YouTube Tuesday, and a neat Gelli Plate Technique.

YouTube Tuesday, and a neat Gelli Plate Technique.

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on this YouTube Tuesday. 
It’s St Swithins Day too, which means if it rains today, it will rain for 40 days. Just looked out of the window, and yep. 
So it’s just as well we like to stay indoors and get arty!!!
Here’s a simple stencil on Gelli Plate technique, 
using Dye based inks. Hope you like it!
I have also showcased our new mounting solution for the Gelli Plate here. The Clarity Megamount is sublime.

Items Used:

And today my lad Mark is coming home after 4 years in California at University. So who cares if it’s raining! 
I’m a happy Mum, and he may as well get used to it again!
Much love,

43 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday, and a neat Gelli Plate Technique.

  1. Hi Barbara. Love the tutorial. I get so much inspiration from them. I have most of the items you've used and the first stencil is my latest addition not used yet. It was going to be a pool and sunbathing afternoon but I'm sure I can squeeze in a gelli plate play first if I skip doing any housework again!!!
    Love Val in Spain x

  2. Love the mega mount… Such a fab idea! Well done Barbra
    You wiped the Gelli plate after the blue ink with a baby wipe, I thought it said on the packaging not to use baby wipes on the Gelli plate???? If it's ok that's great, as it's so much easier, but you have me worried with this Barbra !!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique Barbara. What a difference adding yellow to the mix! Welcome home Mark, I hope you have a great time catching up with friends and family. I hope is trip to the airport is easier than the one you made to pick up Grace. Have a fab, huggy day Barbara!! xx

  4. Your backgrounds are fab, particularly like the 3-way one at the end. Might have a go this morning. Welcome home Mark. Barbara, are you prepared for a World Cup's worth of washing? Let's hope he brings the sunshine back with him. Xx

  5. Loved the video also the stencil so many things can use it for I to look forward to Tuesdays to see what you have done well a big welcome home to Mark he is in for some spoiling today from his mum rightly so enjoy your day hope he don't have to much washing for you I'm sure he will be full if tales of the World Cup must be fantastic being there . Be blessed and thanks video xxx

  6. No time to watch the video yet – will do it later. Welcome home to Mark, it will be a lovely day for you all I'm sure. Hoping that if we have blue sky & sunshine on St Swithin's day we get that for the next 40 days – it's gorgeous up here in Northumberland. Pat x

  7. I liked the repeat ink and twist stencil technique when I saw it on the telly and wondered which of my stencils I could use it with. I have found out that careful choice of colours is need otherwise it can look a bit yuck.

  8. Hello Barb. I think you and I must lead a pretty parallel existence, except that you are a genius and I'm not. Tomorrow my eldest daughter is returning from a stint in Australia. Just for two weeks but oh how I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Enjoy your time with Mark and keep us inspired all at the same time please. xx Margaret Col.

  9. Hello Barb, well I bet you cannot wait for Mark to land, I see big hugs and tears on the way. Welcome back Mark, help your Mum with the washing from your trip :-). Love this technique Barb, and wanted to use it to make a background for my NDC bird stencil, but did not have a leafy type stencil that I liked, so I used my big gelli plate with inks and an embossing folder, and I am so happy with the result. Plus I am making another card with the cling film technique from last week, and so far so good. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us, to try something different. Now to see if I can get some time off from the day job to play. Have a lovely day everyone. Bx

  10. Good morning,
    Fantastic blog loved Grace's idea for organizing the stencils. Thanks for sharing these techniques fantastic ways to make great back ground papers. It is still sunny here, xxx

    1. Now you need to number your storage books and list which book you need for a given stencil. That is what I have done for my stamps now. xx Maggie

  11. Hi Barb,
    As usual a great video and I'll be "playing" this evening with my stash. Pity you don't live in Newcastle,, the sun is shinning and it's a lovely day. St Swithin holds no fears for us!! ha ha.
    Hope the family have a great time with Mark, and hope that Steve's over his op. xx

  12. You do have a brilliant family, Barbara. I was halfway there with my stencils but I had not thought of adding the pictures. I only had a list on the inside of the back and a label on each envelope, so, thank you, Grace, for completing the organisation. I have done a similar thing with all my stamps. i have taken them all off their mounts and stored them on the acetate, then put a piece of white card behind them, stamped up with what should be on that page and a sheet of wax paper over the top of the stamps to prevent them sticking to the next sheet. I have an index on the computer listing what I have and which file it is in. I love the addition of the yellow which makes it look holographic. Have a great time with your son and spoil him rotten. xx Maggie

  13. Amazing demo, Barbara, and for me one of the best. I love that the Gelli plate works so well with ink pads. I'm less used to paint and it's been a bit of a barrier for me. I'm also in awe of how you turn a stencil that is nice but in itself quite ordinary, into a fabulous artwork.
    Enjoy Mark's homecoming and I hope, for your sake, that he remains in UK for a while now. I know we willingly let them go but it is tough. x

  14. Hi Barbara I have really enjoyed today's you tube Tuesday thank you. I haven't used inks on my geli plate yet but have it in mind to play and this has definitely inspired me. Oh Barbara why did I listen to my concience when the members sale was on I nearly got these two stamps but decided to be good!!! I must explore the website in a moment and who knows there might be a flash sale at some point! Lol. I love your top isn't it pretty and really suits you bet the ink doesn't show on it when you have a mishap ! Welcome home Mark and washing have a great time with him Barbara. Dave created megamount Grace organised stencils what will Mark do?? Enjoy your day and hopefully the sun will shine. Take care love Diane xxx

  15. Thanks for another great u-tube tutorial – what a great effect just by changing the orientation of the stencil and adding in another colour! Hope Mark gets in on time, and enjoy every moment – even the smelly t-shirts!!! Susan x

  16. Just ate my lunch and watched the video – excellent – I love that technique. Welcome home to Mark, perhaps he'll do some more organising – then again perhaps not! Hope the washing isn't that bad! I need to have some organisation with my stencils, I've sorted a lot of the stamps into the folder. Never ending job to tidy up in the craft room to make space to actually make something and to know where it all is !!

  17. Great technique always good to see something done after reading the how too, makes everything clear. What a super way to organise the stencils I may well be 'borrowing' this idea!XX

  18. Brilliant video. Have just started using inks on Gelli Plate. Well we ok Brilliant sunshine here today so looking forward to next few weeks if St Swithens holds true. Welcome home to Mark, you are really going to love having him around. We have one son at home , he bounced back last year after a relationship break up. He will be gone again later in the year when he gets house sorted but have loved having him home. xx

  19. thanks for the YouTube and ideas Barbara, looks like the distress inks go on much more smoothly/evenly using the geliplate and useful that the geliplate holds the stencil so you get a clean image. Do you know if it would it work with versamark too or would that damage the geliplate??
    Jane x

  20. Hi Barb, love the video today and maybe Mark can come up with something soon after the jetlag has gone. Has been lovely and sunny here in Hythe (Southampton), anyway keep up the good work.
    God bless
    Jan xx

  21. This is a great demo Barbara, and I love that stencil. I have used my Gelli Plate several times with distress inks and Adirondacks and it is great that you can smooth them out with the brayer, and layer them up so well using a stencil. The Love is in the Air stamp looks wonderful over the top too. Thank you for this, and it will be great for you to have your son Mark back home again. x

  22. Morning Barbara, playing catch up!!! Fell asleep….again…ipad on face!!! So have re-watched this morning!! Love it Barbara…..these youtube VT's are brilliant!!!!
    Much Love

  23. Hi Barbara. Love the video, the prints are beautiful : ) Enjoy having your boy home, even if his washing can walk in by it's self! Well done Grace, us Mum's need sorting out : ) Didn't have a drop of rain yesterday (last day of a quick visit to relations) down in South Devon, spent the day up on Hound Tor, Dartmoor soaking up the silence and fantastic views to keep me going until the next visit : ) Home to do the washing now : ( Lovely and sunny here in Oxon too : ) Take care.

  24. Barb I do adore the girl stamp, I have this one and the more I see the stencil, the more I like it 🙂
    You really are a genius with your art 🙂

    So glad that Mark is home

    Have loads of fun

    Love Denise xx

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