next month so the book would be a brilliant birthday present if I'm lucky enough to win it. Pat x

  13. Oh I would luuuurve your book, and I wouldn't even think of selling it, that would be sacrilege!!! Keep up the good work Barbara, you are one amazing lady!!!

  14. Oh what a lovely card – really like how you have added the white dots to accent the birds too! I have had a copy of your book for many years, but would love a signed copy, then I could pass mine on to my sister! Thanks, Susan x

  15. Hello – this time I have the bird stamp but think I definitely need that embossing powder. I simply adore the finish it gives. It was my birthday yesterday so I think that your book would be the best present ever! I'd never sell it – who would? – but it would sit in pride of place with my other craft books, looking down on them and knowing who was worth the most. I don't mean money :). Looking foward to tomorrow and more treats in store. xx Margaret Col.

  16. This card looks lovely. And I really like the look of the embossing powder. I would love to win your book (preferably signed) and I would definitely treasure it. No doubt it would provide lots of tips and inspiration. I did spot it on Amazon a couple of months back but thought that it was a bit too expensive! Hope you are relaxing. x

  17. I love the fairy lights stencil and use mine often. I would a copy of your book to go with your DVDs. The more tips and inspiration I get, the better I might become.

  18. I will take advantage of the embossing powder as I'm a sucker for glitter (just bought a sparkly cardi from M&S this lunchtime!) and it would be an honour to win your book. I have the stencil and stamp and grunge paste and ……

    Well done Lynda for yesterday's blog candy – enjoy spending!

  19. I wish I had known about your book a few years ago. It has to be so much better than some of the others I bought. You always explain everything so well and have probably packed twice as many hints and tips in there too. Love the card today and must now get some sparkle embossing powder. Thank you

  20. Fine Card and I like the shades you made, I am still learning about making shades 🙂

    I would like to win this book because I am so curious what Kind of book you wrote in those days! xx

  21. I found your book among my stash a little while ago so had to have a read (of course!). I love it as it inspires me to get on and do something. My life has been topsy turvy for quite a while but when I start crafting I am 'me'. Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration Barbara. Long may it continue x

  22. Hi

    I have looked at your book on Amazon several times but have balked at the price; I would be so excited to win it! I have the grunge paste and the stencil but I think the stamp and the powders will have to be added to my shopping list. The stamp is really versatile and could be used in different seasons throughout the year.

    I'm enjoying the designs in this week's blog – looking forward to tomorrow already!

    Thank you for brightening my days xx

  23. Barbara, I await the arrival of your daily blog with eager anticipation and am never disappointed. You are brilliant at making us all believe we can produce wonderful artwork and with your help we sometimes do! Your book sounds so exciting… I would LOVE to win it. EBay? No way! Keep inspiring us, won't you? Bless you. xx

  24. Hello Barbara yet another lovely card. I just love the glittery embossing powders – I so NEED them :-)) What an honour it would be if I won your book, I'm sure it's packed to the gunnels with ideas and tips, and I most certainly would not sell it. Hope you're having a lovely day. xx

    P.S. Well done Lynda on winning the voucher

  25. Hello Barbara. Playing catch up with your blog as I am getting over some lurgy just now. What a wonderful art attic!!!! Me jealous…bet your life I am! But I certainly do not begrudge you it. A creative mind needs a creative space to work and breathe and I wish you well. We all look forward to your wonderful creations.
    I did not realise that you had written that book. I love the cover picture as I am a great fan of Alphonse Mucha and absolutely love that you have depicted some of his work in stamp form, I have two versions of la petit musique, the one on the cover and the other is larger with little birds and foliage. I also have the other Mucha stamps that you have produced. Apart from the fact that I think you are a wonderful teacher I would love to add this book to my collection to see what fantastic art work you will have created within it. Alphonse Mucha is the reason that my daughter became an artist after taking her to an exhibition of his work and you are the reason that I changed the way that I design cards and pictures…and able to sell them!
    If I was lucky enough to win the book I would love for you to sign it and it will have pride of place along with my collection of Clarity Stamps and stencils ( which I will obviously be adding to this week thanks to your fantastic blog offers ).
    So here is hoping I get lucky.
    Sending hugs, kisses, well wishes (bribe if required lol)
    Emma xxx

  26. Ooo to win a signed copy of your book would just be the icing on the cake. I love the birds stamp, so elegant, so classy and the tinsel embossing powder is a must too….. Will I ever have enough stamps… NEVER… Will I ever have enough money…. NEVER…. Will I ever be happy…. YES when I receive Clarity mail….. Vanessa xxx

  27. Thank you for another inspirational blog it never ceases to amaze me what you do! I was lucky enough to win some homework from your C & C show last week (thank you so much for taking the time to sign it for me). I won the laurel leaf mask with the deer stamped in the centre. TV does not do justice to the difference a black micron pen makes! It inspired me to get my leafy heart mask out this morning & have a go with pleasing results. So while I am on a roll I will hope to be selected to receive a copy of your book which most certainly would not appear on EBay! Now I just have to decide what to write on the order form for my personalised stamp & get it in the post to Mark. Decisions, decisions…..! Have a lovely day xx

  28. A lovely demo, as always! I'm going to use texture paste on some of my shaving foam backgrounds, then add the Maya Angelou stamp. I'm really into quotes at the moment, so will be collecting the ones you've created!
    Thanks for all the inspiration – I want the WHOLE clarity collection! I'd settle for a book, though, while I build up my clarity stash! 😉 Here's hoping… Have a great day, Barbara.
    Alana x

  29. This is beautiful Barbara and cheered me up no end….that is the thing about crafting with friends it really can lift your spirits….and as for your book….well it goes without saying I would treasure it always….hugs. Jo. X

  30. Hi Barb,
    What a beautiful card today. White and blue, typical of you!
    It would be wonderful to get your book, but then everyone else thinks the same, so you have a difficult decision to make. xx

  31. To have your book dear Barbara, would be my greatest joy,
    Your hints and tips and tricks I would then follow and employ,
    I would keep it close to hand, on my desk, and in plain view,
    For to sell it seems ungracious when this gift has come from you.

    Well, maybe in the future when my use for it has gone,
    I will find an avid stamper with this need, and pass it on,
    And so in time we'll know not where this book has come to land,
    But I'm sure it will be safe within a clever crafty hand.

    Thank you for another blog sale Barbara, the stamp and the stencil work together beautifully, and also the two embossing powders which I didn't realise would work over grunge paste, so another useful tip. x

  32. P.s. just realised I didn't say why I'd like the book. Well, I have tried lots of your techniques and got lots of your stamps, and the book would give me even more inspiration so make more masterpieces.

  33. Wow stunning as always would love the book signed too would be very special to save and to treasure would go on my crafting bookshelf along side my clarity DVDs how I have learnt so much following your blog your TV lessons and entering your blog challenges my crafting helps me through so thank you Barbara and clarity team for all you do hugs Sheila xxx

  34. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for sending some sunshine our way this morning – such a lovely change from yesterday. Hope you had a relaxing start to your day – has to be one of the bonuses to working from home!
    I'm new enough to crafting with Clarity that hopefully I can be forgiven for not knowing you had written a book. As with any of your work it is bound to be first class. So why should I win it? Well I feel like I've written a book myself this week (actually filling in a gigantic government form 🙁 ) that has taken forever. Sadly mine won't be met with excitement when postie delivers it (to the DWP!) but Clarity envelopes and parcels are always met here with a smile and a happy heart. If one should contain a signed copy of your book that would amazing. Whoever gets it will be delighted I'm sure. Thanks Barbara. Enjoy your art room. Xxxx hugs xxxx

  35. Hi Barbara,
    ich würde mich sehr über dieses Buch freuen,dann könnte ich mal wieder meine Englisch-Kenntnise auffrischen und dabei noch was von ihnen lernen.Das wäre einfach perfekt.Ihre heutige karte ist einfach wieder wunderbar.Ob ich da auch jemals so gut hinbekomme.Bin noch ganz am Anfang…hab aber schon ein Vermögen,grins,bei euch im Onlineshop gelassen.

    gglg Nicole aus Zweibrücken/Germany

  36. Well If I was fortunate enough to win your book I would certainly love to have it signed. As for selling on E-Bay certainly not, would not dream of it. What a beautiful piece of artwork, I took advantage of yesterday's offer so think I must resist today. ( not sure how long I am going to keep that little promise.) The new embossing powders look great. Good luck to everybody who is hoping to win your book. xx

  37. Just got up I'm afraid, suffering with the quanga manga, or deli beli as it is often referred to! Love the yang yang birds, so versatile, and not just for Christmas.
    Of course I would love to win your book, but then who wouldn't, it would help me to forget my delicate derriere, and cheer me up no end. (well at this precise moment I wish I hadn't got an end!!) . But, if I fail to do so, it's not so bad, as I am going to avail myself of your two days of generous offers, so it's win win anyway. Thanx Barbara. X

  38. Hi There Barbara

    Am loving the look of the tinsel embossing powder!!!! I don't know you went from not using too much glitter on the TV to now showcasing it on todays blog!!! Just shows how we all adapt to new ideas etc.

    The book ….wow fancy that….. I never knew … I once found a magazine article on you when your kids were small where you were interviewed on your stamps and how you balanced life and work etc which I found really interesting – so the chance of having a Barbara Gray book….very very inviting …so fingers crossed… I would treasure it xx
    So I am off to peruse the web site!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  39. Try this one then, Barbara. You are even more valuable here –
    We always knew you were special, this just proves it! You should insure those copies you have stashed away or put them in the bank for safe keeping.
    I really love this set of stencils, in particular, and they work so well with the baubles. Please, pretty please, with a cherry on the top, is there any chance of having similar stencils to match with the small remountable baubles to make smaller cards? I know you are now incredibly busy at Clarity after the One Day Wonder, so I am guessing those possible stencils will not appear till next Christmas. xxx Maggie

    1. PS I cannot believe that I forgot to say how much I would treasure a signed copy of your book and it would never go on EBay or any other sale site. xxx Maggie

  40. Another inspirational piece! I do like this glittery phase you're going through! Maybe it's all that glitter that some of the dt used recently that's rubbing off on you….quite literally!!! Hahaha!
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  41. What a spectacular card – so stylish. What can I say – ofcourse I would like to win the book. A card would suffice. You lift my spirits when I come home from work in the Court Service. Gruelling, tiring, stressful etc etc. All forgotten when I read your blog and get out my clarity goodies. I might be pension age and still working but have to in order to keep buying clarity wonderful products and saving for the next workshop.
    Best wishes
    p.s. trying to contact Gill from the Crowborough Monday and Tuesday workshop. I have lost her card and need to contact her regarding Fire-fighter training. Any chance she will see this. (she is one of your stalkers!)

    1. Good evening, Anne. I hope you got all the hassle with your car sorted out after the retreat. I am sure that Gill Davidson will see this. If not, you could find her by posting on Barbara's Facebook page. Hope to see you down at Crowborough again next year. xx Maggie

  42. Wonderful blog as always Barbara. I would so love to have a copy of your book. It would be just like having you in my home explaining everything in you own unique style

  43. Love the effect of the tinsil embossing powder. I used to have some years ago and made some lovely cards with it. Nw i will need to get some more!!
    I would live to own a copy of your book so I can have you constantly with me to inspire me!

  44. Beautiful artwork, you never fail to inspire me. If I was lucky enough to win your book I would treasure it, my mum loves to receive my handmade cards and saves them all, I would also share it with my crafty friends that I meet with most saturday afternoons for our crafty aftys. There has been manys ups and downs over the last 2 years and the crafty aftys at my friend's house have been my saviour xx

  45. Hello Barb, what a beautiful card. Love the way you have used the colours. Wow chance to win your book. I have it, but if it was a signed copy, it would replace my copy in my favourite reference book stash. Bx

  46. I would love a copy of your book. I watch every blog and have ordered as I can, many of your products. I am in the States, so cannot watch your show, so a book would sure help me along this journey. Thanks for your inspiration.

  47. Oooh Barbara, so many tempting offers and now the chance to own your book as well – that would be the icing on the cake. It would be treasured if it came my way (I am keeping everything crossed). What with the glitter embossing powder and shaving foam I can't wait to see where you are going to take us all next. Just love it and am going to have a go at it all. Jacqui

  48. Hi Barbara

    I would love a copy of your book, it was a book with a chapter in it written by you that got me hooked 2 years ago. I find you endlessly inspiring, I promise NOT to sell it on eBay but would love you to sign it.
    Your blog is addictive too, but there's something reassuring about leafing through a book curled up on the settee while enjoying a cuppa 🙂 x x x x

  49. Hello Barbara, what a lovely fresh and elegant card. Love the colour and the crisp clean lines of the design. I would love to win a copy of your book, as I would give it to my mum for her birthday in December. Hope you are having lots of arty fun in your new art room.

  50. Love your card design today & the icy, chilly, cool colours. One evening a week, once my son is in bed & tuck myself up under a quilt (all seasons) with a warm drink & lose myself in crafty literature. I would just relish the opportunity to "Curl up with Gray." I realise it does sound suspiciously like my hairdo over the last handful of years or a dodgy comment about a film due out on Valentine's Day 2015 but I assure you I would be in my crafty element reading your composition & would treasure it

  51. I didn't realise you had written a book if I one it I would treasure such a precious item would refer to it regular for help from a specail lady who I think isan amazing crafter and person would be in pride of place in my home xx

  52. Because you see good things in the world around you and appreciate people. You share your talent and observations selflessly. I would love to have one of yor books, it's gotta be good

  53. Hi Barbara wow loving the sparkly card today in your shave and sparkle stage 🙂 thank you for the daily blog offers what a treat I am loving the embossing powders stencil grunge paste and stamp!!! I can't believe the embossing powders return to White when you've inked them how amazing! Well you are a dark horse I didn't know you had written a book!!! How amazing. Don't tell me you have found the extra hours in the day we are all searching for! I expect you wrote it when the children were little and you were juggling home and the business, you really are an amazing woman and a real inspiration. You could always self publish – I'm sure it would sell 🙂 if I was the lucky winner I would put it on my coffee table so I could look at it and share it with my friends and family. Please could I have it signed as well – and eBay? – no way!!! Hope you are having a lovely time working from home in your lovely new work space. Take care love Diane xxx
    Oh yes uplifting well besides a wonder bra there's Bridget jones big knickers but I don't think you mean that!!!! Xxx

  54. I loved today's card, so simple and classically beautiful.
    I wasn't even stamping in 2008! I thought the world revolved around Quilling, soon found out it doesn't, it rotates around stamping and especially your designs and ideas. Going to look on Amazon now.

  55. i bought that same book off amazon and a couple of weeks later they wanted me to resell it back. of course i didn't. wouldn't mind winning another as my friend would love it, although i'd keep the signed copy to myself. it's a great book and explains the projects extremely well…. vintage Barbara Gray!
    love what you have done with the grunge paste and inks. hugs xx

  56. Omg I would love your book – I didn't even know you had one. I know about the DVDs as I have a couple. Awesome card love the stamp & stencil. Only 1 thing wish it was payday lol x

  57. Hi Barbara
    I'd love your book cause if it's as good and informative as your DVDs maybe I'll become as good as you on card making.Why haven't you written another book?I'm sure it would go down a storm,I for one would buy it.

  58. No way that's incredible, it just goes to show how valuable you are Barbara! I have your book already but would love a second copy, if only to sell so I can spend the money on your other stamps and stencils I still want to get. Actually if you signed it I would keep that one and sell my old one!Wxx

  59. would love to see your book Barb – would love for you to sign it too! As for selling it on ebay – nah – I would treasure it!! Hugs rachel x

  60. Well I really don't want to offend but I really do not want the book. I love books but when I moved to my little place I live in now something had to give and it was the vast collection of books I had. I had already made the bold move to Ebooks so it was less heartbreaking than it could have been.
    Plus if I am honest I think there are so many more deserving people who really really really want it.
    I just had to post a comment to thank-you for being such a generous and kind hearted person.
    Now if a signed card was in the offing I would be in it to win it lol!
    Good luck all xxxx

  61. What a credit to you that people want to pay so much for your book.
    Just goes to show that girl knew what she was doing 🙂
    What a wonderful idea to keepsake some for future generations of the family.
    I will have to dig out some old songs i recorded for mine i think!
    I hope the new studio is nice and relaxing for you. xxx
    will pop round for a cuppa soon.

    lots of love,
    Annie and Dorothy xx

  62. Hi Barbara.I love the card, the white pen gives that finishing touch. Great that you can clean up with a baby wipe too.
    I didn't know that you had written a book, it is very kind of you to offer us a chance to win a copy. I'm not surprised that it has such a high price tag as I'm sure it is as brilliant your videos are at teaching us. I don't have any crafting books, just magazines, as I haven't seen any that really work for me but I just know that yours would. You have a way of sharing your talent that I can really understand and follow easily. As a relatively new crafter I have so much to learn still. I love watching you on screen but I have to be honest and say that having a book to read and follow is still my favourite way of learning things, it can be used anywhere, at your work space, curled up in bed, sitting beside the river on a sunny day….it doesn't run out of power and you get the joy of physically touching and holding it. Um, not sure if you get the idea that I love books (oh Crafty Magpie, how hard was it to have to say goodbye to your books, I feel for you, bless you). Anyway I would love to be in with a chance to win this book, thank you Barbara. Have a good day. Take care.

  63. Dear Barbara
    I have been watching you work for years and am always fascinated by your results, think I am a bit heavy-handed and poor eyesight doesn't help. I have 5 grandchildren and they all love to come and see what grannie has for them to have a go at, Harry, the third one (8 years old) is always so enthusiastic and although a bit messy at times, his work always turns out amazingly well. I think he would be so interested in your book and I will probably give it to him when he is a bit older. So I really, really hope that I am lucky enough to be the winner.
    Lots of love and congratulations on the birth of your grandchild Evie.
    Ann xx

  64. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bewundere deine Werke immer wieder sehr. Ein Buch von dir ist ganz sicher etwas ganz besonders wertvolles genau wie deine Videos. Ich würde es niemals hergeben, denn solche Nachschlagewerke sind einfach unbezahlbar. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

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