Pink Lady!

Pink Lady!

Hello there!
Saturday’s blog – better late than never!
To be honest, I have been feeling unwell since yesterday. 
Every time I get up I just want to lie down again!
Which is pretty rubbish at the best of times, 
but especially with the retreats starting Monday!
So I am just going to quickly show you a new stencil which I dragged some shaving foam through.
I got several messages last week, asking how to use shaving foam with stencils, so this time I have taken step by step pics from the start.
Sorry it’s taking so long. had to go lie down again…
First of all, let me introduce you to our beautiful new 
elegant stencil She is delightful! 
Comes complete with hat and shoes…
Both parts, the positive
and the negative.
So attach the stencil to a piece of white card.
I used Theuva Card.
Place some masking tape over the shoes and handbag aperture too.
Squirt some shaving foam in a tray.
Flatten it out.
Drip some reinkers on it.
Drag a fork through it. You can see I’m at home here. 
No crafting tools to hand.
A cocktail stick helps make patterns too.
Now scoop some up and deposit it at her base, on copy paper.
Here’s when I realised I hadn’t masked off the shoes and handbag.
Drag it through the stencil. 
Looks messy, but isn’t bad. 
Lay some kitchen towel on top and get rid of the excess.
Remove the stencil and let it dry. 5 mins.
Now for the background.
Mix up the shaving foam in the tub again, 
lay the A5 card with the lovely lady on copy paper,
deposit a load of the coloured shaving foam at the top on the copy paper and pull it through with a ruler, or a spatula!
I added a little extra at the base, too.
It’s dry pretty much instantly.
Mount on black.
Very Pan’s People!
You can get the stencil here.

Sorry. Got to go lie down again. 
This is when you realise how lucky you are that you are never ill. 
It must be pretty awful to always feel like this. 
And so many poor people do.

Tomorrow, I will try a different trick with this stencil – 
but the other part, the inny.
much love,

55 thoughts on “Pink Lady!

  1. Get Well soon Barbara, this weather isn't helping, dont worry about the blogs we all understand and we would prefer you to be well. Thank you for all that you share with us but I can wait. Take care xx

  2. Hi Barbara. so sorry to hear that you are not well. We would have understood if you had missed todays post, bless you. I hope you feel better very quickly. The shaving foam lady is gorgeous, i love how you never get the same print twice and it is such a great effect, love it : ) Go back to bed now and look after yourself properly, treat yourself like you would if one of your family were the one that was ill ! Take care.

  3. You are a strong woman. Feeling bad and go on with work.
    Love the results. I do hope you feel a bit beter Tomorrow .
    I feel sorry for you. Take care Anneke.

  4. This is lovely Barbara and especially as you were doing it whilst feeling under the weather! Do take it easy – you need to be right for Monday, and we all understand if you have a blog break tomorrow. Take care. x

  5. I do hope you feel better soon, Barbara. It's so annoying when these things hit us out of the blue, on top of the discomfort itself.
    Thanks for bothering to blog anyway and the result is gorgeous.
    Best wishes, Carol

  6. Sorry to find you are unwell … hope you make a speedy recovery. Lovely stencil and the shaving foam technique is a favourite with me too. Elizabeth

  7. Hope you feel better soon, being such a special lady we can not do without you so take care
    I was one of the people who asked how this actually works with the foam, so now I know and will try to do better this time. This looks lovely and thank you so much for showing us whilst you poorly.

  8. Hi Barb So sorry you are unwell, tomorrow you will feel fine cos its another day. Love this tec its like marbling anything messy and I'm in there
    crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  9. Hope you soon feel much better, Barb. It is the weather, making us all feel rubbish. If you feel poorly, just get Dave to put a notice on the blog to say that normal service will be resumed when you are better. We all understand. How you can feel ill and still produce such a lovely design, I don't know. Take it easy, I am sure that Paul can pick up the slack if you are not well for Monday. Your health is more important. xxx Maggie

  10. Hello Barb, this is really beautiful, absolutely gorgeous stencil. Which is going to be a must have, not one to stay on the wish list. Feel better soon lovely lady. Bx

  11. This looks a fun technique will have to get some shaving foam first though. Live the stencil too.
    I hope you feel better soon it's awful when you have no energy and just want to lie down all the time. This heat doesn't help either it's soooooooo very hot here and must be the same with you
    Take care
    Jackie x

  12. Tomorrow take a day off if you need it. Sorry you not feeling good agree that it must be horrible to feel off all the time. I have plenty of arthritic pain but don't feel ill. Lovely idea with the shaving foam and I do like the stencil. Take care Barbara. xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    This is a lovely stencil and works well with shaving foam technique.
    Stay in bed tomorrow and try to get completely well for Monday.
    To pot with the blog, we can do without it for one day. It's called "Cold Turkey" but we'll manage!!
    Look after yourself, get Dave and Mark to wait on you hand and foot. xx

  14. Thank you for the step by step, sooo much clearer now. I was having problems at the end but it makes sense to use the kitchen roll to wipe off excess before removing stencil. That was where I was going wrong. Thanks again and hope you get well soon, take care. x
    PS love the new stencil too.

  15. Oh Barbara….so sorry you're not feeling well!!! It could be the heat/humidity! Make sure you're drinking enough water!!!
    Love the new stencil and really want a go with this technique!!
    The colour is just perfect…but then I would say that!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  16. Evening Barbara, do hope you sleep well and that you feel better tomorrow….I love this new stencil and it will be falling into my basket on Wednesday…great tutorial…Hugs…xxxx

  17. Barb, listen to your body and take it easy, everybody would rather you be well, it doesn't matter if you miss a few days, the world will keep on turning. Maybe you should have a back up team, ( the Dt) who could blog for you in such situations, it doesn't have to be you every day. Just an idea, I worry you take on too much. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow xx
    p.s. Loving the stencil xx

  18. That is such a wonderful stencil. And I really love the shaving technic.. Just hope that you're getting better very soon. Let Dave take care of you, you deserve it.
    Laurence xx

  19. So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well Barbara. I do hope you feel better soon. Love this new stencil and the technique you've used with the shaving foam. Sending lots of hugs, take care xx

  20. What a lovely effect Barbara – thank you. OH and I are looking forward to Monday and would so love you to be there – so just look after yourself, get your feet up and take it easy 🙂

  21. Sorry you unwell rest up don't worry about blog we can cope with out for few days be hard as we love it but we care more about you if body needs rest then better do as told. Love using shaving foam but never laid it over a stencil so will try that so out the stencil and shaving foam to try this rest up and do as told thTs auntie Joys advise you lots love sure dave and Mark can look after you and them lots love pray health over you may you wake refreshed in morning xx

  22. What a trooper, many thanks for the step by step guide. Hope you're feeling better, you would most certainly be forgiven for missing a day. Make sure you chill tomorrow as well x ps. Lovely stencil, looking forward to seeing the "inny" used 🙂

  23. Thanks for battling through to post today, but please don't do that tomorrow if you are still feeling awful! There are plenty of previous blogs we can amuse ourselves with and your health is very important!

    Please take it from one who spent many years pushing through come what may, only to get payback from a body which had been determined to have the last laugh 🙁 but slowing down and taking time to smell the roses, so to speak, has definite advantages, not least the perfect excuse to sit down and delegate tasks to others! (and the time to try out crafty stuff) so get well soon Barbara.
    Xxxx hugs xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara now make sure you listen to your blog mums and get pleanty of rest sleep and drink lots of water and stay in bed tomorrow and forget the blog for one day – you know we won't mind and we all understand. Thank you for posting today though this is beautiful I must have a play. I love the new stencil. Take care of yourself and get well soon. Love Diane xxx

  25. Thanks for making so much effort to do the blog when you're feeling poorly! I'm sure we'd have all been happy with just some samples from the website to inspire us though. Feel better soon, Susan x

  26. Oh Barb I am so sorry you weren't feeling well on Saturday, unfortunately I am one of those who is unwell and that's why I am following your blog at present a couple of days at a time 🙂 I hope it passes quickly 🙂

    Thank you for the tutorial on shaving foam as I finally bought some the other day when I got out :). So hopefully I will give it a try soon.


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