Wednesday’s Gelli treat, laced with charcoal…

Wednesday’s Gelli treat, laced with charcoal…

Happy Wednesday
Day 3 of our Gelli Plate diet! 
I do hope you are enjoying what is being served so far.
Today, I thought I would go back to the fantastic Golden Open Paint, although this technique you could do with dye-based inks too – it just wouldn’t be as vibrant.
So let’s take a look.
This trick very straight forward.
I have used the large 8″ x 10″ plate 
(special offers on all our Gelli Plates this Gelli Week)

and some Magenta Open Acrylic.

I want to try a technique which will be a 3-D illusion.
Let’s set the scene first with a beautiful fresh floral 
A5 Heart Bird Stencil:
Spread a tiny amount of Quinacridone Magenta over the 
8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate, using your Speedball Brayer.
Place the right size card underneath, too.

 Lay the lovely stencil down in the wet paint.

Roll over the stencil with the brayer, covering it with paint too.
The idea is to apply good pressure to the stencil.

Lift the wet pink stencil off carefully;
perhaps you can use it in a minute, 
once the plate is clean again!
(I stored mine on a second Gelli, because it was lying there!)

If you look carefully, 
you can see the imprint of the stencil in the pink.

Pull 2 prints:
The one here, with the stencil etched in it, and a second ghost print, which is just light pink and mottled, but nice.

 Now your Gelli Plate is clean, 
you can place the wet stencil paint facing down on the Gelli Plate, roll over it with a clean stencil to transfer the paint to the Gelli, and pull another print of the stencil image itself, like this one, which I made with a little blue paint added to the stencil to refresh it:

You can just keep going, adding a little more paint, pulling a blue print on top of the pink ghost print, and so on…

But I want to focus on the dark Magenta artwork….

Decide where the light source is, 
and then, using a charcoal pencil, 
start adding a line of shadow to the logical lines.

Work from the top, and keep reminding yourself where the light is coming from.
I basically went down and to the right with the shade.

This is all the same piece of artwork from start to finish – but I am working from home and the light is different from day to day and room to room!
Just goes to show you;
you would think it was a completely different colour paint. Nope. 

Let’s get in closer…
avoid drawing charcoal over the white guideline that the stencil gave you.

I used my finger then to sweep the charcoal away from the lines; 
in other words, 
I went with the flow – literally!

It looks a bit rough when you start smudging, but persevere…
that’s what erasers are for!

I went back in with the charcoal pencil 
and reinforced the shade line, too.

When you step away, 
see how it really looks as though there are 2 layers?

Now it’s time to use an eraser to bring in highlights again. 
Clean up obvious smudges, and bring out the white stencil etching again, too. It really starts to pop out at you.

This is the charcoal pencil set from Derwent.

  We also sell excellent Eraser pencils from Faber-Castell. They are super for getting right in on the line.

So let’s take a close look.
The Stencil imprint in white is clearly there, but the charcoal pencil throws a super shadow, which really makes the whole thing appear 3-dimensional. 

We should add the illusion to the edge of the piece, too…

But what about the middle? 
What shall we add? 
Does it need anything?
What do YOU think?

Tell me what YOU would do at this stage; 
I have to go and spend some time with Gracie!

Just look at the difference in colour! 

Photo taken outside…

Photo taken inside…

The outside one is true.

40 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Gelli treat, laced with charcoal…

  1. What a terrific effect that is! I must say I so like that colour too! isn't it amazing what a difference the light makes! Love and hugs! X

  2. I love this , I am still trying to master my light and shadow efforts and what a fab way to practice .
    I am afraid I would butcher the finished work to cut out the heart to inset an old photo of my grandparents .
    I hope you enjoy some quality time with Gracie and that your Brothers re operation is still going well.
    Best wishes x

  3. This stencil and the print you have made from it is lovely, especially after you added the shading which really makes it 3D. Love that magenta, it is so lively and bright, and I think I would add the silhouette stamp of the Kissing Couple in the centre of the heart, and perhaps mask off and make a little monochrome scene around them. I do hope you are managing to see lots of Grace while she is here. x

  4. I have this stencil so will have a play today think I would use some word art in middle or picture of my Sandie to remember her and frame it if works out as lovely as your have a wonderful day you and Grace x

  5. Hello Barb, hope you are having a fab time with Grace. Love the image, great technique to get a 3D effect. I would also stamp a sentiment in the middle, Not sure exactly what, but some great ideas from the other followers. Bx

  6. Beautiful stencil. Love how you add the shading to make it 3D . I would add inside the heart the verse loved you yesterday love you still always have always will .

  7. Good morning,
    I read this in the very early morning and was confused, now awake it makes perfect sense. I need to work on the art of lighting it does make it all sparkle and pop. Hope your day with Grace is fun.

  8. Hi Barbara and Grace…. Well had I of not read right through I would have thought that you had carefully cut round the design – amazing what effect of charcoal has done!!
    Me personally would not want to do much more to it – maybe a Maya verse in the heart – less is more Barbara!!
    Much Love
    Kim x

  9. This stencil is so delicate and you've created a fab 3D effect. The colour is divine…not surprised Jane Telford loves it! Interesting how light changes it. Have fun with Grace today xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    How clever! It really does look 3D and to think that's just done through shading. Need to practise with this technique – mine never seems to look right! Have fun with your lovely daughter. Love Alison xx

  11. Hi Barbara, what a great effect the charcoal shading gives this beautiful stencil. As Jane says it's amazing how the light changes the colour. I would probably use a verse in the centre, perhaps 'together we can do anything' or any of the others already mentioned. Hope Steve is doing well. Have a fab time Grace. xx

  12. Hi Barbara. Wow, I love how the colour changes depending on the light! Your shading is always fantastic. It is the one thing that really bugs me, no matter how much I try I just can't get it right! Will keep on trying though.
    What to put in the middle? Something simple, just one or two words. Maybe "Love You"? Or the Crafty Magpie's idea of a picture would be good.
    Have a lovely time with Grace. Take care.

  13. Hallo Barbara, I like this shadow-work. there is still so much to learn for me, but I love it. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful time with your daughter. xx

  14. Unbelievable. Perhaps a single word, e.g Love or some a similar small word. Anything larger or an image would spoil the artwork I think. Have a wonderful day with Gracie.

  15. looks great 3d.
    if i made this i would add a little picture of Dorothy.
    So maybe you could do the same with Grace <3
    after all there isn't much you can love more eh?
    xxxx big hugs xxx

  16. I would add a picture as well, carefully cut to the heart shape and a black and white one as well. Amazing how the colours change with different lights. I like the look of the charcoal pencils, I remember having sticks of charcoal which broke and made your hands black as well. Lovely piece of artwork. Right off to get my bag packed ready to come see you Friday and make sure there are supplies for son to live off while we away. xx

  17. brilliant Barb – really wonderful – I love the illusion of depth and layers you have created – I would have to pop a suitably sized clarity verse in the heart myself – would have to play around to find one that fitted both size and card style. Have a great day xx

  18. Hi Barbara beautiful artwork again today I love the shading. Mine too would be smudged or I would go left instead of right half way through. I thought the all you need is love stamp at first but think it would detract so just the word love or a photo of someone special. Right now to see if I have let the paint on my geli plate dry enough before I pull a print! Have a wonderful day with Grace. Love Diane xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    This is beautiful and the effect is wonderful but I'm afraid it's birds, so a no no for me. I think a simple word such as love, peace, calm etc. would look good BUT my twisted mind sees a worm being pulled both ways by the birds at top and bottom of stencil!!
    Hope Grace is getting over her jet lag and that Steve is still on the mind, looking a little less like Frankenstein's monster! I have been for blood tests this morning and I think it has affected me!!

  20. Beautiful lovely idea making it look 3 dimensional have a fabulous day with grace hope Steve is feeling better day by day ,true love stamped in the heart leading to the birds with rope effect xxx

  21. Just lovely – I would add the sentiment stamp "my love is in your heart" – and maybe try to link the sentiment to the sides of the heart with "strings" so that it looks like it is blowing in the wind. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  22. i would use one of the wordchains inside heart, love or always and use watering can archival ink or your slow drying paynes gray acrylic to mimic charcoal. by the way. love this effect. looks so dimensional. will have a play xx

  23. I love the 3D effect. It's very clever. I'd probably put a word in the heart, but would that spoil the aperture effect? Off to use the gelliplate for something not quite as marvellous! Hope you're enjoying your time with Grace. Thank you, Jan

  24. The difference in colour on your photos is because of the white balance you have set on your camera. Most people leave their set on auto white balance but if you can find out how to change it in the settings as then you can set to direct sunlight, shade, artificial light etc. On my camera when you change it you can see the effect each setting has on the camera. Natural light will always give you the best like for like in the colour. I hope this helps. I love the shadow you have placed on the image. It's so successful. I would stamp one of your chain letter stamp sets, say love would work well
    H xxx

  25. Love this stencil and the amazing 3D effect that you've created with it. If you were to put anything else on it maybe the word 'cherish' inside the heart? It would fit with the two birds looking at each other and also the time spent with a special daughter-hope you have a lovely time with Grace, I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter next week when she comes home for a short holiday too.x

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