Ever get the feeling you’re being followed…

Ever get the feeling you’re being followed…

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Friday’s blog a private peek, so let’s go back to last weekend. 
Dave and I decided to take ourselves off to the city of London.
We live right next door, yet we so seldom soak it up. 
So Dave booked the train tickets, 
which I have to say seemed very reasonable,
and off we went!
First stop the wonderful V&A.
You could spend a month in there, 
and only scratch the surface of the treasures in that building.
But do you ever get the feeling you’re being followed?
I just had this sense that wherever we went,
there was always somebody hot on our heels,
checking us out, watching our every movement…
But who were they??
Could they be from the DVLA?
Or the HMRC?
Even when we went to see Maureen Lipman in 
Daytona at the Theatre Royal in the afternoon, 
there they were! 

and after!
I must tell you, Maureen Lipman was superb. 
In fact, the whole production was superb.
I was so excited to meet her, I cried.
This is Oliver Cotton. 
He wrote the play, and starred.
But look!
Behind Harry Shearer!!
Well we walked and wandered for miles,
Dave and I ….

but were we alone? 
Look closer…
Seriously though folks, we had the time of our lives.
Met up with our good friends Debby and Gill, and packed it in.
The V&A, the Theatre, Dinner at the Criterion,
and finally, on Sunday morning, Matisse at the Tate Modern.
Simply brilliant.
To be able to have such a cultural and interesting weekend 
was a rare treat.
We sure kicked ass in London!
much love,

43 thoughts on “Ever get the feeling you’re being followed…

  1. That looked like a lot of fun, and meeting Maureen Lipman – I am so jealous. You deserve the break both of you. See you next week. xxx Maggie

  2. Wow! What an amazing time you have had. We went to London last year and had a great time at Madam tusaudes and the National portrait gallery. They stoppy teens loved the M and M shop. They easily could have bought their weight in sweets! You are so fortunate to live so close to London and be able to absorb it's culture.
    Thank you for sharing your joy of meeting Maureen Lipman. xx

  3. Oh I love Maureen Lipman, how fabulous you got to meet her too. The photos look great, sounds like a wonderful weekend. good for you!

  4. Looks like a fab weekend was had by all Barbara! I grew up and worked in London, but now also live in Kent, we had a day similar to yours recently, I think sometimes we overlook the treasures we have on our doorstep, and we all said we must do it more often!! xx

  5. What a lovely weekend, soppy old you crying!! LOL – being a tourist in London is fun isn't it!! You are so right that we ignore what it has on offer so every now and then its good to be a tourist!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time with lots of fun!
    But I bet it was also great to leave the big smoke behind and go home to the countryside!
    Thank you for sharing – truly wonderful – Debbie and Gill look like they really enjoyed it all too!!!
    Much love to all of you

  6. Love the V&A! Never been stalked round it, though…..fame has it's down side. It's great to have friends that make you laugh. You certainly cheered my breakfast up!

  7. I've never been to the V & A, looks amazing, it's on my to do list, what a fab weekend. I like to pretend sometimes to be a tourist and walk down the front in Scarborough and enjoy an ice cream 🙂 x

  8. Hi Barbara thank you for the private peek it looks like you had great fun with Dave and your stalkers lol. The V&A is great isn't it we went last year and they had an Annie Lennox exhibition on which was fab. I would have cried if I'd met Maurine Lipman too isn't she wonderful. What a great weekend you had. Have a wonderful weekend with Mark this time. Love Diane xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us Barbara. I love the V&A though don't get to see it as often as I would like. Maureen Lipman is a brilliant actress, so glad you got to meet her and other cast members. Looks like you all had fun. Have a fab weekend with Mark. xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Looks like you had a fabulous time. I love London although every time I go, I get massive blisters – I think the pavements must be different to ours in Durham!!! How lucky were you to meet Maureen Lipman – really jealous! Thanks for sharing. Love Alison xxx

  11. Sounds like you had a full, fun filled day. Thanks for sharing the joy. Bet you slept well.
    A little note on yesterday's Hungry, Angry, lonely, Tired acronym-add an extra T at the end for Thirsty especially in this weather.
    xxx Liz

  12. Hi Barb,
    You are so lucky, yes the V&A is fab but to meet Maureen Lipman – one of my all time favourites – I'd give my eye teeth. I saw her in Re:Joyce many moons ago and she was terrific. Have you read any of her books. My daughter used to buy me one as a stocking filler every Christmas but she's obviously exhausted the supply as I haven't had one for a while. "How Was It For You" published in the 1980's was the first and I was hooked!! xx

  13. Hello Barbara,
    I meant to say in my earlier post, have you seen Nelson Mandela's sayings? I'm with Google and the frontspiece that you can click on has them – they are terrific and would make great stamps, don't know about the copyright though x.

  14. It looks like a great time was had by all Barbara. I was born and lived within 20 miles of London until I was 55, but there cannot have been more than 40 trips to London in all that time! When we did it was always fun and there are certainly lots of cultural experiences to be had, but it always seems to be the case that the nearest places of interest tend to get overlooked. I think for any city you need good shoes and boundless energy, and you all looked as though you had plenty of that! Thanks for the private peek. x

  15. Glad you had such a fantastic time lovley to have a break away Maureen lipman she is fabulous went to the same high school as her but not at the same time brilliant actress fine lady xxx

  16. Brilliant glad you had some rest time, even if you were stalked. Were you being a groupie and hanging around by the stage door, you looked so pleased. We visited London yesterday to see the Tower, we had never been and I agree need to see our own sights. It was a great day very hot though. Loved the crown jewels, spoilsports would not let me bring one home. We are planning to take our grandchildren to a local museum during holidays, the youngest loves history. Hopefully we will get to some of the ones in London in the future. xx

  17. Looks like you had a fab time! Maureen Lipman is a lovely woman – met her years ago when I was nursing, but not in the easiest circumstances for her, so I'm sure your meeting was a lot more fun! Thanks for the private peek – Susan x

  18. I love visiting London, but can't find my way on the underground for love nor money!! When I go with my sister she always threatens to leave me somewhere and see if I can find my way back! XX

  19. Hi Barbara, what a brilliant blog post, it really made me smile, such a great weekend and to share it with such special people….truly wonderful. Thanks for letting us all be part of it….see you next week…hugs…xxxx

  20. I love a daycation to London , but also any of our beautiful towns or city's . We are blessed with the amount on our doorsteps and I for one love a good wander and just do whatever turns up that takes my interest. I looking forward to a few days in Winchester as love the old buildings (would have been appropriate this week to have paid a visit to St.Swithens chapel there !)
    I am envious as looks like you had a fantastic day and I can not agree more about the V&A – I could never boar of trips there as always so much to see and never enough time .
    Thanks for sharing x

  21. Hi Barbara. You had a fantastic day didn't you, as always your pics and words bring your visit alive for us : ) we lived in London for a couple of years before we had the children. Hubby was a security guard driving all over London checking various buildings and often when he was on night duty I would go with him. We saw some fantastic sights, not just the usual tourist bits and it was so interesting. Samuel Johnson certainly got it right " When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…." Just looking at the amazing old buildings, the architecture is wonderful. Thanks for sharing , I love your pics of the "stalkers" : ) And meeting Maureen Lipman you lucky thing, how wonderful, she is a great woman, and I agree with Maureen Killen that her books are fantastic. All in all a great day for you. I love the pic of you and Dave at the end, it's beautiful : ) Take care.

  22. Me again! I must be on the same wave length as Maureen Killen today as I also agree with her about the Nelson Mandela quotes. Take care x

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