Sleepy Hollow….

Sleepy Hollow….

Good Morning Bank Holiday Monday!
Many thanks if you watched the TV show yesterday;
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nigel. He is such a nice guy.
So Monday’s blog is trees and flowers, and yesterday we sped at breakneck speed through a very neat scene-building exercise;

so this morning, let’s take it more slowly…
I’m going to ask Nige to join me for a little 
Questions and Answers Session… 

Nigel: So what are we going to be using?

The Woodland Stencil
and a couple of characters from 
the Woodland Animals Stamp Set
Moon mask set
Gelli Card
Denim Adirondack 
Pesto Adirondack
 Stencil Brushes 

Attach the Woodland Stencil to the white square Gelli Card, 
using Low-tack masking tape

Nigel: Why this card?

Just because it’s the right size and the right kind of card.
And let’s add a large moody moon, from the mask set, too.

Nigel: I suppose you could punch the moon out of a Post-It too?


Tear a hill out of a sheet of copy paper,

And attach it at the sides, like so. 

Now load the Brayer with Denim Adirondack 
and roll it over the sky area.

This is where you need a stencil brush to get in the cracks.

Nigel: Oooerrr!

And a make-up sponge.

Nigel: I say old girl! Steady on!

Use a black ink pad now, 
and work around the edge of the stencil with a make-up sponge.
use a stencil brush with a little black too, to darken the blue.

Lift the moon mask, 
and lightly swish across the moon for a moon shadow.

Now let’s do the land.
Move the torn copy paper, and add a couple of hillocks with Pesto Adirondack. Great colour combo: Denim and Pesto.

Nigel: Did you say Hillocks?!

Unload the rest of the black on your stencil brush around the base.

Nigel: Can you wash these brushes?

Oh yes. 
Warm soapy water and let them dry in the window sun.

Now we need to remove the masking tape.
Can you help me out Nigel?

Nigel: Oh yes, my pleasure…

To really sharpen the edges and increase a sense of depth to the aperture illusion here, run a dark blue pen around the edge of the stencil – especially along the lower edges of the branches.

Nigel: Any particular pen?

A Promarker with the special fine nib is peach. 
But you could use a dark colouring pencil, too

Time to  add the animals on the outside 
with a black Archival Ink Pad.

Nigel: Why have you used an Archival ink pad this time?

Because we want a really solid black image, 
and the Archivals are brilliant for crisp black images.

Nigel: A squirrel or a fox on one of the branches 
would look great too, right?

That’d be some branch….

Nigel: Or some fox!

Using the torn paper, let’s anchor the fawn and the stag by adding a little shadow under their feet with a make-up sponge.

Swish the rest of the Blue from your Stencil Brush 
around the edges

All done. 

Nigel: And then you just mount your art?

A thin black edge with a Sharpie pen around the white card first really adds.

Nigel: Mmm. Big boy!

Thanks for keeping me company, Nige! You are brilliant.

So there we are. If you watched last Tuesday’s You Tube, you will have seen this Stencil in action with a lovely summery scene.
Check it out. The contrast is cool.

And I would like to add that I love working with Nigel. 
He is so professional and knowledgeable!
If he asks a question, usually he knows the answer; he’s asking it for the newcomer’s benefit – the person who is watching and wondering. And that, my friends, is the mark of a great presenter.

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday x
much love,

58 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow….

  1. I think you make a wonderful duo and was delighted to see that you were on with Nigel. Nothing wrong with having fun while we learn. 🙂
    Happy Bank Holiday!

  2. Hi Barbara, a beautiful card. You make it look so easy. Love the commentary between yourself and Nigel..think its spot on! I ordered your first dvd yesterday and am looking forward to receiving it.

  3. Hi Barb, the show was fabulous yesterday and Nigel was brilliant as ever. I do love watching him as he is very knowledgable and very thoughtful, but only he could get away with half of what he says lol.

    The show was brilliant and as always I have learned so much from your fabulously talented self. I always record the shows to be able to watch them back and even better that you have reenacted it in your blog.

    I hope you are well after yesterday as it must be quite exhausting having the camera on you for the full two hours and no break in it either.

    Thanks again Barb.
    Denise x

  4. Lol Barb I just scrolled up again to reread the blog and my eyes were half shut, the part before you remove the paper to add the Hillocks, have a look with half shut squinty eyes, it looks like an eye x
    Denise x

  5. I love this Barbara, the show yesterday was great. This is so funny, can't see Nigel calling you old girl on air though. xxxx

  6. This is such a gorgeous card and I love this stencil. As you say it's so good for framing landscapes. Thanks for such a great blog and a brilliant show yesterday. Lxxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Love this one. The stencil is gorgeous and so versatile as you have shown us. Loved the show yesterday and I really like Nigel – he's knowledgeable but also has a great sense of humour and fun. You make a great team. I can actually hear him talking in your blog today! As I've got this stencil, I might just have a bit of a play today if we don't go out somewhere. Thanks again, Barb, love Alison xxxx

  8. Really loved the show and the cards you made and the splashing water and the effect made will try it out. And your chat with Nigel though the blog enjoy your bank holiday Monday x

  9. Unfortunately because we were going out I only got to see about the first hour, which included this stencil and the deer. These silhouette stamps go perfectly with the stencils, and the finished look is fantastic. You and Nigel make a great team Barbara, and this demo is just great to see again. My ever growing list must include these stencils too. x

  10. Hi Barbara. Thank you for another great show yesterday (and Nigel too). I love this stencil and the scene you have created with it. I especially love the big stag (just what I have been waiting on). So off to the web site to "Go For Gold" and to get my Stag. Hope you have a great time in France with Dave and the team. Hugs to all. Emma xx

  11. Hello Barb, love this scene as much as I loved the youtube Tuesday one. The stamps are fab, and the show with Nigel was great, a good laugh, when he comes back with some of the comments. Played with this stencil a bit yesterday, going to have another go today, and see if I can get it looking anything like yours. Have a great Monday. Bx

  12. Hello Barbara, I did watch the shows yesterday and couldn't believe how quickly you sold out of things. Nigel is brilliant and although he has a knack of getting very near the naughty line he never treads over it. Such a talent. Not a match for you though, she adds quickly. xx Margaret Col.

  13. Morning Barbara , I've only watched the first hour of yesterday's show so far and it's great will watch the rest when I get chance. I love it when you are on with Nigel you make a great team.
    Thanks for the re run of this card you did it so fast yesterday to keep up before everything sold out but it's good to have your blog version too
    Have a lovely day
    Jackie x

  14. Morning Barbara, recorded yesterdays show and will be watching when its nice and quiet here and I can enjoy your brilliance. Have a nice bank holiday. Joan x

  15. I watched your show yesterday Barbara and even hubby said "That is absolutely beautiful" when you had finished this demo. Praise indeed from someone whose only interest in crafting is "It was HOW MUCH??" Love the step by step tutorial, now I just need the stencil – which I can put into my lovely new stencil holder that arrived on Saturday! Enjoy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. Pat x

  16. fantastic artwork, only saw the second half so looking forward to going back to watch it from the beginning. This and the other scene building stencils are on my list as well as the woodland animals, love them. Have a fantastic time in France with everyone x

  17. This is brilliant. Switched on as you were starting this demo yesterday. Hubby even stopped to watch for a few minutes before he thought he had best make a hasty retreat before he got too interested, but he was impressed with what he saw. He did ask me about the big brushes. I had to remind him that he gave me the stencil brushes at Xmas! Love the dialogue between you and Nigel in the blog today. You also made a great team yesterday. x

  18. I think Creat and craft have several fab presenters that due to there uniqueness make a perfect team as something for every one – I love the fun that Dean brings and the subtle humour of Nigel , who like you said is so good at asking the right questions .
    It was a fab show yesterday and this demo you have done today is what grabbed my dad's attention and he wants this idea for his Christmas cards and has given me a donation towards the gelli plate and stamps so finally I have enough money to get ordering – he did say only if the squirrels are RED squirrels and of course they are , you would have been thinking of our own beloved reds when designing them is what I said so if you ever meet him stick to that line as my gelli plate future was bought with it lol!
    As always another fab demo and fab product x

  19. Always enjoy watching when Nigel is on, such a good presenter. You both managed well yesterday with the manic show and having to demo like you were on fast forward! Good to see the difference you can make to a scene just by changing the colours. Will try a darker moon scene next. Have a lovely bank holiday Monday. XX

  20. Really great show yesterday Barbara. Nigel was on fine form. This scene is beautiful and I'll definitely be giving it ago when the stamps arrive. The DT designs were also amazing. Have a great time in France. xx

  21. A great card Barbara and yes I could hear nigel talking in my head! You do make a great team but of course it can only be Dean for the shrink plastic! Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  22. Had a lovely time watching you and Nigel yesterday and enjoyed the revisit today. The hares on the bottom made me laugh… he's so saucy 🙂 Great artwork again. Safe journey tomorrow. Have you warned the French that you're all coming? Have fun xx

  23. Beautiful card I love this stencil it's so good to use loved the show yesterday how you improvised as everything sold out happy crafting xxx

  24. Hi Barbara. So enjoyed the run through of this beautiful card.
    Great couple of hours yesterday. Really enjoyed you and Nigel together.
    Love Val in Spain x

  25. Great to review this demo at my own pace today, and I love that you added Nigel to the blog rather than talking to yourself!!! Enjoyed the shows yesterday whilst I was doing the ironing in the afternoon – such a talented team of designers as well as your good self. Hope you all have a great time together on your retreat. Bon Voyage, Susan x

  26. Glad to see this on your blog as I forgot to set the programme to record yesterday. I did however watch the show and you and Nigel make a great team.

    Please, please, please could we have a wish list facility on the Clarity Website as I have that many pieces of paper around with all the products I would like and the mountain of scraps of paper keeps growing after every show and blog!

  27. Just watched the show this morning as I had recorded it. It was fabulous to watch. My daughter was painting her nails during the show and she has shaded them from light to dark " just like the clarity way!" I thought it quite funny as she groans when I watch crested and craft, but now I know that she is learning too!

  28. A great show yesterday and good to see this as a reminder and to know we can come back to it forever. I enjoy Nigel presenting – he was good in the classroom too!

  29. The show was really good yesterday, wish it had been longer. Great that it's this stencil 'cos I had decided to use this one to make a birthday card. Saved my life again Barb, there are all the destructions looking at me, ready to go. I love it. Thanks again. Also joined the Stencil Club and became a Gold member, really looking forward to the first letter and stencil.

  30. Well Barb, you've done it again, going to have to get this stencil as I love both this card and the You tube one. I'm not really a stencil crafter but between the gelli plate and these two cards it looks like I'll be going for gold too!! Just need the pay check to come through.

  31. It was a busy show yesterday wasn't it. But as usual you were brilliant. I really enjoy the shows when you work with Nigel – he is very professional and asks sensible questions. You can tell that he is very knowledgeable about crafting. He does have his naughty side too though.
    Love the blog today. I am always amazed how you take a plain piece of card and create a work of art each time. Mine always seem to end up in the bin. Oh well practice makes perfect.

  32. Thanks for this tutorial Barbara. I had a play with this stencil when I first got it but I couldn't get it to look how I wanted it to look. Will have another go at it using your instructions this time:) xx

  33. Thanks for this demo, card is lovely suitable for so many occasions. I also think Nigel is great he does make me laugh bit naughty at times but never in a nasty way. Hope you all have a wonderful week in France. I imagine you will all have aching sides from all the laughter. xx

  34. Hi Barbara,enjoyed the show and the demo's,Nigel is my favourite presenter,always enjoy watching him and he mentions the blogs that people have which I think is nice of him.Hope your neck is okay as I did notice while you were next to Nigel you had to look up a few times?Have a great trip to France.

  35. Hi Barb, finally managed to watch the show today – was unable to watch live yesterday due to Nanny duties which ended 10 days of looking after my 2 ½ yr old granddaughter – am home today absolutely shattered – you forget how hard it is looking after a little one! I have had a go with this stencil today with the boy and his kites – am quite pleased on how it has come out – need to get the woodland set now as that stag is so regal!!!
    I know yourself, Dave and all the DT team are going to have a wonderful time over the coming week or so and look forward to updates and wonderful pieces of art inspired by the stay surrounded by all your arty folk xx

  36. Those are such lovely stencils, I keep seeing new possibilities in them. This variation would make a fabulous Christmas card. I was absolutely fascinated at the way the toadstool picture developed with those new inks, and I did notice that you put yours back on the Gelli the right way round. I didn't with the Blue tits on Saturday with Maria and I had put the T at the top, then totally ignored it. But no-one else, other than everyone at Shrewsbury, knew what was intended, so it really does not matter. Great show yesterday, and Nigel was really on form. As you say a real professional, working to give the presenter the best possibly chance. Have a wonderful trip with the DT and Dave. xx Maggie

  37. This is a beautiful scene Barbara – loved the show yesterday and I can't wait for my woodland creatures to arrive……also looking forward to Christmas as I know I'll use these a lot with some snowy glitter glistening on the branches.
    I'm hoping that my craft room (or woman-cave as I am going to call it), will be built by then too so that the kitchen can go back to being used for the right purpose and not as a make-shift craft room!
    Have a brilliant time in France with your Guys & Dolls. Take care, Carole xxx

  38. Love this! Have been watching the show today with my 5 year old. She loved the toadstools the best!
    Im probably a little late in asking this but why will there not be any more classrooms? I used to really enjoy those alongside your regular programmes?

  39. Great show yesterday, this is a lovely stencil, may have to put it on my list, thanks for the rerun here. Haven't had chance to watch last weeks UTube demo yet but will get round to it soon.

  40. Hi Barbara. Thanks for a great show yesterday. You and Nigel make the perfect pair, as you say, he is a great presenter, asking the right questions for us and you both give us all a good laugh as well : ) This card is beautiful, it is going to be used so much for Christmas as well as for the rest of the year. Have a wonderful time in France with Dave and the rest of the crew. Take care.

  41. this was/is an awesome project. i fully agree Nigel is a fab presenter and he doesn't constantly waffle about himself and how important he is. great show yesterday.
    have an awesome trip to france and for goodness' sake REST xx

  42. Your work is inspirational I love watching your shows and Nigel is so funny he really puts the fun into craft and is so entertaining. My favourite stamps you do is the Scotland, deer, blue tits, cherry blossom although every ones fabulous if it was okay with the bank manager is buy every one lol xxx

  43. New to stamping and loved this show. Such a beautiful scene. Found the previous lessons on the C&C website and would like to gradually go through them, however, is there any particular reason why Lessons 1 & 2 are not available? Perhaps I can see them elsewhere? Watched Lesson 3 (great) but have a question: thought it was a 'no no' to put the stamp on the inkpad instead of vice versa?

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