Saturday – Graduation Day

Saturday – Graduation Day

Hello there!
Big Day today!
Mark’s Graduation Day.
So I can’t stop long. It’s a big gig!
Huge event over here!
The only fly in the ointment is my Ex. But hey ho.
[Definition of Fly in the Ointment: a small but irritating flaw that spoils the whole]
It’ll be fine. It’s Mark’s Special Day, and that’s why we’re there!
I shall be tightly sandwiched between Dave and Grace,
which is better than any armour.
It will be a day to remember, in the nicest and best possible way.
Here is a little prayer which is very fitting for Mark’s future, methinks…
Before the taxi comes, 
let me just quickly write out the ingredients:
If you buy the crook
(the floral crook – not my ex! You wouldn’t want to buy him) 
on this special occasion,
we will send you the Prayer as a gift 

Tell you what, if you could just write out the instructions for me and email them to me, I would be eternally grateful!!
Let me give you the pics, to help you:
It’s that easy, you can work it out without instructions, 
I should think, 
but if you do have a moment, 
and you could just send a few lines to
leave a little note below, saying you did so,
then I will pick a person to receive a £20 Gift Voucher for helping.
Oops! Got to go! 
Now where are those high heels and Big sunglasses…
lots of love,

63 thoughts on “Saturday – Graduation Day

  1. Have a wonderful day and remember – he did help you create your beautiful Boy. Congratulations Mark.. You are just a WEE bit bigger than when I saw you helping at Newbury Show several years ago,

  2. Love the prayer, the big day has come it's going to be amazing your young handsome prince has grown up, saver every moment lots pictures for the memories to look back and of course to share with us all at home waiting with bated breath give him a big hug from us well done Matk all that hard work has paid of every blessing possible today to you all lots love xxx

  3. Hi Barbara! Have a wonderful day celebrating Mark's Graduation. Love the card. I have both the crook and the verse and they are both lovely but I have never used them together…yet. Lots of pics of the graduation please. xx

  4. Barbara make sure you savour every moment today. as someone else said your ex did something right. he helped create your beautiful kids.
    and btw i have e-mailed you the instructions. fingers crossed i got them right. i have time but not to do what i would like hugs xx

  5. Liebe Barbara,
    eine wunderschöne Karte. Die Idee mit dem Kartenausschnitt ein Muster zu gestalten, gefällt mir auch sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüße, Anja

  6. Hi Barb,
    So, the BIG day has arrived!have a wonderful day , enjoy every minute and savour everything about the day. How proud you must be! Hope Mark has a fabulous day as well. As others have said, the ex did something right otherwise you wouldn't have your wonderful children! Just keep your chin up and flash that wonderful smile at him whilst hanging on to Dave to show the fly that you have well and truly moved on! Love Alison xx
    Ps forgot to say, beautiful card loe the shepherd' s crook and prayer. Xx

  7. Hi Barbara, enjoy the day. I know how you feel, I have an Ex, only his a 'big fly'. My son is getting married to a lovely girl, and as she is from India, so that is where we are going for the wedding. The Weddings in India go on for days, so I will have to endure days of being in the company of a complete #*%¥……well I can't say anymore! All my son says to me is.."you married him" and I say but if I didn't I wouldn't have such a wonderful son and 2 beautiful daughters. Just remember it is all about your son, so enjoy the moment.
    Sally xx

  8. Enjoy the day, ignore the little irritations. Hope we going to see some lovely photos. Thankyou for sparing some time for all of us. Pouring down here, cold as well. Will have a go at instructions in a while. xx

  9. Have a lovely day suitably sandwiched! Great card and technique, haven't got time to say how it's done but going to have a go sometime to see if I'm right! Good luck to whoever manages it!

  10. Don't think about flys today or ointment this is a heaven sent day full of pride and love have a lovely time enjoy every moment just think he helped create this beautiful boy a lond time ago end of story love you barb grace and dave and the prince for a day mark xxxxxx

  11. Hi Barbs, I didn't realise that you were still out there, thought you were back in the UK, how thick am I – don't answer that. I've always loved this stamp and used it loads for birth, baptisms and children's get well soon cards, but you're right, it's perfect for Mark's Graduation. Just look your radiant self, smile lots and ignore your ex – you'll have a great time! lots of love (not lol) xxx

  12. I hope you have had the most wonderful of days and your armour held up 🙂
    I love this prayer it is the most beautiful and very fitting for Marks special day xx
    I will try and remember to come back and work out how to do your fab card.

    Denise xx

  13. You'll be standing there in your finery, beaming with pride and looking fabulous, I don't think there's a fly around that would dare come near your triple sandwich. Carry on and keep smiling. Hope you all have a fabulous day. Congratulations!! xx

  14. Hope you had a wonderful time despite the "fly" you must be so proud! I have attempted to explain how the card was made and e mailed you x

  15. Beautiful words – for such a special day. I've tried to write out what you did and have emailed you…


  16. This is a gorgeous card – lovely sentiment to go with the simple but lovely design.

    I hope you have had a wonderful day – you must be very proud

  17. Hope you are having a lovely day. No doubt your armour will protect you from the fly. As has already been said, you have two lovely children, and the fly can be given a swat! I am sure this will be a day to remember and you must be so proud. Lovely card. Really like those rectangles. Another great idea for me to remember! x

  18. Hope you enjoyed the day. I'm sure the pride and joy you have in your children carried you through. I'm also sure that your sense of humour gave you a good time afterwards, at his expense.
    Beautiful card and verse btw! Take care, Jan

  19. Congratulations to Mark, and hope all of your lovely family have enjoyed this special day. Thank you so much for the fantastic offer, I shall go and order shortly, and no doubt one or two extra things will tempt me too. I love having happy post to look forward to x

  20. Hi Barbara. I love the card, the verse is beautiful, as are the flowers. I hope that Marks graduation ceremony went well. Always be grateful that you met your ex as you got the most precious things in your life from him didn't you and now you don't have to have anything to do with him, so that makes you the winner : ) I hope the high heels were comfy and the big sunglasses didn't get too wet with your tears of pride that I am sure that you cried. Have a wonderful time tonight and for the rest of your visit with your precious children and your wonderful Dave. Take care.

  21. Hope today went well and you could see through the tears. What fabulous memories you will have of the event. Have sent you my instructions for your card. XX

  22. By now, the big event will be over, but I am sure you will have had a great day and be so proud of your special children. Thank you for sparing the time to talk to us as well. That is a lovely prayer and very apt. Enjoy the rest of your stay over there. xx Maggie

  23. Hi Barbara I hope you have had a fantastic day and the fly buzzed off and left you alone. Congratulations to Mark. Look forward to seeing the photos. Love Diane xxx

  24. Hello Barb, beautiful card and a fitting sentiment for such an important day. Congratulations Mark. I hope the fly in the ointment buzzed off and allowed you all to revel in your pride. Bx

  25. lol at your fly in the ointment and crook comments, hope your armour did a sterling job and that they day went well. This is a beautiful verse, love it x

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