A Peek at Sunday’s Show and a sanding trick…

A Peek at Sunday’s Show and a sanding trick…

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Saturday’s blog a new technique. To who? To me? To you?
Well, this one’s new to me, and I am hoping to get to it on telly tomorrow. Just in case we run out of time, (or I bungle it on Live TV!) I really want to show you this one.

Here’s what I have used:
(ultra glossy) 

An embossing machine
Alcohol Inks available individually.
We also sell alcohol(ink) in 6-packs!
is the same, but to use with felts.
Sanding Paper
Start by running the snowflake stencil through an embossing machine with our new A5 Chromocard. The result is impressive.
Drip a couple of drops of Salmon Alcohol Ink onto a felt and dab randomly over the embossed snowflakes.
Then get a fresh felt, add some drop of Stonewashed alcohol ink and dab blue over the peachy colour.
What a mess! But just wait…
Time for the darker colours. Fresh felt methinks. 
Add Stream and Denim Alcohol ink, but this time add some Blending Solution to the felt, too.
Concentrate the darker colours around the top.
Then make hills and ridges with the Stonewashed or the Stream.
How? Add a thin line of the particular colour ink on your felt, then add a thin line of blending solution directly underneath.
I do hope we get to do this on Telly! 
I could always do a YouTube Video of it, so you get to see the amounts of ink I use. 
Just look at how glossy the artwork is!
Fabulous. It dries instantly, too.
Time to bring out the snowflakes.
This is so cool! I used one of our mounts with Velcro on, and attached a piece of sanding paper to it.
You simply sand away the raised surface, so the ink stays in the grooves and the snowflakes are exposed.
Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
Now for the stamping.
You may remember, we used it in the Classroom on TV 
a while ago. It is also available with a lovely backdrop landscape:
But here, I am going to stick with just a couple 
of the smaller elements.
Dust the area you want to stamp onto with talc. It just helps minimize slipping and sliding on glossy card.
You have to use a permanent ink pad on ultra-glossy card.
I used a beautiful new blue called Cornflower Blue Archival.
If you blot the stamp before you plant the image, (ink blot plot!) this not only helps reduce the slipping, but you can also vary the depth and give a misty effect.

Hope you like it. 
It is not as har as it looks! 
Crowborough Clarity Retreat material for sure!
much love,

55 thoughts on “A Peek at Sunday’s Show and a sanding trick…

  1. What a lovely misty ethereal scene. This would make a very subtle Christmas Card, I've already ordered my stuff from tomorrows show and am recording it so I can get some top tips for the new card…cannot wait!

  2. Wow fantastic Barbara , have tomorrow's programmes on record ,won't be able to watch live as we are doing our stint at Asda collecting for H4H. Hope it's not too hot as I am wearing Hero Bear suit!!!

  3. Amazing, particularly as I have never used my alcohol inks. Tomorrow afternoons project when my smallest grandchild has gone home after staying for the weekend. What a wonderful way to unwind. You are a genius Barbara, look forward every day to the blog.

  4. Loving this Barbara, its fantastic, what a great technique, will definitely have to give it a try. If you want a good dry dusting cloth when you have done sanding, Pledge do some dry dusters in a pack (a bit like dry wet ones), and they smell lovely of lemons, they work really well, also they can be used as anti-static cloths. Looking forward to seeing all your great demos on Sunday, have a lovely weekend xxx

  5. Stunning effect Barbara. Looking forward to seeing you in the TV tomorrow, and at the retreat later this month. Have a lovely day, and a safe trip to Peterborough, having seen the beautiful new stamps and stencils I think the show will be very busy!! xx

  6. This is beautiful, what an amazing effect it creates. I'm so pleased that I'm booked on the Crowborough Retreat now. Only problem is that I need major surgery on my back and I'm praying that it's after August 🙁

  7. This is amazing, hope you get time to demo this on telly tomorrow, if not please You Tube would love to see this in the flesh, so to speak. You seem to be with Nigel tomorrow so hopefully he will not woffle to much. All the best Joan x

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! Barbara, what a fantastic scene. That ultra shiny card is gorgeous too, and the hills and ridges in the background with that lovely peachy pink give the effect of dawn breaking through clouds. The deer and that great twiggy tree finish it perfectly. I do have this set of stamps, and if I could at least get a little of the mystical magical feel that you have given the scene, and some of those colours which make a dawn sky then I would be more than happy! This deserves to be framed and hung in pride of place as it is just so perfect. Can you tell I love it? I am looking forward to tomorrow. x

  9. Hi Barb,
    Well! This is absolutely stunning! How clever are you! Really hope you get to show this tomorrow but even if you do, I think a video would be excellent to jog our memories. Love how subtle the colours are. Looks like I'm spending more! Good job I'm a gold member so no postage. Had a look at your German blog and loved that demo too – not that I understood a word of what you were saying! You really are a multi talented lady. Thank you for the inspiration. Love Alison xxx

    1. Thanks xx Next Tuesday’s YouTube Video is using the Clingfilm technique, too, but with different stamps and a fair dose of humour. Hope you enjoy it! I certainly did x

  10. Simply stunning! I used alcohol inks in the past and then like most things they get put away and I forget about them. I will be getting them out again for sure. I'm also pleased to see that I can get the glossy card from you now as I seem to remember that was another reason I put my inks away as I couldn't find any. Every time I see the winter wonderland set I'm tempted so this might also need to slip into my basket! Good luck tomorrow XX

  11. I cannot wait for Crowborough to try out all these new things. (My case is almost packed already) A very different effect, and great to have a use for all the mounts I now have left over after moving most of my stamps to the acetate storage. I wonder what is the best adhesive to stick the Velcro in place? xx Maggie

  12. Stunning, soooo clever, yet simple. Love it.
    Ditto I shall be waiting to watch tomorrow to see what you are up to, just might steal this idea for some of my Christmas cards, especially for my Scottish relatives and friends. Xx

  13. Absolutely Fab-U-Lous. Stunning effect. Love all the new products. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, and all the new items being placed on your web site. I think I will need a bank loan for my next order, hee hee. Michelle XX

  14. This is fabulous Barbara, me thinks I need this card to add to my collection of Clarity goodies !! The colours you have used are beautiful but hey you already know that and you also know that they give the effect you were hoping to achieve !! Looking forward to the show tomorrow morning the Open Day seems like it was forever ago …. if that makes any sense roll on 25/26 July, 2 days of full on Clarity fun !! x

  15. Hello Barb, what a fabulous technique, I think I need the chromocard, lovely colours used. Would love to see a youtube video on this Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, my favourite Sunday of the month! Bx

  16. Eine wunderschöne Karte Barbara und vielen Dank für die bebilderte Anleitung. Die Effekte auf der Karte sind genial.
    Liebe Grüße, Anja ♥

  17. Hi Barbara,love this card and just learnt a new technique,liking the new glossy card.I also liked the demo with the American stencil and was wondering if there is any chance you may be making stencils to go with the Scottish and Welsh stamps you have already?Looking forward to tomorrows show.

  18. OOO Barbara this is lovely! And that card looks like another must have…my list for the retreat keeps getting longer! Love and hugs xx

  19. Hi Barbara what a fantastic card I love the snowflake stencil and the new card it looks fab. I have some alcohol inks to play with but no blending solution….. Apparently you can use vodka as a substitute but I haven't tried it yet hic! Looking forward to the show tomorrow and will watch it one way or another as there was talk of going to the Hat fair in Winchester in the morning. Have a great time. Love Diane xxx

  20. Hi Barbara,
    I love the look of that chromo card, think I might have to invest. I've just ordered some alcohol inks but will need to get some blending solution.
    Soooo looking forward to the demos tomorrow, hope you get chance to do this one it looks lovely.

  21. Wow Barb this is awesome. I cannot wait to see it on tv tomorrow or very very soon for a you tube video. It is lovely and will be a fabulous Christmas card. I cannot wait to see the show tomorrow.

    Love Denise xx

  22. This is stunning. Absolutely love it. Will have to give this a try, just wish I was coming to retreat. Looking forward to the show and I am sure you will not mess it up. xx

  23. Well Barbara, this is truly an interesting technique and love the look of the new card stock!! So roll on tomorrow morning for the demo!!!
    Much love

  24. this is stunning. methinks i need that card now too! actually i saw post earlier and tried it out on usual clarity card. however i had to use debossed side as i messed up embossed side …… oops!
    tried to paste pic but no joy, hugs xx

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