Thursday’s Blue Blog and a Brand New Psychedelic Stencil

Thursday’s Blue Blog and a Brand New Psychedelic Stencil

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by!
We are chasing our tails here today, getting ready for 
the Clarity Open Days tomorrow and Saturday.
What a super team I have. You should see it all going on here.
From the Hi-Viz Jackets for the Car-Park attendants,
 to Raffle Prizes and Welcome Signs;
from Special Show Offers to Brand New Stencils –
there is a real buzz of excitement.
So I will just focus for an hour on the blogging, because not only is it my job, but it’s an Extra special Gelli Plate Celebration this week, too.
(The girl knows how to pile on the pressure, that’s for sure!)
Today, let’s use the 
(special price this week, remember?)
but this time with Ink pads instead of acrylic paints:
The Footballer from the Sporty Silhouettes
(well, we might as well get him out, 
and fly the flag for England;
they’re playing again tonight!)

But let’s check out a brand new, very clever stencil:

Introducing the Mesh Stencil.

If you squint, you can almost see a load of balls….
Lay the Gelli Plate on a piece of white card.
Lay the stencil on the clean Gelli Plate.
Dab Tumbled Glass and Broken China on the stencil, 
spread the ink over the whole gelli, using the brayer.
Write T for Top on the stencil with a permanent marker, too.
Lift the stencil off carefully.
Place a piece of clean Gelli Card on the inky Gelli Plate, 
gently rub the back, to transfer ink to the card, 
add T for Top to the top, like so:
and pull back, to reveal your first print.
How sharp is that?! 
Pull a second one, a ghost print. 
I digress a little here, but check this out:
we need to clean the stencil and brayer for the next step.
Place a piece of copy paper on the inky stencil, 
roll your brayer back and forth over the back.
Even the scrap clean up is excellent! 
Start again. Do the same thing again, with a different colour. 
There is one major difference:
Look where the T for Top is this time on the stencil. 
Mustard Seed is good. 
If you don’t clean your brayer or the stencil, this will come out green.
and lift…
When you lower the card onto the inky Gelli plate, 
leave the T for Top on the card AT THE TOP!
Super cool background.
One more colour: Worn Lipstick. 
The only difference this time is 
to turn the T for Top on the stencil to the right when you place it on the Gelli Plate, 
but still lay the print with the T for Top AT THE TOP.
TIT: Think It Through.
It’s obvious when you think it through! 
Stamp the clever Sport Framer and the Footballer 
in Archival Black onto the Gelli Plate print.
Trim the print to size, 
add a black edge, to make the black images pop.
Layer up on a white card.
What a neat little card for a football fan.
The circles in the colour print work really well with this funky framer stamp.
So let’s take a look.
Let’s make a special offer on the Sporty Stamps.
If you buy the 
Sport framer, we will give you a super set of remountable 
Sporty Balls worth £10.25 FREE

44 thoughts on “Thursday’s Blue Blog and a Brand New Psychedelic Stencil

  1. Oh Barbara I didn't see this stencil when I looked last night…its another fabulous one and I will need to get that soon!!!! Loving this effect with the inks!
    Hope all goes well with the open days.
    Love and hugs to you all! xx

  2. Oh dear Barb, you have gone and done it again, another must have stencil! Love the background with the framer stamp. Must give this a go with my distress inks, and as I have 2 belated Fathers day cards to make, this would be ideal. Hope all goes well with the open days, wish I could make it, but maybe the next ones. Take care. Bx

  3. Morning Barbara – wow – excellent!!! saw this stencil last night on the web site – could not get over how many new ones you have! This one is great and love the effect you have created – now you said if you squint you can see balls….If I squint I see underpants!!! LOL….leave that one firmly there I think!!! Open day …. gutted I can't come…it sounds like it is going to be an amazing time – maybe if this is successful ( which why wouldn't it be!) – you might have another later in the year xxx So wishing you all the luck I can for a successful couple of days and will be thinking of you all having fun!!!
    Much love
    Kim x

  4. Hi you are giving us so many uses for the gelly this week . So much to learn and do . Just love the blog . Wish I could be with you this weekend but so far to come and working on Sunday . Hope all goes well Good Luck will look forward to all your news next week . xxp

  5. I love the effect you get using inks, very transparent and arty looking. I will have to get my gelli out and have a go. Ooooo new stencils! can't wait to see them, this one today is fab. XX

  6. Hi Barbara what a great technique I haven't tried ink on the gelli plate yet. A friend arrived yesterday to go for a walk and she was fascinated by the gelli plate. We played for half an hour before we went out! Oh Kim I saw underpants too! Glad I'm not the only one! Lol. Have a wonderful day with Grace and I hope your special weekend goes well. Wish I was there! Love Diane xxx

  7. Good morning Barbara, saw this stencil last night & knew it would be fab. The colours have a real psycodealic effect too. I'm sure your open days will be a roaring success and worth all of everyone's hard work. Just wish I lived nearer.
    Jeanette xx

  8. Love the mask. Like a previous blogger my fist thought wss underpants! Wish I could come at the weekend, but to far to come on public transport. So good.luck withe event and hope you all have asuch fun as I have been having at the Clarity Nottingham workshop.

  9. Hi Barb,
    This is absolutely fabulous. Saw all your new stencils on the website last night and there are so many that I want! This was one of them so I'm pleased you've shown this today. Congratulations on the stencil birthday – I can't believe how many you've done in a year. Hope the Open Days go well – it's just a shame that you live in Kent and I live in Durham!!! Love Alison xxxx

  10. Hi Barbara. Wonderful card and lovely new stencil. If I tried to do this without remembering to Tit I can guarantee that I would end up looking like a right t….. myself! The Open Days sound like they aregoing to befantastic. I wish I could come along but I will be taking 12 of my Beaver scouts on a sleepover this weekend. I will be thinking of you all though. Have a wonderful time. Take care.

  11. Great stencil although I don't know about squinting and seeing balls – all I can see us bikini pants! Great back ground though! Look forward to using this one!

  12. I must at say hi see pants to but love it and effect another on list. So wish could make it this weekend sound like going to be amazing hopefully anther one soon as would love to come meet everyone ;-( well anther time have a great day xxx

  13. A very nice card and lovely new stencil. I don't have anyone sporty so I don't own the sport stamps, I do like the road the stencils are going down they are really lovely.

    Thanks for the tut and the tit lol (tutorial and the think it through) they are fab.

    I hope you are getting some time to spend with Grace xx

    Denise xx

  14. Great effect with that stencil Barbara and a good offer on the stamps too. I hope your open day goes well, I'm sure you will all have a brilliant time. If only Kent was a bit closer to Northumberland…… Pat x

  15. Hello Barb. Thank you for taking time out to blog us as we really appreciate how busy you must be these last few days. Wish it wasn't so far or I'd pop in to see you all. Love this stencil but shall be avoiding the football this month as much as possible. Would like to see it with the other 'O' stamps though – Joy or Home would look great too. xx Margaret Col.

  16. brilliant work Barb – I wished I hadn't squinted though – instead of seeing footballs i saw Y fronts – lol – sorry – its just me – I'm sure nobody else is as daft as me! Hugs rachel xx

  17. Wow! this looks fantastic. Love the new stencil. I hope your next few days go well, would love to be there but no such luck!!! Never mind with you in spirit. Joan x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Can't believe I'm so late posting, been very busy this morning but here I am now. This is great – and I've got all the elements required, that's a first. Will "have a go" as soon as I post this.
    I've had a good laugh at the comments today, especially Alimecca, Mrs B, and Pat! We lose out "up North" because the BBC think that the North ends at Birmingham and Scotland starts at Edinburgh! Although you did come up to Sedgefield, but I think we must have "finished you off"!!
    Hope everyone is well and that Grace and you are enjoying yourselves.
    Better get some tonic down you before the weekend and gird your loins!!! Love xx

  19. Fabulous background – just love it!! Hope you have a great time over the weekend at the open days – just a bit too far for me to come, but maybe next time! Susan x

  20. Hi Barb, I've just used my Gelli-Plate for first time and got covered in paint – squirted out of tube so fast – titanium buff everywhere, but hey-ho!
    Love the new stencil even though all I could see were "Y" fronts to start off then the "balls".
    Great card though, keep them coming.
    God bless
    Jan xx

  21. Barb, you are so clever. The multi-images are brilliant. I daren't rush and buy the new stencil this week, off on a 'girlie' week's holiday in Gran Canaria with my elder daughter. Maybe when we return I won't have spent all my money and I can buy it then. Love it though.

  22. A busy background but it works with just the simple black sport word and footballer. I don't have this stencil but I will have a look through my large box of stencils to see if I have something similar that might work. Will keep you posted.

  23. Lovely effect with turning the stencil. I haven't tried inks on the plate yet, but will be having a go! Wish I could come to the open day but you're too far away. Hope all goes well. Thanks, Jan

  24. Yipee I am sitting in hotel room now writing this ready to come to Open Day tomorrow. Your sense of humour is wicked. I saw all the new stencils last night after I wrote my list for tomorrow. Just warned my husband may need to have some add some. Love your countryside so green. See you tomorrow. Lovely card . xx

  25. Hi Barbara, I noticed this stencil amongst the new ones on the website yesterday. A great technique which results in a lovely effect on the card. Looking forward to joining you and the rest of the team on Saturday hope, all goes well tomorrow xx

  26. Just a quick post, as I am back from the hospital where my Dave is since tuesday eve. Really like the card you make, and find the stencil very funny…..To me looks like a lot of bottom swim costum or "Slip" as we say in France……
    Thanks for sharing, Laurence xx

  27. How great to be able to use distress inks with the Gelli Plate too, even more reason to buy one. The layered colours and twisting the stencil is a great technique Barbara. Thanks for this. x

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