A little recap: On the Rooftop..

A little recap: On the Rooftop..

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by and 
many, many thanks for all the wonderful good wishes 
for Laura, Trevor and Baby Evie.
Grandad Dave is a very happy man,
and so is Nanny B!
It sure takes you back. Aren’t they tiny?! But so so perfect. 
I remember Grace’s little fingernails, and being scared to cut them, and the realisation that my Mum had had to cut mine. 
It changed the way I perceived my Mum in an instant. 
But to today’s blog.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, 
so here’s one I started on a recent TV show.

The Twas the Night Collection seems very apt here. 
I drew these little images to compliment the wonderful 
Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore 
when Gracie was a nipper. There are 10 altogether, but it’s not finished. I just need more time…
The nice thing is they can all stand alone, like this one:

Twas the Night No. 9

Dust a piece of A6 Claritycard with talc, 
stamp the image with Black Archival

and sprinkle with Detail Clear embossing powder.

Emboss with a heat gun; the effect on our coated card is fab.

Cut out a mask on a Post-it, making sure some of it is sticky!
Add a little moonmask, too.

Dab some Stormy Sky Distress ink into the aperture with a make-up sponge.

Looks great when you lift the mask.

Trim the card to square.

Smear some Stormy Sky ink from the pad 
to our Clarity Blending mat,

spread with a Speedball brayer

and spin back and forth along each edge, from one side to the other, working your way in to the centre.

This is how you get that lovely, fast airbrushed effect.

See, even up very close you can see the graduation beautifully.

It’s a skill worth learning.

Add a little Glamour Dust with a Zig Glue pen to the chimney,

just here and there…

Line the edges with a fine Black Sharpie line along a ruler, 
and mount on a small white square card.

Very quick and easy.
You could make a whole set of notelets as a pressie, too. 
In different colours,
 if you just have one of the twas the Night stamps.

A star book make a fantastic gift, if you have them all.
You can google Starbook instructions; there are loads of solutions.

So there we are: Twas the Night.

To keep it simple, and so that you can just get the ones you want,
all 10 of the Twas the Night stamps are reduced from £9.25 each 
to £8 each (+ 10% extra Club member’s  discount)

Twas the Night 1

Twas the Night 2

Twas the Night 3

Twas the Night 4

Twas the Night 5

Twas the Night 6

Twas the Night 7

Twas the Night 8

Twas the Night 9

Twas the Night 10

And should you decide to get all 10 for £80, then we will send you the large Universal Framer 
and the Mice on a Crescent 
and the Little Happy Christmas 
as a gift, too. 
That saves you over £35 (+ your club discount)

So if you like this little collection, that’s well worth considering.
Click here for the Bumper Deal

The lucky winner of yesterday’s £10 gift voucher is ….
(send me your address and we’ll send you the gift voucher)

So let’s have some more Blog candy whilst I am supposed to be on holiday! We may as well have some fun if we’re working!
Leave an uplifting comment about Clarity today, 
and tomorrow you may win an 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate!
Big chewy Blog Candy today!!!!

much love,

89 thoughts on “A little recap: On the Rooftop..

  1. Hi Barbara Oh what lovely photos of grandad Dave and Nanny Barbara that really made me smile. She looks a sweetie and yes aren't they tiny – you do forget. She looks lovely what a proud moment for you all. Hope mum and dad are ok too. Back to today's card I love this set it has really grown on me since I have seen your beautiful cards. Trying to sit on my hands and not spend but it is getting hard to resist these bargains, you are very generous thank you.congratulations to jaybe on winning yesterday enjoy spending your treat. Right big pile of ironing to tackle again they hopefully time to play with some stamps ink and shaving foam this afternoon. Take care love Diane xxx

  2. What a little treasure, I am sure she is smiling at you Barbara , and as for that smile on Daves face it says it all. Grandchildren are the most special gift ,enjoy xx
    Lynne T

  3. Beautiful baby and beautiful photo. Congratulations to everyone. xx

    Thanks for this super offer, Barbara. I've just ordered the full set. I drooled over them on TV last week, but have just had to give in. Can't miss a bargain like this! 😃👍

    Love Joan xx

  4. I can't remember mine been that tiny! But I suppose they must have been. My boys are both bigger than me now, which seems really weird? She's going to be one spoilt little girl by doting grandparents by the looks of it.
    I adore this card, it's really me. I will have to save up and try and get this stamp, it's lovely.
    You are being very generous with the blog candy, I'll keep my fingers crossed. (Mmm gelli plate)

  5. Hi, Barb, never mind the card (which is super), Little Evie is positively GORGEOUS! What a cutie.

    I'd love to have the whole set of stamps, but I'm afraid funds wont allow – they will have to go in my bucket list.

  6. Congratulations to all the family on the birth of Evie, she is beautiful. I became a Nana for the first time in February to my Grandson Blake and it is so much fun, enjoy every moment. I love the card too, every elegant and effective, I may have a go at replicating it this afternoon as I really do need to make a start on my xmas cards. Luv Hev xxx

  7. wow, the smile on your faces say it all, congratulations to you all, what a littler treasure your family has gained 🙂

    A beautiful card, which I'll try as I have these stamps and love them. Last year I made them into a concertina card fro a crafty friend, I gave it too her before I got a photo of it, silly me!

  8. Congratulations to you all on the new sweet arrival. What another super blog offer I have some of these stamps but maybe I treat myself to a few more after my knee operation next week. These make lovely quick Christmas cards if you have a few to do. xx

  9. What beautiful photos Barbara, she's a poppet and Dave looks so proud. I love all the Twas The Night stamps and that's a fantastic bargain you're doing there, I hope you can find some time to draw some more. I used to read that to my boys when they were little too, such happy memories it brings back, priceless xxx

  10. what super photos! (The card's not bad either!!) A precious bundle for sure! Enjoy every moment! Thank you for the holiday savings this week! Can't make my mind up what I 'need'! Might extend the mortgage!!! Thank you! xx

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful, neat baby. So pleased for you all – an early christmas present. The card is also so beautiful. Very best wishes

  12. I know you are looking for an uplifting comment about Clarity today & although I am one of your biggest fans I am afraid that you've been beaten on this occasion by those completely lovely photos of Evie & Dave's smile. Adorable. These are truly magical

  13. Beautiful photos you must both be so pleased to have a new member of the family. Hmmmmm I will have to think hard about this offer as I love this poem, brings back memories. Clarity is the best craft company out there. Your products are such good quality and I use them all the time. The stamps and stencils are the first things I reach for when making my cards and new innovative products like the mega mount make crafting so much more enjoyable. The people who work for Clarity are also the best. Always happy to help sort out any problems. I am proud to be a Clarity customer! Oh and the boss isn't bad either 😉 Love Donna XX

  14. Hi Barb,
    What beautiful potholes of Dave and yourself and not forgetting the star of the show herself – little Evie. You all look so contented. The card today is lovely, I have a couple of the stamps but funds won't stretch to the set I'm afraid. I might just be tempted to order the bauble one though! Clarity stamps are certainly the best in my opinion and have renewed my love of stamping. I always seemed to fail with other brands! Anyway must dash, hairdresser awaits!
    Ps please don't enter my name for the Gelli Plate as I already have the small one and the one you are offering and it would be a shame for someone else to miss out. Love Alison xx

  15. Lovely Card but even more lovely is the Little Evie, isn´t she a real Beauty. So cute – and the happy smile of Grandad Dave and Nanny B. are also wonderful! XXX

  16. Beautiful card and VERY beautiful baby. Dave looks so happy and proud. the bond with grand children is SO special also with step grandchildren (I have 5 of those). I have shaving cream lined up for next week with Amelia (8). Lovely happy time. x

  17. Oh dear. That's it now you are lost. There is a special love and bond between Grandmothers and Grandaughters that I have only just found out about. The most special thing is when your daughter turns to you and says 'Did you feel like this about me?' and you answer 'I still do'! Wonderful. Thanks for the fabulous offer. You're getting soft and we love it. xx Margaret Col.

  18. What lovely photos with the proud grandparents <3

    Beautiful artwork today , I really must get more practise in and improve my brayering skills, I'm still killing it rather than kissing it lol but I'll get there. Great blog offers by the way, thank you. Fingers crossed for the gelli plate giveaway, very generous of you X

  19. What beautiful photos of a proud Granddad and Grandma!!! Little Evie is adorable. Today's card shows if the 'Twas the Night stamps really well, and I'm loving that glamour dust!! Today's blog candy is very generous and is the deal on all the stamps. Have a lovely day. xx

  20. Lovely photos! congrats again to all. x

    Congrats to too Jaybe!

    I've got the stamp with the cat in it but now you're tempting me to go for it lock stock and barrel!! Clarity Stamp is too inviting…..

    If I was lucky enough to win the gelli plate please pick someone else for it as I've got both sizes already ……


  21. What wonderful photos. And if you were to complete a book of images for babies first Christmas I am sure it would be a treasured heirloom handed down through the family for generations to come.

  22. wonderful photographs that will make stunning memories – I always like adding pictures to my blog – it makes it a kind of journal too!!! Love your make today – and good luck to one and all in the draw for the gelli plate – I love my small one but a large gelli goodness would be even more exciting and fun – will be wobbling all night now!!!! Hugs rachel x

  23. Oh what gorgeous photos! I can smell that newborn baby smell from here!!! Fab card too Barbara – I just have the first stamp, but hope to be able to get some others in the future, when my stash has reduced a bit more and there's room in the craft room! Now if we had a garage where I could put a craft room in the loft … Maybe my next house! Susan x

  24. Dear Barbara
    What lovely photos, a fab card , fantastic offers , blog candy , am I dreaming !!?
    I think not!!

    Wonderful, wonderful baby girl
    She'll set your heart in a bit of a whirl!
    You have joined the very happy crew
    Who really didn't have a clue
    It's different from being a dad or a mum
    From having a daughter or a son
    It cannot be explained but only enjoyed
    You just didn't realise that there was a void
    That this darling girl was meant to fill
    When she's in your arms the incredible thrill
    So I am rejoicing with both of you
    For I am a happy grandparent too!!

    Sorry it's another poem !
    Thank you for the opportunity to get our hands on a gelli plate Barbara

  25. Beautiful photos!! Such a treasure!! I don't see my grandson – long story – and this shows me what we are missing! I have all the 'twas… Stamps so would love you to have time to design a few more – especially now you have an excuse!! And I would live to win a Gelli plate!! I haven't ventured into Gelli yet – daren't tell my OH there is another dimension to this stamping habit! All Clarity stamps are so nice to use and the stencils work so well – and your special offers are sooooo tempting!! Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  26. Ooh how cute is Evie! The proud grandparents look pretty good too! Fantastic card – just gorgeous! Can't run to the stamps at the mo but as my baby granddaughter Freya grows, I think I may have to slowly add them to my collection! xxx

  27. A new addition to the family and some very proud grandparents and lovely photos of Evie.

    Lots of story times and cuddles to come!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the Gelli Plate as well Barbara. I'm sorely tempted over the 'Night Before' stamps!

  28. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    vielen lieben Dank das du uns diese wunderschönen Bilder zeigst.
    Man sieht wie glücklich ihr seid. Was kann es schöneres geben als ein gesundes Baby zu bekommen.
    Mein Enkelkind ist inzwischen 5 Jahre alt und wohnt leider 600 km von mir entfernt.
    Du kannst dich glücklich schätzen Evie aufwachsen zu sehen.

    Deine Karte ist wieder wunderschön geworden und ich bin begeistert von den Stempeln. Claritystempel und Schablonen zu verwenden, lenkt mich ab ,wenn ich meine Kinder und mein Enkelkind zu sehr vermisse. Es ist so wunderschön etwas zu gestalten und mit den Werken anderen eine Freude machen zu können. Eine Gelli-Plate zu gewinnen wäre ein Traum für mich. Mit meiner kleinen Rente kann ich mir nur selten etwas von den wundervollen Clarity Materialien gönnen.
    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie viel Glück. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  29. Congratulations to all of you on the birth of Evie. Love the t'was night poem, and your illustrations are lovely, I have a couple, andI would eventually like the full set, but, I shall have to wait for them. Enjoy basking in the joy of a newborn, you both look relieved and very proud. X

  30. Congratulations Nanny & Grandad on the birth of your first granddaughter Evie ! You both look naturals ! How blessed is this little girl having such caring and talented grandparents as you and Dave. Just imagine the fun you're going to have passing on all your crafty goodness to Evie when she's a bit older! Can't wait to get my grandson Austin crafting when he's old enough – only 8 months old so not quite old enough to be left in charge of a gelli plate just yet! Mind you he could probably cause a splash given enough inks and paints!!! Enjoy your time with baby Evie – such precious moments.

    Lynda Lamb x

  31. Beautiful pictures of you and dave with your little treasure. I remember meeting my granddaughter Annabelle for the first moment of her life. Today I am a very proud nana she got excellent results in her exams today another moment to treasure xxxx

  32. I not got the jelly plate but i have got those fab twas the night stamps loves them all and i made a little book with them last year ,didnt give it away though its in my special box xxxx

  33. Congratulations to you both and of course to the proud parents. How long will it be before little Evie's handprint will be immortalised using the gelli plate, I wonder? 🙂 She is going to have some lovely messy times with Nanny B when she is older.

    Love Gayle x

  34. Hi Barbara,
    Over the years I have bought all of them and I use them every Christmas.
    I started buying them when I watched you demo the first one using angel fibres and I thought I must have that and I make a box of notelets and they are simply delightful!
    Lorna D

  35. Hello Barb, what beautiful pics, Evie looks gorgeous, I am called Nanny too 🙂 Love the card, and the poem, having bought the line sentiment stamps, I will have to hold off on the Twas the night stamps, but who knows…. Take care and I hope Evie will become a firm member of the Clarity family. Well done Jaybe. Bx

  36. Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? My first granddaughter is 4 on Saturday and the time goes by so quickly. We are now looking forward to grandchild number two in February.
    I love your blog it is so inspiring and I am learning a lot especially about the gelli plate which I bought from you at Alli Palli in Apri. Thank you for your help in choosing the right one.
    Take Care.
    Christine in Darcy.

  37. Wow what very proud grandparents you both are – Evie looks gorgeous and one day will look on those photos and realise just how loved and welcome she is.

    I've been having a ' Hyacinth Bucket' week this week as the postman has been consistently ignoring our letter box!. Today, however, he had to call – there was a Clarity box to deliver :-). I have to say he always has a cheery smile on his face, but somehow he seems even happier when clutching a Clarity parcel. They are the best packed and most beautifully addressed parcels too! Now I have my mega mount I feel a gelli plate discovery session later. Can't wait.

    Hugs to you all xxx

  38. What lovely photos of the proud and happy grandparents with Evie. She is beautiful! Lovely card as always. These stamps are really growing on me. Trouble is if I buy one I know I will want them all. I definitely need to buy the line sentiments. Think I can justify some purchases soon for my birthday next month. Far too many great (and extremely tempting) offers to choose from! 🙂 x

  39. Oh Nanny B look at you!!!! – what a bundle of joy you have there and lovely photos!! Fantastic!!! Little Evie is going to grow up with such love all around her.
    Twas the Night….such a beautiful set of stamps ….I steadily collected them last year so am loving you showcasing them…and there you go with the glitter again!!! It made me laugh!!!
    The smell of a new born is lovely…those tiny fingers and toes…..the little squirming wriggle they do….such precious moments…and yes you are so right that it makes you think of your own mother and admire them….so cherish every moment because before you know it she will be crawling then walking and tipping out your stash in your new studio!!!
    Grandad Dave – you look so proud – how wonderful – treasure these moments
    Much love as ever
    Kim x

  40. Hi Bard,
    What a gorgeous little bundle you and Dave have in your arms. Isn't the love you feel incredible? And it gets more so as the years go by. My Eleanor (nearly 11) told me that I was her best friend and she can tell me anything, things she can't tell her mum! Oh my heart nearly burst, but I said that she mustn't keep secrets from her mum. Anyway, little Evie will wrap her heart around you in no time.
    Now for the card, I really like it, so atmospheric, but oh boy am I pleased you have listed the stamps in numerical order, I've been stamping number four after 5 and 6 for years! Put it down to senior moments. Love xx

  41. Thank you for sharing photo's of the new addition (Evie that is), aaah,she is so beautiful. My uplifting comment is:
    Clarity stamps are the best
    Order today and forget the rest!

  42. How cute! There's just something so delicious about babies, isn't there? I think it's the gorgeous baby smell!

    A lovely card, I'd forgotten that one from the shows last week. Think I NEED these stamps!!

    Alana x

  43. Congratulations Nanny and Grandad, and how gorgeous is Evie. Our son was only 4lb at birth and only 8lb at 3 months old, so I found holding him and changing him was quite worrying when he was really tiny. My mum made him special little vests because the new born size were too big! This was some time ago as he is 36 and 6ft tall now..lol.. This set of stamps are great Barbara and I love what you have done with this rooftop scene. The glamour dust makes it look icy and cold and the stormy sky ink is great to give it the look of night time and I love the little shadow across the moon and the nice edging of blue too. x

  44. New grandparents shout loud from the rafters
    That Evie will bring you much laughter.
    Congrats to you all
    On your new baby girl,
    You'll be twined round her finger hereafter!……


    Enjoy your new addition to the family.


    PS Lovely card idea.
    Ordered the complete set last week; impatiently awaiting their arrival! Hope to have a play prior to a bit of sun-seeking next week!

  45. Oh sweet you both look so proud! Congratulations again to you all, she looks tiny! I'm so please you blogged this today, I got the whole set from your C+C show, they arrived on Tuesday and are so crisp. I was lucky to be treated to them as an early Xmas present from my amazing mother-in-law!wxx

  46. Baby Evie looks gorgeous. Congratulations on the new addition to your Clarity family. I love these stamps. I wish I could afford to buy the whole bundle and there are so many Clarity stamps and stencils I need ….;-) Ela xx

  47. You both look so proud and besotted already, Evie is beautiful. Love these stamps although I only have one, Twas The Night… was a favourite book of mine when I lived in the US. The birth of a new baby certainly gives us all a moment of clarity so that we realise what really is important. Enjoy Evie x

  48. what a miracle! you know i have the same thoughts every time i hold a little one. i remember the nail dilemma very well too.
    the card is a little beauty. congrats nanny b. hugs xx

  49. You both look so happy with your new granddaughter , she is beautiful. You are so right they are amazing and so perfect. I do so hope that one day we might have some more grandchildren, my sons have not got started yet., but that is being greedy really as I have four already. They are wonderful and my granddaughter has achieved fantastic exam results today. Your card is lovely, I reckon you will enjoy teaching Evie in the future. xx

  50. What beautiful pictures to start the day. Don't they put the world into perspective? Evie is a lucky little girl being born into such a loving family, and long may she retain the innocence she has right now.
    Great project too today and I love those stamps, especially as I still have the beautifully illustrated book in front of me right now.
    Enjoy lots and lots of cuddles.
    xxx Maggie

  51. What a wonderful happy time for you. Welcome to the world Evie. I know you and Dave will treasure every moment. Although I have no children of my own, my two step children have given me and Martin four beautiful grandchildren. How precious they are.
    Love to you all xxx

  52. Mum and I have read your blog together this evening and, as the photos of the proud grandparents appeared, Mum was full of "oohs" and "aahs"! Our best wishes to the whole family on this most happy occasion.
    When Mum saw your mention of cutting the baby's fingernails, she commented that she used to bite mine!! (well, that was some 50+ years ago – you probably couldn't get baby scissors back then!!)

    (Third time lucky – I've tried adding this comment twice before and twice it's disappeared – hope it doesn't end up being posted in triplicate!)

  53. Oh, what perfect photos for you to treasure. Isn't she gorgeous! Congratulations to the family on the new arrival (doesn't Dave look proud).

    I keep umming and arring about the 'Twas stamps and I think this offer may just make up my mind, especially after seeing your demo here – really quite simple but so effective.

    Thank you for letting us share in your precious private life as well as your crafty one. 🙂

  54. Both you and Dave have looks of such pure love and joy on your faces for your tiny little bundle of delight. Little Evie is gorgeous! Beautiful photographs of two very proud grandparents.Took a quick look earlier but no time to comment and now see 82 comments. Is this a record? How could we all resist? The cards lovely too.
    Love & baby hugs Jeanette xxx

  55. Congratulations x
    I loved the elegant simplicity of today's card and would never have thought of cutting my mask so cleverly .
    I am looking forward to tomorrow's blog give away as I will have my fingers crossed in hope of the gelli plate win as mine has met a very unfortunate end !
    All I can say is when putting things in the car be aware of things you put on the roof while rummaging for keys to open said car and then forgetting what you put on roof till you get to destination !
    I am a muppet and hang my head in shame 🙁

  56. These stamps are fabulous, I use the crib stamp often for baby cards. They aren't just for Christmas.
    Congratulations on the new addition to the clarity family. She's adorable:))) xx Annie P

  57. You know I bought these as a set a long time ago, but never got the three mice. I didn't know they existed, but kept seeing them on cards so I assumed people were masking off the mice from one of the main stamps. I tried so hard to get the same results for a long time, then I spotted the three on their own. I will have to treat myself. xx

  58. adorable pics of you, Dave and your precious little grandaughter. She looks so tiny. Love your creation too, in fact love all these stamps, wish I could afford them all. Now how do I decide which to buy???
    Have a great weekend Nanny B x

  59. Hi Barbara. Not sure how but I had missed this post! So glad that I saw it or I would have missed those beautiful shots of the very proud Grandparents with the gorgeous Evie : )
    This is the piece that I won from your shows last week and it really is so beautiful, (the card is incredibly smooth, it not only looks but also feels lovely). Take care.

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