A baby is born !!!!

A baby is born !!!!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by!
Wednesday’s blog is something new.
Well it just doesn’t get much newer or more magical than this!

I can’t chat long; 
we’re on our way to the hospital to see Laura, Dave’s daughter. 
We’ve got some very happy news:
She had her baby in the wee small hours…
We are so happy for her and Trevor. So so happy.
That young couple have been through so much together.
All is good. All is well.
And it’s a little baby girl.
Evie Jennifer.
Here’s a quickie I prepared yesterday.
Not knowing whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, 
I had to go neutral…

And I decided to do 2 jobs at the same time: 
blog AND make their New Arrival card!

Here’s what I wrote yesterday, 
when we still had no idea whether it would be a boy or a girl…

Let’s see.
Rummaged around and decided – on this auspicious occasion – to part with that fabby shaving foam piece which came out so well on the TV!

Dug deep and found those lovely lacy swallows.



Stamped them in Cornflower Blue.
It was certainly heading towards the Boy zone…..

Next I found some Line Sentiments, and curled the Congratulations line so that it would go between the 2 beaks.
Use one of our MegaMounts to hold it. 

Works a treat…

While we’re in Line Sentiment mode, 
let’s see what else fits…

Time for some colour. 
Mmm…tricky. boy, girl, girl, boy….

Months ago, when Laura first found out she was having a baby, I told her that one of the very few pleasant surprises in life for me personally had been NOT knowing the sex of the newborns. She took on board what I said, and so now I’m eating my words!!!
No, not really. 
I still can remember that amazing, magical moment when the Doctors said, “You have a little daughter,” 
(actually, Grace was born in Germany, so she said, “Sie haben eine kleine Tochter!”
 And 2 years later, the delivery team in the American hospital all said together, “It’s a boy!”
So either way, it is a miracle, and either way a wonderful surprise.

So back to colouring in. Yellow it is.
I used the Spectrum Noir pencils.

Round the edges with the chisel end of a blue ProMarker.
I’m going way too boy here, aren’t I!

Ok Ok. 
Back it on a nice warm yellow 
and add a bit more orange and yellow to the birdies!
That’s better!

Needs a little personal something…
Dave and me up on our perch,
and a baby bird in the cradle…

between Laura and  Trevor.

and a little p.s. from the 2 oldies.

But I have to wait to do the insert.
How exciting!!!!!!

So we went to the hospital early evening. 
En route, we passed 3 magpies.
“3’s for a girl!” Dave and I both called out simultaneously.

So we spend an hour with her, and then left her to it. because, let’s face it, there was very little we could do to help!

Then at 3 in the morning, Trevor called us, to tell us the miracle baby Evie had arrived.

So just a quick addition to the card, and off to the hospital again!


Looking at this New Arrival card, I have had a good idea for a sale. The Line Sentiments.

There are 3 sets altogether:

Line Sentiment Set No. 1

I am aware that some of you will have one or the other set, so let’s just knock £4 of each set. Instead of £14.99, you pay £10.99. (+ an additional 10% discount for all club members.)

In the meantime, who won my ridiculously overpriced book on yesterday’s blog candy?
Well, the lucky winner is

And today, leave an uplifting comment, 
leave a message for Laura and Trevor, 
because this truly is a happy day for them,
and tomorrow I will send a random lucky winner 
a £10 Gift Voucher.

much love,

116 thoughts on “A baby is born !!!!

  1. Hello Barb, how absolutely wonderful. A new addition to the family and a little girl. She will be blessed to have you and Dave as grandparents and such fun Uncle and Aunty. My baby grandaughter will be 1 in a couple of weeks and I can remember what joy it was to meet her for the first time. Happy days ahead and blessings showered on you all. xx Margaret Col.

  2. Aah, congratulations everyone! Having a baby is such an amazing privilege. I hope they feel blessed, and enjoy every moment with her. I can't believe mine are 7 and 9 already!! A gorgeous card as always, Barbara. I don't know how you do it, creating new and different things every day! Good on you, and I hope you realise how much we all appreciate and love you for inspiring us all so much!
    Alana x

  3. How exciting the birth of a new baby is such a spiritually uplifting experience. I wish Laura and Trevor lots of joy and stamina cos' they're going to need it but such a precious gift to you all. I have four grandchildren and each one gladdens my heart. My upmost congratulations to you all. A very special time for family.

  4. Morning Barbara, what brilliant news…and Congratulations to all….the miracle of birth….Dave and you must be so excited…..your card is just perfect and I am sure Laura will treasure it always….have a fantastic family day….love and baby hugs to all….Jo. xxx

  5. What a lovely morning for you – going to visit the new baby girl in your family. Congratulations to the young couple. The colours in your card are so gentle and love your design.

  6. Cherish all the moments with your precious daughter, for in the blink of an eye she will be all grown up and making her way in life. Many congratulations to the new family

  7. Oh Barbara!!! I really do not know what to say – thank you so much!!!! and huge huge congratulations to you, Dave, Laura and Trevor and all the rest of the family.
    When I first started reading your blog tears came to my eyes – I was to be a grandmother again for the third time – it was to be a little boy – very very sadly he was taken from us a few short weeks ago and some very very close friends I have made through Clarity have been towers of support extending their love to me – so reading your blog has brought a tear – but to read that this wonderful little bundle born today is called Evie – which is my eldest granddaughters name – and to see you picked me to win your book – has certainly lifted my spirits.
    Your book will always remain very very close to me.
    Thank you Barbara – it means the world to me – more than you will know.
    The card you have made is beautiful – one to be treasured.
    Once again huge congratulations to you all on this very very special day.
    Much much love
    Kim xx

    1. Sad to here of your loss Kim, but at the same time really pleased to hear that you have won this wonderful and very generous prize from Barbara. Well done enjoy the book and remember that babies born sleeping are born this way for a reason …. maybe they are just too nice to be born into such a cruel world as we have today x

    2. Hi Kim congratulations on winning the book it was meant to be wasn't it and I'm glad it will be treasured by you . A big hug love Diane xxx

    3. I think it is wonderful that you have won Barbara's book, a little treat to cheer you up. So sorry to hear of your loss but that beautiful baby will never be forgotten. Big hugs and enjoy your book. xx

    4. Thank you all so much – your very very kind words mean a lot – I would not necessarily have shared this but to be bestowed such a generous gift it seemed fitting to tell Barbara – Kim x

  8. Congratulations on a wonderful event. Welcome to the grandparents club where it's all fun and no responsibility .wishing Laura and Trevor happy times as a family . And to the new baby I wish you happiness , good health and luck always. And as we say here in Scotland " Lang May yer lum Reek" xx

  9. What fantastic news and welcome to the world to Evie. Though she may be too young to appreciate the card I know that Laura and Travor will! Congratulation to Kim for winning the book and reckon it has definately gone to the right person on the right day. Was debating whether to buy the line sentiments but have decided that they are definately needed in my stash. Enjoy the time with the new arrival and bet Dave has a grin from ear to ear.
    Elaine xx

  10. Hi Barbara. Congratulations to you all. To Laura and Tevor on the safe arrival of little Evie, bless her, to you and Dave on a beautiful grand daughter and to Auntie Grace and Uncle Marc : ) We didn't want to know what we were having either, that moment when they are born and you see what you have is the most amazing thing in the world isn't it : ) You have made a beautiful card, I love all of the little personal bits that you have added to make it that bit more special. Have a great day and enjoy those special cuddles with Evie. Will we get to see pics? Take care.

  11. Dear Barbara,
    to Laura and Trevor, and congratulations to you and Dave. When I saw my first granddaughter for the first time (I was there at the birth and as I hadn't seen my own daughter born it was extra special), the love I felt was incredible, like no other. It was exactly the same two years later when her sister was born – so enjoy every second.
    Also congrats to Kim on winning the book. xx

  12. How lovely to have a new baby in the family. Best wishes to the parents, I'm sure you'll have some wonderful times ahead and make some lovely memories with Evie.
    A fabulous card for them to treasure too Barbara. Xxx

  13. A cute baby girl came home today,
    And lots of wishes I send your way,
    Now isn't she just the most wonderful child,
    With that beautiful eyes and that sweet little smile!
    Tiny hands and tiny feet,
    You've waited so long for a baby to meet.
    A gift is a baby from heaven above,
    A perfect example of God's precious love.

  14. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor. a child is truly the best ever that can happen to you. i did the same for my first….. didn't find out until they said 'it's a boy!' awesome feeling i can't describe. too overwhelming. had to find out for my second as my first wanted to have a brother. when i probed and kind of said 'well it could be a sister you know?', he turned round promptly and said……'well mummy don't worry, he can become a boy later!' so i had to find out just in case i needed to do a lot of prep work….
    thankfully my second was a boy! …..phew!
    congrats again and cherish every moment, hugs to the proud grandparents too xx

  15. Many Congratulations – I remember vividly my daughter's birth 19 and 1/2 years ago as a result of our 4th IVF treatment! (Only having 3 but it's hard to give up!!). I hope Evie brings them all the joy Belinda has brought us xoxo

  16. Congratulations! What wonderful news for you all..a new baby girl. How lucky she is to be born into such a wonderful loving family. What brilliant grandparents, you and Dave will make and Aunty Grace and Uncle Mark.
    That first moment when you meet a new baby for the first time is so special and is such a treasured memory. I'm sure there'll be lots of photos taken to record the moment and hopefully you'll kindly share a few tomorrow.
    Well done, Laura & Trevor! Welcome to the world baby Evie! Xxx

  17. Hi Barbara what lovely news today congratulations to you and Dave on your new granddaughter (is it the first???) I remember Dave going pram shopping not so long ago I hope he gets to steer it soon. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor too what a lovely name enjoy your little bundle of joy and have lots of hugs and cuddles for her even when you are sooo tired and need sleep yourself. We didn't find out if we were expecting a girl or a boy and convinced ourselves we were having a boy! We chose a girls name just in case the day before! Our lovely Emma is now 17 my dad was over the moon when she was born and went out to tell the neighbours and the florist and anyone he could find. My mum had died a few days after I found out I was expecting so Emma is very special. It's a beautiful card Barbara and I'm sure Evie will have great fun playing with you when she's older with shaving foam and ink!!!! Enjoy your day and shout the news from the rooftops. Take care love Diane xxxx

  18. Congratulations to the new parents and grand parents. We have a girl and a boy and we didn't want to know as I think it spoils it. A beautiful card and I love how you have personalised it.

  19. Congratulations to all of you – now the fun begins, especially for the grandparents. It is lovely to wait until the baby is born before knowing what it is. All my grandchildren and my great-granddaughter were surprises.

    Love, Roz.x

  20. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to Laura and Trevor and of course to you and Dave. How lovely to have a new addition to the family and what a beautiful name. I love the card and the colours you have chosen. I will never have any money at this rate, but the offers are too good to miss. Thank you. Love Alison xx

  21. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor and a big welcome to Evie. Like you I think the most exciting part of having a baby is not knowing what you're going to get. Love the card Barbara. Little Evie doesn't know it yet but she is so lucky to be receiving birthday & Christmas cards made by you! Pat x

  22. Laura & Trevor congratulation of your beautiful, healthy daughter. She is a lucky girl to have such courageous, strong and loving parents to help guide her on her way. Enjoy every minute. xxxx

  23. Congratulations to all, especially the new Grandad! How lovely to come on here to read such a lovely story after all the gloom and doom on the TV news… They've chosen such a pretty name too.
    Loving the card also. I spashed out on the basics shaving foam from Sainsburys (all of 36p!), so will have a play later.
    Ruth x

  24. Wow! What fabulous news Barbara – many congratulations to you all and what a super card to celebrate the occasion. How good of them to time their gorgeous new arrival ready for your Wednesday's 'Something New' blog post – now that's planning! Lol.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  25. It probably is the month of good news. My young cousin and her partner just had a little girl too, after years of nightmare so I know the feeling. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor, and to the new Grandad. And welcome to the world to Evie. Lovely card to be kept to remember that lovely day. xx

  26. Welcome Little Evie Jennifer, you have been born into a loving Familienleben (family circle). Scottish Blessings are sent to you and your parents. A precious little bundle has been delivered to you all, enjoy every minute and every cuddle. Thrilled with your news.
    Lots of love Lesley and David x

  27. Wow how wonderful to see 3 magpies on your way to hospital congratulations to you all a special time for each and every one of you a new clarity addition wonderful offer on the clarity stamps
    Big clarity hugs to you all special times new memories xxx

  28. Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents. Welcome to the world Evie. What a wonderful adventure for you all. XX Beautiful card.

    Also well done to Kim for winning the book.

  29. Hi Trevor, Laura, Evie, Barbara and Dave! But mostly welcome to Evie!
    Wonderful news!
    What a lovely blog post to read. You must all be exhausted after such an early wake-up, tho I expect the excitement will have kept you going.
    Thanks for the lovely blog offer – I'd only been saying to hubby that I had put the the line sentiments on my wish list when I put my order in on Sunday. Gosh, looks like I'll be making 2 orders in the same week – feels very decadent! Enjoy your day. Xxxx hugs xxx

  30. Many congratulations to the new parents and the new grandparents! What a beautiful card for a beautiful new little baby in the world. Funny enough I just got a scan picture today of my new great-nephew or great-niece who will be arriving in January next year – very exciting!!! Also well done to Kim on winning your fabulous book – may it give you many hours of inspiration, Susan x

  31. Many congratulations to Laura and Trevor on the arrival of little Evie (such a lovely name). Sending you and Dave a big hug too. How is Granddad? I bet he has a huge smile on his face – well you probably both have. The card is gorgeous and I'm sure it will be treasured. Just knew these beautiful birds would be great for any occasion. Sending you all lots of hugs and love xx

  32. Hi Barbara
    I really like how you've add there names and little Evie's such a happy time for you all,you should encourage them to scrapbook as you can't beat memories.They will be pleased with your card as it's stunning.

  33. Congratulations to you all. Along with our own children, nothing else comes close to the joy of grandchildren. My husband is a step- Grandad but adores my 2 grandsons – it's all about the love.
    Lovely card, really hits the right notes, stylish, pretty and personal. Enjoy your enriched family life. x

  34. a wonderful tale as always barbara and congratulations on the birth of Evie! Such a wonderful card! And such a great evolution too! Those magpies knew didn't they? Hugs rachel x

  35. How exciting! Congratulations to the new parents and you two new grandparents.so eased everyone is doing well, my great niece is called Evie, lovely name .Wxx

  36. Well first of all congratulations to the new parents on the birth of little Evie. What a pretty name. Hope you have had your first cuddle of the new arrival by now. Will you be grandma or nanny? I agree it is so lovely not knowing whether baby is boy or girl but I have to admit that by the time we got No4 it would have been useful to know how to arrange rooms. Anyway it is a beautiful card and will surely be treasured. xx

  37. Welcome to the world, Baby Evie, many congrats to Laura and Trevor (good name, one of my whippets is called Trevor) and also to Dave and Barbara, love and best wishes to all xxx

    ps. great offers and thanks for keeping them open until the end of the month (I get paid next Friday, much appreciated Barbara, I'll have no money left for Catterrick tho lol xx

  38. Huge congratulations on the safe arrival if baby Evie and what a pretty name too. You have made a lovely card for the new family. I hope by now you have enjoyed lots of cuddles.
    Jackie x

  39. Your little and large are more beautiful than the other Little & Large (Sid & Eddie). Congratulations to all the family in my day you didn't know the sex until it was born so much more exciting.

  40. Gorgeous card Barb. I share in your excitement. We had our very first granddaughter this month too. Such a proud moment and a precious gift. Her name is Eva Lily. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor and happy birthday to little Evie. New life brings a smile to us all x

  41. Welcome little Evie! Congratulations to you all. Enjoy your grandchild, they bring a lot of love and laughter. We're expecting our second just after Christmas. It's so exciting!!
    Take care all, Jan

  42. What wonderful news for you and your family, Barbara and Dave, and congratulations to Laura and Trevor. I love having my grandchildren all together around the place, so I know you have so much joy to come. I hope everyone is singing to Dave – Grandad, Grandad, we love you…….. Little girls always love their Grandad.
    Congratulations to Kim on winning that special book.
    I quite agree about not knowing the sex of the new baby until it arrives, such a wonderful moment no matter what. Meanwhile, I hope the parents will allow us all to have a quick peak at their beautiful daughter.
    Love from Maggie xxxx

  43. Hi Trevor and Laura

    Welcome to Evie Jennifer, and well done to you both I have three daughters and they are very special. My own granddaughter Alice Rose is a week old today and what a joy she is. You have the best grand parents you could find, enjoy your little daughter, rest lots and look after each other. Best wishes

    Hilary x x x x

  44. Little Evie is going to bring so much love into your family – many congratulations Laura, Trevor and of course Dave and yourself.
    A beautiful welcome card for little one – such wonderful news for you all.

  45. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor on the birth of your baby girl. You are at the beginning of the wonderful journey that is parenthood. And congratulations to you both too, Barbara and Dave. You are at the beginning of the wonderful journey of being a grandparent.

  46. How cool! A new baby – Congratulations to Laura and Trevor and hello to little Evie! Barbara, your card is just perfect! Gorgeous and personal! Happy happy times to you all! xxxxx

  47. Congratulations to all on the safe arrival of Evie. Happy times ahead for you Barbara and Dave with baby sitting duties and then introducing her to Clarity crafting. I loved the card xx

  48. congratulations!!!!!!! Fantastic news and a beautiful piece of work from you to celebrat it.
    Laura and Trevor congrats on your precious little pink bundle, enjoy every minute xx

  49. Congratulations to Trevor and Laura on the arrival of Evie Jennifer. And congratulations to the proud Grandparents! You must all be overjoyed with the new arrival. I met my Great Nephew a couple of weeks ago. I forgot how tiny new babies are. Treasure every moment. I know everyone says they grow up so quickly. I am finding this out for myself. I can't believe my 'baby' will be starting school in two weeks. x

  50. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch an die glückliche Familie. Ein Baby ist etwas wunderschönes und ich wünsche von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute für die Eltern und Großeltern und klein Evie.

    Deine Karte ist mit so viel Herzblut gestaltet und sie berührt mein Herz zutiefst. Die Stempel sind so wunderschön und was mir besonders gefällt ist die Möglichkeit die Schrift geschwungen zu stempeln. Ich bin begeistert. Vielen Dank für das tolle Candy.

    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  51. Oh my… I've been in meetings all day… And look what happens! Congratulations to you all… A beautiful little addition to your wonderful family… How delightful xxxx lots of love to you all! Xxxx

  52. Now you can sing your favourite song Barbara – "Happy!"
    Perfect start to the day with such great news….with you, Dave and the card already prepped and ready to go! You're so well organized, I'd say an ex-girl guide maybe?
    Anyway, hope you had a fun day. Take care and sleep well. Carole x

  53. Congratulations to Laura and Trevor –
    A daughter is so special, she will fill your life with love
    Like a rainbow made with sunshine when rain falls from above.
    Precious memories she will give you, many heartaches and some tears
    She's a treasure that is priceless that will last you all your years.
    Congratulations to the proud grandparents too 🙂

  54. Many congratulations on the safe arrival of Evie, a beautiful addition to such a lovely family.

    A beautiful card too, along with a great offer on the blog.

    Congratulations to Kim on winning the book.

  55. A big welcome to little Evie and congratulations to the new parents and grandparents. We are very lucky to have 3 grandchildren with another on the way, but I would like to send my condolences to Kim, my heart goes out to you and your family. Take care, oops nearly forgot beautiful card, love the addition of the names, Jane x

  56. Welcome to the world Eve Jennifer and hearty congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents.

    Your card is beautiful and I am sure it will be treasured.

  57. Awwww Congratulations to you all, and such a beautifull name too….look forward to seeing some photos. Love the card and the way you have done the sentiments, which must go on my wish list.

  58. A lovely card and the clever bending of the sentiment works so beautifully. Many congratulations to the new mum and dad and what a pretty name they have given her. I'm sure you and Dave must be over the moon and will have been dying to see Laura and Trevor and your new little granddaughter. Thank you for another wonderful offer Barbara. x

  59. Hi Barb, sorry missed this grand announcement due to work. Welcome to the world Evie, I am sure you will be a blessing to your Mum Laura and Dad Trevor and a joy to Granny and Grandpa. The card made to welcome you is beautiful and will be treasured. Bx

  60. Wonderful news.
    Dorothy is just over 5months and it already feels like yesterday/a lifetime ago.
    They must be over run with joy and emotion..
    They are very lucky to have the support of such a loving family.
    Sending you much love and congratulations.
    Every child is precious.
    But a grandchild! and a FIRST grandchild wow.
    exciting times!! <3

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