Monday. Time to say goodbye.

Monday. Time to say goodbye.

Hello there!
Well what an experience we have had here in San Fran!
To see Mark in his gown waving, 

Then with a spring in his stride and happy to the core…

What a University St. Mary’s is! 
And what a lucky lad he is to have been here for 4 years!

But all good things have to come to an end, and back to Blighty we must…
He is coming home via Brazil (worldcup trip, to round up a sportsman’s dream)
Monday’s blog is trees and flowers, 
so I have dug out a little piece we did up in Harrogate 
at a workshop a while ago. 
Hands up those of you who remember! 
How could you forget them there tables?!
Getting a sharp black image on those sad, sagging tables was like knitting a jumper with a pair of twigs (with the leaves still on!) 
So as I wave goodbye to my kids Grace and Mark today,

a little heavy-hearted I must confess,
let’s use this lovely stamp of 2 kids having fun. 
Because that’s what this is all about. 
Not whether or not I miss them.
It’s about them being happy and healthy.
And they are. 
Straight forward really.
 Stamp the Swing, Tree and Children stamp using Black Archival, and let it dry.
This is where the Clarity Hills Mask comes in very handy.
 Just move up the picture with the mask, adding hills with 
and a Make-up sponge 

Then go back in and add bushes and hedges 
with the top of the tree.
Use the masks to cover up as you go.

It was great to see my kids,
and Mark will be home before I can change the bedding!
But it’s also ok to be coming home with my best friend.

After all,

So to round up the celebrations, let have one more special deal:
If you buy the 
we will give you the friend stamp as a gift. x
See you on the flip side!
much love,

51 thoughts on “Monday. Time to say goodbye.

  1. Looks like been the best few days and they are both São beautiful and handsome look such happy people what more could you want glad you got a wonderful man in dave have a wonderful trip home some quality time for you and dave not choice really heh as all those hours on plan. You will be able to look through all those wonderful photos of the graduation etc it's hard that saying bonvage but with internet can be chatting later on not quiet same as a hug save flight loved the demo

  2. Wow, it looks like the time with family was awesome. You are so lucky to have wonderful young adults for chiller and a best friend with Dave. Safe travels and an easy return. Love today's card too xxx

  3. Barb, as you say Mark will be home before you know it! You can look back at these days and remember the pride you felt and the loving warmth of your kids. So as you travel back with Dave to damp grey blighty you have the warmth, love and strength of your best friend and man and the cheer of Mark following shortly behind. Great card and as ever a great offer … Be good to have you back xx

  4. This saying is so apt and the little scene evocative. I'm so pleased that it all went so well; understand your heavy heart but also your acceptance. Like you I had not seen my son since christmas and on a recent visit home to Kent, I suddenly realised that he had become a man (finally at 26) and a feeling of pride swelled within. To see him working hard to achieve his own dreams and ambitions was all I could ask. I felt my job as parent was done. Now I could just be his mum and love him even more.
    Safe journey home and have your brolly and cardi ready…it ain't hot and sunny here.
    Love & best wishes
    Jeanette x

  5. What fanboys happy photo's, they loving our children means letting them go so that they can grow. I think those happy pictures of your two gorgeous , independent, happy and healthy children is testament to that, the Jobs a good un mum! Even though your leaving with a slightly heavy heart, I'm sure when you put that key in your front door…there will be no place like home, and little Grace will be there waiting to welcome you and your best friend. I hope the service at the Glide Church was a celebration and as fabulous as the video. Safe journey home!! xx

  6. You are like me Barbara, you can't say they are not your kids….Lol!!!! So alike you, unbelievable!!!! Bet you had a great time. Thanks for that gorgeous card, and the great offer. Travel safely. xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Lovely photos of Grace and Mark – they look so happy and confident. You can be proud of yourself and I'm sure that they are proud of you as well. However, the picture I like best is the one with you and your best friend Dave! It's always good to have a shoulder to lean on! I hope you have had a wonderful time and have a safe trip back to the UK. Today's card is very apt and gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to blog and also for the fabulous offers over the last few days. Love Alison xx

  8. Have a safe journey home Barbara and keep hold of those memories. I can feel your sadness at leaving your beautiful children behind but journey forth holding on tight to your best friend. The card and stamps are lovely and the sentiment just right. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  9. Oooooo those blooming tables lol. I was there for that breakfast class, everyone was struggling then a very resourceful lady decided to use the floor, oh yeah why didn't we think of that said the rest of us! That was the first time I'd used a brayer, I've got the tree stamp (must get the other friend stamp) so time to have another go.

    Have a safe trip back and thank you for letting us be a small part of what has obviously been a wonderful celebration xx

  10. What a fabulous week end you have had and your kids are such a credit to you. You can't ask for more than that. I remember that workshop at Harrogate, we ended up using the floor to stamp the image lol. Still have my "artwork" too, it was my first attempt using a brayer. Thank you for the offer on the stamps which I must get, Safe flight home. x

  11. What memories it's a wonderful feeling I remember it well. My kids are 54 52 49 but still my babies .but those special occasions are your treasures Safe journey home love the card clove June xxxx

  12. Barb I feel the bitter sweet heavy heart you have endured, but you have made some lovely new memories which you will treasure forever. Looking back smiling and not remember the weight you feel in your heart today, that is the lovely thing and you are a strong lady making many a good memory x

    The card is lovely I love the children playing on the swing it is a beautiful stamp and I love the hills behind them. I will practice my hills a little more today and make some memories with my children making tablet today, they will remember as they have to do the hard work for me :).

    Sending (hugs) your way Barb

    Denise xx

  13. Well it certainly has been a great week for you and given you more for the happy memory file in your head. It is lovely to see how happy you all look in the photo's and how relaxed you and Dave look. It has done you good taking time out!
    And the artwork…I remember it well…eventually stamping on the floor to get a decent image. i still have mine in my clarity folder along with your instruction sheet and the orange version I did when I can home. More happy memories there!
    Anyway have a safe and pleasant journey home. I am off to Maria's today to give her a helping hand with her move in to her bigger unit. Love and hugs to you all! xxx

  14. Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us, its sad to say goodbye but it wont be long before you see each other again. Hope you and Dave have a safe journey back. See u in blighty. Joan x

  15. Hello Barb, a really lovely card, great stamps and a fab verse. Great picture of you and Dave, when you have someone that is loved but also your best friend, it is a great feeling. Mark will be home before you know it. So glad you got to spend quality time with your family, and enjoy the graduation. You always hold your children close in your heart, and thanks to technology, they are far away, but at least it is easy to stay in touch. Bx

  16. Have a good trip back home Barbara. I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful time with your family and Mark will be home before you know it. Fabulous photo of you and Dave – you can see the love in your faces. Oh! great card by the way. Pat xx

  17. safe journey home Barbara, I hope my children turn out as well as your two. My youngest wants to be a basketball player when older as he says they earn £30 million a year!!!!!!!!!! Love the brayering and those beautiful stamps, fab piccies too x

  18. I had a lump in my throat reading your blog today. Must be hard leaving them but you know they are safe and happy. Wishing you a safe journey home. Beautiful card and wonderful offer. xx

  19. Hi Barbara. Love the card. The children playing stamp is gorgeous and the sentiment is beautiful. Totally understand your feelings on having to say goodbye to Mark and Grace, but as you say, Mark will be home before you can blink won't he : ) The pic of you and Dave is really special, I can feel your love for each other…lovely. Have a safe and esay journey home. Take care.

  20. It lifts me up to read your happy posts, so happy for you. And I agree that time spent with a friend, is never anything but precious. Although my best friend may be a bit upset with me when he sees the bank statement, ha!!!! Off to place another order, thank you for the offers this week, mucho appreciatedo!!!! X

  21. What a lovely trip for you and Dave and I'm sure Mark will be home before you know it. Thank you for taking the time to blog! I really love the stamp used today and the way the layers have been built up, will be trying this one when my stamp arrives. Have a safe trip home. XX

  22. Hi Barb,
    The card today is so heart warming and beautiful, just like you (and I'm not sucking up – I really mean it. You've been lovely the twice I've met you in Sedgefield). Grace and Mark are two great people and you are so clever to have raised them so well with all your trials and tribulations. I always used to shred your newsletters but when I shredded the one dated January 2007, it just seemed wrong so I stuck it all together again and kept it. Now I keep them all. Just remember, Mark will soon be back and you'll be able to do his washing, just like you used to do!! They never really leave you, and will still refer to your house as "home", no matter how long they've been away. Safe journey back for you and Dave. Here's a x for you and xx for Dave (haha) xxoo

  23. What a lovely trip you have had and you will come home feeling a little sad no doubt but with some wonderful memories to store away. This demo today is so lovely and so appropriate and it is great to see that Dave is always there for you. For the last 32 years I have had a man, my second husband, who has been there for me and my son, for whom he has always been 'dad', and who has supported and always been there for us too, and I count myself lucky to have him. I did send through late yesterday evening the 'how to' from Saturday, if it is too late not to worry. Have a good journey home. x

  24. Love the stamp with the kids on the swing. Brilliant background too. The sentiment is a great one too. I have fantastic friends but my best friend is my husband and now that we have moved house this year we get to spend a lot more time together which is brilliant Have a safe journey home. xx

  25. Thank you for sharing your special time with us all – you don't look too burnt or crispy really! Enjoy the flight back. Love the little boy and girl playing – great scene and great offer! Susan x

  26. oh i love this stamp. the concept of this card is also pretty cool.
    so glad you had a fab time. it's good to see you so happy. that smile is so genuine it's heartwarming. hugs xx

  27. What a short break, sunny, good friends, healthy, happy children (do they ever 'grow up' in our eyes), the lot and back to rainy England. So glad you had a really good short break. Love the stamp, a great theme, so appropriate.

  28. A beautiful stamp and sentiment-love the effect created with shading and masking.
    So pleased you've had a good time with your children in that lovely sunshine, could you please bring some of it back with you!? x

  29. I love this stamp and the overall effect of this card is beautiful. So glad you had such a great time with Mark and Grace. I always find saying goodbye difficult, even though my sister has lived in Florida for 31 years, I just can't get used to leaving her and coming home. Have a safe and uneventful trip back. xx

  30. So glad you had a great time with your family,I agree with you as long as you kids are happy and health it doesn't matter there where they live.Great card today the stamp is lovely.

  31. I'm so pleased you had a great time with your family Barbara. It's always hard to say goodbye but as you say so long as they are happy and healthy that's all that matters.
    Have a safe trip hone
    Jackie x

  32. So glad you had a lovely time with your babies, saw THE advert this weekend and good to see the pics of them both ! Everyone so happy and smiley what more can you ask for. You also have something more to look forward to when he comes home after the W.C. Welcome home when you land! x x

  33. Great card again, still mastering this technique, getting the balance /perspective right. Have a safe trip home and love the photos, you and Dave look relaxed and happy.

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