Get your Summer dresses out!

Get your Summer dresses out!

Happy Monday!
Thank you for stopping by.
The sun is shining, and it’s time to get those summer frocks out.
Here’s a very simple, original little number, with lots of flounce and flower!
I used the new Elegant Lady stencil to get the shape, the outline:
Theuva Card used here.
Please forgive the dark photos; I was doing this at twilight, and forgot to flick all the lights on!
But you get the picture…
So carefully travel around the inside of the aperture 
Don’t worry if its not perfect; 
we will add colour and shade to the shape.
Let’s add a little flounce. Think hills and use the uneven points in the outline as starting points

Add a flower, or tree. 
After all, Monday’s blog is supposed to be Trees and Flowers!
Define the dress…
Start adding colour. Once again, 
Up the arm gloves?
Thigh length boots?
Too hot!!! But an idea for a rainy day….
A second colour required.
We can add a leafy border, 
we can spend hours in the bathroom, 
but I will leave that with you.
Add a suitable Word Chain Word for the Day.
From the No. 6 Chain.
Today, for me it has to be Faith…

I have got such a busy week ahead, preparing for the 100 + guests who are coming to the Clarity retreats next week!
But I have to have faith that it will be fine,
that the week will go well, that everybody will have a great time, that the projects will be well received.
My fears and insecurities always come to niggle me on a Monday!
Away! Away!!!! And thrice I say AWAY!!!!
much love,
PS I will announce a winner for yesterday’s Bloggetry Competition tomorrow. Which is tricky;
the limericks and poems were ALL absolutely super. Brilliant.

38 thoughts on “Get your Summer dresses out!

  1. Beautiful stencil and just love the finished result..
    Good luck preparing for 100 guests, I run round like a mad thing when my son and daughter in law come to stay!!!
    Love Val in Spain x

  2. Stunning penmanship Barbara xxx I hope you have a fantasic week… I've met some of the lovely ladies who will be with you… You'll all have such an amazing time! Wish I could have made it too!

    Be gone fears and insecurities xxx Lots of love xxx

  3. A lovely way of using a stencil. Please don't worry about next week, if last year is anything to go by it will be fantastic. Banish those insecurities and enjoy the process, you always come up with something special. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. xx

  4. Don't worry, be happy!!! Everything will be fine,you'll be brilliant and everyone will be more than happy. Wish I was coming along…..when did you post details of this…missed it, story of my life!! Might have to resort to bribery to get in next year!!! Hahaha xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    This is gorgeous, the things you can do with pen and pencil are amazing – as will be the retreats!
    I don't know why you worry, we all think you are the best thing since sliced bread.
    I hope you've stopped running now that you're back from London. When we go down there (I know you're supposed to say up but when you live in Newcastle it's down – isn't it?), I find that it takes me a few days to get back to my normal pace – which is usually breakneck anyway but in a different kind of way. What a load of waffle!!
    Take care x

  6. Love the lady and the dress. Reminds me of a dress I wore in the late fifties with layers and layers of net petticoats. My Mum had slightly starched the nets so the final layer next to my skin scratched my legs a bit. I think that the dress had lilac and purple flowers, so long ago it's all a tad hazy. Remember the scratchy 'nets'. though.

  7. Hi Barb, oh how lovely and summery. I love this stencil, so it is also on my wish list, along with some of your brain cells, as I don't know where you get the ideas from. The tree/flower on the dress is amazing. I would love a dress like this. And you don't need to doubt yourself, knowing you, the planning is meticulous, and everything will go smoothly. Have a happy Monday. Bx

  8. I am sure that you need have no fears about next week, I bet it will be a wonderful time and those lucky ladies will thoroughly enjoy themselves. I am so envious it was on my plan for this year but husband's health been a bit worrying this year. Still we made the Open Day so that was good. Lovely piece of artwork, I remember those flouncy skirts. My brother's girlfriends used to have hoops in theirs. Memories. Have a good day and don't stress too much. xx

  9. I remember those petticoats too – loads of them, all highly starched or dipped in a sugar solution to stiffen them (not a good idea in the wasp season). We did not want to get wet in case our skirts went all flimp. Barbara, if you need a new career, you could go for dress designing and make a bomb. I can't wait to get down to Crowborough for the Retreat, and I know it will be perfectly organised and a fantastic experience, with wonderful techniques and lots of fun with friends. I am looking forward to meeting up in person with a lot of those I chat to on Facebook. See you soon. xx Maggie

  10. I think I must have missed yesterday's blog, Oh no not a poetry opportunity??? Anyway today, love this card, I love how you have finished it off with the edges too like she is on a cat walk or something. Can't wait to get mine, she should be on her way to me soon. I was looking at the samples from last years retreat and my initial thought was , WOW who did these?? then I realised they were the actual cards that I had done at the retreat. So I don't think you have any worries, your projects are always great. Paul didn't do bad either!! ha ha xx

  11. Fabulous card, amazing how a simple stencil can look so stunning. I'm sure your retreat will be a massive success and everyone will be thrilled with what they achieve. Pat x

    1. When I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer! All i did was sew and tailor! I loved it soooo much. But my Dad said I needed an academic degree, not art. And he was right I suppose.

  12. What you have done with this plain outline is amazing Barbara. And love the colours you have used. Good luck with the planning, but I'm sure it will be a huge success. x

  13. Wow his is stunning, I am ready to get my stencil out and play. The American ones arrived today, grunge paste here I come, the week will be fantastic you have amazing guest ready to play and learn new and interesting things or practice some cool ideas. Looking forward to the week. Thanks

  14. You are just so clever Barbara! I'm sure that your retreats will be an amazing learning experience for all those lucky people attending – have fun, don't worry and be happy! Susan x

  15. Damn Barbara I missed the deadline for the limerick!!!! Work got in the way!!!
    Love what you have done todayx
    Now you crack on and get those projects sorted being as I am one of those coming next week and I am sooooooo looking forward to it!!!
    Much love
    Kim x

  16. Hi Barbara this is beautiful I love the dress and the petticoat layers, my daughter has one of these but won't wear it because it's too fussy (seeing her out of jeans is a miracle !). I had a fashion design kit when I was young which gave you the outline of the lady then you had other stencils of clothes and patterned paper or wallpaper to cut out to dress them. I spent hours playing with it but I can't sew for toffee so never made the outfits! What lovely memories. Thank you for sharing your lovely design and yes the retreat will be fabulous. Have a good evening. Love Diane xxx

  17. What a super way to use the stencil. I'm not sure I would have such an artistic finished dress but I will have a go although I will have to pick a different stencil as I don't have the ladies (yet). Don't stress the stuff you can't control I'm absolutely certain that the days will be great fun for all involved. Sending you positive vibes to banish your Monday demons. XX

  18. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous, I wish I was even a quarter as talented as you. I'm sure the retreat will be excellent and enjoyed by all. Love Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara. This is one elegant lady, love how you have built up her dress. Try to banish those fears, you are one talented wonderful lady : ) Take care.

  20. Hi. Barb I really do love that you can just doodle to change a plain stamped image, I am just not very good at that just now, I never think it looks good when I do it, but when I see others I love them. Why are we less critical of others?

    Have fun Barb and everything will be fine xx

    Love Denise x

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