A private peek…

A private peek…

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
What a week this has been!
Laura had her beautiful little Evie Jennifer,
who came a little early, but just perfect. A miracle.
Both mother and baby are doing well, 
and Grandad is as proud as Punch!
Evie really is a miracle baby. Almost 3 years ago, many of you may recall that Trevor, the Dad, was very badly burnt in an industrial explosion. We spent several months holding poor Laura’s hand, wondering whether he would even pull through.
So little Evie is a real gift from God.  
I was actually going to have a few days off this week, 
to sort out the new art-studio above the garage,
but that didn’t really go as planned. Does it ever?
Never mind. Not important.
It is exactly as it is supposed to be, today.
It’s been quite nice just blogging and making do and trying to get used to working in my new space.
Want to see a real mess? Make you feel better?
I’m waiting for a big island to go in the middle, 
or an incinerator – whichever arrives first!
But there’s a phone and there’s WIFI, so we have lift-off!

It didn’t take long to turn it into a tip, did it?
But the Money plant likes it, so we’re staying!
I remember a few years ago, when we first came back to England from the States, our whole house would have fitted quite comfortably into this space, 
with room for a washing machine and a fridge!
What a lucky girl I am.
This morning I am off to Tunbridge Wells with my brother for breakfast and a mooch for a baby present, and then this afternoon, Dave and I are going to the Rye Jazz Festival. 
Sounds like a fine time to me.
The only way I can do this thing called Life is one day at a time.
My job today is to get through today as best I can, help where I can and maybe even have a little fun along the way. 
Not that hard really. 
More will be revealed. 


Let’s not forget the trusty brayer and the blending mat.
Even if you already have these, they do have a shelf life. 
They are, after all, our most basic tools for the trade.

Speedball Brayer 
rrp £11.99. Now just £8 

A4 Clarity Blending Mat 
rrp £8.99. Now just £4.99

The lucky winner of yesterday’s Blog Candy prize 
– an 8″x10″ Gelli Plate –
(email me your mailing address, and I will get it sent out to you.)

More blog candy…
I think another £10 Gift Voucher, 
sent in a piece of beautiful Clarity artwork 
is cool.
Leave a lovely comment today, and maybe a lovely card and voucher will be yours!
much love,

93 thoughts on “A private peek…

  1. Hi Barb,
    Evie is a little miracle – just look at all of the joy she has given in her very short life so far. Your craft room will be fabulous once sorted or should I say if sorted – as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a tidy craft room!! Enjoy the festival and breakfast with your brother. There is nothing wrong with living life one day at a time either. Thanks for everything. Love Alison xx

  2. Hope you enjoy the jazz festival in Rye. It's one of our favourite places to visit although although cobbles can be hard on the feet so take comfy shoes and have a wonderful time. xx

  3. What a busy week. I am lucky that I have space in my loft to craft, but yesterday had a shock when the window sort of exploded and the inner pane blew out across the room… Luckily no one was in there, so no damage really. Apparently the type of window in there is subject to recall because there are issues with the gas infill so someone is coming to put in a new window at the weekend . It is nothing like your lovely space, but it is a quiet place where I can escape the bustle to spend a few hours pottering and playing with my wonderful Clarity goodies so will be glad when it is finished. Hope you have a lovely day

    1. Karen it's really scary when that happens. One of my fanlights exploded in my old house, but fortunately the curtains were closed so we were all unhurt. The force though threw a huge shard of glass into the middle of the room, so it's something to be aware of with double glazed units. Glad you are all OK!

  4. Love your new craft room. You'll soon get it set up the way you want it. In a couple of years time, you'll need a little table and chair for Evie so she can stamp alongside of you. My Grandkids love to play with stamps and inks:) xxx

  5. Evie is indeed a miracle. I love your craft space. No point having that soace and not filling it with lots of crafty goodies. I have a little cupboard which is now overflowing with everything I have accumulated over the last 11 months. Sounds like you have a lovely day ahead. Enjoy it! x

  6. I look forward to reading your posts every day. You share so much and in your own unique way – that is a true gift. Congratulations on expanding your home by two feet, and thanks for being you xx

  7. Hi Barbara,
    Enjoy your day! I am very jealous of your wonderful craft space, my corner of the spare bedroom is becoming so tight, maybe I'll have to stop buying (not likely) or have a clear out (even less likely) or possibly move some stuff into the hall cupboard (who needs towels anyway).
    Lorna D

  8. Another peek at the life of Barbara! I do love it , a new little girl for you both to spoil and enjoy as she grows! Please can I help you tidy your craft room? I'd love a wee craft room but no space in ours so kitchen has to double up! Mind you I love being in the heart of the house so it's a wonderful place to craft even if they get the odd glittery dinner! No one sense to mind so I'm happy ! Enjoy your shopping trip bet you buy loads for Evie you won't be able to resist! X

  9. Hello Barb, well Evie is a true miracle and well done to Laura and Trevor for sticking together through tough times. Your new workspace looks super, can I move in with you? Well done Amanda on winning the Gelli Plate, if you don't have one, you will love it, and if you do have one, what a lucky lady, you will be able to doubles. Barb, hope you have a great time with your brother, and a wonderful time at the Jazz festival with Dave, just relax and enjoy that wonderful music. Bx

    1. Thanks Bridget, I have the small one so can't wait to have a bigger space to be messy(I mean creative) on. I'm going to check back on Barbara YouTube video where she uses two and have a play.
      Kind regards

  10. Grandchildren are brilliant, I now have four! When they come to visit, Eartha the eight year old, always says 'Grandma can we make something?' So you have so much to look forward to. Congratulations to all concerned x

  11. Enjoy your day , the craft room is starting to take shape. I am looking forward to moving soon so I can have an organised room for sewing and crafting. That little girl is gorgeous congratulations to all her lovely family xxxx
    Lynne T.

  12. Morning Barbara,

    Taking life one day at a time is a good philosophy to follow. I really must do my best to follow it. Whilst worrying about tomorrow today happens and you miss it. Tomorrow never comes.

    Enjoy your day today with your brother and then the jazz festival with Dave.

    Love, Roz.x

  13. Beautiful miracle she is too! And what a loft! Space enough for visitors? 🙂 living life one day at a time is key, remembering to enjoy moments along the way… Tackling any issues head on and not saving them up works for me! Life is so precious as is our time. Love to you and your wonderful family Barbara and have an amazing bank holiday weekend xxx

  14. Congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of beautiful Evie, and thankyou for sharing your lovely news with us all Barbara. Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend, have fun shopping and of course spending time in your Craft Loft xxx

  15. Morning Barbara, what a real treat your blog is, full of joy , hope and excitement …i am so pleased for all of you .just perfect….in what can be a very harsh world…enjoy every moment and I look forward to more photos….hugs to all….Jo. xxxx

  16. What a great few days you've had ! Sometimes the best times are when things don't go to plan & it reminds us that we are never in control in the whole grand scheme of things

  17. Babies always put things into perspective don't they – and she is beautiful too. I wanna come play in ur craft space Barbara – it's sooooo much bigger than mine. Xx

  18. Hi Barbara I remembered you telling us about Trevor in your newsletter a couple of years ago and wondered if it was the same couple but didn't like to ask so yes she is a miracle baby and even more special. It is lovely to hear of happy events for people wh deserve it after everything they have been through, so even bigger congratulations are in order. The smiles are even bigger now after all you have been through together. Enjoy breakfast with your brother, hope he is feeling much better too and have a terrific time with Dave at the festival. Well Evie chose her delivery well when she knew Nanny B wasn't doing much haha. Don't worry I'm sure your beautiful space will get sorted one day. Have fun and take care love Diane G xxx

  19. I'm glad things have worked out for Laura and Trevor, like seeing the family pictures just as much as the artwork. Are the Youtube Tuesdays back next week? See you at the open day at Catterick.

  20. Hi Barb,
    More gorgeous photo's of the beautiful Evie. All babies are miracles, but she is truly a wonderful miracle. An astounding piece of God's creation after what Trevor (and Laura and the rest of you) went through.
    Just wait until she wants to go into your "making room" and make her own art work. My two granddaughters make all their own cards and draw pictures (using all my stuff). Zoe (8) loves to stamp and colour in, but Eleanor (nearly 11) likes to draw on her cards.
    Enjoy your breakfast with Steve, hope he's well, and take plenty of money with you because believe me, once you start you'll want to buy everything in the shop.
    I know I'm going to be skint by the time decide on all the fab offers this week. xx

  21. Hello Barbara – your words today – My job today is to get through today as best I can, help where I can and maybe even have a little fun along the way. Not that hard really. – I thought very apt as they reminded me that today is Angel Day (an American idea) – An Angel Day is all about making the world a better place through acts of kindness, care and support. Put others before yourself and reach out to help those in need. If you’re the one benefiting from someone else’s act of kindness, make sure you let them know you appreciate it.

  22. I relish your blog daily…you always seem so calm. I know you are a swan…calm, serene and graceful while underneath paddling like heck to keep afloat! Congratulations on baby Evie (lovely name) and enjoy your retail therapy.

  23. Barbara you have a great way of looking at life, live for today, don't spend time making plans for tomorrow for you never know what it will bring. I love, love, love your work, you amaze me and make me laugh.
    Ann xx

  24. I did not know the background story to Laura and Trevor but they certainly deserve all the happiness they can get. Little Evie will certainly bring them many wonderful times. Does our time off ever go according to plan but on a plus side your art room will be great when completed. Enjoy the Jazz festival and also your new roles as nan and granddad. xx

  25. Morning Barbara. Such lovely photos of Evie – you forget just how tiny a newborn can be!
    I currently craft on the kitchen table; we have visitors this weekend so I have had to tidy everything away. (Am getting withdrawal symptoms already!) But I have plans for a craft room so am particularly interested to see the pictures as you develop yours.
    Have a nice time out and about today.
    Ruth x

  26. Your plans for the day sound just perfect to me, I hope it all goes to plan and you have a lovely, relaxing day. Yes, your room may be a bit of a mess at the moment, but it will all come together before you know it. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. I like your philosophy of just living each day as it happens and I was reading something on that very thing yesterday. Apparently us adults tend to live in the past, and in the future (worrying). Whereas children and animals aren't able to do that, so they live in the present, and enjoy it immensely, and to the full. So the moral is, as you have already discovered, to live in today. Have a good one xx

  27. Definitely a miracle baby, she will be so loved by you all. Love your craft space, I use a bedroom but for some reason I have a crafting block at the moment. It's strange how life can change in 24 hours, you never now what's coming at you next but you just have to take it as it comes and try and smile and be happy. Thanks for the insight, it really helps. Jx

  28. All babies are little miracles of nature but Evie is a very special miracle given her dads accident. Love the space you have for a craft room Barbara and I'm sure it will look fabulous when it's all done. We all know what a perfectionist you are so nothing less than 100% will do for you. Have a great weekend everyone. Pat x

  29. Hi Barbara,
    You really are a very lovely, inspirational lady. My mum has beaten cancer twice and my dad has had two heart attacks and a serious brain disease. Both are still around and live in the day, my mum has just joined the gym with me and my dad goes bowling every week! None of us worry about the future, or the past.
    I love reading the blog, and also everyone's lovely comments, you have some wonderful people following you, and I always read the blog and comments with a smile. Especially today, when I got to the end and saw that I had won the gelli plate from yesterday! Thank you very much, you are very kind and I can't wait to have a play.
    Kind regards

    1. What an exciting week for you both. We have a granddaughter aged two and she is a delight. She loves to create pictures with me and 'help' me in the kitchen and fills me with joy every time I see her. What fun you will have as she grows, Barbara. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

  30. I remember talking to Dave not long after Trevor's horrific accident and how things were very touch and go. Evie truly is a miracle baby, a bright, shinning light coming out of the darkness. To live each day as it comes is a wonderful philosophy, as it is so easy to worry about what hasn't happened yet, and miss the beautiful moments found in each day. Enjoy your morning with Steve, I hope he is fully recovered. Have a lovely time with the proud Granddad at the jazz festival. Sending you all lots of hugs xx

  31. Wonderful news, congratulations all around 😀 Your new space looks great, so much room! Enjoy your day today and thanks for all the inspiration, I love visiting here 😀 Hugs Gay x

  32. I didn't know about Trevor's accident but what a story of love and hope. It makes Evie even more special, AND puts the important/less important things in life into their right perspective. Enjoy your time in Rye; we live in Winchelsea, very close by ( we may hear it!) and I'm looking forward to the Rye Music Festival in September. xx

  33. Wow Barbara, I didn't know about Evie's dad's accident either, I bet everyone is thrilled.
    I have reluctantly cut down on the blogs I visit every day, but yours is still on my list, I wouldn't miss it for anything, as I love your dies, stencils and everything you show us!

  34. Here's a quote that I saw recently which I think you never fail to do Barbara- don't forget to to be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" so very important and a lesson for us all, have a fab time shopping with your brother!Wxx

  35. What lovely photos and yes it's very reassuring to see your art room with boxes around waiting to be unpacked. I didn't know about Trevor's accident so what a wonderful story of hope and inspiration.
    Have a great time at the festival
    Jackie x

  36. Beautiful photos special memories enjoy your day out shopping and lunch ,life has away off throwing everything at us and sometimes we don't know how we coped just take each day in baby steps do what we can i have some wonderful friends who have helped me through and still do .
    Crafting keeps me going each day clarity hugs to all xxx

  37. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich liebe die Fotos, die zeigen wie glücklich du und deine Familie sind. Ich wußte nicht von dem Unfall und so ist es eine noch größere Freude euer Glück zu sehen. Gott schütze eure Familie.

    Dein Arbeitszimmer ist ja wirklich groß und ich bin sicher wenn es einmal alles geschafft ist, wird das kreativ sein eine wahre Freude sein.

    Amanda ich gratuliere zu deinem Gewinn der Gelli-Plate. Du wirst sie lieben.

    Ich wünsche ein wunderschönes Wochenende. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  38. I too didn't realise that Trevor had a nasty accident, so his recovery and now the arrival of dear little Evie is doubly special and we wish them well for the future. You are right about making the most of each and every day and living life to the full, and it is good sometimes to enjoy the simple things like a nice walk in the countryside, or a catch up with friends, which is what we are doing this evening, and it was only arranged half an hour ago. It's good to be spontaneous sometimes. I hope you have enjoyed meeting up with your brother and buying something lovely for Evie, and have a good time at the Rye Jazz Festival. x

  39. Hi Barbara – I feel there is a hidden message behind your blog today so I really hope everything is OK for you? I really love the idea of living in the moment and not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow – don't they call that mindfulness? Evie looks like an absolutely beautiful baby, and for Laura and Trevor this happy event must feel like a real blessing after having such a traumatic few years. That craft room will soon be sorted – maybe Grace could plan another little trip home to help sort you out after she did such a great job with your stencils! Thanks for sharing your inspirations and thoughts every day – I so enjoy your blog – Susan x

  40. your space looks a bit like mine – although yours is bright and white – lol!!! Baby Evie looks a darling- I hope you enjoyed shopping for her and also the festival – sounds fun! Hugs rachel x

  41. Your little miracle angel is just beautiful…long time since I delivered babies but used to love it…love visiting your blog so much to read and see and learn….it's through here that I ordered a few goodies and had them posted here to Australia…thanks.xxx
    The Journey is the Start

  42. Pleased to hear that the new family are well. Your new craft room looks amazing even if it's work in progress. Can't wait to see what wonderful new 'goodies' are conjured up within it's walls! x

  43. What a wonderful blessing a baby is at any time, but especially when the past may have been hard. It bought back a lot of memories for me as my husband was horrifically burned in an industrial accident. I had three very young children, but was surrounded with amazing family, friends and a wonderful band of mothers from the children's school. I have never forgotten this support. Love to all of you.

  44. Hi Barbara,

    If you think your craft room is a mess , you should see mine. I have the box room and my husband says he has to tie a rope to the bannister if he goes in there to be sure of finding his way out! I know exactly where everything is….. it's in that drawer, or maybe that one, or perhaps it's in that pile? Well I know it's in there somewhere!
    Enjoy the jazz festival.
    Gayle x

  45. hi lucky Barbara ! congrats to this wonderful Baby and thanks I found your blog :)- just after my first DVD arrived from HSE24. lots of greetings from Vienna,Erni

  46. Evie looks so cute. All the photos look lovely too. Hey I tell you what, your art room looks loads better than mine and I spent ALLLLLL DAY on it yesterday, I still ended up with a workspace of 2ft by 2ft?? The more I get rid of the fuller it seems to be. Still can't see my seat Barb, Should I bring a fold up ?? xx

  47. Beautiful baby, what a joy. Your workspace looks amazing too. I have taken over 2 bedrooms. My 45th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow so off celebrating. I will raise a glass to you all at Clarity – it keeps me sane and out of the way of my long suffering husband. I have made him a very special card using the Clarity Garden Heart. Have a great weekend.
    Best Wishes

  48. Liebe Barbara,
    was für ein toller Post. Soviel gute Neuigkeiten. Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder und den kleinen Einblick in deinen neuen Bastelraum.
    Liebe Grüße, Anja

  49. Baby shopping, lunch with family and good music-sounds like a great day to me! Hope you managed to relax and enjoy it, leaving everything else behind. It's good to remember to live one day at a time sometimes and remember how good life is. Thank you for the reminder.
    Hope the new family is doing well. Take care, Jan

  50. Hello. I expect you need a cup of tea and a good sit down instead of all that sorting out to do. Getting the work/life balance right is what's so important and little Evie will certainly make sure you and Dave spend time with her. How could you resist. Till then, all will get sorted eventually and bit by bit you will create the space you want to work in. We shall enjoy watching you every step of the way. xx Margaret Col.

  51. what a lovely space to work in! to die for! but that might be for another life. children are a gift from God. they bring such beautiful emotions with them.
    glad you found some time to enjoy yourself. take care, hugs xx

  52. great photos Barbara. Hope you enjoy the festival. One day at a time sounds like a good idea. I am trying to practice Mindfulness, where you live "in the present" rather than worrying about what the future hold/what may or may not happen etc. Sounds like you are a master at this xx

  53. What a space you have, glad to see it looking well used and lived in. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend with your family. Sounds like you have lots of memorable moments coming your way. XX

  54. Life is so precious and I think sometimes we take it for granted a little – Little Evie is a blessing for Mum, Dad and all the family and I'm sure she'll bring many happy hours to you all.
    I try not to take things too seriously, there are enough life pressures without adding to them ourselves – I quite like stress-free and always try to aim for just that!….Although it doesn't always work out, but hey-ho….As the song goes "what will beeeeeeeeeeeee, will beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" 🙂 Have fun and worry about "the mess" in the crafty space later. Take care and enjoy yourself, Carole x

  55. Hi Barbara,
    I hope you have had a lovely day, with family, good food and good music too!
    I am glad that little Evie had brought some joy to a couple who have obviously been through a lot together. It is lovely to know that for some people the miracle can happen. I am sure that all I'd you will treasure every moment with her. Thanks for letting us join in your celebrations.
    xxx hugs xxxx

  56. I love having grandchildren they are a blessing we are expecting are next little treasure in next six weeks cannot wait to meet this little new person thank god for his little miracles and gifts enjoy your jazz concert and a bit of time for yourself and family they are so precious xxx

  57. Hi Barbara. Congratulations again on the safe arrival of the gorgeous Evie, isn't she beautiful. Love the look of love on her proud Grandads face : ) Hope you had a lovely day with Steve, then shopping for Evie then at the Jazz festival. There are so many good and beautiful things that get missed because people are "too busy". Glad that you are taking one day at a time, you will still get all that matters done in the end and you will get to enjoy today too : ) Take care.

  58. Hi Barbara
    As ever you are very generous with your private peeks in to your life, and reading why Evie is such a miracle makes her arrival very important and extra special. I know from the loss my daughter suffered a few weeks ago and the sharing among my friends through Clarity that similar losses and little bundles of joy that followed are very important in life, so I guess what I am saying is that when people feel that all is lost don't give up hope, miracles do happen!
    That wonderful space you have, it may look a mess right now, but very soon that Island you mentioned will arrive and you will quickly transform that mess in to organised haven!
    Very soon, it will be a place you won't want to leave x
    Hoping the music was great, as I am playing catch up here due to a busy day yesterday!
    Much Love
    Kim x

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