Come on! Get up ! Get dressed up !! And join in the Competition!!

Come on! Get up ! Get dressed up !! And join in the Competition!!

Happy Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by. 
It’s way too close to tomorrow to stay in bed!
So I decided to challenge myself today, 
with the same stencil from yesterday. 
She is so lovely; I only wish I still had a waist like this!
When I was young, I’d have one pair of shoes and one outfit which I would wear till it fell off. It would be my pride and joy. Sometimes Mum would let me borrow something of hers;
she was a snappy dresser! We didn’t have a lot of money, so I started sewing my own clothes. Spent hours going through the Butterick and Vogue patterns. And even more hours picking the fabric! Even had dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but that never materialised – if you’ll pardon the pun!
So here’s a stab at creating some beautiful fabrics 
with Perfect Pearls. 
These pieces are included in the stencil set, so lay out the girl and the handbag and shoes out on the back of the black glossy card,
run it through the embossing machine, and voila!
This is so elegant on glossy card, you could stop right there!
Dust with talcum powder before you begin.
Decide on a fabric pattern. I went with our Ginkgo Pattern.
Now lay the lady (the outy) over the embossed figure. 
Attach her, using masking tape to cover up parts you don’t want exposed.  If it were only that easy in real life!
I positioned the Ginkgo stencil to create a really cool top part to her dress. Wait and see…
Dab dab dab gently through the 2 stencils with Versamark and a make-up sponge. 
When you remove the stencils, you will see the design.
How cool is that?!
Now for the colour. 
Lightly apply Perfect pearls to the Versamark. 
Matching handbag…
and shoes!
 Buff gently with tissue or loo-roll.
Let’s add a little shimmer….
back on with the stencil.
Dab lightly over the whole area with a little Versamark.
Remove the stencil and lightly dust with Perfect Pearl
from Set No. 1
I like building up layers of the coloured powders.
Right. One more layer. You clearly don’t have to do this many! 
I just wanted to see where it would go…
Pattern stencil down, but in a different place.
Girl down over the embossed shape.
Do the same thing again: a little Versamark, 
remove the stencils,
add more colour – I went with Copper and Mandarin this time…
then I tried the whole thing again, 
but masked off different parts of the dress, coloured the hat and added turquoise for the third layer. 

you have to admit, these ladies polished up a treat!

Thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. 
Hope you did, too.

I challenge you to join me in a fashion drive!
No, I am not asking you you get togged up, but I am asking you to join in a Creative Design Game!

You need either this stencil:

or this stencil:

Then it’s up to you what you do. 
Submit one masterpiece, 
one beautiful Fashion statement. 
Email a photo of your work,
or send it in to the office (for the Charity with Clarity Movement)

We will set up a Fashion catwalk the Sunday after next, 
here on the blog. 
Your beauties will get to strut their stuff! 
Then we will pick a winner.
And the winner will receive a £50 gift voucher. 
Now THAT’s got to be worth dressing up for!!!

much love,

43 thoughts on “Come on! Get up ! Get dressed up !! And join in the Competition!!

  1. I love your dresses – you'd have made a great fashion designer!! Sadly I don't have either of your dress stencils but hope your competition gets lots of entries.

  2. Good Morning Barbara, Hope you are feeling brighter today – this bit of art work is fantastic – regrettably I do not have either stencil – I can't keep up with you!!! LOL xxx
    Try not to overdo it today – we need you firing on all cylinders this week!!!
    Much Love

  3. These are great, you are so clever, I will be buying these stencils this week when I come to your workshop, so looking forward to it. Hope you are feeling better. Jx

  4. Hi Barb,
    This is great and the finished results look fabulous. I never have success with mica powders – I always seem to have a halo around everything even when I've buffed it! Don't have either of these stencils but good luck to everyone who enters the competition and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Love the Gingko stencil though – one of my favourites. Glad to hear that you are feeling ( and sounding) much better than yesterday. Love Alison xxx

  5. You are sounding better today Barbara, hope you are !
    These two ladies are rather fabulous!
    I too used to sew when I was younger and enjoyed it too.
    If I could would get these two lovelies but the words cut, cloth and suit ring loud in my ears!
    Have a great week , love the puns , love the art!

  6. Absolutely stunning. Will go on the site later and order one of those beauties. Hope you're feeling better this morning. Have a nice relaxed Sunday.
    Laurence xx

  7. Hope you're feeling better Barbara. Just love what you've done with these stencils. I'll pick mine up during the week 😊. Have a lovely Sunday, try and get some rest xx

  8. Hi Barbara. You sound better today, though how we know is amazing isn't it! I hope we are right. The ladies sure do polish up well. The turquoise lady is stunning. Good luck to all that enter the competition. I am looking forward to the fashion parade. Enjoy the retreat. Take care.

  9. Hi Barb,
    I love what you've done today, wish you could make me look as good!!
    Do you feel a bit better, or are you just wobbly about tomorrow. Anyway, try to take it a bit slower today, I know , easier said than done.
    I know all the ladies will have a marvellous time at the retreat – and am I jealous – YES! xx

  10. Oh so lovely. Love the idea of the competition so think I might have to get one of these stencils. I too used to make all my own clothes and dresses for my girls, it was amazing what I could produce from a little piece of fabric. Money was tight so it meant they had pretty clothes. I used to knit picture jumpers for the boys. Hope you feeling better today, try to take it easy give yourself some time to recover. xx

  11. I love your fashion stencil Barbara, and I'd love to take part in the competition too, but I'm a pensioner, and I've just ordered 3 embossing folders and that will have to be that for a while. I'll come back to your stencil after the end of the month.

  12. Hi Barbara hope you are feeling better today but do find time to rest. I love the ladies so beautiful and a great technique . I haven't got these stencils but they do look great I can see the fun in them. I don't sew ( well I do but beadle and with very little patience!) my sister used to make clothes for us both including both our wedding dresses! She had a habit of knocking up a little something the night before she was going somewhere! Many a time we were sewing the hem whilst she wore it in the back of the car as dad drove us places. Happy memories! Have a relaxing day and take care. Love Diane xxx

  13. brilliant work Barb – hope the competition goes well – I have neither stencil and will be going to Germany tomorrow for a week so won't be able to join in this time :(. Hugs Rachel xx

  14. Hello Barb. What beautiful ladies. I'm not going to buy these though, even though they make my heart sing, as I have to get ready for a workshop to be held at the end of the month and I haven't made any samples yet! Ooh what a panic. I shall look forward to seeing everyone's work though and being even more inspired. xx Margaret Col.

  15. Hello Barb absolutely superb images, love perfect pearls, but need to use them more. So do I or don't I order the stencils?. Will I have time? May just give it a go. Happy Sunday everyone. Bx

  16. Very clever technique – alas I don't have either lady, but am so looking forward to the results of your challenge next Sunday! Thanks for sharing, and hope you're feeling better today? Susan x

  17. what a lovely technique and beautiful cards. I don't have either stencil and after the spending I've done this month I just cannot afford anything else. Hope your feeling better and that the retreat goes well this week, crafty hugs, Jackie x

  18. That is such a cool idea, so elegant. I do hope you have those stencils at the Retreat tomorrow. They are definitely on my list. Could we have a man to go with this lady, please. They would be perfect for a wedding card that I need to do, like yesterday. Hope you are feeling better today. Sleep well. xxx Maggie

  19. These ladies are gorgeous and the perfect pearls give a fantastic effect. Unfortunately I don't have the stencil otherwise I would certainly be having a go, but will look forward to seeing the results of others. Hope you are feeling better today. x

  20. The ladies look stunning! Result: more stencils on my wish list 🙂 I have been catching up with yesterday's blog today so do hope you are feeling better Barbara. You will have to ' take time to smell the roses ' and find some time to relax. Easier said than done, I know. X

  21. Beautiful, elegant ladies…I'm patiently waiting for my lady duet to arrive and I think I may well need to get this one too! Looking forward to receiving my stencil soon so that I can join in and become a dress designer! Hope you are fully recovered so that you can enjoy your week ahead. Take care, Carole x

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