Sunday in San Francisco? = Glide

Sunday in San Francisco? = Glide

Happy Sunday from San Francisco!
Thanks for popping in.
Well, Grace, Dave and I attended Mark’s amazing Graduation Celebration at St Marys here in California yesterday.

Well, it was pretty special. 
One proud woman, I can tell you.

When you see your child turning into an adult 

there is a bitter-sweet taste

But yesterday couldn’t have been more exciting and pleasant.
The sun was shining,

the lawns around the University were crammed with excited graduates and parents,

there was music and dancing and singing –

It really was quite something, 
and so different from any graduation ceremonies I have ever been too 
– including my own!

 We had a bird’s eye view in the bleachers,

Got burnt to a crisp
(My hooter’s like a belisha beacon, and you could fry an egg on Dave’s forehead!)

But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

So today, the first thing I want to do,
is go sing and celebrate at the Glide Memorial Church, 
down on Ellis.
You have to be there or have been there to understand why. 
I would say it is the most uplifting, real place of worship I have ever been lucky enough to find. When I lived in the Bay area, I would travel into the city every Sunday
to be a part of the movement. 
Here is a little snippet of where we are going…

Back in the 90s when we lived here, I will never forget sitting up on the balcony, and looking down to the front row, only to see my Shero, Dr. Maya Angelou sitting there! I was so excited, you cannot imagine!
And now, writing this for you, I have found a YouTube of another visit she paid to the Glide not so long ago! If you have half an hour, this poetry recital will fill you with feelings you have probably never felt before. It took me right back to the very day I met her. So should you have the time, do spend it with this woman; she is truly, phenomenally a phenomenal woman.

And the rest of the day? Well we shall see….

Learn it. Live it.


58 thoughts on “Sunday in San Francisco? = Glide

  1. The ceremony looks like it was so much fun, and it should be, my Graduation was a lovely day and I will always remember it, but that looks extremely memorable and you looked so proud, how lovely Barb.

    Grace is a very Beautiful woman and looks so confident. It is a lovely photo of the three of you both times. Mark looks like he is very proud and confident of himself also. That is a great achievement Barb to help instill that confidence in your Babies.

    If every Church was like that it would be a full house every time. I would love if the Church I went to was more like that as it is more fun and more uplifting. The look on most of the Choirs faces said it was uplifting.

    I am off to watch the other video now, thanks for sharing your very special day Barb xx

  2. What a fabulous set of photos Barbara. No wonder you are proud of them both. Grace is a beautiful elegant confident young woman and why wouldnt she be witb a Mum like you? Mark is both handsome and confident and again tbat is down to the guidance of a super strong willed concident Mum. My daughter is a Nursery Nurse and has given me my first wonderful gorgeous grandson and I couldn't be more proud of her. Enjoy the rest of your visit and then enjoy looking back on these fabulous pics each and every day. Xxxxxx

  3. Wow what a day of celebration, congrats to Mark. We are flying back from a fab time in Sicily. The services today I hope are amazing, enjoy your SF time. Great photos you should be so proud of your kids!

  4. Glad you had a fabulous day makes it all worth while you look so proud and with reason two beautiful children. I am off to my church now our singing is very good with 80+ crammed into our little church on the hill in Spain. We won't be singing All over this World though our first hymn this morning Christ is made the sure Foundation!

  5. What fabulous photos Barbara thank you for sharing such a special time with us. Your children are lovely and I can see why you are so proud of them; they do you credit. I hope the sunburn calms down, perhaps some cheesecake might help! Just going to watch the poetry now. Have a great day with your family. Love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Well the graduation certainly looks like it was a lot of fun and as you say totally different to our graduations here which tend to be more solemn. The photos of you with Grace and Mark are lovely and they have certainly done you proud! Watched both of the videos and have to agree if all churches were like this, they would be filled to the rafters. Maya Angelou is so inspirational I can see why she is your Shero. Enjoy the rest of your time with your lovely family. Hope the "fly" wasn't too bad! Love Alison xxx

  7. What an amazing day Barbara. You have beautiful children. You son is soooo tall. You will add this day to your many precious ones which I am sure you have many. What a fabulous church going there would lift you for the week. The lady does have a life to share not all nice but as she says true full We should love each day and enjoy/rejoice in it.
    May you and your family rejoice in your amazing times you have.
    I hope to feel my grandson kick for the first time this weekend as he is kicking his mummy lots. It will fill me up.
    Debra x

  8. What a very proud moment seeing your child graduate and how lucky that the sun shone on the whole thing, the lord was surely blessing this day. How amazing is this choir, not surprised you enjoyed worshipping there. I am saving your shero's vid for when I'm alone and can enjoy, she is so uplifting. Enjoy the time with your wonderful kids. Joan x

  9. I'm so glad that Marks special day went so well, a great achievement and so much to be proud of, great pics of your lovely family.
    Wow I've just watched both videos, Dr Maya Angelou brought both a huge smile to my face and at the same time a lump to my throat, if church was like that here I would be there for every service. Thank you so much for sharing all of these special things with us. Fabulous!! xx

  10. Hi Barbara, what an uplifting blog. I can almost hear the music, see the dancing and feel the heat. What an amazing way to celebrate a graduation. Puts my stiff formal affair at the barbican to shame.The photos of you and your children are ones to cherish. Grace looks so stylish (loving her outfit) and Mark so tall and handsome. But my favourite is the one of you hugging Mark because it shows all the love and pride you have for him. I'm so pleased that all went so well for you – obviously your Dave/Grace armour worked well. Enjoy your service today. Hope the sunburn isn't too sore. I'm now gojng to treat myself to a Sunday lie in watching your You Tube clips.
    Love & best wishes,
    Jeanette xx

    1. Have now watched Dr Maya Angelou…can't help but feel happy. What an awsome, inspiring, uplifting woman…and VERY entertaining too. Can see why she stayed in your memory and why she became your Shero. Amazing lady. Xx

  11. Hi Barb, it looked like a wonderful and carefree day, thank you for sharing the memories with us. To see you beaming with pride and love is a lovely sight. Enjoy your time left with your lovely young people. The Glide memorial video is lovely, and will watch Maya's later. Bx

  12. looks like a truely amazing day Barbara – wonderful – so glad it went well and the weather was kind. Hope you have another good one today! Hugs rachel xx

  13. That was so good and something I would never have seen had I not read your blog thank you. Best wishes to you and all your family, your kindness is being repaid to you with all the good stuff thats happning


  14. Fab photos Barbara and I have watched the videos too. Brilliant. Congratulations to Mark on his graduation. Gosh I thought you were tall when I met you in Glasgow…you commented on how tiny I was, but Mark is much taller than you bet you were standing on your tip toes to give him that hug! Enjoy the rest of your stay and thank you for sharing xxx

  15. There is something very special and meaningful when singing becomes true worship. I pray that you and your family will be really blessed today as you give thanks and celebrate. God bless you all. x

  16. Hi Barbara. Thank you for sharing the fabulous pics of Marks graduation. You really do have two wonderful children : ) I have just finished watching Dr. Maya Angelou. She really is a phenomenal woman. I hope you managed to get to church this morning, what a wonderful way to start the day, so uplifting : ) Take care.

  17. Beautiful photos of yesterday's ceremony, thank you for sharing them. I can see why you get so much out of going to the Glide. I'm off to church now which is a little more traditional! The church is always packed and there is a large range of nationalities all coming together. I'll listen to Maya Angelou later. Have a brilliant day. xx

  18. What a wonderful amazing day Mark looked so tall and Handsome you have two Amazing children there all a credit to you and all that love you have but in them, should be a mothers graduation but then our prize is see them and feeling so proud of how they turned out. Loved both videos I will miss church today as been poorly all week now have broncottis so was fantastic to watch will watch again later our church is happy modern music no sad but happy dancing clapping worship so have missed it so watching this helped only thing is my light light is going through my head but not bad thing be blessed today and hope your nose dave 's head soon calms and don't peal to much xxx

  19. Wow what amazing memories. I love Maya Angelou quotes as they always say the right thing when you need them. Will be watching the videos later. Got a day of crafting planned as I have some wedding things to finish for a friend and then I can play with my new stencils that arrived yesterday. Have a lovely sunny Sunday. Xx

  20. Wonderful, looks like you had a brilliant day. One to remember. Like you say does not look like graduation ceremonies we have over here. I remember my childrens with pride as I am sure you will. Another step on life's path, I am sure there will be many more happy moments in the future. Will watch the videos a little later, my kitchen has been finished so no excuse to not cook a nice Sunday lunch. ( If I can master how the cooker works. ) Enjoy the rest of your time with your lovely family. xx

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your story, maya angelous and the wonderful worship of Glide church. Was very uplifting as I am missing the uplifting praise and worship meetings I have previously been priviledged to experience, having moved to the remote area of Dartmour,

  22. Glad you had a wonderful time Barbara , such great and happy photos !
    Hope you enjoy Glide -looks a great place to worship! I am missing church today as I fell yesterday and twisted my ankle badly , so on bed today, but can still sing !
    Will watch Maya a little later, and maybe hobble to my wee craft room!

  23. Dearest Barbara, so happy for you and your family!

    Everything looks fantastic and glad things have went so well!

    I watched the Gospel service-I have always liked and been attracted to then celebration and singing rather than the sermons of Church!

    They are so positive and uplifting and that is what I believe life and church should be about !
    That Glide church helped lift you and give you the strength you needed!

    You are an awesome woman with a very bright little light of your own!
    You Glide!

    Thank you so much for sharing the videos!
    Listening to Dr Maya Angelou was amazing!
    She is a stong, positive and beautiful soul too!

    I have found things difficult and negative since my operations.
    My light has dulled and I have lost some of my positivity !

    Listening to Dr Maya Angelou has reminded me that life is a path that is lite with light if you look for the light !

    I am looking for something in life and that means change but now I know I am looking for a light I will overcome the hurdles and feed my light to light others way as Others have lite my way and my path on life!

    I have been lost and am still lost but I have hope that I will find my way!

    Thank you Barbara!

    Big Hugs

  24. It all looks great Barbara, I can feel your pride oozing out of this post. Your outfit looks lovely too. I shed a little tear – the bitter sweet comment xxx So glad it all went perfect. Hope you enjoy the rest of the time out there, stiff upper lip remember. xxx

  25. What a Sunday for you. You have all the fresh memories of Mark's graduation while enjoying memories if years gone by and having the opportunity to worship in such an uplifting Church. A real blessing.
    I am just home from church and it was a lovely service today with lovely music, though not with our amazing praise band as too many were away on holiday. Music makes a huge difference to the energy of the praise and I think more churches in this county need to move forward into this century rather than worshiping like victorians !!
    Hope to get some stamping done this afternoon with my new tree trunk and leaves stamps that arrived yesterday. So excited about the possibilities of what I could create with them!

  26. Wonderful photos, and priceless to share such special moments. Hope the sunburn is not too bad for both you and Dave. Have a wonderful day, Saving the video for when I can watch it in peace of your Shero. Enjoy the sunshine, its been raining here for 3 days. xxx

  27. Barbara, am just catching up on the blogs as I have been away for a couple of days and a little busy. Your generosity of sharing your special day is truly wonderful. What lovely photos, what a handsome young man you have there – a special day – special memories – wonderful weather – couldn't ask for much more!!! Thank you for sharing – you ooze pride in the photos xxx

  28. So glad you are having such a fantastic time Barbara. I know just how proud you feel, I was the same when my daughters graduated. Grace is looking so beautiful, I do hope she is happy living and working over there. Love to you all. Pat x

  29. wow what a handsome boy you have!! Looks like a great day was had. As for the church, I'd be there every week if we had one like that, it fair brightened my day. Listening to Maya Angelou just now…fabulous. Thanks you for sharing xx

  30. I will have to wait till I get back home to watch your videos, Barbara. The network keeps dropping out, and I lost my phone network totally today. I think it is the effect of the magic around Avebury. Glad you are all having such a great time. Congratulations to Mark. xxx Maggie

  31. Great photos of all of you, …and so much pride….glad that all went well…enjoy the rest of your time…you deserve it….hugs. x x x.x

  32. Thank you for taking the time to share your lovely photos with us. Mark is so tall! Lovely! Enjoy the rest of your time with Mark and Grace and take care of your sunburn.

    Rosalind x

  33. Hi Barbara. I can see from the photos what a wonderful time you had yesterday. The graduation ceremony seems so different being in the open air. The weather here is too variable for that I fear. Your big strong handsome son looked great in his cap and gown and we could see just how proud you were, and your daughter looked beautiful in her lovely lacy dress too. Hope you enjoyed the service this morning with such wonderfully joyful music, and Maya Angelou is a wonderful lady who has obviously overcome many obstacles to live life to the full and her light certainly shines brightly. I can still vividly remember our son's graduation which was fourteen years ago now, and how proud we were, but thank you for sharing your proud and happy moments with us too. x

  34. Hi Barb, glad you had a wonderful day and the photo's are amazing. Handsome Mark and beautiful Grace, you named her perfectly.
    I am so moved after watching the Dr Maya Angelou video. She is truly remarkable and I now know why you admire her so much. Thank you.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay xx

  35. Hi Barbara
    You have every right to be extremely proud of both of your children. Distance does not affect a Mother's love. My son is in Australia and am looking forward to visiting him in July. After watching the You Tube videos, I am going to download Dr Maya Angelou's books for the journey. She is an inspiration, as are you. Keep doing what you do – we love you.

  36. Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your weekend with us with these beautiful photos and memories which we have all enjoyed. I looking forward to checking out the YouTube videos after the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. X

  37. Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your lovely photographs. I'm glad you had a truly magical day with your family. Enjoy the rest of your time with them. I'm sure you have many more fabulous memories to come. Xx

  38. Congratulations to Mark on his graduation! You must be so proud of your children and their achievements. You were their'Mum' and worked hard to do it!
    Nephew rang this afternoon from SF. He was walking along Ellis when I was telling him about Dr Maya Angelou-coincidence?

  39. I watched the You Tube film clip of Dr Maya Angelou on Sunday from beginning to end. I watched transfixed and was really moved by her teachings. 'This little light of mine' will always bring memories of Dr Maya's singing.

    Only a few days later and I am saddened to hear of the death of Dr Maya – rest in peace – or rather – shout, rejoice and sing Hallelujah – promoted to glory to sing alongside the Lord

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